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Vanilla robosmut.

Jake's car slowed at the intersection, the flashing red traffic light another symptom of the passing thunderstorm. The campus parkway was largely deserted, Jake guessed due to a combination of the unusual storm and summer break. Easing off the brake after his cursory 'stop', he wondered whether the power would be off in his 'student slum' apartment building.

No big deal if it's out, he thought, I need to get out tonight, try and get my mind off Carol...

Thoughts of his ex were driven from his mind when something darted in front of his car. He stomped on the brake, slamming forward into his seat-belt then immediately back again into his seat. Looking up from the wheel he saw a girl, badly startled, glaring at him from the crosswalk. He didn't know if the fact she was shockingly hot made the situation better or worse.

She wore a black exercise outfit that hugged her curves enticingly, cut high on her cream-colored thighs and low over her glistening cleavage. Her rust-red hair was a mass of unruly curls, many of the locks having escaped the scrunchie that pulled them back into a messy pony-tail. Her emerald eyes were wide in shock, and he suddenly realized he knew her: Jenny Perkins from his Freshman English Lit class, two years ago. He remembered her as pretty, but here... Jesus Christ she was incredible.

She recovered from the initial shock of nearly being hit and Jake was not surprised that her face retained its beauty even as her expression darkened. She mouthed what he took to be a string of obscenities while pointing angrily at the traffic light. Jake made a few gestures to indicate he was sorry and an idiot, but either it wasn't coming across or she simply didn't care, and he fumbled with the driver's-side window.

His apology caught in his throat as she turned to jog off, the glorious twin-halves of her perfect ass momentarily silencing his every thought.

"Jenny!" he finally called as she reached the sidewalk. "Hey, I'm-"

There was a blinding light and ear-splitting boom that seemed more physical force than sound. Dazed, he stared up, thinking for one brief second that his car had exploded, and he was now dead. Given half-a-moment to reconsider (since both him and his car seemed to be intact) Jake slowly accepted the more likely scenario that his car had been struck by lightning. As he tried to remember what you should do in such a situation (or even if he had ever known), he glanced over to see Jenny staggering drunkenly on the sidewalk. He flung his door open and ran to her, reaching her just as she reeled backwards and fell.

He caught her in his arms, immediately receiving a teeth-rattling, body-numbing jolt of electricity. Oh God, did she get hit? he wondered, bracing her while he reached for his cell to call an ambulance.

"Jake... right?" Jenny mumbled, looking up at him with a dreamlike expression on her freckled face.

"Yeah... from Lit 101," he responded with what he hoped was an encouraging smile, pulling his cell from his pocket. Neither tapping, pressing, nor mashing the power button made no difference - the screen stayed dark.

Jenny gave a slight moan, watching him frantically working his phone. "Who ya' trying to call, Jake?"

"Trying to call you an ambulance... I'm pretty sure you just-"

Her eyes widened, suddenly alert, and she grabbed his head. "No hospitals!"

"Jenny, you need to see a doctor-"

"No! Hospitals!" she practically shouted, and Jake wondered at the panic he saw in her eyes.


She suddenly calmed, an easy smile replacing her former intensity as her hands slipped from him. "Just... take me home. My dad's a doctor, he'll know what to do."

Jake pocketed his dead phone and helped her back to his car, embarrassed at the piles of student newspapers, empty coffee cups, and food wrappers littering the interior. "Thanks for this," she said earnestly, apparently heedless of the mess surrounding her.

"Been meaning to... clean this out," he muttered, getting behind the wheel. "You know, I'd feel a lot better if we could just-"

"Dad teaches at the U, our home's pretty close by. Just go straight." She fidgeted uncomfortably in her seat, her body glistening with perspiration. She then gave him a wry smile and added, "And be sure to come to a complete stop at any red lights."

"Sure," he said, chagrined. At the next stop he asked, "So do you feel OK?"

"Right as rain!"

Jake watched her alternating between drowsiness and manic-alertness with concern. "Jenny, we really should get you-"

"TURN HERE!" she shouted, pointing to the right.

"Into the sidewalk!"

"Huh?" she asked, staring out the window. "Is the next street Aspen?"

"No, Poplar."

"Close enough - turn there!"

He looked at her skeptically, but did as she instructed. "What kind of doctor is your dad?" he asked.

"He's got a P.H.D in robo-ology," she said happily. "There!" she cried, almost climbing over him to point out his window.

He looked over to see an enormous residence, the gated entrance open.


"323 Aspen Street!" she said with a trace of annoyance, pointing at the matching numbers by the gate.

"But we're on Poplar...."

"Cottonwood!" she said with enthusiasm. After she provided no further clarification, he pulled into the drive.

She slipped out of the car and walked unsteadily toward the front door as Jake caught up with her. "Looks like nobody's home," Jake said, noting the lack of light from any of the residence's many windows. "You sure we shouldn't-"

Jenny confidently pushed open the front door, clicking a light switch. Nothing. "Usually the lights come on when I do that..." she muttered.

"Mr. Perkins?" Jake called as Jenny headed for the stairs. Silence.

Jenny turned to look at him from the interior gloom, and her eyes were flickering erratically with a soft green glow. That has to be some trick of the light, Jake thought as her expression turned to annoyance. "You coming or what?"

"Sure," Jake said, hurrying to steady her as she began to stumble again. She felt surprisingly warm to him, but there was no perspiration. He glanced down her top to see her formerly drenched cleavage was now bone-dry. Upstairs, a few surviving lights illuminated the hall, and could also faintly hear a woman's voice from the other direction.

"...don't know, she said she'd just be out for a jog. Yes, I tried calling her, but she didn't answer. She already knows we're going out tonight-"

"Is that your mom?" he asked.

"Yeah," Jenny said, completely disinterested.

At the end of the hall she opened a door to an incredibly eclectic bedroom. Posters of a seemingly random assortment of artworks, bands, and movies covered the walls, while her shelves were lined with what looked to be trophies, stuffed animals, computer parts, musical instruments, weights, plants, and an aquarium. In one corner stood a mannequin draped in a half-finished, pin-riddled dress, standing next to a worn punching bag, and a haphazard stack of schoolbooks, apparently dating back to freshman year. Jenny slipped from Jake's hands and staggered to the bed, collapsing on to it face-first with a heavy sigh.

"What a day!" she groaned, her voice muffled by her pillows as she pulled the scrunchie from her hair and flung it across the room. Jake once again found himself dumbstruck while admiring the perfect roundness of her rump, her tight shorts exhibiting it in perfect detail, when she rolled to flop on to her back. "Boy, do I need a shower!" she said, smiling at him in a way that made the blood rush from his head.

If Jake thought for a second she was in her right state of mind, he would be helping her with whatever she needed in that regard; but something was clearly wrong, and if she wasn't going to listen to him about getting help, maybe her mother could convince her.

"Hold... hold that thought," he said, reluctantly backing out of the room. "We'll want to get your dad to take a look before you end up... uh... slipping and hurting yourself in the shower or something."

She gave him a smile that told just how little she thought of his concerns and said, "I'm willing to wait..." Her fingers lazily ran over her bust, her nipple stiffening through her sport top, then traced a line along the underside of her skin-tight shorts before venturing inward. "But not too long..."

Jake tried to think of something to say but ended up leaving the room without a word. Making his way back down the hall, he heard her mother's voice again. "Hi, Mark. Did you already make reservations? OK..."

"Mrs. Perkins?" he called quietly.

"You haven't? Well... I don't know, she said she'd just be out for a jog. Yes, I tried calling her..."

It wasn't just that the words were the same ones he head heard her say from before - even the tone was identical. Pausing to listen, he heard her conversation 'loop' again: "Hi, Mark. Did you make reservations?"

He cautiously approached the door and peered inside; to the side of a darkened bedroom sat Mrs. Perkins at a lit vanity, cell phone pressed to her ear.

Though her back was to him, he caught sight of her face in the reflection - her resemblance to Jenny was startling, the same emerald eyes, fair skin, and dusting of freckles, though her red hair was a deep auburn, brushed into a luxurious wave. Even more remarkable was that, although she did appear older, he found it difficult to believe she was could be Jenny's biological mother. Gotta be surgery, Jake thought, still trying to determine why she repeating the same conversation.

She appeared to be dressed for a night on the town, a silver necklace plunging to meet her cleavage, earnings sparkling against the backdrop of her lustrous hair, her black, strapless dress fitted to show off her stunning figure (a touch more curvy than her daughters). Her face was immaculately made up and her phone was held delicately in fingers tipped with pristinely painted nails. A black cord ran from her back and into a socket that was blackened with scorch marks beside the vanity.

It took a moment for the last detail to register with Jake. He did a double-take, and noticed that between her shoulder blades was what appeared to be a computer port. Jake stumbled backwards, bumping into the door with a thud.

"Yes, I tried calling-" she froze mid-sentence, her head slowly turning at the sound of the disturbance

Jake rushed out the door and down the hall, back to Jenny's room. He found Jenny facing away from him in, dressed in a cherry red bikini. She gave a slight hop while pulling the bottom snugly between her round cheeks. "Jake!" she exclaimed, looking behind her at his sudden arrival, her wild rust-colored curls draping over her shoulder. "Let's go for a swim!" On the small of her back was an open port, glowing from some internal red light.

"Probably not a good idea," he said, walking to her cautiously. "Jenny, I think we need to talk-"

"Lastoneinsarottenegg!" she cried with child-like enthusiasm and pushed through her balcony doors, springing over the railing. Jake rushed after to see her splash into a pool elaborately themed as a tropical lagoon. Uncertain precisely what he was doing, he took a step forward and jumped, crashing into the water beside her.

He swam to the surface and found her laughing with glee, her eyes flickering again with emerald light. Suddenly there was a loud electrical <pop> and smoke began to rise from her ears. "Well, that's not good..." she snickered, still smiling. Jake pulled her to the shallow end and up a set of stairs leading out of the pool. He tried to get her to a patio chair, but Jenny flung herself toward a small bubbling pond that fed into the pool. Landing with a splash on her hands and knees, Jake saw that it was only about a foot deep.

She laughed again, and he saw a red light throbbing beneath her pale skin at her neck, two additional lights from her pert derriere like strobing taillights. "Swimming was a really bad idea!" she stated, her cheerful tone at odds with the statement. She shuddered as her head ratcheted unsteadily to look behind her. "Jake, can you g-g-give me a hand?"

He stepped into the pool and bent down to pick her up. "No," she said with an admonishing giggle. "I n-n-need you to fuck me..."

Jake had been alarmed to learn she was a robot, equally alarmed at the realization that such a thing was even possible, and was still concerned that something was very wrong with her - but all of that was put aside the instant she ran a hand over her smooth, wet, backside and gave a pouty, "Jake, please?"

With boundless enthusiasm, Jake tore off his soaking wet work clothes and leaped into the shallow pond with her, a third light joining her 'taillights' to illuminate her sex beneath the wet red thong. He pulled the flimsy garment from her ass as she gave a shuddering gasp, and plunged his cock into her glowing pussy. "Oh, fuck," she groaned lustily, as the throbbing lights in the pale plushness of her ass became bright pinpricks, and she slammed herself into his hips, pushing him deeper inside of her as she forced herself harder against him. "F-f-fuuuuck!" she squeaked in a high-pitched voice, her body radiating heat as she trembled in the shallow pool, her head bowing forward as she tried to force him still further inside of her, her pussy suddenly gushing with warm fluid as her body was covered in evenly distributed beads of sweat.

"I-i-is this your new f-f-friend?" her mother's voice asked pleasantly. Jenny and Jake looked up to see Mrs. Perkins standing at the edge of the pond in her black evening dress, eerily lit by the pool’s lighting. Jake saw that she still trailed the black cable from her back.

"Moooom!" Jenny protested as Jake froze, his hands still on Jenny's trembling hips. "C-c-can't we have some privacyyyyyy<pop>?" Her voice ended with her head twitching to the side, smoke now listing from her mouth.

"I'm Jenny's mother, D-D-Diana," she said with a smile, bending over and reaching out her hand. Jake took it uncertainly, still embedded in her protesting daughter. "Um... Jake."

She shook his hand. "Jake! Well, I'll let you t-t-two get back to it!" She stood rigidly and then looked at him with a sudden enthusiasm. "Oh! Would you both like some c-c-cookies?"

Jenny gave a frustrated moan and began to haltingly pump Jake, while her 'mother' announced, "C-c-cookies!" and spun on the toe of her stiletto heels, walking back to the house with a sensual sway as she inexplicably pulled down her evening dress. She tried to kick it aside, only to have it catch on her cord. Beneath she wore lacy v-shaped panties and garters above a pair of stockings that made her pale legs a sheer, dusky brown. Jake was not surprised to see she had a backside to rival that of her 'daughter', if a bit more substantial.

His full attention returned to Jenny when something popped inside of her and she began to move with much greater fervor. Jake initially matched her speed to her apparent delight, but she soon outpaced him, her full breasts jostling loose from their swim top, bouncing wildly as she unrelentingly hammered her hips against his. Moisture misted off of her as she grew hotter, her 'taillights' shimmering as she began to cry out in ecstasy and Jake could bear it no longer. His voice mixed with hers as he came, his hands tightening on her soft derriere while she shuddered and squealed, fluid rushing from her glowing sex. As he began to recover from the dizzying climax, she warned, "B-b-better get out, Jake!"

She had become painfully warm, and he pulled out of her and scrambled from the pond. Her smoke and warning lights made no sign of abating, and she moaned lustily and spread her legs, dunking her steaming hips into the shallow water. She looked up with her glowing emerald eyes staring, and exclaimed "N-n-not good!" A sizzling sound emitted from her as electricity suddenly coursed over the surface of the water. Jenny twitched and moaned first in nervous anticipation and then orgasmic pleasure as lights flashed across her pale body, her head thrashing as her wet red tangles whipped in the air. Immediately following an electrical bang and a final gasp, she collapsed with a splash, floating face-down in the small pool.

Heedless of the electrical hazard she posed, Jake grabbed her and pulled her from the pond, rolling her on to her back to find her face frozen in a silent cry of unbridled pleasure. Taking her in his arms, he made his way back to her house.

Beyond the sun room leading in from the back yard, Diana stood wearing a white apron over her dark undergarments, pouring some flour into a bowl of unmixed ingredients. "Did you two have fun?" she asked suggestively, holding an electric mixer in the bowl and turning it on - the mixer did nothing. As Jake searched the room, she pointed to a leather chaise in an adjoining sitting room. "Just set here there, Mark will have a look when he g-g-gets home!" He laid Jenny down and saw her 'mother' humming merrily to herself as she swung open the oven and set the bowl of ingredients directly inside, closing it and tapping ineffectually at the appliance's non-functioning controls.

"What time does Mark get back?"

"Oh, he won't be home for hours," she said quietly, taking a plate of pre-baked cookies from the counter and walking toward him with a sultry smile, her heels clicking on the hardwood floors. "They're best fresh," she said in an apologetic tone while offering him the plate, "but why not have a t-t-taste while we wait?"

Jake took one of the cookies from the plate and asked, "Mrs. Perkins?"

"Call me Diana," she said, setting the plate aside.

"Diana... who built you?"

She ignored the question and stepped closer. "How are they?" she asked, her hands smoothing the apron over her well-proportioned chest.

Jake took a small bite - it just seemed to be a plain sugar cookie, but it was surprisingly delicious. "Wow, these are..."

She smiled and backed away, reclining on a white sofa. "They're even better…" - her hands slipped under her apron and hooked over her panties, sliding them down over her stockings - "…with frosting." Jake hesitated for only a moment before kneeling on the carpeted floor in front of her, lifting her apron as she leaned back in anticipation. He saw a red light flare from inside her quivering sex as he drew nearer. "G-g-gentle..." she whispered, and his tongue teased her labia as she gave a high-pitched gasp. Probing past her folds, he pressed into her and her gartered thighs tightened around his head as she squealed in pleasure. "B-b-better with f-f-frostinnnnnng..." she droned as her sex flowed - she tasted sweet, almost cloying, and was soon eagerly pushed his head from behind as her creamy thighs clenched tighter around him. Jake slide his hands beneath and gripped her posterior, massaging the soft flesh and marveling at how real she felt.

And electrical pop sounded and she gave a startled gasp just before a deluge of sweet, sticky fluid rushed from her sex. Jake pulled back, sputtering, as she writhed on the sofa. "Do you w-w-want something to wash it all d-d-down?" she moaned, shrugging off the straps of the apron and producing a round, ripe breast from one of the cups of her black-silk bra, a red light throbbing from within both it and its twin.

Without waiting for a response, she straddled Jake on the soft carpet and slipped her still-coursing sex over his cock with a sigh, closing her eyes as he bent over him, her hand guiding her heavy breast to his lips. He took her pink, rigid nipple in his mouth and kissed it eagerly, his tongue gliding over the stiff and evidently sensitive tissue as she emitted soft moans while gently rocking her hips against his. Suddenly her breast shuddered and his mouth was filled with... cream liqueur?! After the initial shock, he drank from her greedily, her hips moving faster as he sucked the delicious fluid from her. He continued to massage her ass, his fingers slipping under to tease around her drenched labia, causing her to ride him with greater fervor. With his fingers slick with the sweet juices still spilling from her glowing pussy, he ran them within the warm cleft of her backside, then slid one inside her ass.

She suddenly sat upright, her green eyes blazing with light as her head shuddered, strands of her auburn hair rising as if from electrical current. "J-J-Jake, y-y-yyooooouuuu-" she fell backwards, slipping off his cock as her breasts stiffened, both now spurting liqueur while panels opened across her body. "Ohhhhh JAKE you... nnngh... you... AHHH!" Her arms bent stiffly, back arching as she gave an orgasmic howl. Jake, just at the precipice of climax, felt himself tumble over the edge; his seed poured from him, the majority landing in an open panel and gumming up a small whirring fan in her abdomen. She froze as she produced a series of high-pitched buzzing sounds, each ending with a sharp electrical sizzling.

Diana jerked to life once more, her flashing red tits dousing Jake's chest in fluid as she stood upright, her sensual walk now a jittery balancing act as pieces of her internal machinery rattled out from her numerous openings, leaving a metallic breadcrumb trail. She flung open the oven and pulled out the bowl of unmixed ingredients, haltingly making her way back to him. Her breasts gave one last spurt, finally drained of fluid, and her body and face was now dotted with glowing red lights.

"It is p-possible I may b-b-beeee malfunctionnnnn<pop> and I really should-d-d deactivvvvvate, but ffffirzzztt I want you t-t-to try my delicious home b-b-baked c-c-cookie<zzzzzzt>!" Her hand plunged into the bowl, emerging in a coating of flour, egg, and cold butter.

"I promise I'll have a taste," Jake said, watching nervously as smoke poured from several of the panels, "but you seriously need to deactivate yourself before you burn this place down!"

"Oh, all rrrright..." She dropped the bowl on the carpet and reached her ingredient-coated hand inside a panel on her chest.

"Not with-" Jake began, but it was too late. The moment her dripping hand was inside her body, a barrage of sparks erupted followed by several popping sounds. Her face contorted in confusion as her body shook, her breasts glowing a radiant red while her green eyes strobed wildly.

"Good Lord!" she gasped, electricity coursing across her stunned face moments before it blew off in a blinding flash - behind was a tangle of wires, lights, and circuitry framed by her beautiful auburn hair. A single syllable droned from a speaker buried in that mass of technology as she fell forward stiffly, slamming upon the chaise beside her inert 'daughter', and occasional twitch from her jiggling the more generous portions of their anatomies.

He looked at the pair of broken robots, trying to decide what to do when the front door opened. "Honey?" a man's voice inquired, a badly distorted reply of "In heeeeerrrrrre," came from the still-twitching Diana, droning into a deep register before ending with a final electrical pop.

Jake ducked behind a couch, cursing under his breath when he heard the man's voice ask, "What in the Sam Hill-"

Footsteps approached quickly, and he heard a series of beeps and electronic chimes. Jake wondered if he could make to the sun room and slip out the back when he heard the man say, "Young man, I know you're back there."

Jake slowly rose from the couch to see a middle aged man staring intently at an unintelligible tablet screen that was connected to Diana.

"Now I don't know why you're in my home or exactly what happened here with my wife and daughter-"

Jake jumped at the chance to explain himself. "You see-"

"-nor do I want to know, beyond the fact that you weren't trying to hurt either of them."

"I wasn-"

The man prodded the screen and continued, talking over him. "And according to my wife here, she was just trying to be a 'good hostess' to her daughter's ‘new friend’." He shook his head and stood up. "Son, do you believe that you should correct your own mistakes?"


"That if you happened to make a mess of a situation, that you should do everything you can to put it to right?"


"That, through whatever bizarre chain of events led you to some inexplicable situation, should you-"

"Yes!" Jake interrupted, earning a stern glare from the man.

"Son, you go to the school here?"

Jake nodded.

"What major?"

"Liberal arts?" Jake answered uncertainly.

The man wrinkled his nose. "Well, you're in luck," he said, fishing from his briefcase a palm-sized device sprouting half-a-dozen wires and a small metallic wand. "You're about to get a taste of an exciting career in robotics."

Jake grinned.

"Right after you find your goddamn pants."

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