A Little Game

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A Little Game

Part 1

Max leaned forward, his right hand taking a well-manicured, softer hand with a surprisingly firm shake. His focus bounced from her light blue eyes to the matching fingernail polish before resting on the light freckles that covered her bare forearm. Her hand felt warm, soft and nice in his, which only added to his curiosity.

“Am I being inspected?” Her posh accent carried those words flowingly, clear, and precise with just a hint of intrigue. She retrieved her hand, resting it on the beige leather arm rest as she crossed her legs, giving him a hint of what was to home as her blue, short denim pants revealed her smooth inner thighs, further plotted with freckles for just a second. As her left leg came to cross her right, she leaned in similarly to Max, her eyes focusing on his left upper arm tattoo.

“Nice detailing, the freckles give it away though” Max confidently remarked as he leaned back, stretching his arms above his cleanly shaved head as he gave in to a relaxing moan before placing both on the matching beige coloured arm rests.

She remained quiet, albeit slightly mused with a flinch of her lip. She continued to look him over, from his deep brown eyes to the odd mole from chin to collar bone, maintaining her confident, in control allure that he found oddly arousing and agitating simultaneously. A moment passed before she too saw a matching flinch in his lip, a sign of doubt she thought before acting. “Why 1984?” She asked as she brought her left hand to eye level, pointing at his tattooed bicep.

Before her arm returned to her side, Max quickly shifted to cover the tattoo. “Just a personal thing. It… it doesn’t concern you”

“Oh?” she quickly retorted. “Little old Sammy doesn’t get the inside scope?” Sam grinned, letting her teeth finish the scene.

“Is it normal for you to make your ‘clients’ feel uncomfortable?” he shot back rather calmly. Max shifted in his cushioned seat again, this time covering the blinding light with his right hand. “Mind if i…”

“Sure” Sam replied, watching closely as Max rose to his full six feet, his wide feet pushing against the white tiles as he approached the glass configuration switch. With one turn of the nob, the suns yellow rays changed into a warm, dimmer molten gold as they penetrated the glass which flowed across the floor and matched the pine wood furniture. As he returned, Sam too brought herself to eye level with Max.

“I feel like this little event would benefit from going as god intended. With everything shown, warts and all” she winked as her hands quickly fiddled with the small O shaped belt buckle, letting her shorts meet her high heels followed by the red button up shirt she supported on her petite frame. In heels, a white lace bra and matching cotton panties, she returned to her seat and gestured him to do the same.

“God didn’t intend for the, how shall we say, ‘ungodly bits’ to remain hidden from the light now did he?” His faked, poorly tuned Spanish accent went past Sam as she shook her head slowly.

Crossing her legs as tightly as she did her arms, she looked him straight in the eye. “You do really take me for some easy doll, don’t you? But why spoil the fun now. This little game you enjoy needs a build-up, and last I checked the sun doesn’t pause for dumb accents and questions. Neither should you. Now strip, all the way”

Their eyes locked in a moment, so long so that the shadows in their peripherals came alive as they slowly moved across the floor. Eventually, Max cracked a grin and made away with his white V-neck T shirt and maroon shorts. The black Bond boxers also lay on the tiles near Sam’s clothes as his bare ass sat on the leather, his legs crossed as tight as Sam had hers.

“So, Max” she pointed right in between his hairless thighs. Hiding the goodies, I see” A light giggle escaped her lips before she continued. “Have you made a decision?” He was quick to reply. “I’m all but certain you’re just a doll. But each expectation I’ve had has been left broken. I must say that if you are indeed just nuts and bolts under some silicon, you’re damn better than your predecessors…”

She quickly leaned forward, her left hand stroking her chin slowly as she pointed directly at him with her right. “Based on your profile, you’ve had several others and each time you made your choice at 10.7 minutes on average into the session. Tell me about one.” Maintaining her posture, her eyes locked with his once again, watching those brown pupils grow slowly.

“10.7? I suppose that’s just a number you’ve memorised” he quipped, the confidence returning momentarily before going again as she gave an ‘maybe or maybe not’ reply. “All I can say is that there’s always a tell. It’s either something they say, most of the time at least, or something they do. But it always happens early on, and always before the sex began. The last one was actually pretty interesting” He quickly crossed his legs, giving her a quick glimpse of his manhood. He caught her eyes take a quick look before matching his again.

“Maggie If I remember correctly” She said. “If I’m being honest, even I was surprised when she was revealed to be a machine.” There was a moment of silence before she continued. “How’d that one reveal itself?”

“It began with a game of charades that she suggested in an attempt to prove to me that she wasn’t what she is. She was absolutely terrible at it, staring longingly at the glass in a frozen state as whatever she had behind her dark chest just stopped working. Is she still in the game?” Max quired, interested in Sam’s reply.

“Last I heard she was purchased by a private collector. And that issue was fixed shortly after. The A.I component was leaking memory terribly, but the guys at the R&D lab fixed it fairly quickly.” Another short pause followed before Sam once again crossed her legs, using her right hand now to stroke her chin. “Ever gotten it wrong?”

Max laughed softly. “Twice actually. Megan, remember her? Called her out in… I think 2 minutes flat and she was offended. Really offended, so much so that she just left. And Angela, but that was a hard one. She played the robot role too damn well.”

Sam’s eyes widened as wide as her lips. “I always knew she was human! Angela even method acts the robot role at the showroom to clients and it’s amazing. Megan on the other hand was always up her own ass. But that’s just the opinion of… well it’s up to you to decide” she winked as she stood up once again and reached behind her.

“Reveal yourself and I’ll reveal myself” she offered with a quick acceptance from Max. Her bra and panties fell to the floor revealing a perky chest and a hairless navel. Max unfolded his legs and gave her a good view.

“Almost as nice as the others I see” she teased as she returned to her seat.

Part 2

“Tell me about what it’s like to be on that side of the game” Max inquired; his legs now spread just enough to be comfortable. Sam also matched his posture, giving him a good view of her hairless privates.

“Hmmm” she slowly thought looking off to her right before continuing. “In more ways than one, it’s fun to toy with a client’s mind. Keeping them on edge while they wonder what I really am. It’s also nice to meet many new people, spend time in amazing places such as this home of yours. The tiles and matching white walls are lovely I may add”

“Thank you” He said quickly as he nodded.

“And the sex is wonderful too. Kind of disappointing when the client figures you out though but that’s only happened a hand full of times with me” she giggled proudly as she moved her hands to rest on her thighs. “The pay is really good too I may add.”

“Yes, I know all too well” Max jumped in quickly before glancing outside again.

The rolling hills his gaze fell upon met the sea as the blinding light made every wobble of the water clear and sharp. His focus returned to the hills, sculpted smoothly and with grace, much like Sam was he thought. He pointed to the horizon with his left hand. “Tell me what you see”

Sam’s blue eyes darted from object to object, slowing from their initial erratic motion to a smoother flow. The light, even polarised by the panes of glass, still glistened off the whites in here eyes as Max gave her as much attention as she did the scene outside.

“Was there something specific you wanted me to look at?” she asked after a moment, her focus returning to meet his with a blank expression.

“The hills actually” he pointed again to one particularly prominent one, the grassy tops thick and deep, in dire need of a trim he thought. “What do you know about this area?”

Sam looked back at the hills, pondering as her frow burrowed. A moment passed before she shook her head. “We aren’t given enough time to do some digging about the client’s area. Or the clients for that matter. And the purpose of this isn’t to do with your backyard, it’s to do with you.”

“Ok” he replied, shifting in his seat once again, leaning to his right now, “I enjoy nature, looking at the world and admiring what it is. So maybe the hills aren’t your ‘cup-o-tea’ like it is mine, but something out there is.” Sam quickly faced the glass pane once again, her eyes darting around like before. Max focused on her once again, noticing her toes flex momentarily before relaxing. He found her eyes followed suit in near union.

“The clouds off in the distance” she pointed to the far right of the pane, making Max crank his head to see clearly, “They remind me of the clouds in London, soft and white with a pink lining.”

“Tell me what they look like” Max quickly asked, focusing on her toes once again as she squinted at the cotton balls in the sky. As he had hoped, they flexed once again, but only as she crossed her legs once again as she leaned in slightly closer.

“A rabbit I’d say” she answered after a long moment. “A white rabbit like the one I had as a child. Snowball we called him, soft and fluffy as the cloud and a joy to have around.” Sam’s focus returned on Max after a moment. “My turn. Tell me something about your childhood. Perhaps anything that happened in 1984”

Sam’s grin was met with an uncomfortable laugh, as Max hid the tattoo from view once again. He waited a moment, looking for any signs as she sat still. “We had a pet dog named Toto, like the band. A German shepherd, who was wonderful in every way. Once he passed, doctors offered to clone him for us and at the time, I was really eager to do so, but my parents declined calling in a mortal sin. Actually, if they bore witness to this now, they’d call this a mortal sin too.”

Sam laughed at that, leaning back into the seat as she shook her head. “Do you know what I’d tell them?” She continued once Max shook his head, “If you can’t tell, does it matter?”

“Oh, but they can tell with time. Everything reveals itself with time. My father, sure he’s clueless but my mother would pick out a machine within a week. I know from experience” he awkwardly laughed before continuing. “Before you say it, I know we don’t have a week. And so far, it’s been hardly fifteen minutes too.”

“Am I that predictable?” Sam retorted, smiling as she rose her hands above her head in a relaxing stretch which Max found slightly arousing, especially as her freckled skin pressed against her ribcage. “These recliners are getting uncomfortable. And other clients like physical tasks too so…” She slightly parted her legs, giving him a better view of what was to come. “I’d like to show you something” she suggested quickly.

With a grin, Max’s eyes followed Sam’s as her heels clicked against the tiles. She moved back to the edge of the wall and winked at him. As he watched on, she broke into a rapid sprint, heels rapidly clicking against the tiles as she quickly leaned forward, bringing her hands to the tiles as her feet flew upward into the air. As quickly as her cartwheel began, it was over as she returned to her feet.

Max met her proud grin with a slight smile. “I’ve seen that before, but it was Maggie who did it so…”

Without a word, she cut him off by brining her left leg up against her bare body, doing a standing split with her vagina in full view. “Also saw Maggie do that…”

“Shut up and enjoy the show!” Sam shouted back before placing her bare ass against the cool tiles. She lay on her back before bringing her legs close to her head. Curling her back, she brought her mouth mere inches from her vagina.

She paused as Max clapped. “Ok, Maggie didn’t do that.”

Sam grinned, knowing that she was winning him over. Max on the other hand was still not quite convinced.

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