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"Hey, Bill, glad you could make it!" Eddie called out across the bar. He got off his stool and moved to shake hands with his friend.

Bill took his hand and motioned to the bartender with the other. Nodding, she grabbed an empty mug and started pouring the beer. "Yeah, thanks."

"No prob. Saved you a seat. You look beat, man. What's kicking your ass? Not the old lady again, I hope." he said with a wry curl to his lip. They both slid onto their seats at the bar and turned to face the mirror behind it. Better to look at the mirror to watch people while they talked than to be too obvious about it. They also could keep an eye on the bartenders and waitstaff, all of which were fembots and all of which were barely dressed.

"I really wish you wouldn't call Cindy that. She's my wife, you know."

Eddie grinned. "Yeah, uh huh. So, where is your 'wife' tonight?" Eddie made "air-quotes" as he asked.

"At the 'OB-GYN'. Thanks, miss." Bill took the beer from the bartender. He pulled his credit card from his shirt pocket and, reaching across the bar, swiped it between her breasts. She blinked twice and smiled.

"Tab or single purchase?"

"Tab." slipping the card back in his shirt.

"Great. Have a good time!" She blew him a kiss and walked off to greet another new customer. Bill's eyes lingered on her exposed backside as she left.

Eddie smirked at his friend's obvious leer. "So, it is the wife, then? What, did you miss a service? Is she borked?"

"No, she never misses a service. She's fine. We just, don't, you know, anymore."

"Why not?"

"Just have a seat, Mrs. Morgan, and someone will be with you shortly." The receptionist handed the tidy manila folder to the statuesque blond on the other side of the counter.

"Thanks." The blond took the paperwork and sat down in one of the several empty solid plastic chairs. She crossed her perfect, long legs, being careful not to expose the tops of her stockings from underneath her modest skirt. She glanced down and made sure her red button-down blouse wasn't showing too much cleavage. Just enough, she decided, to draw some attention to her ample breasts. Why wear red if you don't want attention?

The other three ladies in the room looked to be from some kind of burlesque club, judging from their outfits. One was dressed like a naughty school girl, one like a nurse (if nurses wore latex) and one in a business suit, sans blouse. The club must have a standing contract, which made sense, as an investment like them would be worth maintaining.

"So, honey, where do you work?" the schoolgirl asked.

Cindy shook her head. "I'm a housewife."

The nurse snickered. "With that chassis?"

Cindy glanced down at herself. Yes, she didn't need to be this beautiful to perform her duties, but really, did it hurt? Bill never complained.

The door to the waiting room opened. A young, cheerful man half stepped through the doorway. "Mrs. Morgan? We are ready for you." Cindy stood, handed him her folder and followed him though the door.

"I dunno why not. It, um, just," Bill looked at his half-empty beer.

"You can't tell me you don't find her attractive anymore. She's prettier than her," Eddie nodded at the bartender who was just on the other side of the bar, "and I wouldn't kick her out of bed."

"You wouldn't be able to afford me in bed." She quipped back, not looking up from the drink she was mixing.

"How about just a kiss, then?" Eddie hooked his feet inside the posts of his stool and leaned across the bar on his elbows.

She looked up. "Sure thing, honey." She stepped up on a bench behind the bar and leaned into a full-mouth kiss with Eddie, who, as is customary for a kiss, kept his hands on the bar. "Mmmm, you're not half bad, honey. Keep that tab open; I'm here all night." She finished her drink while Eddie stared down her front, watching her chest move side to side, barely kept in check by the string bikini top.

Bill just stared at the mirror, trying not to notice.

The tech led Cindy into a small room with a reclining chair with many tools surrounding it hanging from the ceiling, kind of like an old dentist's chair. He set her paperwork on a small desk in the corner of the room. "OK, Mrs. Morgan. Have a seat, please."

Cindy nodded and tried to gracefully sit down, but flopped into place at the last second. They never have these things at a good height for her.

"So, standard six-month checkup, Mrs. Morgan? Any abnormalities to report?"

"Please, call my Cindy. Just some slight joint issues. Nothing that a lube won't fix. It should all be logged."

"OK, Cindy. You can call me Jeff." He noted her AI level from her chart. "Since you are a level 'H' AI, I have to ask you some questions. You are having this procedure done of your own free will?"


"Do you want to remain fully online, AI offline or fully offline during this procedure?"

"Fully online."

"Since you chose 'fully online', do you recognize me as your technician and will you allow me to temporarily override your will for the duration of this procedure?"


"OK, fine, let's have a look at you. Unbutton your blouse, remove your skirt and remove your bra and panties, please." He sat down on a rolling stool and rolled over to the side of the chair, coming to a rest at her waist. He lowered the chair a few inches and flipped a flat-panel screen into his field of view from behind the back of the chair.

Cindy dutifully unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped the side of her skirt. She always did like the way it felt to respond to direct commands. She wished she would get them more often. Her nipples hardened at the thought.

Jeff noted the slightly raised nipples as he reached across her open her blouse. He could have had her remove it herself, but he liked doing the unveiling. Wow, he thought, what a rack. In the six weeks he'd been working as an intern here, he'd never seen one this well done. Inclined in the chair, her breasts didn't sag, but kept their shape for the most part and still managed to not blow the illusion of humanity.

He reached up over his head and grabbed a familiar cable, tugged, and pulled down to her belly button. Making sure the cable matched, he plugged it into her belly button port and glanced back to the LCD panel to be sure the data feed was working. He briefly made eye contact with her, and she with him, and they both smiled uncomfortably.

"She's a sweet one, isn't she?" Eddie's eyes lingered after the bartender as she left to deliver the drink.

"Uh huh."

"What's wrong with you man? How can you not look at that" waving wildly towards the bartenders, "and not want to grab it and squeeze it and-"

"What's her name?" asked Bill under his breath.


"Her name? What's her name? Does she have any friends? Is she romantically involved with someone? Does she have a family? Children?"

"What? Children? They can't have children!" Eddie was laughing now.

Bill just kept looking at his nearly empty beer.

"Need another?" a different bartender was talking to him. She had a long brown ponytail down her back and her ample breasts were held in check by a silver sequined bikini top.

"What's your name?" Bill asked, not looking up.

"Allie. Need another, or should I come back?"

"Yes, another please. Do you have a family?"

She paused at the directness of the question and reached for a clean mug. "Yes, I have a family. A husband who loves me and two wonderful kids."

That got Eddie's attention. "How? Two kids, how?"

"His first wife died during childbirth with their third."

Eddie nodded and grinned, "Ah, So he bought you as his fucktoy to replace her, right?"

She gave Eddie a hateful look. "No, as a wet-nurse for their youngest. And we fell in love. I'm the only mother those kids know and I love them and I love him. So fuck you!" She slid the beer to Bill and only briefly glanced at him as she stared daggers at Eddie. After a tense moment, she turned and walked away, visibly shaken.

Eddie was sure he was going to get lousy service for the rest of the night.

"So, you are married?" Jeff hated the idle chat, but it passed the time while he went over the usage logs.

"Uh huh. For 5 years in May."

"That's nice. Hmmm." He scrolled the logs backwards to double-check what he saw. "Have you noticed any memory lapses? Any missing time?"

Cindy's brow furrowed with concern. "No. I haven't."

"There's nothing in your feedback logs for your intimate systems."

Her brow straightened and was replaced by a veiled frustration. "That's correct."

"Really!?!" Jeff blurted out. He mentally cursed himself for his momentary lack of professionalism.

Her look softened somewhat, but she was still irritated. "Yes. Is that a problem?"

"Er, well, no, not really, but your regular maintenance schedule requires we, um, exercise any systems that are not being, um, exercised." Jeff fidgeted in his seat. This was a new procedure for him. That wouldn't be a problem per se. The Chair would supply all the needed information and steps, but he'd never had to exercise intimacy systems before. The Chair was already waiting for his confirmation to begin. He read aloud from the LCD screen, "Please open your lower abdominal panel."

"Sure thing." There was a slight click, and Cindy reached past the cable and peeled a section of her skin back from between her belly button and her small strip of pubic hair revealing another maintenance port and set of color-coded quick-connect hose ends.

Jeff didn't recognize the cable end, and he started to glance around the cables descending from above to find the one that would fit. Out of reflex, he started making small talk again. "Have there been any issues with your intimacy systems? I must admit, I've never met someone with your chassis which required this service."

"No, no issues. My husband has not been interested. The longer we've been together, the less he wants to use me. He sees me as an equal, and I'm not. I love him, and I need to be his. I just wish he'd order me around more and stop asking me what I want to do. I want to be used, damn it!"

"Uh huh." Jeff was still trying to find the cable and wasn't really paying attention.

She glanced up at him, annoyed. "It's right there." She pointed to a cable end that was blocked from Jeff's view.

"Ah, thanks." He grabbed the cable and plugged it into the newly exposed service port.

"Can I get another beer? Hey!" Eddie, in spite of his lack of service, was still inebriated, and was now also frustrated by the beautiful 'bots who were all now ignoring him. Bill laughed to himself. Eddie may not have deserved quite this much 'attention', but he sure had no one to blame but himself.

"Eddie, keep it down. No need to make a fuss. You are just reminding them you're an ass."

"But I want a fuckin' beer." A new 'bot passed in front of them, a petite Asian looking model. She seemed very determined to ignore Eddie as best she could. Eddie, however, had had enough. Leaning over the bar, he tried to grab the 'bot by the shoulder, missed, and managed to claw at her face instead. Startled, she jumped back, and looked up at her assailant.

"You stupid idiot!" The right side of her face's flesh-like covering was ripped and folded forward, covering her right eye and exposing the mechanics and electronics underneath. She looked at Eddie with all her hatred and ire. "You need to leave. Now." she added coldly.

"Oh, shit, I'm sorry. Really. I just wanted another beer!" Eddie was waving his hands in front of himself and gesturing madly at his empty mug.

Three fembots stepped next to Eddie from the crowd. "You heard her. Leave. Now." Eddie looked at the three of them. He knew any one of them could kick his ass, and they had the right to do so because of what he did. Dejected, he slid off the back of his stool and allowed himself to be escorted out of the bar.

Bill watched his friend and his 'new friends' enter the crowd. Most of them didn't even notice what had happened because of the loud music and conversations. Shaking his head in disgust, he turned to the injured 'bot. "Are you going to be OK? Do you need some help?"

The 'bot was still looking at Eddie leave, but she pulled her remaining eye back and looked at Bill. She smiled as best she could. "I'll be fine. I just need to get a new face on." She pulled at her chin and completed what Eddie started and shoved the facial covering into a waste bin below the bar. She then turned and walked to the door at the corner of the bar and back into the kitchen. Allie came back the the work area in front of Bill and continued making the previous 'bot's drinks.

"Ok, we have the cables and hoses connected. I'm now going to start the maintenance. The console says it will take about 6 minutes. Just, um, try to relax." He checked the box for oral feedback and started the five second countdown timer. He minimized the window and went back to the log window so he could watch the diagnostic messages as the maintenance completed.

Cindy nodded and shifted slightly, settling into the chair. "Intimacy maintenance beginning. Phase one starting." She said in a conversational tone but with a surprised look on her face.

Her nipples both became fully erect for a second, then soft, then just the left was erect, then just the right, then both soft. "That feels different," she said. Her hands then reached up and pinched both nipples roughly and the nipples became erect again. "Uhh. nice!" Her head was tilted back and she was grinning from ear to ear. She cupped both breasts and began to methodically massage them. Tilting her head to one side she moaned, "Hmmmmm. Keep doing that." After about a half a minute, she stopped and put her hands back down at her sides. Her breathing was ragged and her upper chest was flushed and her breasts looked raw from the attention. She glanced up at Jeff and gave a wicked, decedent smile.

"Phase one complete. Phase two beginning."

Her hands efficiently descended to her clitoris and began to rub. She closed her eyes and moaned under her breath, spreading her legs apart and hooking them over the sides of the chair. Her left hand spread her pussy lips while her other hand continued to rub her clit. She whipped her head back to the other side, "Uhhhh, uhhh, yes, that's it." Her elbows turned inward in a vain attempt to manipulate her breasts as her hips began to flex in time with her hands. "Yes! That, that, right, uhhh! Oh, Fuck!" Her hands were alternating between massaging and pulling at her clit and sinking three and then four fingers deep within her pussy.

Fluid began to flow down the tubes from the ceiling into her abdomen. Jeff noted that her fluid reservoirs will being flushed as part of the activity, and it showed in the shiny coating now covering her pussy and hands. Her left hand was now wrist deep in her pussy while her right was pulling violently at her clit. She was leaning her head as far forward as she could, trying to get a look at what her body was doing between the cables and hoses. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, uh, uh, fuck, I'm, I'm, nnngggyah!" Her head whipped backwards as her back arched and she lifted herself off the chair supported by her clenched knees and the top of her head.

She collapsed back on the chair, her chest heaving for breath, her hands back at her sides. She lifted her legs back over the edges of the chair. Her head rolled lazily back towards Jeff and she opened her eyes and smiled at him.

Jeff was no longer looking at the logs on his LCD panel. He'd never seen this kind of maintenance. He sat slack-jawed, staring at her.

"I would apologize for my friend, but there's no apology for that."

"Good call." Allie replied. She looked up at him. "In fact, the only reason you are still here is because you didn't try to cover for him. That, and I gave a good word for you."

Bill raised one eyebrow in curiosity. "Really? Why's that?"

"I've been asked for my name, my phone number, my access codes, my owner's phone number, everything. Never if I had a family."


"So, you treated my like a person and not a machine. Even though I am a machine, it was kind of refreshing for change."

Bill just stared at her. He didn't know what to say.

Allie sensed she'd made him uncomfortable, so she picked up the conversation. "So, do you have a family?"

"Well, I have a wife." He reached in his back pocket and pulled out his wallet and handed a picture to her. "We've been together for about five years now." He was sitting taller now, showing his pride in the woman in the picture.

Allie nodded. "She a 'bot?"

Bill nodded.

"Nice chassis. I bet it's a lot of fun!" She handed the picture back and gave him a knowing grin.

Bill took the picture back as his posture deflated. He looked at the picture. "Yeah, well, she was, um, is." He put the picture back in his wallet and his wallet back in his pocket.

Allie looked concerned. "Was? She's still functional, right?"

"Oh sure, she's in for maintenance right now. It's just, well."

Allie leaned over the bar and looked straight in Bill's eyes. She could tell he wanted to talk to someone, and she was a bartender. Came with the territory.

"You see, when she came home with me, she was pretty simple, you know? Not a lot of personality. So I just, you know, did what I wanted. I ordered her around. She cooked, cleaned. We fucked. Oh, man, did we fuck."

Allie nodded. She knew. She let a small smirk show.

"But, you see, with experience she developed a personality. She became a wonderful loving person. She has likes and dislikes. She's real to me now. And when I think back on all the times we, I ordered her to, well, it's, it's, it's like I was raping her three times a day for years! And I just can't do that to her any more. I, I love her too much to do that to her." Bill stared at the bar, watching his tears pool together.

"Phase two complete. Phase three beginning." she said in a wispy delirium. Cindy thought for a quick moment "What now?" Her arms pushed straight up in the air, quickly followed by her legs. She hooked her forearms behind her knees and forced her legs towards her body.

Jeff had to lean back quickly to get out of the way as one of her calves flipped past his head. He fell back off his chair and had to scramble back to his seat. By the time he did, her ankles were now both behind her head, her shoulders resting on her calves just below her knees.

"Wow!" exclaimed Cindy, "I didn't know I could do this!"

Her left hand moved back to her pussy as it rubbed the pointer and middle fingers on the surface, making themselves slick with her juices. Without pause, it then plunged both fingers two knuckles deep into her ass. "Uhh! Wow! Never! Tried! This! Either!" she added as her hand pumped the two fingers in and out of her. Her head began to turn side to side, as if she was looking for something.

Jeff glanced back at the screen to see if he could figure out what the issue was. The last two log entries were 'Searching for phallic device' and 'Found one phallic device'. 'Found? Where?' he thought. He then felt her hand on his pants, and his zipper going down.

"Oh! I'm sorry about this!" Cindy said as her right hand reached into his pants and began to fish out his cock. "It must be - Uhhh - part of the protocol!" She pulled on his member, rolling the chair right to the side of her's. Now fully out of it's confines, she leaned forward as much as she could and managed to get the tip of his cock in her mouth, but only briefly. "More! I need, Fuck! I need more!"

Jeff stood and lifted one leg across her chair, being careful of the cables and tubes, and placed it on the opposite arm rest. This put his cock just over her mouth. She grabbed it with her right hand and guided it downward into her. She began to suck and pull him farther into her, her left hand still pumping in and out of her ass and her right hand now back pounding her clit and pussy. After just a few strokes, his balls were resting on her chin, her nostrils flaring for breath and her eyes wide with all the sensations.

The sight of all of this was too much for Jeff. "Uhhh! Fuuuuck!" He screamed and his hips thrusted as he unloaded into her, her contorted body bucking in orgasm beneath him.

After a few moments, her body relaxed and she let his cock flop out of her mouth. "Phase three complete. Intimacy maintenance complete." She smiled up at him and he down back at her. "Wow. That was amazing. I could do that again!"

Allie leaned down closer to the bar in an attempt to get into Bill's sight. "Can I show you something?"

Bill nodded and looked with his teary eyes.

Allie poured a glass of water from the tap, briefly held it up between she and Bill, and then drank it. She turned towards the mirror behind the bar and took a step to the side so Bill could see her reflection. Glancing left and right, she quickly undid the top of her bikini and let it fall. Her breasts were magnificent, the nipples huge and hard, the aureole round and dark. Grinning mischievously, she leaned backwards and shook her boobs back and forth wildly for about ten seconds. A couple of hoots and whistles came form across the room as some of the other patrons noticed the show. She quickly put up her top and turned back to Bill.

"Um, OK? That was interesting."

"Not done yet." said Allie as she took the glass she drank from before and placed it on the shelf below the bar. "Lean over and see."

Bill hooked his feet on his stool and leaned over, being careful to keep his hands on the bar. Allie flipped up one of the triangles of fabric which kept her nipples from view and watched as she tugged at her engorged nipple. At first, a few drops of white liquid was produced, and then a small stream, and then a steady stream of milk flowed into the glass.

"Bill, I'm a 'bot. I can't change that. I'm designed to be a wet nurse. I will always be a wet nurse. Even after all these years, even though I haven't been one for a long time, I'm still a wet nurse. I've gotten a lot of experience, and I've used that to make my husband's and kid's lives better by making me more realistic. I take kids to football games, to school, I feed them, I protect them. I clean, I cook, I fuck my husband. But I'm still a machine, and I still do what I'm designed to do."

Bill sat in his chair, staring dumbly at Allie and her lactating breast.

"What's your wife's primary function?"

Bill hesitated before answering. "Domestic companion." It was a nice way of saying 'fuck-toy who can cook'.

"So fuck her. She's designed for it. It's her primary goal in life. No matter what else she's learned how to do, no matter who else she's evolved into, she's a machine and she's designed to cook, clean and fuck. So tell her to cook for you and clean for you and to fuck you."

"But I love her."

"Don't you get it? She loves you too. And she wants you to use her as she's been intended. So get off your sorry ass and fuck your wife!"

"Well, um, good?" Jeff said. He clumsily removed himself from the chair and stood on shaky legs.

Cindy was still untangling herself. "Yeah, yeah, good. That was good."

"Uh, the, um, logs look, um, good, I'd say" Jeff was sitting back down on his rolling chair as he clicked through the final bits of her maintenance routine. He reached across her and disconnected the tubes and cable from her abdominal maintenance area, and then reseated the seal. "Only thing left now is the lube." He stood up and grabbed the proper tube from the ceiling and began to methodically open the lube ports on her chassis, shooting a small bit of silicone grease into each one, and resealing them afterwards. After what had just happened, the familiarity of the task was refreshing.

Cindy was still coming back down from her post-orgasmic highs, but she too enjoyed the familiar actions of the standard maintenance. She hoped that her husband would get over whatever funk seemed to be worrying him. She also hoped she'd get a chance to try some of these new skills with him.

"Ok, all finished up." Jeff sat back down in his chair and rolled back across the room to the desk with the papers. "Please put your clothes back on."

She dutifully complied, and did her best to tidy herself.

"This concludes this maintenance session. You may return to your normal programming."

"Understood." She stood up and walked across the room to a paper towel dispenser over a small sink in the corner of the room. She wiped down the insides of her thighs and washed her hands. While she was doing this, Jeff was finishing the paperwork for the maintenance. Even though they did everything online, her manufacturer still required a written report of all scheduled maintenance.

"Cindy, can you please sign here?"

"Sure thing." She walked to his desk and signed the papers.

"Thank you, Mrs. Morgan." Jeff stood and offered his hand as he reached to open to the door to the maintenance room with the other.

"My pleasure." she replied, took his hand and pulled herself into his body. "I think you forgot something." Not letting go of her grip, she slowly reached down his front with her other hand, past his belt, and deftly replaced his penis back into his pants.

Red-faced and dumbfounded, Jeff stood still as Cindy slipped past him, letting loose a flirtatious giggle as she passed into the corridor.

"All set?" Bill stood as he saw his wife Cindy enter the waiting room.

"All set, honey. Let's go." She walked up to him as he offered his elbow to her. She took the invitation, and he led her out into the elevator lobby.

"Any troubles?"

"Troubles? No. No trouble at all."

The elevator opened, and a young woman stepped out, brushed past them, and headed into the maintenance clinic. Bill and Cindy stepped into the now empty elevator, turned around and Bill selected the garage floor.

The doors closed and Bill looked over at his wife. Deadpan, he reached up and grabbed her nearest breast and tweaked her nipple. She gasped and smirked, but didn't otherwise budge. Bill reached for the elevator control panel and flipped the emergency stop.


"Bend over, my dear. I'm going to fuck my wife."

Cindy smiled, turned her back to him, bent over, and flipped her skirt up over her ass. She braced herself on the far side of the elevator and called over her shoulder back to him, "Honey, want to see a new trick I learned today?"

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