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I could see the excitement in Megan's face as she explained all that Sarah and her had planned for next weeks big 'Halloween Party.' "Sounds really great to me!. But I'm curious as to why you dropped off my invite? No offense Megan, but Sarah lives next door in the next set of apartments. Is she upset with me or embarassed about what happened at Nick's party a few weeks back?" I asked. Megan's smile widened a bit. "You can't read her yet Tim? No, she's not embarassed. or mad at you. She's....keeping you guessing is all I'm going to say." I shifted my weight to my left leg and rubbed my chin, considering her answer. "I know Sarah likes me. That much is pretty obvious. It's just how she keeps me, ... well,... keeps our relationship from moving forward. I'm always second guessing that's all." Megan reached out and grabbed my hand. Her grasp was soft, yet firm and warm. "Tim, you're a great guy and Sarah's is falling for you. Heck, to be honest with you. If Sarah didn't already have her eyes on you, I'd snatch you up in a heartbeat." She said, then she quickly leaned in and gave me a peck on the cheek. That sort of surprised me a little, being she was Sarah's best friend. That seemed a little more flirtatious than her norm with me. "Well, gotta go drop off the rest of these. See ya." Megan turned and quickly started away. "Hey, what's your costume gonna be?" I yelled out. Megan stopped and turned to face me. "Oh, something in black and probably a size too small. You wouldn't approve I'm sure." She said with a wave, then turned and hurried away.

The following week slowly dragged by. I had called Sarah three times during the week to chat, and we'd actually gone out once on Tuesday night. We talked about how she and Megan were planning the party decorations, how many people had promised to attend, and what costume I was going to wear. She wouldn't budge on her costume though. Only that it was something from the latter half of the twentieth century, something I'd hopefully recognize, and that I'd love it either way. On the other hand Sarah told me in detail what costume Megan had chosen to wear. A very sleazy three piece French Maid costume. Sarah made me promise not to spoil Megan's surprise. Yep, that descrbes what she told me, something black and a size too small. Except she left out just how revealing it would be.

Friday evening finally arrived and the night of the costume party commenced. I of course arrived thirty minutes late thanks to some emergency road construction. Megan greeted me at the door with a smile and lots of Man, was she a sight to behold in her French Maid costume. Her costume consisted of three pieces plus shoes. A white collar, a really short mini skirt, and a thin black piece of fabric that attached to the left side or her skirt, up over her breast, around her neck, down over her right breast and attached to the right side of her skirt. I think she enjoyed the fact that I was staring at her bare center and feminine curves. "I take it you like my choice of costumes?" She asked. I was still trying to file away the burned in image of Megan in her maid attire. "This is a Halloween costume party right? Looking at you I feel very over dressed." I told her. Megan took my hand and pulled me in to the apartment. "Well Tim, look at it this way. If you're dressed as the 'Lone Ranger' then maybe I'll be the "maid" in distress." She teased. We both shared a laugh, then I asked her. "Aren't you cold in that?" Pointing to what little cothing she had on. "Oh, I've gotten used to it. Makes me feel sexy don't ya think?" She asked with a wink. I put my gloved hand on her shoulder and looked her square in the eye. "Better calm down a bit. If Sarah hears you talk like that, things are liable to heat up for you." Megan just shrugged my sarcasm off. "Sarah's over in the kitchen I think. Have fun." She added. "Thanks." I told her. She winked and turned around and started towards a group near the hall.

I adjusted my gun holster as I made my way towards the kitchen and I waved at a few friends I knew as I worked my way around them. Sarah must have invited everyone she knew plus some. There had to be close to thirty people here. A good thing she had a big apartment. As I entered the kitchen Sarah had her back to me and was excitedly talking to Sam and Janet, who were both dressed as Medevil Court Jesters. Sarah had her hair done up in a beehive style with a bun on top. Her dress was layers of bright shear pink, with some yellows and light oranges that came to just above her knees. I reached up and covered her eyes. "Guess who?" I asked in a deep forced voice. Sarah stiffened slightly as I covered her eyes, then took a deep breath. "Oh finally my hero has arrived! The Lone Ranger." She answered as she reached up, pulled my hands away, then turned to face me and smiled. "We'll catch you two later." Sam said as he and Janet left to mingle, allowing Sarah and I to ourselves. "I thought you'd be here sooner Tim. But I'm glad your here now." She said as she gave me a lingering hug, then pulled back to allow me full view of her costume. She did a twirl and a pose. "What am I?" She asked. I saw how she was dressed and examined her costume from the front. Her oufit draped over her left shoulder, leaving her right shoulder and arm bare. Flesh tone tights covered her legs, and she wore a simple set of strap high heels. A simple chain wrapped around her waist then up over her left shoulder. A second link hung down her left hip and to knee and back up again. From the chain on her shoulder another link wound its way up into Sarah's hair circling a bun she had styled atop her retro style hairdo. My eyes fell to Sarah's neck and to the necklace with a small retangular pendant which hung above her sternum. The number '24' was embossed on it. Sarah held her pose and smiled. "Well Mr. Ranger am I too 'advanced' for your westward ways?" She teased. I reached up and tilted my white stetson back a little before answering. "Well I know you're number 24, and somthing from that old original Star Trek show maybe?" I answered her. Sarah's countenance brightened slightly. "Oh come on, you've almost got it! Guess what I am?" I thought hard for a moment then it came to me. I snapped my fingers and yelled it out. "Got it! You're an Allison robot that Mudd guy had built when he was on that android planet. Right?" Sarah blinked a few times then cocked her head a little to the right. Then her necklace glowed bright and emitted a tone as it blinked. "Your answer is incorrect, incorrect, incorrect. You are an illogical human." She paused. "I am Alice 24." She said in a monotone voice. Then she straightened her head and looked normal again. "Good costume huh?" She asked. "Wow Sarah. That glowing necklace trick is cool, and the way you just acted. That was hot! I'd love to watch that episode again with you and maybe act out a few things." I told her. She smiled back. "Oh, you'd like that huh?"

The party was a big success. Sarah and I had a jello shot contest, which she won of course. My tolerance for liquor isn't high. After my loss she went at it again with Carl, who has an even weaker stomach than me. Megan's boss Stephen came with his wife Sierra who wore a skimpy bikini and silk sash embroidered with 'Beauty Queen Trophy Wife' on it. I have to admit. Sierra is way too hot, and way to sexy to just be married to him for love. Gotta be either sex or money or both. Stephen and I chatted for a bit about my career in networking, and his in marketing management. Said he call me about an job offer. That's when Sarah cranked the music. Stephen excused himself to visit with Megan and I returned to hang with Sarah. We all danced, hung out, talked and had fun till the wee hours of the morning. Finally after the last taxi and everyone had left, Sarah, Megan and I began to clean up a little.

"Tim, don't worry about too much. Sarah and I will get the rest tomorrow." Megan stated. I dropped my pile of plates into the trash bag and looked over at her. she appeared slightly flushed, yet was moving pretty quickly. "Oh all right. I can come help tomorrow too if you'd both like." I offered. Megan smiled, then dropped the cup she had in her hand back onto the floor. "Uhm that was weird." She softly said. Sarah came through the doorway exiting the hall just then. "Hey, I'm not ready to stop partying just yet you two. Let's dance Rangerman." She suggested. I steppd over to Sarah and took her hand. "Dance? I'm surprised that your both not out cold, and me doing clean up. I mean you two both hold you liquor well, it's been a little wild at points, plus look at the time. I once knew a girl who after downing a half bottle of good tequila totally past out cold at a party, then was sick for days afterwards." Sarah looked at me with a confused look, then tilted her head to right. "Your answer is illogical, illogical. Does not cumpute. I am programmed to party, to party, programmed to party." She said in her monotone voice as her necklace lit up again. Only this time it stayed on and she didn't move. "Ha ha, very funny. I'll dance if you really want." I told her as I stepped over to her. Sarah's necklace continued to glow and hum as I reached up and touched her warm cheek. "Sarah?" I asked. Suddenly confused. Her eyes moved slowly to meet mine. "Boo!. Had ya for a minute. Huh." She exclaimed. "How are you doing that?" I asked. "Doing what exactly?" Sarah asked back. "You know, the glowing pendant thing." I sighed. "Trade secret." Then she wrapped her right arm around me and pulled me a little closer and started swaying to the now soft music. I complied and we danced quietly around the room as Megan continued to straighten things up.

As the song ended Megan zipped over to us. "Hey! May I cut in please?" She asked. Sarah and I exchanged glances of approval and parted. Megan wrapped her hands around my neck and I looked into her brown eyes as a slower song started. "I've gotta pee. You two don't get too comfortable with that sloow song now." Sarah stated as she headed towards the hall. Megan rested her head on my shoulder as we slowly danced. I felt the warmth of her breath on my neck, and her body close to mine. "Finally getting tired Megan?" I asked softly. A shudder ran through her body as if she were suddenly cilled. "No." Was all she replied, and it was silent for a few moments before she spoke again. "Tim, I'm a maid in distress and I need you to save me now." I stopped our dance and looked at her as she pulled back to look at me. "What Megan? AreI. . . are you suggesting you and I leave together?" I whispered and pointed between us. She nodded in the affermative. "More than just take me home." She said as she pulled back, then cupped her breasts through what little fabric kept them hidden. "God I'm so horny Tim! I need you inside of me, I need you to fuck me." She pleaded. I felt my dick begin to stiffen in my tight pants. Maybe my mind wasn't so clear at the moment after all the drinks, jello-shots and lateness of the hour. Maybe Megan's wasn't all there either.

As the song ended and we stood there staring at each other. "Well, what's your answer?" She finally asked. "Answer to what?" Sarah asked coming back into the room. I turned to face her. Sarah had changed out of her Alice 24 costume, and had let her hair down, and now was wearing only a mens button up dress shirt that came to just above her knees. She still wore the necklace with the number 24 and the shirt was unbuttoned revealing a fair amount of her luscious cleavage. Megan turned to Sarah as well. "Nothing. Come on Tim, we're leaving." I stood my ground and could tell something wasn't right here. "Now just a second." I said. Sarah turned to me, then to Megan. "What answer? Why are you leaving?" She asked with concern now in her voice. Megan stomped her foot down and turned to Sarah. "His answer to whether he'll fuck me or not?" She told her bluntly. Sarah's face turned to shock. "Excuse me! Have you lost all your senses? I thought he was my guy." Sarah exclaimed. I quickly stepped between the two girls and held my hands out. "Whoa! It's late, we've all had a lot to drink. Let's all be friends now ok!" I said calmly. Sarah turned to me with a look I hadn't seen before. "It's alright Tim, I won't argue with my friend,. just ask her to leave. Now!" She said then turned and headed back into the hall. I took a step to follow, then turned back to Megan. “Whoops! Megan, I’ve seen you party before but you’ve never come on so strong, so direct. How long have you felt this way about me?” I asked her. She reached up and ran a hand through her hair and smiled at me. “Oh, just since . . .since tonight. I think it’s your costume. You wear it well. Shows off your muscles. Plus it’s the whole hero thing too. But I’ve gotta tell you, I’m so hot and so wet. I almost can’t resist just attacking you here and now.” She told me. I never thought that Megan was jealous of Sarah and I, nor the fact that she had secretly lusted after me. But since the party had ended she kept eyeing me. That much I had noticed.

Sarah came back into the room carrying something small and black in her hand and went right up to Megan. “I think we need to have a private talk, just between us girls.” She said rather calmly. Megan looked down at Sarah’s hand and gasped. “What if I don’t want to talk.” She replied. “Well, we need to talk. Please come with me for a moment.” Sarah stated to her friend ."Tim, excuse us for a moment." Megan waved her arm at Sarah to brush her away. “Aren’t you hot also Sarah? It’s downright steamy in here. We both could have Tim. And what’s that for?” She said pointing at the object in Sarah’s hand. Sarah turned to me. “Tim, please excuse us for a moment.” She then grabbed Megan’s arm and pulled her towards the hall and bedrooms. “Uhm, maybe I better just go.” I said to them both. Sarah’s expression looked irritated then confused. Her costume pendant glowed and hummed. “Go? No don’t go. I’ll be right back.” She stated flatly. Her pendant ceased to blink. Megan broke free of Sarah’s grasp just then. “No, don’t go. I still need youl.” She said, looking just as irritated. I let out a little laugh. “Hey Sarah, your pendant glowed. You forgot to take it off. And you both need to relax." I said. She reached up and felt her necklace looking a little confused, then Megan quickly reached for Sarah’s other hand, grabbed the object and pulled it away from her. “Ha! Easier than I would have thought.” She yelled at Sarah who now turned back to Megan. “Wait, you don’t want to do that!” She said angrily. I tried to see exactly what the object was that Megan now held in her hand. It was smaller than cell phone, yet bigger than a remote car key. “Hey!, both of you need to settle this now.” I told them. Megan turned to me, “You’re right Tim. Time to settle this.” Megan then held the device in front of Sarah and pressed a button. “Oh shit!” Sarah cried as her pendant began to blink rapidly then after a few seconds went dark. Sarah remained still, unmoving in front of Megan and me. Megan then turned to face me and lowered her hand. A smile crept back to her face. “There. Now where were we?” I stumbled backwards a few steps and tried to process what had just transpired. “What just happened? You mean to tell me that Sarah’s really a robot? An android I mean?” I gasped out loud. Megan slowly and seductively walked towards me. “Uhm yeah! I couldn’t just let her turn me off now." I took another step back against the wall. “Megan…. are you an android too?” I asked, suddenly starting to freak out a little. “No silly. I’m just like you. A real woman with needs. A perfect female woman who's gonna rock your world.” She stated. But it was difficult to believe her now. I had heard of advancements in robotics, in fact Stephen, Megan’s boss and I had talked a little about that earlier. He had said he had a close friend who was in upper management with a robotics company, that they were delving into ultra realistic human-like androids. Afterwards he and Megan had disappeared for a bit into one of Sarah’s rooms. My mind raced as to what I was now formulating. “Hey Megan, what did you and Stephen talk about earlier?” I blurted out. Megan stopped short of being in front of me and let out a sigh then tilted her head a little to the left. “Stephen? Oh he wanted to tell me about a problem at work that he was hoping I could help with. That’s all.” Came her reply. “Is Sierra an android too?” I blurted out. Megan’s smile returned as she answered. “Pretty obvious isn’t it? Come on now Tim, quit stalling and kiss me. Kiss me then let’s go fuck.” I cleared my throat. "But you're not an android?" She closed the distance between us and leaned up and kissed me passionately. At first I resisted her advance, then hormones began to kick in and I succumbed to her feminine wiles. Megan pulled away and reached for my hand. "I'm way better than an android." She said rather seductively.

For about five minutes Megan and I kissed and made out in passionately against the wall. Then she lead me back and into Sarah’s spare bedroom. Our clothes were off in seconds. I was too tired and a little hung over to rationalize what I was doing and with whom, but who cares. It was wild and it was great! Megan was a vixen who never tired and she knew all the right buttons to push. She had a perfect body and teased me and pleased me with it for over an hour until I toppled over exhuasted. We lay side by side flat on our backs on the bed. “”Holy geez Meg! Are you done with me?” I asked slightly out of breath. She turned her head and reached over and caressed my face. “Still think I’m an android? I am perfect. I cannot tire.” She replied. “Yeah, you’ve said that a lot tonight. I think you’re broken or have a virus or something.” I told her as I leaned over on to my side. She looked confused for a moment. “A virus?! If I was an android I would. . . would . . run a diagnostic and virus scan on my systems. This may take a few minutes which would allow you to relax.” She said. Her head did a light twitch then she lay there motionless. “Megan?” I called to her. Nothing. She finally snapped. I rolled over and hopped off the bed, grabbed my pants and headed back out into the living room. I looked at the clock on the wall as I entered. 3:25. Crap, is it late or just damn early now? I thought to myself. I spied what I was looking for on the floor. The little black device that would hopefully turn Sarah back on. One question that I just hadn’t answered, and yet nagged at me since the whole scenario began was why the glowing pendant? I had seen Sarah out plenty of time before and that wasn’t a permanent fixture with her.

I reached down and picked it up then quickly stepped over in front of Sarah. The device only had one button, so holding it up in front of her I pushed it. Immediately Sarah’s eyes flashed a light blue behind her irises and her pendant glowed then began to blink. When it stopped she turned to me and I jumped at how fast she had moved. "Damn Sarah, you scared me! Are you alright?" I asked. "Oh thank you Tim!" She said as she gently took my hand and pulled us together for an embrace and held me tight for a second. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. Where is Megan?" She said quickly, then pulled away from me. She did a double take looking to the hall and back before I could answer. "She's in the spare bedroom, running a diagnostic and virus scan hopefully." I told her. Sarah's expression hardened suddenly as she stared at me. "Over two hours?!! I've been off for over two hours. What the hell happened?" I was caught off guard by her frustration. But before I could answer she raised her hand and wiped at the air. "Wait!" She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then slowly opened her eyes and looked at me. "Tim, . . . I want to apologize for all of this. The decption, the problems with Megan, me yelling at you. What. . .I, what Megan and I actually are. I'm as sorry as I can be. Can you forgive me?" She asked calmly. I only nodded, trying to understand what I could, then gave her a smile, held out my hand, palm up with the control device. Sarah reached for my hand and took it. "Thank you." She whispered and hurried around and back down the hall.

As I entered the room close behind Sarah, Megan lay imobile on the bed. Sarah raised her arm and pointed the device, pressing the button. "How do know for sure if she's off?" I asked. She turned and handed me the device. She appeared so real. Just as I knew her to be real. From all our dates and just hanging out together. So human-like, yet she wasn't. "Keep this just in case. But to answer your question. Fifty-fifty chance. Depends on what is effecting her and what systems may have been compromised." Sarah said. Megan didn't move as we both stood there and waited. Exhuastion was starting to take hold of me and Sarah kept eyeing me, watching me carefully. I think she was just waiting for me to start the dozens of questions that were formulating in my mind.

"Well Sarah, we've been waiting for almost twenty minutes. She's out of it." I said as I pushed away from the wall that I had been leaning against and moved over to the bed, grabbed the blanket and covered Megan's naked body with it. Sarah watched my actions and raised an eyebrow in curiousity. "Well, I'm going back to my apartment to crash." I told her. She gently grabbed my arm and stopped me. "Stay here...with me." She pleaded. "Sarah! I'm beat. The whole night's finally caught up with me. If you were hoping for.." She brought her finger up to my mouth. "No. I'm thinking of your well being now. That is all I want. Stay here, lay with me and when you're ready. . . I'll answer what I can to try to explain things." Sarah stated. I rolled my eyes and shrugged. "Lead the way fair lady. I'll say this though. Next year I'm deffinately not dressing as the hero." Sarah laughed. "OK, fair enough. I promise not to be the android." "Isn't that a contradiction? And hey, what's with the glowing pendant anyway." I asked as she lead me to her bedroom. "Probably is, but as far as the pendant, well . . you'll have to wait till tomorrow." She replied as I past her on my way to her bed.

Sarah waited for me to climb under the covers before turning off the lights. She closed the door then climbed onto the bed and under the covers next to me. Snuggling up close I could feel the warmth of her body. "Good night Sarah." I told her. "Good night Tim. Thank you again for everything." She said softly. "Will Megan be alright?" I asked with hesitation. "Yes, I believe so." Came her reply. I needed just one more answer. "Have you always known you're an android?" Sarah wrapped her arm around me. My heart skipped a beat, not knowing what to expect. "Yes, my programming has allowed me to be aware of what I am, but also to act as human as possible to avoid detection." We lay there for a few minutes in the silence. "Sarah, you mean a lot to me. Thanks." She gave my arm a gentle squeeze. I closed my eyes and brushed aside any questions that remained on my mind and allowed sleep to take over.

The End

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