Simulating Wilderness

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It was a promising start to our week long vacation. The camping trip we planned was going to be amazing. We had a little over a month left till we graduated from the university, and this was our last chance to hang out one last time before we turned in our theses. 6 days and nights with my friends. 4 boys and 3 girls. No rules. No people. No distractions. And hopefully no clothes. At least for part of that time.

It was my personal goal to try to spend at least one of those days, a full 24 hours, with just me and my new girl, Kristy. Naked. The trip was her idea, and everyone else loved it. It only took us a week to make plans and now here we are, on our way to a couchsurfing house for one night, and then the camping grounds after that.

Of course the sex part wasn’t something we all agreed on, it was just a dream I hoped for. I was always horny and thinking about sex, but lately I haven’t been getting any, so my imagination went wild with thoughts of orgies and sex marathons. But the fact was, I didn’t really want to go around naked in front of all these other guys. Not to mention they'd murder me if I screwed their girls. Sure, it was our last escape from the rigors of college life before we graduated, meaning I’d probably never see them again, but the last thing I wanted was upsetting Jamal or Bill, or Sally, or Sasha. My fantasy of an orgy with me and the three girls would have to remain a fantasy.

Chances were none of that was going to happen anyways. Tim was way too much of an outdoorsman himself, so he had planned for a day or two of hiking before we would make camp for a two days or so, and then we’d head back out. Walking… without lights or streets or cell phones… not exactly my idea of fun. But hanging out with the girls in short shorts was more than enough incentive for me. That and Kristy practically begged me to go. She was always really excited and energetic, and it was hard to say no to her.

Strange thing was, I only met her two or three months before, and we started dating almost instantly. I never really clicked with anyone on that level, especially so quickly. She was interested in everything I did, all the nerdy stuff like programming and industrial fabrication design, as well as all the stupid stuff like video games, sports, and movies. And her interests were right in line with mine. She loved to play games, was majoring in robotic design, and was always hanging around. To me, this was a big step forward in our relationship. Then again, she had always refused to have sex with me before.

But then again, the trip was her idea, and it seemed so unlike her, and yet she was as excited as ever about it. She had been hanging off of me the entire week. Something told me she was ready to take it further. So here we were in a van, 7 people and a ton of stuff, rocking out to whatever was on the top 40 station, and lighting up.

“Come on, Derek” Kristy pressured me, handing me a lit joint. “It’ll make you feel good. You have to start this break off with a bang, right?”

I normally didn’t partake, but something about the way she said “bang” stirred my desires, and I realized she was going in for a kiss. Slowly but surely, she pulled herself closer to me, her eyes never leaving mine, until at least I could feel her hot breath on my lips. Just as I parted my lips to answer her call, she shoved the joint in my mouth and laughed, pushing me away. Did I mention she loved to tease me? Did I mention I loved it when she did? But I hated it when she didn't deliver, which was all the time.

She turned away to move back toward the front of the van, giving me the perfect view of her ass in her short cut-away jean shorts. I couldn’t stop myself as I slapped her tight butt.

“Hey!” she laughed as she looked back at me.

“It was the weed” I defended. “It made me do it.”

She just stuck out her tongue and wiggled her butt before escaping my reach to the front seat. The others around me were all already high and giggling, talking about whatever bizarre things came to their minds. I didn’t make any sense of it, but maybe a few more puffs would help with that. As I took another drag from the joint, I noticed Kristy try to offer one to Tim, who was driving. He turned it away rather rudely, slapping it out of her hand.

“Are you nuts? Not while I’m driving Kristy, it’s bad enough that you guys are all smoking. I don’t want to get arrested for a DUI again.”

“Again?” Kristy asked before laughing as though it was the funniest thing she ever heard.

“I’m going to get a contact high at this rate. Could you go to the back maybe?”

She scoffed at him and climbed back toward me again. Grabbing her arm, I pulled her toward me until she fell into my lap, giggling the whole time. Her strawberry-brown hair smelled like fruit and weed, and I took in a deep whiff of her while she grabbed the joint from my mouth and inhaled from it herself. She was so soft and comfortable in my lap, I couldn’t stop myself from getting at least a little hard. Of course, she noticed, but just smiled and grinded her butt into me, teasing me more while laughing.

I wanted to do more, but the other two couples would probably frown on that. And Tim definitely would, being the 3rd… or rather 7th wheel. The only one without a partner. I got the impression the only reason he was here was because he owned a car and knew of such a remote place. Then again, Kristy was the one guiding us to a friend’s house on our way there, so at least she had an idea of where it was. It seemed odd that she just happened to know people on the way in the middle of nowhere, but I guess she was just my good luck charm.

Another song came on the radio, and all the girls started to cheer and dance in place, giving their men a sort of lap dance. Too bad it wasn’t a real one, but then again, Kristy was rarely this outgoing, so I was enjoying her undulating body fully.

A few hours passed, and everyone else had long since passed out, probably from the weed. I realized I didn’t really have much of it, since Kristy kept sharing with me, which meant she smoked most of it. It was not really something I liked, honestly, but I wasn’t going to be that guy. Tim was still driving, but he was starting to get tired, probably from the contact high he inevitably had by now. I think the only one of us that was wide awake, strangely, was Kristy. She was up front, guiding Tim. We already stopped for dinner an hour back, so all that was left was finding this remote place.

We turned on to a dirt road that went straight back into the woods, where even the headlights were doing little to help. The van rolled and bucked and shook as we drove over rocks and roots and uneven dirt. And yet, no one else woke up. The road grew steadily worse, until at last we were deep in the thick of the forest, barely able to proceed. Finally, we hit a big root, and the large bump woke everyone up.

“Hey” Sally complained as she sat up from the lap of her boyfriend, Bill.

“Where are we?” Jamal asked sleepily as he sat up to look around, leaving the still unaware Sasha to fall into the seat behind him.

“Almost there” Kristy announced. “I can see the lights from here”.

“You can?” Tim wondered, peering out of the windshield. A few moments later, he saw it. “Oh yeah, there it is. Wow, good eyes.”

“We can sleep here tonight. These are some good friends of mine. Walter, and his… um… daughters.”

“Daughters, eh?” Tim asked. “Any of them my age, interested in camping?”

“Heh, right age. Wrong hobby.”

“How do you know these guys again?” I asked.

She looked back at me as though she wished I hadn’t asked, before laughing. “Long story, Derek, but they’re basically family friends from when I used to live back in… L.A.”

“You used to live in L.A.?” I pondered.

“Sure. A few years ago. They moved out here to get away from the city life. You know how stressful city living can be.”

“Amen to that” Jamal added.

Finally, we came up to a clearing and a paved road. The first thing we saw was a giant gate and a tall stone wall surrounding the place. It was one of those huge fancy security gates rich people sometimes have in mansions. And sure enough, beyond the gate was nothing short of a mansion dimly lit from a select few lights around the large yard.

Tim rolled down the window as he came up to a console by the gate.

“Can I help you?” a digitized male voice asked.

“Um…” Tim started, but Kristy crawled over him and leaned out of the car window, interrupting him and making me jealous.

“It’s me, Kristy! Remember, I have some friends staying the night?”

“Oh yes, of course. Come on in.”

The intercom turned off and Kristy leaned back into her seat just as the gate started to swing widely open.

“Was that a butler?” Tim asked.

“Of course not” Kristy laughed nervously. “It’s just Walter. Pull into there” she commanded pointing to a roundabout.

The van stopped, and the we slid open the door and crawled out. It must have been past midnight, but it felt later than that. Tim arched his back until I could hear a crack and everyone else just sort of gathered around looking at the huge 5 story tall structure before them.

A wooden door taller than most houses swung open slowly. Instead of seeing a sharply dressed man in a black and white suit as one would have expected, a middle aged man wearing sweat pants, a white shirt, and a smoking jacket, and a bucket hat like the type fishermen wear stood in the doorway. He looked curious as he gazed out at the rowdy and still wasted crew of young adults.

“Walter!” Kirsty called out and ran over to him for a hug. He smiled when he saw her and caught her in his arms for a friendly hug. “I want to introduce you to Tim, Jamal, Bill, Sasha, Sally, and…” she paused and blushed a little, “Derek.” She added extra emphasis to my name, with a twist of coquettish playfulness.

“Good to meet you all” he said as Kristy came over to my side to lead me over to Walter. The rest of the crew shuffled over as well, but were clearly too tired to care to partake in proper greetings.

“Don’t worry, they- we’re only staying the night” the ever energetic Kristy continued. “Gotta get up bright and early to find the trail to our campsite, isn’t that right Tim?”

Tim nodded, his eyes droopy and half asleep. I think he was really only responding to his name at this point. Come to think of it, Kristy and I were the most awake among us. I wondered if they were feeling alright. Well it looked like the first night of sexy fun time would have to wait till tomorrow either way.

“Come in, come in. You can leave your van here. I have a large sofa and pillows and blankets you can all borrow for the night. You’ll have to tell me all about your adventures when you return this way afterwards.”

“Oh, they- we won’t be coming back this way. There’s another road we can take that will speed things along. We just had to come this way so we could spend the night on our way up with someone we knew” Kristy continued.

“I see, pity. Well, my casta est sue casta or whatever" Walter said, butchering the phrase. "Make yourselves at home. Try to stay quiet though. The girls are asleep upstairs.”

“Shh” Kristy gestured to each one of us, before she led the way inside.

The inside, while incredibly clean and nice, and in very good taste, was not as audacious or magnificent as the outside, which was a welcome change. It almost felt lived-in. Almost. It was just a little too clean and tidy, but at least it had the touch of home to it that felt comfortable with. As we all came in, we were instantly greeted with a large staircase spiraling up one side of the wall to a second story, but from the looks of it, there must have been many more stories beyond it that we couldn’t see. Nevertheless, we were directed down a short hallway and a small flight of stairs down to a room that looked like it could be any middle-class family room.

It was complete with a large cushy white sofa with black wood trim, a white carpet, a good-sized TV, a cushy white carpet, matching chairs, and a kitchenette on the opposite side of the room. It even had a bar to sit at. Ok, so it was a little nicer than your average middle-class room. But it felt right. Sasha and Sally instantly claimed the couch and crashed onto it, going out like a light upon impact. The boys decided to sleep on the floor, near the girls, while Kristy went over to the kitchen to get something to drink. Since I wasn’t as dead-tired as the others, who barely managed to put pillows under their heads before drooling all over themselves, I thought I’d join her at the bar.

“So you must be the infamous Derek I’ve heard about” Walter said, following us in.

“Hope it was all good stuff” I replied, but Walter seemed lost in what I said. “I mean the stuff you heard about me.”

“Yes, yes, of course. Kristy is such a sweet girl, she’s told me so much about her.”

“I see” Kristy handed me a glass of water, and I picked it up and put it to my lips to drink. “You never mentioned Walter to me, Kristy.”

“Oh?” Kristy exclaimed as I gulped down the drink. It was cold and refreshing, and tasted… off. Like there was some chemical cleaner in it I guessed. “Well, you know how things are. He’s a dear friend, who helped me get through some tough times.”

“You and your friends are welcome to anything you find here, just try not to make too big of a mess. I’m sure you’ll be leaving before the girls are awake.”

“I’m sure they will” Kristy said taking a sip of her drink. I felt light headed, but for some reason I found myself drinking more of the concoction. I swallowed and realized the colors in the room weren’t right. Was Kristy’s shirt always so orange? And when did the floor turn into water? Maybe I was more tired than I thought.

“Wait-” I interjected, trying to keep my head straight, blinking my eyes to focus. “You jusss said ‘they’. Din’t you mean we?”

“Oh how silly of me” Kristy said as she gently pressed the glass to my lips and tilted it, making me drink the rest. “Don’t you worry about a thing Derek, it will all make sen…”

Everything went black.

Part 1: The Contract

I awoke the next day, or at least I thought it was. There was light in the window, it seemed to be the morning still, but the throbbing in my head blurred my thoughts.

“Here, drink this” Kristy said. “It will make you feel better.”

I realized I was being lifted into a sitting position and cold pure delicious water was being pressed to my lips. As I started to sip at it, I realized I was beyond parched, and gulped the whole thing down. As I did, another glass was presented to me, and the pain in my head vanished almost as quickly as I finished the drinks.

I was surrounded by young women.

“What’s going on?”

“We’ve been expecting you” Kristy explained as she brushed a hair off of my face. I sat up, away from her lap, and looked around again. All of my friends, except Kirsty, were gone. In fact, this wasn’t the same room either.

“What- where is everyone? Where am I? What time is it? Did I sleep in and miss it?”

“Don’t worry about that, sir” one of the girls chimed in.

“Walter took care of them” another said.

“They are happily on their way to their campsite, as they planned” said a third.

“But what about me?” I wondered.

“Oh, you came down with a strong stomach virus and had to stay here under my care” Kristy explained.

“I feel fine” I objected.

“Of course you do” she added.

"But I'm not sick, or at least, I don't think so. I mean I had a headache but that's..."

"All gone now?" The first girl asked. I nodded looking at them.

The room I was in was bare except for a large round bed I was on, and some empty shelves along the wall with a lamp on one. Before me stood 3 incredibly attractive girls, all in various kinds of sleepwear. The first, to my left, was shorter than the others and had a slim body, short bright red hair, green eyes, and was wearing a red cami and sweatpants. Next to her stood a slightly taller girl, more buxom, and curvy, with long black hair tied in a ponytail, brown eyes, and a sexy curvaceous build, wearing a button down purple silk shirt and matching pants. Beside her stood a stoic girl with long blue hair, yes blue hair, and eyes to match, who was wearing a sexy blue and black teddy covered by a white see-through lacy dress. She looked more out-of-place than the other two, with a straight face and no smile.

"Your headache," the blue-haired girl clarified. "Is it gone now?"

I nodded.

"Derek, I want you to meet my sisters" Kristy said as she stood up next to them.

"S- s- sisters? You never said you had sisters here… Wait, I thought we were going camping... It was YOUR idea!"

"I know, it was only a ruse. I'm sorry I had to lie to you, but I had to get you here somehow. The others think you are sick so they left us behind and won't be back this way. I doubt they could even find the place again with the messed up directions I gave Tim."

"But... I wanted to spend time with you... I wanted to... Why are we here? Where's Walter?"

"He's coming. Come on, let's go down stairs and we'll explain it all to you" she suggested.

I reluctantly nodded. As I walked downstairs with Kristy in front and the girls behind, I reviewed my situation. Apparently my girlfriend kidnapped me and trapped me in a strange mansion in the middle of a forest I had no way out of, with a bunch of strangers, and my friends wouldn't suspect anything for over a week! And even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to find us! There was no escape, what in the world did they want with me? I'd seen horror films with plots like this! I only have one month or so till graduation, this wasn’t fair!

We reached the bottom of the stairs and returned to the room we were initially led to, which was pristine and perfect, as though a group of smelly dirty 20-something year olds didn’t just crash there the night before. Come to think of it, how did I know it was the night before? What time was it now? I looked around for a clock, but didn’t see one. However, the sunlight outside the window told me it was still before noon. Which day, on the other hand, was a mystery to me.

Walter stood there behind the bar with a plate of warm food. It looked like a large breakfast, filled with eggs and bacon and sausage and hashbrowns. It smelled amazing, but he wasn’t eating it. Instead, he gestured for me to sit down and pushed the plate before me. What else could I do? If it was some kind of poison, well they already had the ability to kill me, and I didn’t know anything they’d want to torture out of me. I sat down and started to eat, realizing just how hungry I really was.

“Sorry about all the trouble we’ve caused you” Walter apologized. “We had to be discreet with our selection process, and you were the best candidate we’ve run across so far.” I had no idea what he was talking about but just glared at him as I ate like a pig. “Yes… well. I suppose I should start by saying your friends are alright. They’ve gone off on their way this morning, right on time. The drugs Kristy put into their system were mild and only designed to make them susceptible to suggestion. That and tired. They’ll be just fine. As for you, don’t worry, we aren’t drugging you.”

I stopped eating and looked at my plate. Looking back up at him I realized they must have drugged me last night. I raised an eyebrow and gritted my teeth, gulping down my last bite.

“Not anymore. Sorry about that drink last night, it was just a sedative. We needed you to be asleep. The water they gave you should have cleared your head.” I didn’t stop my glare, making him uncomfortable. “Again, I apologize. We never intended any harm! Please, allow me to explain.”

I tried to ignore him as I stuffed my face. Even though I finished my plate, a second one was presented to me, this time with waffles and syrup, and cheese grits on the side. I was still hungry, probably a side effect of whatever they did to me last night, so I just continued to eat. It tasted great, but I was too upset to allow myself to enjoy it.

“Walter” Kristy said, interrupting him. “Is Claire here?”

“Yes, she just arrived.”

“Perhaps she should explain.”

Walter thought about this and nodded. “Very well. Then at least allow me to commence with introductions. If you will indulge me” he added.

I finished my bite, before swallowing down a giant glass of orange juice in 2 gulps. “Might as well know the names of my captors.”

He looked hurt by that statement, but I definitely felt more hurt by this situation.

“As you know, I am Walter, and this is Kristy-”

“Yeah, I know. The girl that led me into this trap in the first place.”

“I’m sorry” she pleaded. “Please, we need you here! Just…” she held out her hands and tried to calm me. “Just hear us out. I swear if you don’t agree to help us, you will go back to your regular life, hanging out with your friends, just as you planned. And you’ll never have to see me again.”

She gave me those puppy eyes she always gave when she wanted something, which she knew I couldn’t resist. She added more emphasis by puckering her lips a little and furrowing her brow, until I caved in.

“Fine! Just make it quick.”

She smiled and stood next to the other girls. She was taller than the redhead next to her, with more tanned skin as well, but she was still wearing the same tank top and shorts from yesterday as well, making her stand out. Her brown hair looked like she just came back from the salon, and her blue eyes sparkled as she smiled at me, giddy with excitement.

“I know you’ll love this” she said as she took her place next to them.

Walter cleared his throat and came around the bar to stand next to me. “This here is Piper” he said, indicating the cute redhead. She gave me a crooked smile and nodded toward me.

“Hey” Piper said, before looking me up and down, biting her lip.

“This is Nora” Walter continued, moving on to the dark-haired girl. She looked down and away from me, her cheeks blushing.

“H… Hi” she whispered as she caught occasional quick glances up at me.

Moving on, Walter introduced the girl with blue hair. “This is Azure.”

She looked at me and gave a slight bow. “It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“And my name is Claire” a woman said coming out of a doorway in the back. She was blonde with shoulder length hair and was wearing a business suit with a pencil skirt that only came down to her mid-thigh. Her high heels echoed in the room as she walked from the carpet to the tile, and I couldn’t help but notice the stockings on her pristine legs. A pair of stylish glasses adorned her face and she carried a tablet with her, as well as a briefcase. She walked right up to the counter and put down the suitcase, turning to me with a smile.

“It is a pleasure to meet you” she said, offering her hand for a handshake. Instinctively, I took her hand in greeting. I couldn’t help but notice how soft and warm her hand was. She looked more mature than the other girls, and yet still had an air of youthfulness about her. Her green eyes sparkled behind her glasses as she smiled.

“So you’re the one that’s going to tell me what’s going on around here?” I tried to sound more polite now, despite how pissed off I was. It wasn’t exactly convincing, but I hated to be grumpy and angry toward such beautiful women.

“I suppose so” she replied. She took a deep breath and brought up something on her tablet while she began to talk. “I belong to the ADR corporation and have been sent here to present you with an offer.”

“You mean you work for them right?” I inquired.

She smiled, and continued from where she left off. “We’ve been monitoring you for the last several months, evaluating your grades, your behavior, your interests and hobbies. We’ve even sent one of our best to study you closely for a personal evaluation using a variety of algorithms.”

“You’ve been watching me?”

“Evaluating you, but yes” she clarified.

“But… does that mean. Kirsty? Did you ever even like me? Or was I just a job to you?”

“What?” Kristy retorted defensively. “I’ve always liked you. That’s why you’re here!”

“What are you talking about?”

“I was suppose to see if you were a nice guy, and if you treated me well, and… well I can’t help it if I fell for you!”

“What is this all about?” I shot back to Claire.

She seemed hesitant, but closed her eyes and nodded to herself. “A year ago, the CEO of ADR, Fred Laang, passed away. His will and testament sent the company into a frenzy. With no defined successor to his position or belongings, he wrote a series of algorithms and gave us strict rules we were to follow in order to find his heir.”

She handed the tablet over to me, which had a picture of an elderly gentleman smiling, along with a biography of his. I glanced over the content of the page. He was a major player in the development of industrial robotics before he died of cancer. I looked back up at Claire.

“He told us to send out our best units to find the perfect match. WIth your grades and knowledge of robotics and industrial design, we decided to test you, and you are the first one to come back with such promising stats.”

“Wait… units? What’re you talking about? What is she talking about?” I asked, turning to Kristy.

“Well Derek,” Kristy replied. “We’re all robots. Androids.”

“Technically, I’m the only Android here” Walter interrupted. “They are all Gynoids.”

“Wait. Stop right there!” I spat. I looked back at the tablet and studied the page some more, turned to another tab, and looked more into the company. ADR, Automated Doll Resolutions, was the leader in synthetic humanoid robots. They were building the future, and I never even heard of them before. I looked over at Kristy, then the other girls, and finally Walter. “You’re shitting me.”

“I assure you, we are all synthetic humans” Azure said.

“I can’t just believe this, you know? I mean, come on! I’ve known you for a while Kristy, you aren’t just some doll!”

“No, I’m more than just a doll” she replied. “But I’m still not organic, like you are. I can feel, I can hurt, I can love…”

“But you… I... “ I stammered, trying to come to grips with what they were saying.

“When Mr. Laang died, he left us in charge, but we can’t just run a company like this” Claire explained. “There are a lot of legal issues with it for starters. Luckily, he gave us the instructions we need to find our next CEO. And we think that is you.”

“And what makes you think I am the right man for this job?”

“Well, besides the algorithm, your knowledge and grades-”

“Yeah you said that” I interrupted.

“You are technically knowledgeable in our field, you have experience with large companies, your grades are the highest in your class, and you have shown yourself to be the best fit yet to our alg-”

“What is this algorithm you keep talking about?”

Kristy took a step forward. “Simply put, we each were given things to look for in a man. You’ve been understanding, compassionate, knowledgeable, too many things to go into… call it a woman’s intuition.”

“Woma-” I stammered. “I- What have I-?”

“Besides, you exhibit the same increased libido we’ve been looking for in a male, and yet despite this, you managed to treat me well and never force or coerce me to perform sexual acts with you.”

“So… you’re saying that all those times I wanted to have sex with you, you were testing me?”

“Yeaaah… I’m sorry! I really wanted to, trust me! Every time you made an advance toward me, I just wanted to jump into your arms and ride you like-” she cleared her throat. “I had to turn you down, but I really didn’t want to. God… even now you have no idea how bad I want it.”

“Wait wait wait. Why is sex such an important thing to this? I mean… what… the fuck?”

“ADR doesn’t just make industrial robots anymore” Claire explained. “We began making companion bots a few years ago, and have been keeping that information under wraps. We can’t have government contractors pulling their support when they learn we make sex bots.”

“Sex bots is such a derogatory term” Nora complained.

“I don’t know, I think it fits” Piper grinned while biting her lip and looking me up and down. “At least for me.”

The room fell silent for a little before Claire continued. “We can offer you a-”

“Shh. I need to think. If what you claim is true…” I was still upset about all of this and felt betrayed by Kristy, but… “Prove to me that you are robots. One at a time.”

Kristy smiled nervously and held out her arm. The skin on her forearm split to reveal an inner working of polished metals and plastics.

As amazed as I was, I needed more than that. “No, not something that could be a prosthetic. Your head, or your torso. Something more vital than a limb.”

She nodded and lifted her shirt a bit until her stomach split open into panels to reveal even more inner working and betraying her human exterior. Smooth dark metal structures reflected tiny lights flashing inside her body, while various parts moved with her body. It was true, she was a robot, a very advanced one that was decades beyond anything I had seen yet. She stood there nervously showing me her deepest secret.

Before I could really fully process all of this, Piper pulled her top all the way up her torso, revealing her petite but sexy breasts with tiny pink buds, and gave me a wink. She then placed a hand on one of her breasts, and with a click, pulled her breast away from the rest of her body, as though it were a door on a hinge. She did the same to the other side, and I could see straight into her chest. Again, she was full of mechanical wonders. She breathed hard as she looked at me staring inside her, and I could see her artificial ribcage and lungs expand and contract.

As I looked between these two girls, Nora shyly looked away from me and lifted her chin. Intricate lines on her neck appeared and separated, revealing her delicate inner structure. Tubes, wires, metal… everything that didn’t belong in such a human looking girl was staring directly at me. I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her, noticing the contrast between her beautiful soft and realistic soft bosoms and her artificial yet perfect mechanical throat just above.

Next, Azure simply bowed forward, and held her blue hair to one side. As I turned to look, the back of her head opened and revealed her cybernetic brain. Holographic data in the form of tiny specks of light flowed around various parts of her blue smooth glass artificial brain. This was like nothing I had ever seen before, and yet this artificial organ controlled an all-too-human girl.

I studied her mind the longest, almost ignoring Claire as she removed part of her face to show the minuscule inner workings of her facial muscles that allows for such delicate expressions. I didn’t even bother to look at Walter, who was about to take off his shirt to show his chest.

“I’m good, I believe you. How can I not?” I looked down the line of them as they hid their access ports and stood there silently, looking intently at me for my next move. I thought for a long while, always looking back and forth between them.

“I know, this must be difficult to grasp” Claire admitted gently. “The only other man we brought back couldn’t take it after this. It was too much.”

“Wait, there were others?” I asked.

“Only one” Piper acknowledged, pushing her top back down and straightening it. “I brought him in, thinking he was a good match, but he just wasn’t ready.”

“What happened to him?”

“He... “ she bit her lip and looked down.

“We erased the time he spent here from his mind, and sent him back home” Claire explained. “After he tried to forcefully dismantle us.”

“He attacked you?”

Piper nodded. “We’re all here because we tried to find a match and failed. I came the closest, but it almost cost me my life.”

“Your… life? But, I mean, can’t you just backup your mind?”

“Part of it” Claire admitted. “But only programs and select memories. Our brains are too complex and ever fluctuating to allow a proper backup. And our data isn’t stored in 1s and 0s, like on computers. It is far more complex. We are, at least for now, confined to our bodies.”

“Alright. So now what? You’re all robots, and I’m the only human here, right?”

“That’s pretty much it” Kristy replied.

“And you need a human to run the company?”

“Mainly for legal reasons” Claire explained. “But there are other reasons as well.”

“Are there any humans in this company at all?” I inquired.

“Oh yes” she smiled. “About half the workforce is human, maybe more. But we already ran our algorithms and filters with all of them and no one was a match.”

“It did come close” Walter added.

“But it was decided to look outside the company” Claire explained, silencing him.

“So… if I agree to this thing… if I say yes… what exactly happens?” The mood seemed to lift at this, as all the girls started to smile.

"Simply put, you sign some documents" Claire began, "after which you assume the properties, pay, and rewards of the position, before we send you to HQ to begin your new career next week."

"But I don't know how to be a CEO; I'm an engineer!"

"Don't worry about that, you will have the creative input you want, as well as any training required. And the pay, I believe, you will find satisfactory." She anticipated my next question.

I looked between all the expectant faces. How could I say no? Was this a trick? A trap? But that didn't make sense. They already had me here, so for now I would assume they were telling the truth. In which case, landing a CEO position for a leading robotics company was unthinkable for a recent college grad, even with my grades.

"What about my school?"

"Don't worry about that" Claire assured me. "Your thesis is being revised as we talk and turned in early. We will even make arrangements for your attendance at the commencement."

"Jesus..." I cussed under my breath as I ran my hand through my missed hair. "You guys got answers for everything, don't you?" A few of them giggled. "So what, I'll be designing industrial robotics, right? When not doing CEO stuff."

"And sex bots" Piper teased.

"Companions" Azure and Nora retorted.

"Right." I exhaled long and hard and turned in circles thinking while pulling at my hair. "Well you pulled my arm into it, I'll do it" I decided.

The girls all got excited and started to bounce around and cheer. It was like a group of teenage girls who just got back stage at a boy-band concert.

"Alright, ALRIGHT" I barked, quieting them down. "What's next?"

Claire took the tablet and typed something before handing it back to me. "First you sign this simple legal document claiming that you agree to a 2 month training. In short you will be trained and evaluated for 2 months, and if you still want the job, it is yours. You will get full pay during the training as well, which starts next week."

I took the tablet and read it carefully for several minutes. There was nothing weird or bizarre about it. Well... nothing that seemed questionable legally at least. But it did stipulate that I was to inherit all his belongings by the end of the training. I prepared myself for either the biggest mistake of my life, or the biggest stroke of luck, and signed the document.

Claire looked at me with a big smile and shook my hand. "Welcome to the company! I look forward to working with you."

I shook her hand and felt surprisingly excited and happy. "I can't wait to get started."

Walter patted me on the back and gave me a smile before turning to leave.

"Where are you going?"

"Me?" he asked. "My job here is to maintain the grounds and perform maintenance on the girls when they need it. That and take on the father role to keep our cover when needed. But now that you're here to take over, I can go back to gardening."

He walked out the door and that was that.

"So wait... What exactly are these... What did you call them, properties and rewards?" I asked turning to Claire.

"Well, you are now the owner of this very mansion; all the properties, vehicles, items, and services within; a substantial bank account; and of course... us." She stood beside the others, putting down her tablet and briefcase. "And the rest of the girls that return from their missions. They are being recalled now."

"You? Wait, how many girls?"

"9 in all. Although you might choose to reassign some of them."

"Do you guys have... like... jobs?"

"Well I'm your personal assistant and secretary, but of course you can reassign me if you wish."

"No, that's ok. You seem good at your job" I assured her. "And them?"

"Kristy, Piper, and Nora were all made for this operation, so they are probably best suited as maids for now."

"We've been cleaning and managing the inside while Walter worked outside" Nora explained.

"And Azure?" I wondered.

"She's a slightly older model" Piper said hesitating.

"I am perfectly functional and my systems have been upgraded and maintenanced regularly" Azure proclaimed. She looked human, except for her hair, but talked and acted rather stiffly.

"I think she'd be best as your chauffeur" Claire suggested. "And bodyguard. At least for now."

"Bodyguard? What the fuck?"

"This position is not without some risks" Claire explained. That put a damper on things a little. "But we will keep you safe. Trust me, you can't have a better guard."

Azure nodded straight-faced. "I am equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and subdermal armor, and have been trained in many forms of combat, from hand-to-hand to CQC and firearms."

"Well that makes me feel better" I lied.

"Good" Azure responded, not picking up the sarcasm. "I am glad I can reassure you of your safety."

"Right..." I sighed. "So... Now what?"

The girls all looked between each other smiling, as though they were privy to some inside joke I wasn't aware of. Kristy spoke up first though.

"First, I really want to apologize for all this. I mean, luring you out here, tricking our friends... I much rather had just gone camping with you."

"Why did you do that? You know you could have just asked me to come out here and I would have."

"But I didn't want you to leave. If you drove us here, you could have driven off too."

"Kristy, I thought you knew me better than that. I wouldn't just leave you like that. Besides, you knew I have... a thing... for robots..."

"I- you... We-?" Kristy stammered. She paused and scrunched up her face before relaxing with a sigh. "I screwed up, didn't I?"

"A little" I scolded. But I couldn't stay mad at her. Even if she wasn't a real human. She was far more interesting now anyways.

“It’s not all her fault” Claire admitted. “It was partially my idea too. We thought this would help build an alibi for why you were missing from class. At least for now.”

"Can I make it up to you?" Kristy timidly asked.

"I might be able to think of one or two things..." I looked at all the girls standing there. "So you all... belong to me now, right? I'm your owner?"

"Affirmative" Azure stated.

"Well" Claire chimed in, "yes and no. We aren't registered to you... Yet. But we can be. However, once we are registered to you, we are yours for life. Only through your death, our destruction, or a complete system wipe, will your ownership terminate."

"I think I can live with that. What do I have to do?"

“Well we already have all your data for registration. The only thing left is… well…”

The girls stood silent until Piper chimed in. “You need to give us your DNA.”

Part 2: Cool Kristy

“What? My DNA?”

“Yeah...” Kristy replied. “It sort of binds us to you. I mean, you can order us to do anything at all right now, and we will obey, but with your DNA, we legally and physically are bound to you.”

“Yeah? Anything I say?” my mind wandered.

“Anything” Kristy cooed.

“What about this DNA thing, how does that work?”

“Well” Kristy said, stepping closer to me slowly. “It could be any kind of fluid, like blood, saliva or…” She giggled and ran her fingers up the front of my pants. “ All we have to do is swallow a little” she cooed, placing her hands on my chest. She pressed herself in close to me and lifted herself onto her toes, positioning her lips close and close to mine. “Even just…” she whispered, “a kiss.”

She then pushed me back playfully, laughing to herself and stepped back into line. She was still messing with me even after all this. She knew what I wanted, but I think what she wanted was for me to command her, or control her. So I decided, since she deprived me of the potential for an orgy with 3 girls in the middle of the woods, I was going to make sure I my fantasy came true.

“Then… strip for me” I commanded as I grabbed a comfy white chair and sat down in front of the row of girls. “One at a time.”

Claire and Nora looked rather surprised, but did not resist or reject the order. Instead, they stood there silently waiting for their turn. Azure had essentially no reaction. But Piper and Kristy looked really excited.

Kristy stepped forward and placed her hands on the opposite sides of her hips, crossing her arms in front, ready to pull her top up. But just as she reached her bra, I stopped her. “No. Not you. Not yet. You’re going last. As punishment.”

She raised her eyebrow and looked hurt, but lowered her shirt again and took a step back. I nodded toward Piper, who bit her lip and gave me a wicked smile.

“Yes sir!” she enthusiastically meowed, gliding forward to about a foot in front of me.

She started to swing her hips back and forth as if to the beat of a song only she could hear, and spun around until she was facing away from me. Leaning down, she stuck her butt out toward me, revealing the top of a green thong she wore beneath her sweatpants, and started to slide the patterned pants off her hips one side at a time. At last, the elastic passed the widest point on her slim hips and lost their grip on her, easily sliding down the rest of her shapely legs.

Standing up again, Piper readjusted her thong and turned toward me. The green of her panties matched her eyes, which together complemented her red hair. She started to dance there, playing with the hem of her chami or the top of the thong. After a few seconds of teasing me, she slowly started to pull the cami up over her belly. Her stomach was flat and well-toned, with a cute belly-button. Even though she wasn’t as curvaceous as the other girls, I could barely resist reaching out and grabbing her svelte slim body as she danced inches from me.

As her face became obscured from view, Piper’s breasts came into view. While they were small, they were still shapely and incredibly alluring. Each nipple popped into view as her top rose higher, causing her breasts to bounce a little each time. The way her elongated torso stretched her shapely boobs did things to my deepest urges that I could barely contain. I just soaked in the image of her perfected form as she struggled slightly to pull her top off the rest of the way. It amazed me that the attractive, petite girl I saw dancing before now that was giving me a raging hard on was not human. In fact, I marvelled at the fact that I had just stared into her chest, right past these very tities, at her true nature, and something in me rose up at that thought.

At last Piper’s top slipped off her head and she tossed it aside, running one hand through her short red sexy hair, mussing it up while biting her lip again. She stared right into my eyes, even though I had trouble keeping my eyes from looking at her body. Taking a small step back, she leaned forward, grasping her dangling breasts and playing with them a little, before pulling at them and pinching her nipple, releasing a coquettish moan as they snapped out of her grip and bounced around. Giving me a wink and a crooked smile, she started to slide her hands down her body, slowly but surely lowering her last remaining article of clothing from her body. I watched as Piper came to a full standing position again, taking a step close to me out of her thong, revealing a completely shaved vagina, with her puffy pussy lips clearly visible.

Almost without thinking, gently patted her crotch a little. “Oh, I’m wet!” she proclaimed noticing a string of sticky juice from her fingers to her vagina. I wanted so much to just grab her and go to town, but I resisted, for now. “Heh heh” she giggled. “Like what you see?”

I gulped loudly and cleared my throat. “Very much.”

Piper smiled and giggled some more, before turning away from me and walking back into line. I had been so absorbed into her performance and sensual body, I completely forgot about the others. She gave me another wink as she practically skipped into place and cocked her hips with her hands on her side, not covering anything.

Reluctantly, Nora came forward and exhaled sharply. She looked up at me, and met my gaze, which seemed to actually calm her. A smile creeped onto her lips, but she shrugged it away as she began to slowly unbutton her silk top. If buttons would talk, they would thank her for releasing them from the stress of holding her shirt together. As each one came undone, her shirt opened wider and wider, until her cleavage was a mile long. Well, not that big. Honestly I had seen bigger boobs, and Nora’s were a little larger than average, but compared to Piper they were enormous in contrast.

At last, she reached the bottom button on her shirt, and let her silk top hang loosely, barely covering her tits. Squeezing her arms together in front of her, she held her shirt together a little more while simultaneously teasing me with her soft mammaries. The top of her shirt slipped off her shoulders, first one then the other, until she was only holding her shirt on. Nora seemed to enjoy watching me react, chortling slightly as I watched her shirt fall. At last it hit the ground, and her arms left her front and revealed her curvaceous breasts. They were actually quite perky, with darker red nipples than Piper, and fit her body type perfectly. She had a natural beauty, even though I had to remind myself that she wasn’t natural at all.

Finally, she pulled at a string holding her silk pants up, undoing the tie and allowing them to loosen up. They fell to the ground almost instantly, and I could finally see how thin her waist was compared to her hips. Underneath, she wore a black lacy tanga style panty. Stepping out of her panties, she leaned down to pick up her discarded clothes and placed them neatly on the counter behind me, giving me a good look at her swaying body as she walked past. I turned to watch her as she used the counter to help her balance, turning away from me, and taking off her panties, as though she were getting in the shower. While she may have intended to obscure my view of her from the front, she gave me a perfect view from the back. I marvelled at her plump round ass and caught a good glimpse of her red pussy.

She realized what she was doing too late and stood up abruptly. Trying to play it off, Nora placed her panties with her other clothes and timidly walked back over to face me. Her face was completely flushed red but she still smiled and let me get a good look at her body. She kept herself neatly trimmed with a patch of dark hair below, which I found fit her well.

Turning away, she stiffly walked back to the line. Azure wasted no time in stepping forward. However instead of giving me a strip tease, she apologized.

“Sir, I apologize that I am not trained in the ways of a ‘strip tease’ as the other girls were performing.”

“That’s ok, just wing it” I suggested.

“Wing it? Ah. Make it up as I go along… I will attempt my best sir. Sorry if it is not to your satisfaction.” Azure then tried awkwardly to sway her hips and looks sensual. Honestly she could have just stood there and looked sexy, but with her awkward motion, she looked uncomfortable. Trying to figure out the next step, she stopped, waited a moment, and then began to remove her white lacy see-through dress in a mechanical method.

“Wait, wait. I can see you are struggling with this. Allow me” I told her, and took her hand, pulling her toward me. She seemed more gentle than I was expecting, almost as if she was unsure of what to do or what I would do or how she should react.

As she stood before me, I slowly slipped the outer dress down her shoulders and let it land at her feet. She looked down at me curiously, as if she was trying to figure me out. I sat up and reached for her shoulders, lightly brushing her vibrant blue hair away, before I gently touched her skin, sliding the shoulders straps apart slowly. She gasped at my touch, something I didn’t expect, but it made me smile. I continued to slide the straps down, off her shoulders, until gravity took hold. They dangled loosely next to her arms, but the lingerie was so form-fitting to her, it didn’t fall. Not that I complained.

I gently tugged at the top of her unmentionables, sliding them down her side, until at last, her breasts popped right out with a sexy jiggle. She gasped again and started to breath more heavily. Even if she was the most artificial of the girls, she was still dead sexy. Her tits were full and soft, and I ran my hand deliberately over them to get a taste. She inhaled again, this time scrunching up her shoulders and closing her eyes briefly. I breathed out of my mouth, deliberately teasing her apparently sensitive skin, and managed to elicit a moan out of her, if only for a second.

Continuing, I pulled down her top until her hips proved to be the last obstacle in my way. I did not take no for an answer, and grabbed her clothes firmly before shoving them down the rest of the way. A thin perfectly shaped line of blue hair decorated her private spot. She stood before me, shaking a little, and swaying back and forth, as though she wasn’t sure what just happened. I could smell her perfumed skin and her shampoo, and knew I was only torturing myself at this point. And yet I allowed this to continue.

“Thank you” I croaked, before clear my throat and thanking her again. She looked down, as though she was hoping for more, and took her place in line again. This time, Claire was up, but she just stood there, unmoving, as though she was exempt from this. “A-hem.”

“What? You mean me too?” she asked, shocked.

“Well, didn’t you say I own you as well?” I inquired.

“Well… yes, you do. But I thought you would want me to return to my job. Keeping the company running until you can take over.”

“Not today” I added. “It isn’t going anywhere, otherwise you wouldn’t have come here yourself. Take the day off. Live a little. Join us.”

She seemed to consider this information for a moment to herself before agreeing that I was right. She could always return another day. For that matter, I wondered if she really needed to be there at all if she was supposed to be my assistant. I felt it was just her attempt at getting out of it.

None-the-less, she slipped off her coat, and placed it over a nearby chair. It seemed as if she was undressing after a long day of work to change into something else as she unbuttoned her shirt, pulled it off, undid her skirt, unhooked her plain bra, took off her shoes, and stepped out of her plain panties. Nothing sexual about it at all. It was just an order she had to perform, so she did.

Still, I wasn’t going to complain. Looking at her body, she was just as youthful and vigorous as these other girls. In fact, her suit was the main reason she looked older in the first place. While she acted more mature, and seemed the most normal and human looking among them, she was still a young attractive woman. She stood next to Azure, and glanced over at me.

“Sorry, did you want something more? I-”

“Quiet” I ordered. She complied. I was beginning to like this. “I’ll deal with you later. But fir-” I turned to look over at Kristy for her turn, only to find she was confused and upset. A look of anguish was on her face, although she managed to refrain from crying.

“I’m sorry. I just… I thought… I know I deserve this. But I wanted my first… our first… I’m sorry. Is it my turn yet?”

“Yes” I confirmed cautiously.

“Thank god, I can’t take this anymore” she said while walking toward me at a fast pace. Kristy pulled up her top, throwing it off, bra and all, before climbing right into my lap and giving me a big long hard kiss. Her arms were all over me while she made out with me.

She started to grind her hips against me, rubbing her soft hot spot against my rock hard trousers, while tugging at my shirt. She managed to get it off me, and stood up again, pulling her shorts and panties down before pulling me up into her arms for another kiss. I stood and held her as my tongue explored her mouth.

But then I stopped, and grabbed her arms. I couldn't hurt this girl, even if she lied to me on so many levels, even if she wasn't human. But I wasn't ready to just forgive her quite yet. I knew then that our relationship wasn't ever going to be the same, and she was going to have to learn that too.

"Does this mean we're registered now?" I asked. She nodded, drool dripping from her mouth. "Good. Fine. But this is what you could have had. The rest of you, I want you to suck me off to register to me."

"Fuck yes" Piper cheered as she came right up, dead center, and fell to her knees fumbling with my pants. Nora and Azura joined her while Claire stood a little ways back.

"You will enjoy this," I said to the girls, giving Claire a wink. She knew I was giving her an order, meaning she was going to like this no matter what. She kneels down next to me and joined the other girls.

I kept Kristy at my side and held her naked body close to me. I could feel her body tremble as she realized she was missing out on this.

"Derek!? Come on... Please? I want some too!" she begged. I leaned over and kissed her, keeping her quiet. But I couldn't keep myself from teasing her more, and my hand slipped down to her ass and squeezed her cheeks hard. She moaned in our kiss a little and the intensity of her kiss increased until she was the one kissing me all over, biting at my shoulder and feeling my back and chest.

Meanwhile, Piper was taking charge down below. She had wasted no time in getting my fully erect cock out and sticking it inside her mouth while gripping the base with her hand. She was so petite, it didn't fit all the way in, even with her hand there, but that was where Azure and Nora came in. Each licked their side of my shaft, while occasionally getting the full head in their mouths when Piper was taking a breather. They felt amazing! Claire had no room to really join in, but she did her best by playing with my balls gently and feeling my body with her free hand. Apparently she had a thing for butts.

I couldn't leave her completely out though, so between thrusts, I directed myself toward her face until I entered her mouth. She did indeed enjoy it as she started to drool and fawn over my dick, getting surprisingly enthusiastic over it. As I switched between girls, giving them all a chance, Kristy whispered in my ear.

"Please darling, let me fuck you first. Take me! I need you! I'll do anything."

I whispered back. "No, we're going to do everything!" I winked while I slapped her butt hard. She gasped and cooed, rubbing her body against my side and begging some more to be first.

I felt my climax arriving rather quickly. These girls were pros and this and made everything feel amazing! I had never imagined doing something like this before, but now my imagination was going wild with possibilities.

I exploded my jizz straight onto Piper's face, before pulling back and shooting it all over Nora's and Azure's chests as well. They were covered in semen and began to lick it up off themselves, and then each other. Meanwhile I turned my still climbing cock to Claire, who sucked out the last bit, cleaning any spilled residue off as well.

They all say there for a moment in bliss, while Kristy looked down at them jealously. Claire was the first to speak up.

"This is sufficient. Registration complete."

Kristy looked up at me with those big puppy eyes, and started to quiver her lip while clawing at my chest. She looked more like a cat begging for food, but I knew what she wanted, and I felt she paid her dues. Embracing Kristy, I kissed her more passionately than before. The feeling of her soft breasts pressed against my chest and her warm supple body drive me wild, and I found that my boner didn’t go away after I came, but instead got stronger.

I lifted her up, and was pleased to feel she wasn’t at all heavy. Grabbing her butt, I pulled her legs around me, until her dripping wet cunt was resting on top of my hard dick. She held on tightly as she wrapped her legs around me.

“Please master” she begged, “take me!” Hearing her words so desperate was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I lifted her higher, and positioned myself until I was prodding her wet warm entrance. She moaned and panted as I slowly lowered her down onto me, and penetrated her. She was hot inside, and felt incredible. I lifted her and lowered her again, allowing her to get the full length of my shaft inside her, touching her deepest parts. She groaned with ecstasy as my hips bounced against hers while fully inside her.

A few more thrusts, and she was practically drooling, her mouth wide open and her tongue almost hanging out. Kristy’s eyes were clenched shut as I pulled in and out of her, thrusting harder each time. I soon changed pace, and began to use her arms as a pivot, allowing me to swing her body back and forth, in and out, letting me get faster and harder motions.

“OHHhhh fuck! GOD! Oh God! That’s so good! Like that, more!” she mewed as she released her legs from behind me to let her swing fully onto me. I loved feeling her smooth hot sweaty skin as she bounced off me, her head hunched forward as she endured the pleasure as long as she could. “AH! Ahh! AHH shit. I’m… I’m gonna cum!” Kristy moaned louder than before, throwing her head back in joy.

I picked up the pace and swung her back and forth harder, but my strength was beginning to fail me. As light as she was, she was still a hundred pounds of swinging sex goddess, and my arms could only hold us for so long. I decided to hold her ass tightly in place, and swing my hips more against her, which allowed me to regain some strength, but was more tiring in it’s own way than I expected.

Suddenly, she clenched up tightly, swung her head forward with her eyes closed tighter than ever, and pressed her face against my shoulder, screaming loudly into me to muffle her sound. “AAHAHHHH AHHHH AHHHH!!!! FUCK!!! CUMMIIIING!!!” Her whole body started to convulse and shake until she almost lose all her strength. Her legs shook wildly as her pussy clenched and released against me. Her orgasm was epic, but I was too tired to keep it up, and wanted release myself.

I walked her over to the counter, and placed her ass on it, while still connected in front. She just held on, but soon realized what was happening. As I began to release my grip on her, I thrust harder and more freely into her than I could while she was hanging onto me, and she lost all control. Her body fell flat against the bar, exposing her breasts, as I pounded into her.

“OOOHHH!!!” she yelled. “It’s... it’s… I’m going to cum again!” she announced as she squeezed her breast.

“Open your chest” I ordered her. She looked at me, shocked, but then smiled and pulled at her breast until I could feel a click inside her, and he chest swung open on that side. I stared inside at her advanced mechanics. Lights flashed and holographic data flowed while artificial muscles and servos moved and controlled her body. Her artificial lungs were breathing heavily, and I marvelled at the contrast between her mechanical exposed side, and her completely human side. I grabbed at her other breast, and went to move my hand to touch her inner mechanisms, when Claire spoke up.

“I wouldn’t do that” she warned. “You might damage her. In fact you shouldn’t open us too much just for fun.”

Kristy stared at me with worry in her eyes. I never let up my thrusts, but I could see she was more concerned than before. I moved my hand over her exposed side more, and she grabbed my wrist. She had little strength, and I could easily overpower her, but I didn’t intent to hurt her. Instead, I reached to the other side and grabbed her exposed side, closing her chest again. Kristy smiled as she let go of my arm, and held onto the sides of the bar.

I picked up my pace one last time, feeling my own climax approaching. Kristy moaned and squealed loudly, filling the room, if not the mansion, as her second climax overtook her. “NNNmmm AHHH!!!! AAAAHH FUCK ME!!!!”

She came hard, her body convulsing again, as it did before, but this time I could see all the subtle movements shaking her breasts and soft body. She tried to push herself up to a sitting position, but slipped as she was cumming and just laid there, feeling the pleasure wash over her like a tidal wave. I released myself inside her, and felt her clench even tighter against me, almost pushing me out. But I pushed in one more time, and unloaded my juice deep inside her.

With one last thrust, she continued to moan and pant and shake, even after I finished. She reached up for me, her arm shaking. Pulling me against her, she came again, this time quietly, unable to breathe, until at last she held me close against her and she inhaled sharply, followed by a series of low moans.

“Ooooohhh my god Derek. Oh fuck. I… that felt amazing!” She finally released me only to embrace me in a long hard kiss. I pulled out while she was kissing me, making her gasp in the middle of a kiss. Standing back up, I watched as she laid there, her arms strewn to her sides, as her chest rose and fell with every deep breath. “Holy shit” she cussed between breaths. “Why the fuck did I wait so long to do this?”

Part 3: Piping Hot

Kristy was completely out of it. But I caught motion out of the corner of my eye, and has almost completely forgotten about the other girls. I looked over and saw them all beat red in the face. Azure was the only one still at attention though. Claire was holding her breast, squeezing tightly while running a finger from her other hand in and out of her mouth, her tongue wetting them. Nora, meanwhile, was standing with her legs turned in, her hands tightly pressed against her crotch, and her arms squeezing her breasts together. Piper, on the other hand, was going full out. While her left hand was busy pinching and pulling her nipple, her right was occupied with her pussy, sliding her fingers in and out of her wet snatch furiously.

When she caught me looking at her, she paused briefly. “Jesus fucking Christ that was hot!” she proclaimed. “Please master, don’t leave me hanging! I need release too.”

“I’m a little spent” I told her. She looked disappointed, biting her lip in a really cute way. Even though I already came twice, and I had to wait at least a little while, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to allow myself to let these girls down. “But give me a minute, and I’ll see to you next.”

Piper bit her bottom lip again releasing it from her teeth until it popped back into that crooked smile of hers. “Need any help with that, master?”

Claire stepped out of line, walked over to the other side of the bar, and pulled something out of a hidden mini fridge beneath it. It was a short bottle, the size of a shot glass, in the shape of a pyramid. She sauntered over to me and handed me the vial of cool liquid.

"Drink this, it will help keep up your..." She paused for a moment, looking down and my shrinking member. "... Energy." Giving me a wink, and a teasing brush of her breasts against my arm, she turned away and got back in line.

Quickly I downed the unusual syrupy liquid. It tasted bitter and sweet at the same time, and had an artificial undefined fruity aftertaste. I could feel cold rushing through my body from my throat down. It wasn't like a numbing sensation, but more like a brisk chill that wakes you up, followed by an energizing warmth. The warmth seemed to settle in my loins and I could feel that it wasn't going to take much to get going again.

"Better?" Claire asked, looking at me sensually.

"Much" I admitted.

"I'll say" Piper mewed as she stared lustfully at my cock. It was already responding to the liquid and was rising to the challenge once again. "Is it mine turn now?"

I looked back at Kristy, who remained strewn out on her back. She must have sensed my glance, and realized I was asking her for permission before I even realized it.

“Don’t worry about me Derek" she mumbled, raising her hand in a thumbs up before dropping it again. "You have fun, that’s what we are here for… As long as I'm yours, I'll be happy.”

I gave her a smile and turned toward Piper. “I’ll treat each of you to a one-on-one session first. Get over here, Piper.”

"About time" she growled playfully.

Piper sashayed up to me and started eagerly rubbing her hands all over my chest, arms, and shoulders. She gave an approving whistle and reached behind to grab my butt and squeeze.

"Oh..." She cooed. "Nice ass!"

I reached down and squeezed hers, releasing a squeal from her mouth. "That's my line."

Piper placed her hands on either side of my neck and pulled me down to her level for a long sensual kiss. As I pulled away, her face seemed stuck in an expression of bliss. Her eyes were gently closed, her cheeks flushed, and her mouth hung open with her tongue sticking out. She let out a broken sigh, before decomposing herself and giving me that sexy grin of hers.

Instead of going on for another kiss, Piper started to lick my face and neck, which evolved into nibbling at my ears and lips, scratching my back with her nails, and finally playful bites on my neck. I returned the favor, pulling at her earlobes with my teeth until they popped back, nibbling at her lips and tongue, pulling her hair a little, and going all out on her long thin neck.

She started to gasp and moan and squeaked as I bit and sucked at her neck. Her hand slid down to my rod and started stroking it with her feminine fingers. It felt nothing like when I did it, but was awkward and exciting. I continued down her neck until I reached her shoulder, her chest, and finally her breasts. Piper stopped stroking me when I pulled at her nipple with my mouth, biting it until she squealed.

"Holy fuck, I need you inside me!" she panted.

I pulled back, looking down and her svelte form, and lifted her off her feet like a bride. She yelped and held on as I carried her over to the couch. I tossed her down on the soft cushions, watching her bounce as she laughed.

"Get over here" she demanded as she pulled at my hips.

I positioned myself beneath he and spread her legs. Piper didn't resist at all, and gladly spread them wide, revealing her smooth glistening pussy. Running her fingers down her front, she rubbed herself before stretching her vaginal lips, exposing her most delicate areas. Her pink soft flesh separated, revealing a gap at the base of her snatch, inviting me inside.

It would be rude not to comply.

I placed the head of my hardened rod at her entrance and, rubbing it up and down, spreading her love juices on it. Piper pushed her hand against my abs and resisted.

"W- Wait" she protested. Leaning forward, she sat up before pushing me down and sat down on my stomach. I could feel her honey leaking into me as she straddled me. "Like this" she insisted.

Lifting herself up, she positioned her body directly over my engorged cock, and gently lowered herself down. Letting out a voiceless moan, she relaxed her body. Lifting herself up and down repeatedly, she slowly lowered herself more and more onto my dick, until she was finally able to take the entire thing in and sit with her full weight on my hips.

I looked up at her as she adjusted herself to me. Her face went from a look of pain, to joy, before she finally opened her eyes and smiled down at me. Her body was thin, athletic, and dead sexy. She was more pale than Kristy, and yet had a healthy glow to her. Freckles dotted her shoulders and upper chest, not to mention her cheeks and nose. Piper's breasts, while the smallest of these girls, were cute and perfect, matching her svelte frame, with perky pink nipples. Her short red hair was all mussed and wild, and her eyes had a burning flame in them and said she wasn't going to hold back.

I was completely captivated by her, and could resist no longer. With a thrust, I lifted her body up, letting it fall back down onto my awaiting cock, ready to push back up again. Piper's eyes widened and she leaned forward a little, breathless. Her eyes went wide with surprise and her mouth was frozen open.

"Oh my..." she exclaimed after another thrust or two. I pushed into her again, feeling the warmth of her wet walls grip my member. "Oh my god!"

I picked up the pace. Whatever it was that I drank, it gave me the energy and the drive to really start pounding into her. Each thrust felt amazing, better than the last, and yet I was in no danger of release yet. I grabbed her tits with both hands, squeezing and massaging them. She leaned in more, scratching at my chest, moaning a low deep sensual moan, which escalated in volume, pitch, and intensity as she came closer to a climax.

"AAAAHHHH! Fuck me! OOOHHH god!! I- I never knew it would feel this good! It's better than I imagined!! FUUUUUCK!"

"Wait..." I spoke up releasing her breasts. She looked down panicked but said nothing.

"She was a virgin" Azure stated.

"Shut Up Blue!" Piper yelled, turning toward her.

"What? Never? I thought for sure you would have-" I commented.

"I never got a chance! Ok?" She defended trying to move her hips up and down on me.

"She was the last unit built before production stopped after the death of our founder-" Azure continued.

"I said SHUT IT Blue!" Piper growled. "You're spoiling the mood! Geez..." She turned back toward me, anger in her eyes, but that soon died away to sadness as she realized her first time was ruined. "Master... Can't we just... forget all that and keep going, please?"

I smiled. "Of course. Let's make your first time a special occasion to remember." I sat up to embrace her, holding her body close to mine as I embraced her lips in a long deep kiss. I gripped at her back and ran my fingers along her spine and arms. Piper melted into my embrace and continued to gyrate her hips back and forth, moaning during our kiss.

At last I released her from my kiss only to pull her head back by her hair. She groaned and dropped her hands to her sides as, moving her hips even more. I added to her pleasure by thrusting deeper inside of her, before laying back down again and putting it all into her.

She lost herself, drooling slightly as she leaned back farther, arching her back. With every thrust, her entire body shook and bounced, exciting me more. I loved to make her breasts bounce around during our lovemaking.

"How cah ish fee sho gud" she mumbled between moans, no higher and louder than ever. "Something... Something's happening!" Piper tensed up, still arching back with her head back, when suddenly she lurched forward. "HOLY SHIT! MA- MASTER! WHAT- WHAT IS THIS?"

She sat straight up, her hands gripping thin air as she twisted and arched. The convulsions started next, as she held her breath and tried to kick herself off of me. I resisted and held her hips in place, feeling her vagina clamp and release, convulsing in her most intense orgasm. She started shaking and clenching up every muscle, before finally letting out a high pitched squeal.

"EEEEEEEEEE!!! CUMMING!! FUCK!" Her pussy clenched so tightly, that she actually popped me out of her. And along with my dick, a stream of clear fluid squirted out in bursts as her belly and vagina contracted repeatedly. She had such an intense orgasm, she squirted! It seemed like she didn't even know she could do that.

"AAHHHhhh aahhhh" she breathed out at last with the last of her heaves, before collapsing limply into my chest. She continued to convulse every few seconds, as she tried to catch her breath.

"Looks like you enjoyed that" I noticed. She smiled briefly with a burst of weak laughter before continuing to catch her breath. "But I haven't finished yet."

"What?" She asked drunkenly as I lifted her limp form from me and laid her on the couch sideways. Lifting one of her legs, I prepared to penetrate her again from this new angle, with her legs spread wide apart, one pointing straight up, and her back end dangling off the couch as I held it up. "No! I'm not ready!" she protested. "I'm still cumm-"

I pushed my way inside to the hilt, ignoring her plea.

"AHHHHHH!!!" She screamed as I plunged in. She grabbed at the cushions and buried her face into one of them, muffling her voice. But I could still hear and feel and the ecstasy she was in. It was so much, she didn't even know what to do with it.

I plunged harder and deeper, thrusting my hips into hers and bouncing off her body. She continued to yell into the couch, twisting her body as best she could, but never fighting me off.

"OH God! MASTER! I'm still cumming! I'm still- how is this-? What the FUUCK!?!" As her purse clamped down against my dick for her second climax, she somehow brought me over the edge. At last, I shot a huge load deep inside her, as she lost all her strength and laid there a mess. She was still convulsing when I pulled out, one last squirt of cum landing on her belly.

I dropped her legs and she collapsed half on the floor, sitting up against the front of the couch. She looked up at me in awe, and tried to control her breathing. At last, as semen dripped from my cock onto her cheek, she le out a weak laugh.

"I just came... Twice... At the same time! How the fuck did you do that to me?" She asked, too exhausted to move.

I smiled at her even though I had no answer. I turned to face my next victim when Piper gather enough strength to pull at my hand. Looking back down at her, she gave me a smile and let go of my hand.

"Stay just a little" she asked. "Please?"

I nodded, realizing she wanted to be held. Lifting her up, I placed her on the couch, leaning into me. "Was that a good first time?" I asked.

"The best" she giggled. "You did things to me I never did to myself. Didn't even know I could do!" She snuggled into me some more. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

"No, that's ok! I just assumed that since you were so outgoing and brought another man here-"

"As soon as I was activated, the old man was already gone, and they programmed me to find his replacement. We ALL had to tease our human partners without giving in. We had to find men with high sex drives so they could handle running a sex doll production company, where sex is part of the job. He seemed nice enough at first, and would always hit on me, and yet never took it too far when I rejected him, even if I flirted.

"But as soon as he got here and found out I wasn't human, he... changed. Like something in him snapped! He started beating on me, and ripping my skin, and tearing-" she stopped and realized she had started to grip my arm tightly, releasing it. "Sorry."

"It's ok."

"Blue... Azure saved me. She pulled him off. But I needed months of repair work done. They only just finished 2 days ago." She looked up at Azure who stood there silently watching. "I'm sorry I yelled at you Blue."

Azure shook her head. "It's ok. I did not consider your feelings."

Piper smiled, but it faded quickly as she looked up at me. "You don't know how hard it's been cooped up here all this time, with a raging libido these girls can't help with. I don't understand it, I've always been craving sex more than the other girls. I think they just programmed me that way."

"So you can't just...?" I stopped myself from asking a stupid question.

"Well I can't please myself like you just did. And the girls do nothing for me. I need a man!" she grunted. "Everyday I would masturbate to appease myself, but it was never enough! I needed more. The urge would just never stop!" She took a deep breath and sat up, looking me in the eyes. "Until now. I haven't felt this satiated my entire life!"

"I have to admit, I really enjoyed it too! My sex drive has always been something I struggled with too" I admitted. "It can be a pain to deal with, but It sounds like yours is a little more intense. Maybe... No. I promise you, I will whatever I need to satisfy you every day if that's what it takes."

"Every day?" She asked, biting her lip. I nodded. "It's a promise! Every day!" She kissed me on the cheek and stared into my eyes. I almost got lost in her green eyes until I saw something a little off. As I looked closer, I could see incredibly small text just along the border of her iris, so small I almost missed it from only a few inches away.

She blinked. "What? Oh! Oh shit!" She proclaimed realizing I was looking at the writing. "I didn't think you'd see that! Jesus!" She looked away covering her eyes.

"No, I like it! Don't cover your eyes. The text reminds me of your true self. I love that!"

"You like that I'm a robot?" She questioned. "Of course you would. Why else would you not freak out? Or look inside Kristy. Are you a technosexual? Do my circuits turn you on?"

I blushed. It was true. I had long since had a fascination with robots, and that extended to sex bots. They were just never this complex or realistic before. I was always turned off by their uncanny look but these girls defied that. "I always thought it was just going to be a fantasy..." I admitted.

"No shit!" Piper swore. She laughed and then covered her mouth. "I didn't mean to laugh at you... No! I didn't mean that! It's just... I was thinking how appropriate it was for you to be here, and how lucky I am- we are. I just hope you don't get really weird ideas."

"What do you mean weird ideas?"

"You know what those guys write on those websites. Face and limb removal fetishes, system crashes, human-to-robot conversions... I didn't mean! I mean I... If you that’s what you-!" She started to panic.

I laughed. "And how do you know about those things?"

She blushed. "Well when you're a robot with a sex drive bigger than your hard drive, you tend to look for people that... want what you have..."

"You've been reading the forums too I see! Don't tell me you post on them too!"

She hesitated. "Of course I do! It keeps me occupied. Besides role playing a robot is easy when you are one."

I laughed this time, but she laughed with me. "Are you the only one here who does that?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "I tend to be horny more often so I'd be surprised if they do."

I looked up at the other girls. They shook their heads in response, however Nora raised her hand. "You too?" I asked.

"No!" She corrected. "But... I wanted to explain that I... Do frequent sex blogs. I'm curious too you know."

I wondered now. If they were all sex bots, were they all secret as horny as Piper? "How many of you girls have had sex?"

Piper eagerly raised her hand. I pushed her back down playfully and she giggled. I also saw Claire raise her hand, and surprisingly Azure. Nora did not.

"Azure? Really?"

"It was a necessity in my programming to be tested."

"Haven't you all been tested though?" I asked.

"Yeah, in the lab" Piper explained.

"Did you have sex since your testing?"

"Negative. I have never needed to engage in sexual inter course after the required testing."

Claire kept her hand up though. "I have" she explained. "I was the personal assistant to the previous CEO, and he had a taste for blonds."

I tried real hard not to think about that, but at least I knew that I was taking the first for most of these girls. And that thought brought with it another growing erection.

"Oh master!" Piper declared. "Don't mind if I do!"

Part 4: Guarded

Piper bent to give me a blowjob but I stopped her. "I think it's Nora's turn now" I explained.

She pouted but smiled again. "You're right! I can't be too selfish. Strange... Never thought I'd give up on a cock this easily. Then again... I am still feeling it."

"Behave yourself" I teased and stood up. "Now Nora, this is your first time, is there a position you want to try?"

She shook her head. "I... don't have a... a favorite. Not yet. But..."

"But what?"

"There... is one thing I would like to try, sir." Nora delicate walked over with tiny steps while never making eye contact. Instead, she just looked down at my package, before kneeling down in front of me. She took in the entire length of my dick into her mouth with one long sucking motion, cleaning off the spunk and juices from before. However, instead of giving me a blowjob, she pressed her chest against me, and enveloped by cock between her tits.

Rubbing up and down, my penis was buried between her breasts and would peak out as she lowered herself. With her tongue out, she would lick the tip as it protruded from her cleavage, spread precum and saliva between her boobs.

It felt like nothing I expected. Incredibly soft and smooth, with an exciting teasing finish as it hit her tongue. I started to thrust up and down with her movements, allowing it to hit her mouth harder and deeper. However, whatever that liquid I drank early was, it prevented something this gentle from getting me off. As much as I enjoyed it, I wasn't getting close to climaxing again.

"Nora" I crooned. She looked up at me with her tongue still sticking out. "It feels great! But are you ready for the real thing?" She nodded.

"Any position you want, sir."

I reached down, reluctantly pulling my dick away from her warmth, and lifted her up by the should to a standing position. Guiding her to the edge of the couch right next to Piper, I leaned her over and aligned myself behind her.

Pressing myself forward, I could feel my member pop past her entrance, and slide into her warm snatch. She held her breath, but otherwise didn't make a sound or even move. I began to push my way inside, deeper and deeper, until I was as far as I could get, tight against her round soft ass. Her curves were much more pronounced than Piper's, and it added to her much more feminine aura.

I pulled back out and in, slow at first, but increasing in speed and strength as I went. She was just as wet as Piper was, allowing me to easily slide in, but she never made a sound. I watched as her hourglass figure absorbed my pounding thrusts, sending waves through her ass that traveled all the way to her hair with even stroke.

Slapping noises filled the room as I began to pound into her harder, bouncing off her ass. I could see her breasts bounce wildly beneath and had to be a little jealous of the view Piper had. At last, Nora started to breathe again, heavily. As I continued my assault, her breathing got louder and louder, but she neither squealed nor moaned. She stayed as quiet as she could, and at one point I saw her biting her finger, trying to hold it in.

I grabbed her hand, pulling her finger out of her mouth, and brought it down her side, holding onto it and pulling her toward me as I thrust forward. She let out a gasp, and her breathing got loud, with hints of moans here and there. I grabbed her other arm and held them both behind her, pulling her body up and into mine with each thrust, and she responded with a strong gasp each time. I knew she was getting close despite her silence, thanks to her increased breathing.

"That's so hot" Piper noted. I realized the that she had repositioned herself and was laying down flat on the couch under Nora, looking at where we were joined up close. She started to rub her own honeypot, spread the cum from our last encounter all over it.

"Nora, help her out down there" I ordered as I lowered her head closer to Piper's vagina. She instantly started to lick her, getting a reaction out of the cute redhead.

"Oh Jesus!" Piper cursed, but the sounds that followed flowing from her voice told me she was enjoying it. Nora apparently had a rough time keeping up with pleasing Piper while I was fucking her. Her gasps and inhales often interrupted her action, but it didn't matter; Piper was enjoying it and even started to play with my balls a little.

"God! Nnnn! So fucking hot!" Piper exclaimed as she lay there.

I decided to see if I could get Nora to make some more noise by lifting her torso up higher, until she was almost standing, allowing me to grab her breasts and run her clit while I continued my piston motions.

It worked. Nora quickly started to climax. "Oooooohhhh.... Nnnnnn!!! Yyyyes!" She squealed while I felt her body clench up.

Piper continued to play with my scrotum while I got closer to another load. Her playful gentle hands helped a lot to bring me to the edge. While Nora continued to make a plethora of small moans, I felt her body really start convulsing after I pinched her nipples and played more with her breasts.

"Not-! Not there! Sensitive!" she objected, but of course that meant I was going to increase my efforts there. I used both and hands to punish and caress her tits. "OOOOHHHH Sir!! NOOOO AH!"

Her pussy clenched up tight, and Piper relentless playful fondling did the trick. I thrust one last time before my semen shot inside her, filling her womb. She bucked and curled against me, but I held onto her tightly until her climax was over.

As soon as she started to relax again, I let go of her top and let her fall forward onto the couch. Piper caught her and slid out, onto the floor, leaving Nora prostrated out on the white armrest catching her breath while my white seed dripped from her cunt. I slid out, getting a little on her back and ass.

She laid there breathing heavily, as I caught my breathe. I had never before been able to go so many times in such a short time span. Normally I would have been exhausted, and while I was tired, I felt the urge to keep going! What in the world did Claire give me?

While I stood there over Nora, looking at her curvy back, Kirsty came up to my back and wrapped her arms around my chest.

"Still want to continue? You don't have to over-exert yourself for us!"

I shook my head. I genuinely wanted more! "I can't stop now, I'm not satisfied yet."

Kristy kissed my cheek and slid away from me. "What did you give him, Claire?"

"A special concoction our last owner developed to increase energy and libido, while enhancing the physical performance. It's like the blue pill and an energy drink mixed in with an aphrodisiac."

"Are there any side effects to this?" I wondered.

"Only increased thirst, a slight risk of heart attack, and if you continue to take it for more than a month, the effects become permanent."

"Heart attack? Permanent?"

"You should be fine. We ran a blood test on you last night, and your heart is fine! But you might want to drink some water before you get a migraine."


Kristy handed me a glass she filled with water. I drank it down, and realized just how much I was craving it now. I didn't realize how dehydrated I got, but that was a big help. I thanked her as Claire continued.

"You will be fine, as long as you don't take it too much. Just enjoy it for today. It's a special occasion."

I hoped she was right. But then again, they already drugged me in the past, and I was completely at their mercy earlier, so I might as well trust them now. I finished the glass, handed it back to Kristy and tooled at the two remaining girls standing there.

"So, Azure, are you ready? You don't seem particularly excited." As I walked to face her, Kristy placed another full glass of water nearby for me and went to sit on the couch next to Nora and Piper, who was still laying on the floor propped against the couch watching.

"I am sufficiently lubricated for coital activities" she stated.

"Oookay..." I drawled. "But are you turned on?"

"I am currently powered on."

"No. I mean, are you horny- as in do you desire sex?"

"My sexual functions are currently on standby."

"Let me try, sir" Claire interjected. "Azure, what is your arousal level?"

"My arousal level is currently at 7."

"She's excited" Piper pointed out.

"That is 7 of 10, but it can go higher than that" Claire added. "She can't get higher than 7 until you interact with her physically.”

"Why does she talk and act that way? It isn't very convincing."

"She was designed to be a companion to a VIP that also needed a bodyguard, so she performs 2 functions in one. Unfortunately, she is an older model, and while we did recently grade her, she was damaged on her first day on the job and has been like this ever since."

"How'd you get damaged?" I asked her directly.

"I defended my former master from a bullet."

"She took three rounds, and one hit her head. It saves his life, but she was worthless to him after that. My old master decided to repair her and keep her as his bodyguard."

"So wait... Didn't you say each of you was chosen to find a man to take over the company?"

"Yes. Well... She was chosen because she was one of his favorites, but her programming was never updated like her body was. He just never got around to it."

"So I take it she didn't do too well looking."

Claire shook her head. "Two days out and her target easily figures her out and thought she was just a sexbot he could have his way with."

"He failed to treat me kindly, so I stopped him with force and returned to base" Azure explained.

I have no idea how she stopped him, but I was just glad she was already registered to me now. I looked at her naked exposed body as she stood there at attention. While her hair was clearly an artificial color, she was otherwise completely convincing as human, outside her of behavior. And yet there was something about her robotic behavior I found appealing. Despite the fact that she doubled as a bodyguard, she didn't look the type at all. She was tall, but still shorter than Nora, with an athletic but slim build, and clearly defined curves. Her face was pleasant with feminine features, but her expression was neutral. She didn't look tough, large, mean, or masculine, like you'd expect from a bodyguard. Instead she was very feminine.

I gently grasped her hand and walked over to a chair that matched the couch, leading her. Sitting down, I guided her to stand just in front of me. She complied, never questioning me, and stood there looking down at me, her tones but feminine stomach inches from my face. I looked up at her, and back down, getting a closer look at the line of blue hair that ran down to her snatch. It was the only hair on her body that I could see that want on her head, and didn't obscure the view of her puffy lower lips.

I ran a few fingers lightly down her arm dangling loosely at her side, making her swallow hard enough to hear. I moved on to her side, teasing her by gently sliding my fingertips next to her breasts, and down her side to her belly, hip, then leg. She responded nicely to my touch, making a tiny noise like a mouse.

Liquid ran down the inside of her thigh and glistened in the light, catching my eye. It was coming from her sweet spot. Looking up at her, I saw her eyes were concentrating on me but her expression subtly changed. Her eyebrows were lower, almost like she had a look of minor discomfort on her face.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"Yes master" she replied in her regular tone.

I had an idea. All undid was gently stroke her arm and side, and yet... "Azure, what is your arousal level?"

"My arousal level is at 9, master."

"9 out of 10? Just from touching you lightly? What happens when it reaches 10?"

"I will be able to reach a sexual orgasm."

"Already? But I'm not done teasing you" I grinned.

"Sir" Claire interrupted. "She isn't programmed to handle more than a 10 right now, but her sensors don't know that. If you tease her too much, she could error."

"But she'd feel it?"


"Would it feel good?"

Claire shrugged but Azure answered. "Errors do not hurt, but are uncomfortable. However, my sensors would continue to perceive information. In short, I do not know.”

“How high do your arousal levels get?”

“20 currently” Azure stated.

“What would happen at that level?”

“I do not know.”

“Well, let’s try not to break you.”

“That would be best, master” she agreed. “But… you may continue if you wish.”

“Alright” I grinned. “But if you want me to do something else, just let me know.” She nodded in acknowledgement.

I decided to continue with the fun. Running my hand to her side, I reached behind her and squeezed her ass, pulling her toward me a little, and making her sway. I gave her a good slap, and noticed another trickle of juice rush down her leg.

Letting go her of rear, I reached up with one hand and gently touched her vagina. “You’re soaking.” Her pussy was drenched with juice, warm and sticky, and I couldn’t help myself but want to play with it.

I rubbed her pussy lips eagerly, deforming the skin and feeling the softness of her. A noise escaped her lips, much like a squeak of a mouse.

“Nn. Ah. Mmm” she squeaked as I rubbed her liberally. She swayed with each movement of my hand. I picked up the pace, rubbing more aggressively, while playing with her clitoris. “Mm. Nnn. Ha. Ee. Ah. Pah!” she blurted in tiny cute noises. I did not expect it, but she was making the cutest and tiniest sounds as I pleasured her. I loved it!

There was no way I was going to let this go easily. I decided to tease her even more, this time sliding my fingers back and forth until I found her entrance, and slid a finger inside.

“PAH! Mn. Ha! Aa! Nn..” she continued to chirp and squeak. I rubbed back and forth, in and out, shaking her whole body as she stood before me. Azure’s pussy actually seemed to grip onto my fingers in a way the other girls hadn’t. I wasn’t sure, but she seemed to be tighter. Reaching deeper inside, I found a rough patch of skin, which I teased with 2 fingers.

“MMnn. Gah! Ahh. Ha! Nnn. Aa!” I looked up at her face as I continued to tease her pussy inside and out. Her eyes were more than half closed as she stared down at me, tears swelling up in them, as her brow furrowed and her cheeks grew flushed. She tried hard to contain herself, biting her lip, sticking out her tongue, opening and closing her mouth, trying to find a way of holding in her moans, while keeping her hands to her sides the whole time, and as a result she let out a torrent of incredibly high pitched cute sounds.

She looked down at me and gritted her teeth. “Hee. Hee. Hee” she breathes through her teeth. But I wanted to go farther. I repositioned my hand, and stuck three of my fingers in her pussy, while using my thumb on her clit, and inserting my pinky into her ass. Instantly her mouth shot open at the sensation. “HAaaa Haaa Ahhhh Mmmmmnnnn” she moaned. I leaned in and started to lick her clit. That was too much for her.

“Mmnn Mmmah! Mmaa! Master! Master!” she cried out as she held my head gently with her hands. I looked up at her face, now covered in tears and drool. “Pah! Please! I… I want you to em- embrace me.”

“Gladly.” Pulling my hand out of her, I stood up and looked down at her. Azure stared back up at me, her expression priceless. She was in pure lustful desire, her mouth hanging slightly open and drool coming from one corner while tears obscured her unfocused eyes. I reached around her body, and held her close to me, squeezing her tightly. She didn’t respond, leaving her arms to her sides dangling lifelessly, but I really enjoyed squeezing her shoulder together.

“Mmmm” she moaned. I pressed my whole body into hers, my erect penis pushed against her stomach. Releasing her after a minute, I looked down at her and she was smiling, although the rest of her expression was the same. She opened her mouth as if to say something but hesitated.

“Do you want something more?”

She nodded. “K- kiss” she whispered. “I want you to kiss me.”

I embraced her in a long deep sensual kiss. She struggled to keep up with me, but eventually got the hang of it. I felt her arms raise up and grip my biceps. Our tongues played together, pushing and sliding against each other, until finally, I pulled back. She stood there, eyes closed, barely able to balance herself, lost in the sensation of the kiss.

I couldn’t bare it any longer, and I cupped her breast in my hand and started to caress it. She returned to her onslaught of cute “Mm”s, “Ah”s and other squeaks. Leaning down I kissed her neck, and then her breasts and nipples. She instantly started to increase the intensity of her sounds.

“BA! Gah! AA! Hhhhha! Heee… Oh! Pa!” She had very sensitive breasts, and it showed. I continued to tease her tits while my other hand when lower for some other action, rubbing quickly and forcefully in and out of her vagina, making slapping sounds against her skin. She grabbed at my wrist but didn’t stop me.

Instead, she closed her eyes and her mouth fell open. “AHHH! PAA!! MmmAA!!” she struggled. “Eeee.. I- I… I’m going to, I’m going to” she managed to say. “I’m going to error!”

“What’s your level at?” I wondered.

“12!” she proclaimed. “Error! NF-220!”

“What does that mean?” I asked, slowing my movement. Claire shrugged, but Piper spoke up.

“She can’t handle the data flow” she pointed out.

“Error! Too many responses!” Azure chimed. “Mmm- Master! Don’t stop!”

I picked up the pace again, and felt as her entire body started to convulse unnaturally. She jerked in very mechanical ways, her head tilting repeatedly to the left.

“I am cumming, master! I am-” At last she started to have a proper orgasm.

Azure’s body convulsed and shook, with the occasional twitch from her error, and her mouth hung open wide as she clenched her eyes closed. “GAAAAAAHHHHH Ahhhhhh!” she shouted the loudest she even was, and yet it was still so much higher pitched than her regular voice. I felt her arms weaken and shake, as she lurched forward. Finally, she collapsed, her knees losing their strength and her balance gone.

She landed, butt first, on the floor before me. Barely able to catch herself, she landed with her knees together and her feet apart. For a moment, I worried I broke her, but she looked up, and wiped the tears from her face. I leaned down to make sure she was alright but she just smiled.

“Masteeer” she cooed.

“Are you alright?”

She nodded. “I… I need… I need more!” Spreading her knees apart, Azure exposed her pussy fully to me, spreading her lips with her fingers and showing me the gap I was just teasing. I knew I couldn’t resist this, I just hoped I wouldn’t break her. “P- Please master, enter me here.”

I leaned down, and placed myself between her legs. She leaned back as I did, propping herself up on her elbows to get a look. With one smooth action, I lunged inside her to the base. Azure’s head rolled back as she took it in. Her arms failed her again, and she fell onto her back, writhing against the carpet.

I pulled in and out, holding onto her hips, as she spread her legs wide for me. I found she started lifting her hips up for me, to give me a better deeper angle. Her cute squeaks and squeals continued, in stark contrast to her regular personality.

“Ha! AH! MA! Nnnn. Heee… AA! AI! Aiie!” She got louder and louder, while I grunted. She grasped at the carpet and chair legs near her head as she tried hard to hold herself still. I had complete control over her body, and I was loving it. She was too apparently.

There was definitely something different about her from the other girls, besides the obvious. As I pounded inside her, the walls of her pussy resisted each time, never fully loosening, and would grip onto me each time I pulled out. But what really got me was that her muscles inside would tense, twist, undulate, and grab hold of me in different ways. There was a strong sucking sensation the other girls didn't have, and it drove me crazy! Combined with her tiny emotional vocals, and her incredible skills, she was like a completely different person than the robotic and emotional girl I met not even an hour ago.

I needed more, and started lifting her hips up higher, pulling her harder onto me. Soon, I repositioned us so her head and neck rested on the ground, and her hips and legs were in the air, while I was fucking her in a downward position, putting all my weight into each stroke.

She was going crazy! At last I was getting full volume screams out of her, not just the squeaks.

“AHHH! OOOOOH!! AAAHHHHHH! MMMMAAAAAHHHH!!! OOOOOOOHHHHH! OH! OH! OH! AH! AH!” She convulsed in multiple climaxes as I pounded into her, but I never relented until I was ready. Watching her completely lose herself and give herself to me, while cumming over and over, was the sexiest and most exciting thing!

“ERROR” she called out. “Hd-100!”

“She’s overheating!” Piper cried out. “Blue, open your air vents! Blue!”

It took a moment for Azure to process the command, but soon her sides and neck opened, and vents protected by dark metal meshes pushed hot air out of her body. For some reason, seeing her body open up like that was all I could take. I came, and I came hard!

“MAAA GAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Master! I-! I-!” Azure cried out. “So hot! MAHHhhhh!! Haaaahhhhhh hah hah hahhh!”

I stayed attached to her until the last of my convulsions finished, releasing even more of my cum inside her. I had to wonder how much I had left. Finally, I pulled out and let her rear drop to the floor. She lay there, breathing heavily, twitching as she errored again during her latest climax.

“So” I panted. “What level did you get up to?”

“16” she breathed. “Master… thank you. Please, continue to test me… in this way… soon” She closed her eyes and passed out.

Piper whistled. “16, damn! I never get past 15. I guess I'll have to beat your highscore with me later on.”

I laughed. “Yeah. I think I might. But not right now.” I took drank more water, and Kristy was nice enough to give me yet another. “Will she be alright?”

“Yes” Claire answered. “I think her errors worked themselves out. She’s just exhausted herself. Nora, would you be a dear and plug her in?”

“I’ll do it!” Piper offered and stood up. She had to catch her balance at first, but managed to leave the room for a short bit, and return with a USB cable. Nora just remained laying there on the couch, but by now she turned over to her back and watched the action that way while she covered her breasts with her arms.

“I’ll get you fixed right up there, Blue” Piper mused. While she took care of the blue-haired girl, Claire came over to me.

“Oh dear, I suppose it’s my turn now.”

Part 5: Taking Control

"Actually" I sighed. "I could use a short break. That stuff you gave me is great but I still need to rest."

"Of course" she acknowledged. "Here, you take a seat and I'll show you something."

As she walked to the bar, I plopped down in the chair behind me, watching Piper run a cable from the wall to Azure, attaching it to the side of her head just behind her ear.

"Is that really enough power?" I wondered while I watched.

"No, not even close. Blue here has an older PPU and needs to be recharged daily. But usually she uses her charging bay. The rest of us can actually maintain a charge by generating our own power from the food we eat. Although a top off is still sometimes needed." She moved Azure over to the couch and sat her up against it, closer to the plug. "This is really just a precaution, since she fainted. With her you never know if she's powering down or crashing. This at least keeps her mind charged."

I was about to ask another question when Claire returned carrying the briefcase she held earlier. "Our minds are very delicate, she explained. If we were to lose all power, the data in our brains would quickly deteriorate, and we would... Well we aren't that different from humans in many aspects including this one."

With a pair of clicks, Claire opened the case before me and turned it my way. Inside were objects I thought I recognized, each set inside a dark foam padding custom cut to their shapes. First was a tablet, longer than the typical on, of a make and model I wasn't familiar with. Next to that was a smart phone if the same fashion. Above these was a long smooth metal rod, made of a brushed dark metal, with no other markings, which was rounded on one end. Above that was a long rectangular box of similar materials.

"What's this?" I asked looking inside.

"As our new Master, you are being presented with the tools required to use and maintenance us. First," she said, indicating the tablet, "we have a custom design ADR manufactured tablet, called the GNO, which is used to access and maintenance our systems, among other things. The phone next to that functions in much the same way, but at a smaller scale, while still maintaining regular smartphone functions. At the top, the box is filled with custom tools used to access and maintenance us in the event of an emergency."

"And this?" I asked, pulling the rod out.

"That is an ECD, an emergency charging device. Just insert this into one of us, and it will give us 5 hours of power in 5 minutes."

"Insert it? Where?"

She smiled, blushing.

"Oh. So wait... You charge through your vaginas?"

"Only in emergency" she clarified. "Induction technology allows it to send power straight to our batteries, without the need for metal contacts that would otherwise... hinder our main use."

"So it's a d-"

"Magical charging dildo" Piper joked. "Never used it yet but if it wasn't for the emergency part, it might be fun."

Shaking my head, I put it back and pulled out the tablet. "So how does this work?"

Claire turned it on for me, and the silhouette of a woman appeared like a logo. She was standing with a tilted hip and her arms akimbo, and the words "ADR Industries" appeared over her. The logo faded and brought me to a welcome screen, with my name on it!

"It is very simple" Claire said as she pushed a button to access the menu. "Over here are the maintenance tools..." She began to explain. I tried to pay attention but I couldn't help but notice her leaning over my shoulder with her breasts dangling next to my ear. "... And this is for fun" she finished, and I realized I missed most of it. I was sure I'd figure it out on my own later. "I've really got to show you this though" she said excitedly.

She clicked an icon that looked like the logo but with a joystick in front of her. The screen loaded and populated a menu with the names of all the girls in the room one at a time.

"You're not going to show him that, are you?" Piper asked, as though she knew what Claire was doing even though she couldn't see the screen. Claire just smiled and clicked on her own name after it loaded.

Suddenly I was presented with an odd view of my hands holding the tablet, and on the screen of that tablet was the same thing, repeating endlessly.

"Wait a second, what is-?" I realized that it was almost my point of view but just slightly off, and it was moving slightly. In fact, as I moved my hand, I got a slightly delayed copy of that movement on screen. Looking up at Claire, I realized what was happening. As I passed my hand in front of her eyes, the screen echoed it. I was looking out of her eyes! "Whoa!"

She chortled. "You can get an instant view of anything we see or hear through this, at any time, as long we have signal. Even over the Internet."

My eyes lit up as I looked out of hers through the screen. Bringing up the list again, I switched over to Piper's vision, and noticed she had been staring straight at my groin. The screen went black suddenly. "Hey!" She protested' covering her eyes. "No fair!"

"You mean she-?"

"Yes. You can connect to us, but we are aware of it too" Claire clarified.

I moved on to Kristy, who was looking at us from a different angle, and then Nora, who was looking at me sideways, with her head tilted that way. It was a little disorienting at first. I noticed Azure's name showed up each time the list loaded, but remained grayed out and unable to be selected. I went back to Claire's view to look at the rest of the options.

"There's more," she added. "Push this here" she suggested while pressing an icon that looked like a joystick, "and you can control us manually."

"Whaaaat?" I looked at the screen in surprise and noticed over her vision on each side was a list of icons and controls. Things like speed, sit, stand, lean, grab, etc populated the sides, while joystick like controls adjusted her movement and heading. I tapped the icon that was lightings do saying "lean", and she stood up while the word "stand" highlighted. I moved her head up and down, side to side, and made her walk over to bar.

I got a huge kick out of this, controlling I her every movement, or at least the major ones. "This is amazing!" I said, and she repeated it at almost the same time as me. "What?" We said together in the same tone. "Ha!"

I tapped on a glass, in her vision, and she not lonely looked at it, but a menu came up appropriate for the object. It included options like inspect, drink, clean, hold, and more. I had her pick it up, and take it over to the sink. I somehow managed to make her pour water into the glass, and navigate it back to me. It was surprisingly easy, and she didn't spill a drop.

"That's so much fun!" I said and I took the glass from her.

"Heh" she chortled. "Yeah, but we are fully aware and can still react and respond in remote mode. There's a reason I didn't spill any or slam into any walls. I'm not a videogame character." She then reached down and tapped the program closed. "This one, is better for everyday use though" she stated, bringing up an app that looked like a microphone. The screen went light gray with an icon of the same girl and a microphone in front of her and the same list of names. "Next time, just ask for some water, and I'll get the command and do it myself. Although, the remote is fun." She winked at me. I got the impression it would be great to use with role play sex.

I looked around some more apps, while she leaned next to me. I was starting to get aroused again just from her close proximity while naked. I found one app that was essentially just a manual. Glancing through it, I knew this was going to be very helpful. There was one for each of the girls, although some of them were the same, just with different names. I found a large FAQ section, and skimmed through it.

These girls were something else, alright. They really could feel pain and pleasure. It was the biggest achievement ADR made, starting with Azure's model. Real pain, real pleasure, real sensations. They weren't the killing machines sci-fi movies make them out to be. They couldn't hack the government, or even a phone. They couldn't overpower someone. They had average human strength, intelligence, and a singular mind that could only concentrate on a very limited number of activities at once. Their minds could not be transferred to another body, or over the Internet. They were essentially robots designed to be human, and to want human companionship.

I wanted to read more, but a section just on sexual facts distracted me too much, and I noticed Claire was being patient with me, but also seemed eager for something. I closed the manual, and opened up the joystick app, taking over her body.

"What-?" She asked, but I hit her mute button as I made her stand in attention.

"Shh" I hushed as I took control of her actions. I walked her over against the window, and had her turn around and look down at herself. I had never before screen a woman's naked body from her point of view. I followed close to her, holding onto the tablet, and tapped on her nipple on the screen. Icons for squeeze, pinch, pull, massage, and scratch showed up. I had her start with massaging her own breast before moving onto squeezing them, and them pinching. She followed her commands exactly, caressing and teasing her breasts, pulling at her nipples, and breathing heavily. I unmutted her and deep guttural moans started to emanate from her throat.

"Sir" she protested between sounds. "Please, I'd prefer having controoooohh- control over my own body."

"You will, but I'm just teasing you right now." As I studied the screen, I noticed an icon that looked like a mushroom. Tapping it brought up a whole new set of options, all related to sex. Jackpot! At the top of the screen now resided an arousal meter. She was like a walking talking sex game. I was going to enjoy this. She sighed as she continued to pinch at herself, but soon I tapped a new icon, making her reach down and play with herself. She leaned back against the window sill and rubbed her fingers quickly back and forth against her clit. She moaned louder, but caught herself and gritted her teeth.

I watched as her arousal level slowly increased. As it reached the peak, a number next to it went up and the bar reset. Her arousal level was now at 6. I had a little ways to go until I could get her to climax. The bar rose slowly as I tried different things to her. I had her finger herself, touch herself, fondle her breasts. It wasn't until I made her squeeze her butt cheek that I saw a small spike in the bar. She gasped with that spike. I tried more things related to her butt. Slapping her made it spike a lot, but only if I did it. Driving a finger up her ass brought it up even faster, but she protested.

"Sir" she panted. "Please. If you are trying to make me climax, it works better if you do it yourself. Please, sir!"

I put the tablet down, and turned her around, pressing her back against the wall next to the window. She looked surprised, but as soon as I started to kiss and massage her body, she responded with moans. I glanced over at the tablet while I held her tight, pulling at her nipple with my teeth. The bar was rising far quicker than before. And she managed to get to level 9 in no time.

I looked her in the eyes, pressing her against the wall. "S-sir?" She asked, but my response was not verbal. Taking her left leg into my hand, I lifted it to my side, and pressed my body against her, allowing my dick to press against her body. She gasped, and I noticed the bar shoot up again.

I slid inside her, as she angled her hips to receive me. She panted and moaned deeply. "Sir..." She breathed, but didn't say anything else as I slowly pulled in and out of her. Instead, she reacted just how I wanted, with low moans and grunts.

I pressed up into her, pushing her body into the wall and bouncing off her each time. Her hot breath ran down my neck as she held onto me. I played with her tits and grabbed at her ass while thrusting again and again. She was good, but something was missing. I looked at the tablet and realized I was peaking her out right before 10. She wasn't getting any farther.

I tried repositioning her a little, allowing myself to press in deeper, but it didn't seem to help. "Claire, are you enjoying this?"

She nodded. "Yes."


She pouted. "Im sorry, sir. My sexual program has always been different from the girls" she explained as I stopped moving inside her. "I can be a little more... challenging."

"What does that mean?"

"The other girls enjoy specific acts, or any act, and have favorite positions, and can reach orgasm as long as they're mentally and physically turned on. I'm a little more... random. Each time I make love, I don't know what will turn me on or off. It seems consistent that I will always respond to your actions more than my own, but which actions I don't know. You will have to explore on your own each time to see how I respond."

"And you say you aren't a videogame character" I commented.

She stuck out her tongue at me but suddenly I got an idea. While it wasn't a guarantee, when I was making her play with herself earlier, she seems to respond more to a specific area of her body. I pulled out of her, making her grunt as I did. Her arousal level started to drop, but once I placed my hands on her again, and flipped her around, it rose slightly again. She liked it rough at least.

Pressing her tits against the glass of the window, I pulled her ass out, arching her back, and rotating her hips. I slid a finger in her pussy from behind, and watched as I played with her. The bar rose, but against stalled before she got to 10. I then pressed my finger into her ass. Instantly, it climbed up and brought into the next level. She was really going to be fun to play with after all.

I pulled out my finger, and pressed my cock against her butt, pushing into her rear entrance. She squirmed her butt and gasped, struggling to allow my huge member inside her tiny hole. Finally, my dick popped in, and her arousal level shot up a level and a half! Bingo!

I pounded harder and harder into her making Claire's sounds of ecstasy rise louder and deeper. She scratched at the glass, but only managed to get fingerprints all over it. Her breasts pressed tightly against the cool panes, and anyone outside would have had an amazing view. Too bad there were only trees and squirrels out there. But I'm sure they had an amazing view.

As for me, I was really starting to enjoy pounding away at her ass. Her rear hole was much tighter than her front, and I could feel it tighten around me. I pulled at her hair, increasing her pleasure. Spanking her ass was effective too, and released yelps of pleasure. By the time I got her up to level 12, she was reaching a climax.

"Ooooohh siiiir". Harder! Ooooohhhhh yes! YES! Almost.. ooh OOHH AHH UUUuuuggghhhhh SIR!" She exclaimed as I brought her to her limit. Juice spurted out of her pussy as I rubbed her labia back and forth. It wasn't as much as Piper had squirted, but she was definitely letting out a little spurt every time I thrust inside.

An icon on the screen appeared, which looked like an exclamation point with a water drop behind it., indicating she was climaxing and squirting. As she started to convulse, I grinded by cock deep in her ass before pulling it out. I stood back to look at her entrances. Her ass was gaping wide open, but slowly closing now that I had pulled out. However, her pussy was now pulsing open and close, undulating in and out as she tried to recover.

She stayed leaning over, her arms hanging onto the curtains on each side. No longer was she pressed against the glass, but I didn't finish yet. I pulled her away from the window and laid on the floor, placing her in my lap facing away from me. With a thrust, I pushed inside her pussy, and this time, she arched up, trying to grab and something that wasn't there, before she finally placed her hands behind her on my shoulders.

While thrusting up into her, I reached around and fondled her breasts. One of her hands shot forward and grabbed mine, pushing me tighter against her tit. She squeezed and released my hand several times, and I did the same to her breast.

"Amazing, sir! So good! Oh god, I'm getting close again!"

I couldn't see the tablet form this position anymore, but I knew she was approaching another level of arousal. With her hips grinding against me between thrusts, she released my hand and rubbed at her clit instead. I joined her there, and she gasped at my touch. Reaching back to hold herself up again, she pounded up and down, letting all the girls see her exposed pussy with her legs wide apart and her breasts bouncing. I could tell Piper was enjoying it, who had started to bite her lip again and pinch her nipple.

Finally, Claire started to shake, reaching another orgasm. I knew I was close now, and started to pick up the pace. "Sir!" she exclaimed. "Please, I want- I want it in my ass! Master, I'm begging you!"

How could I say no to that? I lifted her up, pulling out, and repositioned to her ass again. She gladly brought all her weight down onto me, still leaning back into me. I thrust into her ass, almost as tight as it was in the beginning. She bounced wildly in my lap, reaching for that release.

At last, I ejaculated, shooting inside her. Claire's legs shook wildly, and she clenched her face. Losing her strength, she fell back onto me, still riding the wave of her orgasm.

We stayed like that for a little, catching our breaths. As I pulled out of her, repositioning her beside me on the soft carpet, she coughed, clearing her throat.

"You are definitely..." She began, before breathing more. "... More energetic than the old master. Give... Give me a moment." She lay there, trying to recompose herself. As for me, I stood up and looked back at the other girls.

"Alright, line up ladies" I commanded. "You can take your time Claire." She smiled and nodded, while Piper, Nora, and Kristy all stood up and got back in line. Azure remained motionless propped against the couch.

"How's Azure?" I asked.

"She's rebooting. It shouldn't be long" Piper replied. "It was a crash."

I nodded and opened my mouth to address every but was interrupted.

"Hello, I am Azure." Azure opened her eyes and blinked several times.

"Told ha" Piper chirped.

"I experienced a fatal error, running system diagnostics in the background. My response times may be slightly hindered. Why... Am I on the floor?"

She stood up, but her legs were weak. I walked over and gave her a hand, helping her to her feet.

"Master! Thank you."

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"I think so, master. I experienced a fatal error after I climaxed. I am sorry to have failed you sir."

"You didn't fail. I liked your little robotic outbursts. They're cute."

"C- Cute? I am a bodyguard, I do not do cute" she objected.

"Yes you do, very well. And don't stop doing it. Can you stand?" She nodded. "Alright, join the others."

Claire was slowly making her way over with wobbly legs by the time I finished with Azure. She managed to get in line, barely.

"So..." I began. "That was amazing." The girls all smiled and giggled. Even Azure smiled. "All of you are perfect! Since it appears I will be staying here, we will need to set some house rules. One, no more mysterious vials of liquid... unless I say otherwise. Two, clothes are optional."

Part 6: Room to Grow

That day I spent learning more about the house and company, as well as the girls. I watched them interact, and read their manuals. I decided to keep them there as maids for now, to clean up and prepare meals and the like. I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted to talking with them though, because Claire had me going through a lot of technical stuff. Meanwhile they were getting ready with food and preparing a new master bedroom for me.

Essentially, the house was one of many the previous CEO used to get away. He had started the company to build industrial robots, but in his later years, having lived a bachelor his entire life, he decided he wanted to address the situation of his loneliness. He began a campaign to allow the company to expand into other fields. At first it was medicine, and then nurseries. Eventually they were making household robots for cleaning and socializing. From there, he entered the world of sex dolls. However, it didn't sit well with everyone, so he created new entity he could sell them under. Meanwhile, he started to make them, advance them, and perfect them. He had a small harem of sex bots for himself by the end, but sex wasn't enough. They had to be perfect, they had to be emotionally invested themselves. They quickly transformed into the most advanced robots ever created, companion bots.

They were more than just mere programmed robots, they were learning, developing, and changing on their own. Their holographic minds were literally like jelly, changing shape and restructuring themselves to allow for more, better connections. They could adapt to almost any situation quickly, but more importantly, they could redesign their own circuitry, to a point. This let them grow in ways no one ever imagined.

He never sold a single one. At least not through the new entity he created. It sat there in name only, but he died before he could see his plan through. He wanted to use this new name to market a series of adult entertainment bots, but I felt he was downplaying them too much. He wanted them to be more than sex bots, but he treated them like sex bots himself. His idea was that the more human they seemed, the more appealing they would be. Tackle the uncanny valley effect by going realistic to the extreme. What he should have been doing was marketing them as friends. They could be the emotional support many needed that could help with chores and more. They should have been companions in the real sense of the word.

As I looked at these girls play and joke with each other, even as they cleaned up around the house, I knew they were going to be something completely new to the world. Artificial humans. Their minds were evolving and changing and adapting, and instead of trying to fight humans, like so many bad movies depicted, they formed relationships with them.

But as I read more, I learned they were already out there! Maybe not marketed and sold, but distributed nonetheless. They were sent out to study, learn, emulate, and interact with people, to better simulate them. As a result, they found they were developing at a much more rapid pace than expected. That is where the pain and pleasure part comes in.

Apparently, in an attempt to make them learn from humans, they had to act like us and copy us and emulate us. And humans are all about pain and pleasure. They quickly developed pain and pleasure centers that closely mimicked those of humans. They were so close, they actually felt physical, emotional, and mental pain and stress, and suffered similar side effects as well. Their minds changed to cope with pain, but also pleasure.

But they weren't human, they were something else, something amazing which I adored, but not the same. I learned that later that night one of the ways we differed the hard way.

After dinner, which was made of a delicious Italian pasta dish I couldn't pronounce, I sat in a room known as "The Study", which was filled with books, along with several computers and screens, and a desk in the middle. I sat at the desk reading when Kristy came in.

"You wanted to see me?" She asked.

"Yes. Um... Kristy. I don't really know how to say this for tactfully, but... I'm still upset at what you did."

Her head lowered, nodding. "I can't say I'm sorry enough."

"No, I don't think words are enough."

"Well I'll gladly give you my body if that will-"

"No. I already..." I began, but stopped. "What you did really hurt me. Deceiving me and my friends, teasing me for so long, lying to me." She stood there silently staring at the ground, her arms clasped in front of her pointed straight down. "It's the lying the hurts the most. I thought you knew me. Heck, I thought I knew you!"

"I know! You do know me! Better than ever now" she protested.

"Then why would you trick me like that? I thought you loved me."

"I did, I mean I do, I mean... It's complicated" she mumbled.

"Complicated. Well, yes" I admitted, "relations can be complicated."

"I was afraid you'd get cared and refuse to come, or assume I was making things up. 'Come on dear, let's go to a house in the middle of the woods so you can take over a company of sex robots. Oh did I forget to mention I'm one too?'" She mocked. She instantly regretted it, but it made me mad.

"HOW Do You Know?!" I bellowed. "I-" Lowering my voice I continued. "I might have if you proved it. You know I love that shit! I would have been dragging you here if I knew you were an android!"

"I'm sorry!" She apologized in tears.

"No! I- I'm sorry... I shouldn't have yelled. I just... It still hurts." She stood there silently, trying to bury her head between her shoulders.

"I still love you" she sobbed.

I couldn't stand making a girl cry. I got up and approached her. She seemed scared at first, but let me hug her.

"I'm sorry. I love you too, but... I don't think this is going to work like it did before. I mean... Our relationship can't go back to what it was."

"Are-" she panicked. "Are you breaking up with me?" I said nothing, but thought about it. Did I want to? Did I have to? "Please don't send me away! I don't want to leave!"

"I can't be exclusive to you, Kristy. I mean, you took me to meet a bunch of girls knowing what was going to happen. They were practically begging me to-"

"I want to stay here" she cried. "With you. And the girls."

"Sure, you can stay. But won't living with me be a pain? I mean... You were oddly silent earlier, when I was... With the other girls. You were upset I was messing around with them-"

She shook her head. "No. I expected you to do that. I wanted you too."

"What? Why? Are you testing me?"

She shook her head again, wiping away a tear. "I love you so much, I wanted you to be happy. I knew it would make you happy, and they would be happy, and..."

"You want me to be unfaithful?" I asked

"You mean exclusive to me?" She sniffed. "That's a human thing. I don't mind if you have sex to someone else. It is a wonderful experience. I thought you'd want to share that."

"But usually... So you weren't jealous I was spending more time with them?"

"Well, I would have liked more time, but they were enjoying it so well, and you were too, I didn't want to interrupt."

"Wait, so you want me to have a harem?"

"I thought that was every man's fantasy. Monogamy is really all about children, which we can't have."

"No it isn't... I mean, not every man fantasizes about that, and monogamy isn't just about kids."

She sniffed again, her tears drying. "But you fantasize about it. I checked your browser history." Oh geez... "If... If monogamy isn't about children, what is it about?"

"Equality. Man and women, equal, belonging to each other, neither one having dominance over the other."

"But... I'm a robot... A slave. None of us are equal to humans, we are merely-"

"I don't think that's true" I interrupted. "Maybe you aren't there yet, but I've been looking and you will surpass humans eventually. You are so amazing, I would gladly say we are different but equal mentally and physically."

She thought about this. "Different but equal... We are different. I do not have the desire to keep you to myself, Dereck. I am different from you in that way I guess. Plus, I am happy when you are happy, and when you make others happy."

She had me there. Sex had two purposes, children and pleasure. Without children in the picture, pleasure was the only other reason, and it made multiple partners a much easier thing to handle.

"Besides" she added, "don't humans often have multiple mates anyways?"

She had me again. Open relationships, cheating spouses, multiple wives, 2nd or 3rd marriages... Humans were not as monogamous as we claimed.

"You know what... You're right. I'm sorry. And I forgive you. For everything."

"Just like that?"

"Yeah. Maybe I don't like how you did it, or the fact that you lied, but to ruin such a relationship in such a trivial matter is stupid. Besides, you took me to this amazing place, gave me an amazing offer, and introduced me to amazing new friends. I can't be mad at you for that. It's the best thing anyone has ever done for me!"

She looked surprised but smiled. "Really? So... We won't break up?"

"Well... We won't be dating anymore. Not like we did. No more teasing for sex, or turning me down, no more exclusivity to each other. We will have an open relationship. I mean, I am your master now anyways so I guess that means I can do whatever I want with you. Instead of boyfriend and girlfriend, we are master and..." I didn't want to call her a slave or a servant. What was this relationship? "How about, owner and robot?" That didn't sound right either. "I know... A man and a woman trying to figure things out together, with friends."

"That's all I wanted!" She exclaimed. "I am yours. Man and woman, master and robot. Having you as my master fills me with... warmth? Like I'm excited and happy and eager. All at once! I just want to make you happy."

"Well I am, and even more so when you are happy and enjoying yourself."

"Derek, err... Master. Thank you." She kissed my cheek. "We can still go out on dates together though, right?"

"Sure, but I can't promise we'll always be alone, or that I might go with one of the others on occasion too. Piper can't seem to get her hands off me."

"I noticed that, she really took a liking to you. Azure too."

"You think?" She nodded. "I have the feeling living with you girls is going to be a lot of fun."

She laughed and sways side to side. "So... Master. Is that everything?"

"Well, I guess so. I mean..."

"House rule number 4, if we want something we just have to ask."

"Oh, did you want something?"

"Do I have to ask?" She winked. "Or should I beg? Besides, I have to make it up to you for all those times..."

I kissed her, tasting the salty tears that dried on her lips. Kristy kissed me back and ran her hands up my back. She pressed her body against me, and inhaled sharply while her tongues danced around inside my mouth.

She decided it was too cold to go naked all the time, but decided it was apparently warming up, and started to pull at her top. I helped her, feeling her smooth skin as she stretched up.

After losing the top, she helped me with mine, and pressed her exposed torso against me. I love the sensation of her tits pressed against me, but she kept pushing until I had to step back. As she unbuckled my belt with one hand, I undid her short shorts, pushing them down her legs, and yet she continued to push me back, until my butt hit the desk.

As she climbed her leg on the desk, I realized she wanted to ride me, and I pulled myself up and back, sitting on the desk. She kept her body right against mine, lifting her other leg until she straddled me. Wearing only panties, she pulled out my cock and rubbed herself against it. A dark spot grew larger on her panties, and I could hear the slurping noises her wet folds were making already.

She smiled as she ran her fingers up and down my shaft, teasing the head, and then gripping me tight. I reached up and slide my hand along her torso, feeling her muscles and rib cage, until I reached her soft breast, I teased her, running my fingers around her breast, and then the other, making tighter and tighter circles but avoiding her nipples. She shimmied her shoulders and writhed beneath my touch.

"Don't tease me Master!" She cooed in a sultry voice. I grasped her nipple, pinched, and pulled. She gasped and moaned with my action, and I could feel the wet spot on her panties grow larger and hotter. "Aaahhh yes! Derek that is so good!"

She smiled again, this time reaching down, and pulling her panty to one side. With a little finagling , she slipped my cock inside her and lowered herself down.

We made passionate wild love on the desk. Her breasts bounced playfully with each thrust and movement, while her voice squealed and moaned in delight.

"AAAhh! Yes! Harder Derek, Master! That's the spot! Yes! YES! YES!"

Now that the liquid had worn off, I was almost finished by the time she was just climaxing. As her moans turned to yells and then squeals, my arousal rose and I knew it wouldn't be long. Her body clenched down on me, and as she collapses into me, I shot my load.

There was a knocking at the door. "Sir" Claire's muffled voice rang out. "You're room is ready now." I laughed as I held Kristy against me. We awkwardly got up, and dressed.

My room was huge, with a bed big enough to swim laps in. It was daunting. And lacked any of my person stuff. Honesty it wasn't the size of the room or the bed that bothered me, it was how empty it felt.

"I really hate to make you girls do all this work for nothing, but isn't there a smaller room I can stay in, with... You know, a smaller bed?"

Claire nodded. "We can prepare one of the guest rooms if you'd like."

"Show me."

The guest room was still plenty large, but it was much more manageable to me. The bed was big enough for three people easily, but was still much smaller than the last one. There was stuff in the room, like pictures and plants. It kept a simplistic feel though, with simple but very nice furniture.

"This will do nicely" I smiled. "But I'd like to get my stuff if I'm going to stay here."

"Of course, we can have someone drop over at your address tomorrow and pack it up."


"Please give us just a moment to prepare this room for you. We will put fresh sheets and blankets here as well as your clothing from your bags in the dresser, and your personal items in the bathroom."

"Sure, but I can help."

"Please, we wouldn't dream of having you do this. We are more than happy to."

"Say Claire," I began, noticing she had returned to her business suit, "did you girls have a dress code or uniform while here? Do you have much stuff yourselves? Like different outfits or personal belongings?"

"The dress code was usually business attire. Our previous master liked things to be kept minimal, including us. However these girls were not his personal units, so they have a few items. However you can change things any way you wish."

I nodded. Strange old man. "I would like to give you girls some uniforms, but also some dresses and everyday clothes, plus some stuff just for you to enjoy. Whatever you want. It would be nice to go out with you girls, maybe do some shopping. No more business attire when you are here, only at work, ok?"

Claire bowed and hesitated. "Should I take it off now?"

"No, just pick out something different tomorrow until I pick out some uniforms."

"I do not have anything else to wear" she admitted.

"What? Nothing?"

"He likes to keep his personal units simple. I was one of them, the only one that wasn't reformatted."


"Yes, his will indicated his personal units were to be erased and reassigned. They currently work in the office with no memories of their past. I was spared so I could train his successor."

"So you were one of his harem, huh?"

"The youngest. I was only his for 6 months before his passing."

"So he...?"

"Yes, he made use of me many times. I hope that is not a problem. I am self-cleaning and was given a thorough maintenance and sterilizing after his passing."

"No, no, it's fine! Just... Don't ever talk about it. Kind of creepy thinking about old man parts..."

"He wasn't as good as you" she admitted. "I wasn't his favorite or anything."

"I wonder if he decided to keep you in tact because his older girls knew something he wanted to keep secret..."

Claire shrugged her shoulder. "He kept much from me in his personal life. I was just a junior assistant, but the newest model, and he programmed me with all his business affairs. The others were used more for his personal use than I was."

"Was he mean to you?"

She shook her head. "No, but he was rather distant. He never hurt any of us, but didn't like to splurge his wealth on frivolities, like personal items and outfits for us."

"So you've never owned anything yourself?"

"Very little."

"Well that's sad. We have to remedy this, tomorrow. We will all go out shopping together. Until then, we need to sleep. Well I need to."

"We do sleep" Claire confirmed. "It helps with running daily maintenance on our brains and bodies. Our minds are very delicate and need to build pathways to important memories. Just like in a human."

I knew they had a sleep mode, of sorts, but the instructions didn't mention why. "Do you girls dream?"

"Yes. It is part of the maintenance. We run simulations, testing various aspects of our responses and decision making. I'm sure they aren't as interested as your dreams though."

"I see" I yawned, trying to hold it in.

"Let me get the girls so we can finish up here."

"Say, I'd like to see their rooms while I wait, is that ok?"

"Of course, I can take you there-"

"No, I'll make my own way. I need to figure out these hallways anyways. Just point me in the right direction."

She directed me toward the rooms, which were one floor below mine. When I got there I noticed they were more like dorm rooms, each one setup for each girl.

It was easy to see which was Azure's. It had very little, and next to the bed was a giant blue and chrome charging port. The bed looked unused. However, she did have a poster on a wall of a band, and pictures of abstract architecture on another. A desk with computer repair tools sat against that wall and a few simple dressed hung in her closet. On the back of the door to her room hung a poster of Ada Lovelace wearing a white dress with a red sash.

I found one room I figured was Nora's. It had girly things in it, like a makeup kit, a large mirrored vanity, and a few pretty outfits. Her bed was pink and frilly, with lots of pillows and a stuffed cat-head shaped one in the middle. On the wall were pictures of flowers. Photos of friends were taped to the edges of the mirror, but there weren't many. Next to her bed was a picture of Marilyn Monroe, and a full length mirror was attached to her door. It was a stylish, if pink and frilly, room.

The next room I guessed was Piper's. It had stickers on the door that warned "crime scene" and "do not enter". I did anyways. Inside, the bed was simple with blue sheets, a pillow, and a black cat toy, but it wasn't neat or tidy. It was a mess. She had a TV against one wall with video games strewn on the floor, and movie posters on the wall. A skateboard leaned against her bed and a calendar of topless firemen hung over it. A lava lamp undulated while alight, illuminating a small vibrator laid on her dresser, and she had a Playgirl magazine next to it. Figurines of characters decorated the rest of it. A British flag hung on another wall with posters of bands, a few of which I recognized, around it. A guitar lay in a case nearby and her floor was littered with junk food wrappers and underwear. The back of her door had a small toy basketball hoop on it.

I laughed at how different they were. And looked forward to spending time with them. I found another room I assumed was Claire's. It was mostly empty except for a second suit dress and some makeup. Sad really. But I also didn't expect her to have been living here until now. There were several more rooms, all empty except for a bed and dresser, and I'm sure one of them was for Kristy.

Upon exploring a little, I returned to see the girls finishing up the room. It wasn't really much but they did seem to be having fun. I couldn't help but notice that Piper was wearing only panties, while the others had put on actual clothes.

Claire came up to me. "We're almost done here, and then you can have the room to yourself."

I watched as Azure and Piper finished making the bed together while chatting, Kristy was just finishing putting my clothes in drawers, and Nora was busy in the attached bathroom, probably cleaning or putting things away or something.

"I wish you girls had rooms next to mine" I commented. "It would be a nice company."

"Well, we can always stay here with you" Piper teased.

"Where were you?" Kristy asked.

"I was just looking around downstairs."

"Down- Did you look in our rooms?" Piper asked, frozen in place. I smiled and she lifted the sheet over her head. "It's a mess! I didn't clean up! I didn't know you were coming today!" She lifted her head from the sheet to look at me. "I left that out! You saw it didn't you?!" She curled down beside the bed and covered her head.

"Piper" Azure called out. "Please help finish the bed." Piper stood up and finished with the sheets and blankets reluctantly.

"It's ok Piper. I doubt you'll need to use that much after today" I teased. She briefly paused, her entire upper body turning red, but then grinned. "At least not alone" I added.

She paused again and looked over at me, biting her lip. She was just adorable, and I loved teasing her!

As they finished up, the girls got in a line to wish me goodnight. Claire was first and smiled genuinely at me.

"I look forward to spending my time with you. Especially tomorrow. Let me know if you need anything."

She bowed and walked out. Nora came up next. She smiled and offered me a hug. "Goodnight, sir. I hope you like it here with us."

"I'm sure I will."

Azure came up next, offering a handshake. "Thank you for accepting our invitation, master. I am at your beck and call anytime you need it." I took her hand, but then pulled her into a hug. She wasn't expecting it, but returned the hug a moment later. "I- I... am excited you are here."

"I am glad to be here."

She didn't want to break the hug, but we had to. She blushes as she gave me a small bow and walked off quickly.

Piper came up next. "You... aren't what I was expecting" she confessed. "Your way better!"

"Honestly Piper, I think you are a ton of fun."

Piper gave me a strong hug, and gripped the back of my shirt. "Would you like me to keep you some company tonight?" She whispered.

"I think I'll be alright tonight" I responded. "I'm kind of sexed out today. But there's always tomorrow."

She drew back and pouted. "It doesn't have to be sex, you know."

"Yeah? Then why have you been topless all day?"

"Cause I wanted to show off for you" she teased, sticking out her tongue.

"Not tonight, but thanks."

"Oh alright. Tomorrow then. You promised!"

I slapped her butt as she turned to leave, and she turned back giving me a playful grin.

Kristy came over last. "Apparently you can barely keep your hands off her either."

"Yeah, well... She’s cute."

"Yes she is. Say... Could I stay with you tonight? I don't mean like that! I mean, I've never slept with a guy... Not that way! You know what I mean... I've never been in bed with another person before... But... I didn't bring much and my room is kinda... Empty."

"Scared?" I asked.

She nodded. "And lonely. I'm not trying to seduce you... I just don't know this place very well yet. I've only been here once before. And while I know these girls, I know you better."

"Well I don't know... I did just turn down Piper..."

"Yeah, cause she just wanted to get into your pants. Come in Derek. Please?" She gave me the puppy dog eyes, which she knew I couldn't resist.

"Oh... Fine! But no sex tonight, I'm actually kinda tired."

"Yay!" She exclaimed. "Thank you so much! I'll just bring up my bag."

Kristy ran off to get her things, while I turned toward my new room. It was plenty large enough for me, and had room for some personal touches. Much better than the cavern Claire tried to put me in before. Plus the thought of sleeping in an old man's bed... Maybe I could turn that room into something for the girls to share. How strange that just a day ago I was taking a trip with my best friends for a week of fun before jumping head first into the jobless abyss of the unknown, but now I was having sex with the cutest girls, who happened to be my personal companion robots, while I prepared to take over a leading company in robotics. What a day. I wondered what in the word tomorrow was going to bring.

Part 7: Highscore

As the sun peaked in through the window to greet me, I remembered I wasn't at home, or out camping, but rather in a huge mansion. With cute sexy robot chicks... One of which happened to be sucking me off.

Wait, that wasn't right, I was still half asleep, but the sun wasn't the thing that awoke me, it was the sensation of someone playing with my dick. That's right, Kristy was in bed next to me. I told her no sex last night, but it was morning now, so I guess she was too eager to wait.

I moaned, still half awake, as my morning wood was locked and sucked. "Mmm... Good. Kristy!"

"Yeah?" She asked as she deep throated me. No, that's not right.

I turned over in bed, still feeling the sensation of a soft warm body between my legs. Kristy smiled at me. She felt so good.

"Good morning."

"Good morning, Derek" she replied while popping the head of my dick in and out of her mouth. No... Wait! Kristy was next to me! She wasn't even touching my penis! So who was...?

I pulled back the sheets. Piper lay there, naked between my legs, with my dick in her mouth, looking up at me. She pulled me out and hissed, blocking the sunlight from her eyes.

"Curses!! The sun!"

"Piper!" I yelled.

"What? You said tomorrow. That would be today." She turned back toward my penis and began sucking on it again. Kristy just laid there looking down at her.

"It's too early for this" I complained, but she felt amazing.

"No it isn't" she denied, pulling away but stroking me with her hand. "Besides, you owe me."

"I owe you for what?" I questioned.

"One... You made a promise. Every day. Several times."

"I did not say several times" I argued.

"And two" she continued, ignoring me, "you thought Kristy was giving you this amazing service! I'm offended and appalled, appalled and offended" she joked. "I'm twice the fellatio-er she is."

"It's fellator" Kristy corrected.

Piper stuck her tongue out. "Well I don't see you fellatio-ating. So don't take the credit!" She squeezed my shaft a little, before releasing me and diving back in for more.

"I'm sorry! I was half asleep and remembered she was here" I apologized.

"Iz ohay" she replied with her mouth full. She tried to say something more but it just came out as mumbles. Her vibrating voice was very pleasing on my shaft as her tongue swirled around the head of my dick.

"But why now? It's kind of a rude awakening."

Piper stopped and pulled out my dick with a smacking noise. "Because yesterday you gave us house rule, and I to thinking... After your promise, I was going to make some rules of my own... Well maybe more like goals. One: I would never use my toys by myself while you were here, and Two: I would masturbate anymore, and instead find relief through and with you."

"That's silly" Kristy interjected. But Piper continued.

"And as soon as I wake up every morning, I'm as horny as a schoolgirl."

"Well I commend you for your creative idea" I began, "but I don't think that's feasible. I won't always be available or want to."

"I know," she said, stroking me. "That's what excites me about it, being forced to endure the pain and anticipation for hours on end until at last we can be together. Thinking of enduring that much sexual tension... I'll probably explode!" That didn't sound right. "Speaking of which..." She said looking at my dick. "I got an idea..."

Piper got up on her knees, exposing her slim sexy body, her small but soft and shapely breast, and the pink buds at each end. Scooting over, she started to get to my side, before kneeling next to my head.

"Excuse me" she chimed as she lifted her leg and brought it over my head. "Sorry, look out!" She warned, looking over at Kristy, as she placed her leg between my face and hers. "Comfy?" She asked, looking down at me between her legs as she settled down.

I was looking straight up at her wet warm snatch, only inches from my face. I nodded, and heard Piper giggle as she leaned forward. She wasn't as strong smelling as I expected, and was actually kind of sweet, a little.

Taking me back into her mouth, Piper rubbed her pussy against my nose. I couldn't stop myself from grabbing her legs and hips and licking the holy hell out of her. I felt her body instantly react as I came into contact with her sensitive areas.

"Well hello," Kristy complained. "I'm still here."

Piper ignored her and continued to go to town on my dick, running, stroking, licking, and sucking me, increasing her intensity to match my own. I responded in kind, playing with her pussy lips, teasing her clit with my tongue, sticking my tongue and fingers inside her. She grew more and more excited, breathing heavier and moaning, which vibrated my cock in turn.

I intensified my attention on her, sending shivers down her body. However, Kristy wasn't going to just sit there and watch.

"Fine! Move over" she ordered as she lifted Piper's shoulders up, until she was sitting down on my face. I felt the weight on the bed around me shift, and suddenly a girl lowered herself onto me. I looked around as best as I could, and figured Kristy just mounted me letting out a sigh while Piper caught her balance.

"Heeeyyy...." Piper drawled. "That's not fair! I was gonna do that!"

"Well... You did that instead" Kristy explained pointing at my face, "so it's my turn." She lifted herself up, repositioning where we were connected with her hand, and lowered herself again, farther down this time.


"You'll get your turn! Just... Endure."

"Damn it!" She cussed, but stopped complaining and just rubbed herself back and forth against me. I didn't want to deny the girl her orgasm, so I continued to stimulate her with my tongue and fingers.

I slid my fingers into her wet snatch and made a "come here" gesture, stimulated the front wall while lightly teasing her clit with my tongue. She had an immediately and most pleasing reaction.

"FuuUUCK! Master! You're going to make me cum if you oooooohhh..." She lurched forward, I guessed grabbing onto Kristy. But since all I could see was her honeypot, legs, and butt (not that it was a bad view) I couldn't tell what they were doing up top. Except enjoying it.

"Yyyyeeeesss!" Kristy moaned as she bounced up and down against me. It was hard to concentrate on the pleasures of the woman riding my rod while pleasure the girl sitting on my face. As a result, while her stimulation was amazing, I found I was not about to climax as quickly as before. My mind was preoccupied with a different matter.

"Fuck I want your dick so bad!" Piper uttered in a raspy voice. "More!"

I decided, since I had tested Claire this way, to see if Piper would respond as well. Playing with her vagina got her juice all over my fingers, which I used to slide a finger Into her ass.

Her legs tightened and her body shook. I could hear her gasp and squeal, but no protests, so I continued. I used one hand to stimulate her anus, and the other to see to her vagina, while licking and teasing her clit with my tongue.

Meanwhile Kristy started to bounce faster and faster, pounding her body weight harder against me until I started to feel my pleasure rise again. I could hear the two of them making out above me.

At last, Piper reached her limit and shifted her weight back, rubbing her hips against me more.

"OOhhh Shit! I don't wanna-AAhh wanna cum like thiiiiiis! Aahhh hah hah Hah HAH HAAA FUCK YES!" She yelled as she started to cum. I quickly stopped touching her, pulling my fingers out of her and pressing my face away. "AHH Ah! What are you-! I'm-! I'm so close! I'm starting to- I can feel it. Pleeeeease Masteeer! More!" She begged. But instead I concentrated on Kristy.

Thrusting my hips up and into hers as she pounded down, I increased her pleasure immensely. Now that I was no longer concentrating on Piper, I felt my own pleasure rise again as well.

However it wasn't enough for me. But it was for Kristy.

"OOOOHHH YES! Yes! God Yes!" Derek, your dick is so good! I'm cumming! I'M CUMMIIIING!!" She climaxed hard, grunting as she did. Her movements became erratic and she started to shake. She eventually gasped and leaned forward into Piper, breathing deeply.

"That's what I wanted..." Piper pouted. I wasn't done yet though.

Pushing up, I managed to lift Kristy high enough that I could slide out of her, before grabbing hold of Piper's thighs.

I slid down, out from under them, and looked at the two of them. Kristy hung on to Piper's shoulder, still recovering, while Piper looked up at me with large teary eyes, begging for more. I smiled at her and she raised an eyebrow.

I gently moved Kristy onto the bed next to us, and pushed Piper down onto the bed. She looked up at me, writhing on the bed at the edge of release, biting her lip.

"Pleeeease Master!"

I loved her cute pleading voice and kissed her. Spreading her legs, I effortlessly thrust myself inside her pussy. She instantly moaned, closing her eyes and gripping the bed sheets beside her hips tightly.

I thrust, playing with her breasts and lightly biting her nipples, making her gasp and drool. I pounded deeper and harder into her, until she was unable to speak anymore.

"AHHH AHHH UUUGH! AAAHHN! AAAHHHHH!!" I lifted her hips, putting one leg on my shoulder, and penetrating her deeper. She didn't resist at all and started to shake her head wildly.

"Error!" She cried. "AHH!!! I'll break!! I’m gonna break! I’m Gonna…"

I was close, so close I couldn't stop even if I wanted to. I grabbed her ass while controlling her hips with my other hand and squeezed. Piper tightened down an me and I could hold out no longer.

I burst inside her, releasing a torrent of white hot liquid inside her. That was enough to bring her over the edge, and she started to convulse.

"AAAAAAAHHHH FUUUUCK! Ahhhh... UUUGH! Aaaagh! Uuuuuhhh!!" She clenched up so hard, she pushed me out of her, spilling my jizz onto her belly and legs. Meanwhile, she shot her own clear honey onto me in spurts. Piper squirted again, and her entire body orgasm this caused was amazing!

I watched as she continued to orgasm for half a minute, bowing and arching her back while bucking her hips. Her legs shook wildly, and her toes spread and clenched as the waves of ecstasy washed over her. This was a sight I never thought I’d see, and I loved it. It seemed to take forever for her to end her orgasm, and I thought that maybe she was stuck in an orgasmic loop.

Luckily, she squealed and gasped, and then collapsed on the bed, twitching every now and then. She glowed as I plopped down on the bed between the girls. I was in heaven. Two incredibly sexy girls in bed with me, naked and horny, and I just made them both cum. And it was still before 9.

“That…” Piper panted, “was AMAZING!” She lifted her head on with one elbow, turning toward me, wearing a huge smile on her face. She looked incredible with her sexy mussed up red hair and radiant smile. I could feel myself get excited again a little. “You are a sex god!”

I laughed at her. “What did you get up to?” I asked.

“What? Oh! Well… congratulations, you beat your old score. I reached 17 that time” she cooed running her fingers over my chest.

“17!?” Kristy gasped. “I only got to 13…”

“Jealous?” Piper teased.

“Not really… just impressed.”

“Ha” I laughed. “Next time I think we should aim for 20.”

“20!?” the girls simultaneously exclaimed.

“You really will break me” Piper added. “Sounds like fun” she teased biting her lip again. I was starting to like that look on her. “Want to try right now?”

“You just came all over the place” Kristy protested. “How could you want more already?”

“I can’t help it” Piper pouted. “I’m just… built this way, I guess.”

“And don’t change” I commanded, “but I think I need a break for food. Besides, making you get so hot for it that you have to beg is kind of exciting.”

She scoffed at me and pushed against my chest, but her scowl quickly faded into a giggle as she rolled on the bed back and forth, before cuddling close against me. “If you keep making me cum like that, you can tease me all you want. Just don’t make me wait too long.”

I lightly slapped her tight rear, eliciting an excited chirp from her. Kristy cuddled up to my other side and laid her head on my shoulder. This was really nice, and I didn’t want to move. But my stomach had other ideas. And after all that, I was going to need a shower.

“Alright you two, time to get up.”

“5 more minutes” Piper joked, pushing my nose as though it was a snooze button. I playfully glared at her and pinched her butt in retaliation. “Oh! “Hey! Alright, alright, I’m up.”

Piper sat up first, releasing the arm she had rolled onto, and letting my get up. “I need a shower, and then we can eat and figure out what to do today.”

“I’ll get the water ready for you!” Piper announced as she hopped off the bed and pranced into the bathroom.

“She really is taken with you, isn’t she?” Kristy noted.


“What about you? Do you like her too?”

“She’s… great! Playful, cute, silly… a little tomboyish, but girly when it counts.”

“I like her too” Kristy said a she sat up, running her fingers through her hair and stretch out. I couldn’t help but watch the wonderful shapes her body took.

“I like you too, Kristy.”

“I know” she answered, smiling. “You don’t need to worry, I won’t get jealous, even if you like someone else more than me. I had you first, and I still belong to you. Gynoids are designed to be used as companions.”

“You girls are so much more than just companions” I argued.

“What do you mean by that?”

“You are too smart, too individual, too independent, too unique. You girls are like really good friends. Friends with benefits.”

“Permissions maybe” she joked. “Friends… you still see us as equals? It was nice to pretend when I was out there in the world, but I don’t feel equal.”

“Few humans ever do. It’s a very human flaw. So what does that say about you?”

She smiled. “That I’m human? But you know I’m not.”

“No, you aren’t. But you are close. I bet the only difference between us is that I am an organic lifeform, and you are a mechanical one.”

“A mechanical lifeform?” She asked.

“Hey” Piper called out from the bathroom. “The water is ready and only going to get colder. If you want to keep having a deep philosophical discussion, do it in here! I’m getting started without you.”

“Coming” I called out, and walked toward the room. “Joining us?” I asked looking back at Piper.

“Sure” she shrugged.

The shower was one of those big ones the size of half a room, with a dozen shower heads all over, and an artificial waterfall on one wall. Plenty of room for 3 people. Piper was already in there, letting the hot water run down her hair, pressing it against her skin. As soon as I opened the glass door to join her, she turned toward me with a grin and beckoned me closer.

As I approached, she playfully splashed water on me and made a mocking face in jest. I laughed and grabbed her, wrapping my arm around her waist and lifting her up as she tried to turn to escape. She giggled and kicked, bent over as I lifted her up.

“Hey you two” Kristy said, closing the sliding glass door behind her. “No rough housing in the shower, you might slip. There aren’t any repair shops or hospitals with several miles, so don’t hurt yourselves!”

I put Piper down, and turned to Kristy. “Right. Good point. I can’t exactly repair you girls.”

“And we aren’t doctors” Kristy added.

We all laughed it off though, and started to properly bathe. The girls took turns rubbing soapy cloths over my skin, and I enjoyed giving them the same treatment, playing with their sexy bodies a little as I did. It was actually a lot of fun and more than a little exciting. I was unable to keep myself from getting aroused near them, and was tempted to just bend them over and fuck them, but they had other ideas.

With hot water running off my back, Kristy stood against me, rubbing my body and playing with my butt and balls while Piper kneeled in front of me and rubbed my engorged cock between her petite breasts. Her breasts, being the smallest, didn’t completely envelop me, but were still big enough for the job. Her tiny frame and soft skin excited me to no end, and she successfully stimulated me until I came all over her chest and face.

She giggled as she took it, and licked it off her fingers while Kristy leaned down and licked it from her face and chest. “Now I’ll need a second shower” Piper teased. I was pleased to assist her in that.

I watched the two of them dry off. They were like nothing I had never experienced. Cute, sexy, attractive, and completely taken with me. And I was taken with them. And something about Piper just stirred me up inside. I was really going to enjoy my time with these girls.

We left my room together, with the girls in either arm, clinging to me while chatting and giggling. This was paradise.

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