Darsi, Bruce and Natalie

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Darsi, Bruce and Natalie

Part 1

Darci took Bruce home and hoped that her partner, Natalie, would be there. She knew that Natalie didn’t go for guys. And that Natalie usually didn’t like it when she surprised her and brought one home. But this one was special. Darsi had heard that Bruce’s model had a funny little tic and she wanted to find out if it was true. Natalie would be entertained, watching. After that, she and Nat could get down to business themselves.

Darsi hand-trucked Bruce into the bedroom, with Natalie in tow.

“C’mon!” Darsi had a mischievous look on her face. “Let’s turn him on!”

Natalie sat down in a chair in the corner while Bruce booted up. Darsi laid down naked on the bed. When he was finally ready, Darsi summoned him. “Bruce, I need to feel you inside me now.”

Darci laid on her back and spread apart her legs. Light stubble surrounded her pink vagina. Something in Bruce’s pelvic region vibrated pleasantly when her saw that her lips were already lightly sheathed in her vaginal lubricant.

Bruce looked down at the status-readout on his chest: full green. All systems operating at 100%, hitting on all cylinders. He was ready to go.

Darci welcomed Bruce’s rock-solid member into her synthetic pussy. He pressed it into her and moaned slightly. Tenderly, her warmth enveloped him.

As Bruce made love to Darci, Natalie sat in the corner of the room. Slowly, she massaged her breasts with her left hand. Her eyes were on Darsi, however. She and Darsi made a good pair. Both were quite a bit more advanced models than Bruce. But Darsi had Natalie beat by a variety of non-factory programming customizations. These sometimes caused Darsi to behave in…unpredictable ways. But that was why Natalie loved her.

Darci knew Bruce’s aging model inside and out. So she wasn’t surprised when several indicator lights on his chest control panel started flickering between green and yellow. Simultaneously, his thrusts became less controlled, more erratic. She was a little bit disappointed that this was happening so soon, however.

“Bruce?” Darci’s eyes fluttered as she looked up at him. “Is something wrong?”

Natalie piped up. “Darci. I think there’s something wrong with your boyfriend here.”

“Whoa,” was all Bruce could manage. He was definitely keeping the pressure up, though.

“Don’t look now, but he might malfunction if your not more careful.”

“Bruce,” said Darsi sweetly and patiently, “listen to me: you have to slow down. You’re going to overload your systems.” What a piece of junk! She inwardly thought to herself. She couldn’t have him start malfunctioning already or she wouldn’t have time to test out if the story she heard about his series was true!

He slipped out of her reluctantly, his cock dripping with her lubrication fluid.

“Lie down, baby,” Darsi told him. Not because she was interested, but because she decided she was going to have to see if the story about the glitch in Bruce’s series was true sooner than she thought, Darsi’s hand went up to the rectangular control panel mounted beneath collarbone.

“Darsi, you’re amazing,” Bruce said.

“I’m sorry, Bruce,” she whispered while looking down at her readout. “You’re just so intense, I have to make sure I’m doing alright – that I can handle it.”

At this, Natalie perked up. What just happened? Is Darsi worried about malfunctioning? “Darsi?” This was strange. Neither she nor Darsi had ever experienced a sex-related malfunction. “Are you alright? Is something wrong?” The idea…Natalie couldn’t quite…No. No, that was wrong. She loved Darsi and would never want to see anything go wrong with her.

Darsi straddled Bruce and turned to look at her female lover. Darsi was amused to find a concerned look on Natalie’s face (although Natalie hadn’t stopped rubbing her tits!). “I’m fine, Nat. Take it easy. Watch this, though,” she added with a wink.

Darci mounted Bruce, whose systems had seemed to stabilize considerably since he withdrew from her pussy. She eased his member back into her welcoming passage. Once she was sure she was securely mounted, she began to gently undulate, bouncing slightly and twisting her pelvis this way and that. Almost immediately, things started to go wrong with Bruce once more. Darsi decided that if she was going to put on this show, she was going to have to ask fast.

Darsi leaned forward and looked into Bruce’s eyes. Her hips continued to pump slowly. “Bruce,” she said, breathing heavily. “Does it turn you on that you can monitor my status by looking at the panel on my chest?” She had heard, specifically, that Bruce’s model had a strange programming glitch that manifested itself during intercourse. She was determined to see if it was true or just a story. And she also wanted to amuse Natalie.

“Oh God, oh yes Darsi.”

“What’s it say now?”

“Um,” Bruce tried to concentrate. “That your batteries are 88% charged and, uh...” Darsi started to speed up. “That, oh God, Darsi, uh, that your internal temp. is uh, slightly elevated but normal.”

“You feel so good Bruce,” she whispered. “So hot inside me. Tell me: How are my processors holding up?”

“Slow down Darsi, please.” Darsi sped up even more instead.

“My processors Bruce. Tell me.”

“Processors are fine. Uh, looks like, number one is at, um, oh, 74% and the auxiliary is only at 40% capacity.”

Natalie was getting intrigued. Where was this going? Despite herself she was – NO! She was NOT disappointed to hear that her lover’s systems were all in the green.

Darsi slowed down again and brought her face close to Bruce’s. “It’s a window into me. A display for everyone to see what’s going on inside of me, Bruce. For you to be able to see what’s going on inside of me. It can’t hide how I’m doing. What I’m feeling.”

Bruce was definitely getting close to the edge. Darsi noticed his own readout was flashing more and more crazily. It was time.

“Do you really want to see the real me, though, Bruce?”

“Yes, oh, Darsi. What do you mean?”

Darsi stopped bouncing but stayed on his dick and squirmed a bit. She reached up to her panel and removed it, like removing the face of a car radio. It trailed a few wires, which Darsi disconnected. Behind where the readout had been, a profusion of wires surrounded a dense set of chips and steadily blinking green LEDs.

Bruce’s eyes went wide and he grabbed Darsi’s hips and began thrusting hard. Darsi tossed the blank, unpowered face of her status panel onto the other side of the bed.

Meanwhile, Natalie was concerned. She really loved Darsi and didn’t think it was wise to engage in any non-recommended procedures. “Um, honey, I don’t think that’s the best idea. We’re only supposed to be open during maintenance.”

“Don’t be such a killjoy, Nat!” Darsi managed between moans. “Anyways, uhm, oooh, what can go wrong?”

“Well, liquids, for one thing!”

“Do you see any liquids around here, Nat? Uhhhh.

“Well, what about Bruce’s cum?”

“No worries Nat! Oh, Bruce! Big thick Brucy-woosie’s dick, oh, is safely in my pussy where, uh, it, mmm, belongs, OH! Isn’t that right Bruce?”

“God, yes. Darsi! I’m inside of you!” He was going nuts. Now was the time.

“Oh, Bruce! Oh, god, Bruce! I’m an android. Oh!”

And that was it. “Darci! Darci, I’m going to – Darsi! I’m going to – Darci Darci Darci I I I I I’M going to – going to – going to – Darsi – Darsi -!”

Having proved her point and fed up with all of his malfunctions, Darsi deftly hopped off of his dick and laid down beside him, watching his meltdown.

The sudden lack of stimulation seemed to relieve his systems a bit, but both Darsi and even Bruce himself knew it was too late. He was crashing.

“Darsi, I’m overloading!”

“Don’t worry Bruce: Natalie can get me off later, even if you can’t.”

“Darsi – you bitch – I’m malfunctioning! I’m just an android, Darsi! Darsi! Darsi-Darsi-Darsi!” His pitch was increasing “Darsidarsidarsidarsidarsidarsi!” Inside Bruce, there was suddenly a large ZAP and a crackling sound. The lights on his chest blinked off. He was silent.

Nat watched with a bemused smirk. “I wonder what went wrong,” she intoned.

“The story IS true! Bruce’s model goes nuts over exposed circuitry. Mine, in this case.”

“Malfunctions during sex aren’t very uncommon, but I guess that circuitry thing is true when it comes to these units. That was pretty extreme. An android with a fetish for androids. What will they think of next?”

“I sure defeated THAT cock!”

Smoke was slowly drifting up from Bruce’s open mouth and from his chest control panel. His dick was still hard and pointed up.

“What are you talking about, girl? He didn’t even come. Now you’re in for a REAL ride!” Natalie prepared herself to get onto the bed.

Part 2

Suddenly, Bruce gave off another alarming crackle of internal sparks.

“I think he’s trying to come back on!” Darsi said, laughing.

“DARCI I’M COMING!” He shouted. BANG!

“Darsi! Lookout! Your panel!” But it was too late. Not understanding, Darsi looked over at Natalie. Her smile was just starting to fade when she caught Bruce’s entire, massive load in her open panel.


Motionless and with a terrified look on her face, she looked into Natalie’s eyes. “That did not just happen Natalie.”

Beside her on the bed, Bruce trembled and shut down.

“Just – don’t move Darsi.” Neither of them knew what to do; nothing like this had ever happened before. They just weren’t programmed to respond to this kind of a contingency. But they knew Darsi was in trouble. In fact, both Darsi and Natalie had observed another of the 138 identical units in Darsi’s series, a sister of hers named Sonya, irretrievably lose her functionality when she slipped and fell into a pool at a party. Liquids were a big no-no for androids.

“Natalie, what’s going to happen to me?” Natalie was stunned. She couldn’t think of what to do. “Natalie?” Nat looked like she was in a daze “Natalie, will you help me before something goes wrong?”

It’s a little late for that! Why didn’t you listen to me!? Natalie thought to herself. But she said only: “Darsi, I don’t know. I don’t know what to do. What do you need me to do?”

“Nat, I’m scared. His cum is inside me. Inside my systems, Nat. Oh, Nat, how could this have happened? I’m an android, Nat. You know water, er cum, and androids don’t mix.”

“I know, Darsi.”

“I don’t want to lose my functionality, Nat.” Darsi propped herself up with her elbows and looked into her open chest panel. “Remember Sonya?”

“You’re not going to, Darsi. Look, maybe nothing is going to happen.”

“You - you think so?”

“Well, um, so far, nothing’s happened.”

“That’s true. But I’m an android, Nat.”

“You don’t have to remind me, Darsi. I’m one too.”

“That’s true. But I’m an android, Nat,” Darsi repeated.

Natalie stood up from the chair, hesitated, and stared.

“That’s true. But I’m an android, Nat,” Darsi said again, still peering into her panel.

Natalie had always secretly harbored a desire to see her female lover malfunction. She even tried to deny it herself. She knew it was wrong, but seeing Darsi in this state gave her a special kind of feeling she never felt during just regular sex. Darsi’s erroneous behavior was something she could barely take.

“That’s true. But I’m an android, Nat.”

When Darsi and Bruce were having sex, Nat’s pussy was slightly damp, as she watched the action. Now, Natalie noticed with some surprise, a trickle of her pure white lubricant was running down her leg, now almost reaching her knee.

“Darsi...” Natalie bit her lips. “You’re, um, malfunctioning.”

“That’s true. But I’m an android, Nat.”

“Can you even hear me at all Darsi?” Natalie asked as she slowly approached her apparently stricken artificial female partner. The closer she got, the more audible the ominous hissing sound coming from insider of her lover became.

“That’s true. But I’m an android, Nat.”

As she got closer, Natalie noticed a few faint wisps of gray smoke rising from Darsi’s open chest. Natalie drew near and stopped, suddenly realizing that she was pinching her own nipples very hard. She glanced down at her own chest. She had never seen her nipples as hard as they were now. While she was looking down, Natalie noticed that the word “warning” was blinking on her chest with the message: “Illegal subroutine running in core lesbian sexual program.”

“What in the heck…?”

“That’s true. But I’m an android, Nat.”

Her lover suddenly brought her back. Nat decided she could sort out any programming glitches later.

Leaning over Darci, Nat peered into the open chest cavity above Darsi’s breasts. Through the slowly unfurling smoke, Nat could detect a flurry of activity that belied Darsi’s apparently static behavior.

“That’s true. But I’m an android, Nat.”

The LEDs were all red now, winking on and off frantically as her systems struggled to figure out what the hell happened. Bruce’s cum was sizzling on smoldering chipsets. Natalie waved her hand in from of Darsi’s blank eyes. Unsurprisingly, Darsi’s only response was:

“That’s true. But I’m an android, Nat.”

Here she was, Nat thought. Her sexy, advanced, interesting partner, now reduced to the functionality of a stuck record player. Nat noticed that her hand had gone down between her legs.

“That’s true. But I’m an android, android, android, android, android, android, android, android, android…” A bright white spark shot out of Darsi’s chest with a snapping sound. She fell silent. Nat craned her neck to look back inside her partner and, to her surprise, despite the smoke and the fried cum, the LEDs were all in the green again and blinking in a slow, easy rhythm. Darsi’s systems seemed to be humming along again.

“Hey, Nat! How’d you get over there?”

“I, um…” Natalie suddenly felt a surge of guilt.

Darsi turned her head to look at Bruce, and then turned back to look up and Natalie. “I sure defeated THAT cock!”

“Um, Darsi. Don’t – don’t you remember getting wet?”

“Are you kidding me? You know you’re the only one who really gets me wet, Nat. Anyway, where’s my control panel face? I should reattach it before anything happens.”

Before Natalie could speak, Darsi got up on her knees and made her way over to her discarded panel face. As she was reattaching the face of her status panel, Nat realized that Darsi didn’t even seem to notice the smoke that was still rising out of her chest. That obliviousness spoke volumes about the true state of Darsi’s systems.

The electric hissing sound from before was muffled now. “There we go. All systems running full green, as usual, right Nat?”

Natalie looked in shock at the readout o her partner’s chest. A constant stream of smoke was pouring out all along the top seam of the panel. For it’s part, the readout was fuzzy and occasionally completely obscured by bursts of static. It showed only one word, blinking on-and-off in red letters that filled the display: ERROR.

Darsi looked Natalie in the eyes. “It’s a window into me. A display for everyone to see what’s going on inside of me, Bruce?” Darsi’s head jerked to the side with each repetition. “Bruce? Bruce? Bruce? Bruce? Bruce? Natalie? Natalie. For you to be able to see what’s going on inside of me. It can’t hide how I’m doing. What I’m feeling.”

Part 3

Natalie bit her lip, half in apprehension, half in arousal. Darsi was right: her front display panel was, indeed, a window into her innermost workings. Natalie gazed at it while Darsi stood before her, a look of vacant sexual lust on her face. Behind the panel’s static and flashing default master caution message, Natalie could still hear muffled electronic crackling and popping. A truss of Darsi’s hair fell delicately across the readout. The panel rose and fell gently with Darsi’s chest – her simulated breath subroutine evidently still online, despite the fact that that processing power, as small as it might be, probably could have been put to better use elsewhere. This suggested further that Darsi’s automatic self-diagnostic program was badly in disarray, or offline completely. She didn’t even know anything was wrong with her. How could she?

“Darsi, I think we’d better power you off and take you in for repairs,” Natalie said cautiously. She couldn’t understand it, but she felt confused, as though two programming directives were working against one another in her electronic mind. On the one hand, she had always loved Darsi; this was a core part of her personality program ever since Darsi had originally picked her out and activated her. She was made to be Darsi’s lover. If something happened to Darsi that would result in permanent lack of functionality – such as maybe the fluid damage she was currently suffering – Natalie would probably have to go in for a complete reprogramming before being sent to a new owner. After that, she wouldn’t even remember Darsi. She wouldn’t be herself any more. Natalie suspected that she had, in fact, already gone though several owners, although she would have no way of knowing it. The evidence was circumstantial. By now, she was an older and less advanced series than most partner units currently operating – somewhere in the 10th or 15th percentile last time she checked – so it was not unlikely. Were Darsi never to recover from this accident, Natalie thought she herself might even simply be scrapped, despite her sterling record of operating efficiency. It was already getting harder and harder to find workshops willing to service her series...

On the other hand, there was something else flashing through Natalie’s logic circuits. Some subroutine lurking just beneath her conscious cognitive processing functions. She had felt it once or twice before, but only fleetingly, and she had always been able to will it away. Seeing Darsi like this seemed to embolden the lurking program. She had never felt its influence over her nearly as strongly as she did now. Her lover Darsi, a much more advanced (and expensive) model, Natalie’s superior in every respect – design, realism, battery life, processing capacity, everything – stood before her. A ravishing young woman with pink lips and perfect white teeth, thick trusses, long legs, gentle hands, shaven crotch that was even slightly stubbly, for realism... She even had her artificial bellybutton pierced. There she stood, two feet away, looking Natalie up and down, devouring her body with her lust-filled eyes, a mischievous smirk on her face. This all aroused Natalie as it should – she was programmed to feel arousal at this sight, at such a scenario. That was normal. But then she noticed the panel. The panel which bespoke the malfunctioning chaos that was taking place within Darsi’s flawless exterior. It was driving Natalie mad with passion. She wasn’t sure she could choke back the impulse to make frantic love to her error-riddled better.

“Repair? Are you finally going glitched, Natalie? What nonsense! I’m perfectly fine. But if you keep acting so standoffish, I might have to take YOU in for some adjustments!”

Natalie felt her nipples straining even harder towards Darsi. There was something about the casual way Darsi, oblivious to the problems her own systems were suffering right under her nose, asserted herself. The way she blithely assumed all was well with herself, while half-joking that it was in fact Natalie who might have been in error. Natalie noticed that Darsi no longer seemed to be smoking – replacing the front panel had evidently starved the tiny electrical fire of oxygen. Natalie stood transfixed, motionless, completely at a loss as to what she should do. The two directives battled for ascendancy in her mind. The parameter insisting that she protect her owner defending itself valiantly against the increasingly powerful insurgent code that demanded she satisfy her swelling lust to take Darsi with all her might, and to be herself taken by her malfunctioning lover.

“Well? Why are you just standing there, Natalie? Geez! What are you worried about? What do I have to do to convince you that I’m functioning – “ a loud electric SNAP barked out from behind Darsi’s chest panel. Her breasts jiggled uncertainly. “...smoothly – smoothly – smoothly – smoothly – smoothly –“.

Natalie gaped at the broken Darsi record. Then she heard the ominous tone of a Master Alarm. She didn’t understand: Darsi’s Master Alarm obviously wasn’t functional, since if it was, it would have gone off earlier. Her eyes remained riveted to Darsi’s apparently un-self-aware, but nevertheless animated form while contemplating the paradox of the Alarm. With a dull sense of surprise, Natalie realized she was rubbing her clit with both hands. She felt her slick milky-white sexual lubricant trickling down the insides of both of her thighs.

Then, suddenly, a warning of her own flashed before her eyes. Priority one. In bold red letters: “WARNING. WARNING. WARNING. ILLIGAL SEXUAL SUBROUTINE ACTIVATED. ALL OTHER PRIORITY DIRECTIVES BEING CANCELLED. STANDBY.”

Natalie gasped and looked down at her own readout. There was the blinking red warming. It was her own Master Alarm that had gone off!


What? Natalie was having trouble thinking straight. What was happening to her?

Meanwhile, Darsi seemed to have snapped out of her loop. She grabbed Natalie and pulled her down on top of her on the bed. Pushing back Natalie’s locks with one hand, Darsi kissed her mouth deeply.


Natalie was...was having trouble...thinking…straight. She returned Darsi’s kiss with ardor.


The words blinked on her display panel. Pulling away from their kiss, Darsi gazed at them in surprise. Natalie was...having trouble. She could think of nothing to do but keep kissing Darsi. She nuzzled at her neck, while Darsi half-heartedly pulled away. She bit on Darsi’s nipple. “Nat – what the hell!? You really ARE going glitched!

Suddenly, a loud POP came from Darsi’s chest. Her right breast seemed to briefly light up from the inside. Her head jerked down onto the bed beneath Natalie, who found to her surprise that she was now straddling Darsi. Darsi’s lips were moving as though she was trying to speak, but no words came. Instead, more smoke floated from her lips. She seemed to see it, and she looked surprised. To Natalie, it seemed like Darsi had just come to comprehend what was happening to her.

Darsi’s arms jerked upwards to assume L-like positions, her fingers pointing to the ceiling. She looked up into Natalie’s eyes as Natalie ground her slicked pelvis against her lover’s thigh.

Unimaginably aroused – yet vaguely guilty in that part of her consciousness that hadn’t already been completely given over to her sexual functions – Natalie stared down at her lover. She pressed her crotch to Darsi’s leg and continued to slide her dripped sex against it.

“Darsi...I’m sorry…” Natalie said, but the meaning of the statement was already too abstract for her logic processors to compute by the time she distantly heard herself say it.

Instead, Natalie continued rubbing herself on Darsi, pressing her own clit with both hands, and simply beholding her wondrously malfunctioning android lover. Gasping and throbbing, Natalie was being driven mad by the notion that Darsi was a malfunctioning machine. She was coming close to cumming. She knew Darsi was watching her, looking up at her helplessly, her confused systems making it impossible for her to respond coherently.

Just as Natalie was about to cum, she noticed that Darsi was no longer functional at all. Smoke drifted lazily upward, her sightless eyes stared at nothing. Her panel was blank. Her body was silent and motionless. The realization that Darsi had lost her functionality seemed to trigger a thought to flicker through Natalie’s sex-obsessed personality core. The thought was this: she should be moving to help her lover, Darsi. Instead, she was dry-humping her helpless body. That insurgent code, that illegal subroutine from before...her previous struggle to conform to her original protocols... Natalie realized that she, herself was malfunctioning.

She looked down at the defunct Darci again just as she began virtually spurting cum from between her legs.

The panel on her chest read: - “WARNING! FEEDBACK LOOP!”

Natalie saw a series of bright flashes, and everything turned to static.


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