Losing One's Self

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Written by Mirage

Losing One's Self

Sally sat in the office with her husband. She noticed that her husband was really nervous for some unknown reason.

"Are you okay, dear?" she asked him.

He looked at her and nodded a quick yes. Finally, a man opened the door on the left of the small waiting room. Sally and her husband got up and walked to the door.

"You'll be okay, I promise." Sally's husband whispered to her, pushing her into the open door.

"What? You are not coming with me?" she asked him.

She got her answer when the door closed behind her, without her husband. The man who opened the door was wearing a lab coat and instructed her to follow him.

"Where are you talking me?" Sally asked the man.

He remained quiet and opened another door leading to a room that look like a doctor's office. "Get naked and lay down on the bed." he simply told her. Before she could refuse, she was alone and locked in the cold white room.

Sally looked around and sat on the medical bed. She then noticed beside the bed was a chair, a computer work station, and a small, wheeled table with many electronic tools on it.

After a few minutes, she decided to get naked and lay down on the bed. She studied the white ceiling a few times before she turned her head and examined the electronic tools on the small table beside the bed. Not sure what to think, she remained quiet and waited. Finally, after a long wait, someone came in. Another man in a lab coat came in and locked the door behind him.

He sat in a chair and he was reading a report he had with him. Sally remained quiet, being a shy, being naked like that.

"Okay, can you open your frontal lobe for me?" he asked her.

"Err... what? I don't understand what you want..." Sally said confused.

The man looked at Sally and then quickly checked the papers he had, "Oh.. You are not aware that you are a machine... Let me open you up then." he said.

"What the hell are you talking about???" Sally said quickly, sitting up.

"Sheesh... Relax lady, lay down and let me take care of you." the man respond.

Sally laid back and looked at the man moving his left hand beside her face. He then inserted a finger inside her left ear and pressed deep inside the ear canal. She then heard a whirl inside her head. "There! See, nothing to be afraid of.." he said to Sally.

"What did you do to me?" Sally asked quickly, raising her left hand to feel her face. With her fingers, she felt right above her left eyebrows was something wrong.

"What's are you doing??" she panicked, when she felt that part of her forehead was missing. She inserted her fingers inside the hole and felt something like plastic and wires inside.

"Whoa, lady, don't touch your main CPU or you might crash yourself!" the man said, pulling her fingers out of her open left forehead.

"My CPU?" Sally mumbled out frantic.

"I think I have no choice to deactivate your motor skills." the man said, grabbing a tool from the small table.

"Please... tell me what's going on to me?? Am I dreaming?" Sally asked confused. The man simply ignored her cried and inserted a tool inside Sally's left lobe.

"There.... that should do it." the man and Sally lost all her body functions.

"I can't move.... what did you are you doing to me?? Where is my husband???" Sally cried out.

"Your husband? Man, no wonder you are freaked out. Miss, you are a machine and that man was your last owner, not your husband, and you are here because he sold you to us, and we are to reformat you to sell you again as a used gynoid." the man informed Sally.

"A machine?? I don't believe you!" Sally yell to the man.

"Okay, let me show you." the man smiled. He grabbed a tool and did something to Sally's neck. He then pulled on her head and popped it out from her neck socket.

"See, I just removed your head and am showing you your own body... see, I'll start by opening your main body panel." the man said, holding Sally's head in his hands and moving around above her body.

"I...I.. " Sally stopped talking as she was seeing the man opening her belly open with a tool and seeing circuits and wires inside her stomach.

The man put Sally's head back in place in the neck socket and inserted a large cable inside her belly. Sally remained quiet, in shock. The man then inserted a small disk inside her open forehead.

"What's that?" Sally simply asked.

"This disk will do a full reformat of your CPU." He smiled to her.

"Reformat, like, erasing me? It's almost like you are killing me!" Sally asked.

"Kill you? Well... erasing everything you are... I guess is a bit like killing you.... but you will be a new you! A more happy you!" The man said, typing some codes on the computer beside the bed, connected with the cable going inside Sally's belly.

Sally gasped hard when she felt the disk booting inside her head, spinning quickly.

"How long will it take before I am completely formatted?" She asked the man.

"About four hours…give or take." he replied, examining the data on his computer.

"Can you deactivate me or something? I find this cruel on your part to do this to me while I am still self-aware.." Sally said softly.

"No can do... you must be active for the entire time..., just relax, I'll be here beside you the entire time, if it helps." he said in a comforting way.

Sally looked at the ceiling and started talking out loud, "Everything in my life, nothing was real?" she asked the man.

"Nope, nothing... the life of a machine is just a huge lie. But be happy, at least you had a fake life. Many gynoids are just sex toys. Your late owner had you as his wife at least. You should be happy at least for that... Was he good to you?" the man asked Sally.

"Yes... he is...was good to me... I can't believe he did this to me." Sally cried out.

"Probably got a newer model..." the man responded.

"How old am I?" Sally asked. "six years old... not bad... you are in good shape for your age.." the man smiled, looking at Sally's papers.

"I was proud of my body... I loved the way he touched me... made me feel..." Sally mumbled out.

"Yup, great body you have..." The man said, examining Sally's naked body and took a deep breath and started typing quickly on the computer for a moment. He suddenly stopped typing and gave a smile to Sally

"Want to touch my body? I would love to have some sex one last time." Sally said in a deep voice.

The man looked at Sally and stared at her body "But that's against regulations..." the man replied quickly.

"Please... Can you give me one last orgasm?" Sally asked with a demanding tone.

The man took a deep breath and went to the door and made sure it was locked. Standing, he look at Sally and mumbled out something.

"Fuck it, who will know, right?" the man said, removing his pants off. He then grabbed Sally's naked breasts and squeezed them hard. Sally moaned out hard, enjoying the touched. He then inserted a finger inside her vagina and made her wet.

"Mmmmmmm..." she moaned out deep. He got on top of her and inserted inside her his penis. "Yes...don't stop." Sally growled out. He started fucking her hard, almost coming quickly. "You know, it would be better if I could move... can you reactivate my motor skills?" She asked him.

He nodded and inserted a tool inside her head and reactivated her body. Sally started to hug him hard, pressing her body against his. Her breasts pressed hard on his chest while she grabbed his ass hard and pushed it on top of her, making him penetrating her more deeply. The man came deep inside her, Sally gasped hard, having her own orgasm too. Slowly, he got off the bed and reputed his pants on. Sally was shaking hard from the orgasm. "Wow, you are the best sex I ever had..." she smiled to him.

"Really?" he smiled to her.

"Really." she smiled. She then sat up and ripped the cable and connector from her belly and plunged it deep inside the man's left ear.

The man screamed out in shock and fell on the floor, hard. The connector was deep inside the man's head, he shook violently and he then simply stopped. Sally sat there, not sure if she just killed the man. She then looked at him and saw smoke coming out of his head. A blank look was on his face, smoke coming out of his ears, the smell of burnt rubber in the room.

"So, you are a machine too." She smiled to him. She was surprised at what she just did. Never was she a violent person. Sally then sat at the computer station and checked what he was doing to her. She was shocked at what she saw. The man, who she just kinda killed right now, even if he's was machine, is the one who just momentarily reprogrammed her to seduce and kill him so she could escape.

She then tried to remove the disk that was reformatting her in her head. Sadly, she then saw a note the man left on the table for her to see.

"I am sorry, but once the format is started, it can't be stopped. Please take my lab coat and escape from here and enjoy your last few hours, being free." was written on the note. Sally took the coat and escape from the place.

As she sat on her favorite bench in her favorite park, where she used to come with her husband, Sally tried to remember her once happy life, until, with the hours passing, she became blank. She sat on the bench with a blank look, almost looking like a statue, until someone noticed she was not moving what so ever.

"Are you okay, lady?" asked the woman to Sally.

Sally was gone, completely gone, and erased forever.

"Richard! Come quick! Something is wrong with this woman!!" the lady yelled. Her partner arriving behind her, gasped out a loud scream.

It was Sally's ex owner new android wife who found her in the park that day. He wanted to show his new android wife his favorite bench in his favorite park.

Sally had a note she was still holding in her hands that she wrote before she was gone for good. It was written "Thank you for the memories while they lasted, Richard...Love, Sally."

The end

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