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Rain streamed steadily off of the cold umbrella surrounding Victoria as she patiently stood on the sidewalk awaiting her opportunity to cross.

The faintest of orange light still hung in the air contrasting with the sheer black dress she wore. The form-fitting material did little to hide a pair of stiff nipples that sat atop a set of perky D cup breasts. Nor did the dress draw attention away from Victoria’s perfectly sculpted ass; instead it only accentuated the feature with a gentle yet tight cradling. Two long, smooth, and toned legs emerged from the bottom of the dress and made their way to a pair of black stilettos. Her green eyes stared across the street waiting for the change of lights.

Red turned to green and the servos housed within Victoria’s engineered thighs fired up. She started off with a few small steps but within a second her stride and sway had increased.

Walking through a thick crowd in the street Victoria couldn’t help but feel empowered as every man looked her up and down. Her Movement-Simulation (MS) processor calculated with 92% probability that the public would favor an increase in the vigor with which she moved. For a millisecond Victoria’s eyes went vacant as SEDUCING_WALK(3).exe booted up.

Her ass cheeks now jiggled feverously with each step she took, and her hips moved side to side with a pattern calculated to maximize male arousal. Her eyes peered down at her ample cleavage that bounced up and down hypnotically, and another calculation from her MS processor engorged her already hard nipples. It was clear to every passerby that Victoria was not wearing a bra. She turned her head back up smiling and tossed her deep auburn hair. It was moments like these that she was programmed to relish.

After crossing the street Victoria performed an overall systems check, and her eyes stared aimlessly off into the distance.


Lubrication Levels........................................97%

Pheromone Levels..........................................96%

Servos/Joints.............................................NO ANOMALIES DETECTED

Movement_Simulation_Processor.............................30% USE

Personality_Simulation_Processor..........................19% USE

Optical Sensors...........................................NO ANOMALIES DETECTED 

Auditory Sensors..........................................NO ANOMALIES DETECTED

Dermal Sensors............................................NO ANOMALIES DETECTED

Vocal Functions...........................................NO ANOMALIES DETECTED

Total CPU Usage...........................................38%

The systems check was over within 2.4 seconds and it only took one blink to bring back the life into Victoria’s eyes. Both processors hammered away within her plastic chest telling her that every piece of her finely crafted machinery was running perfectly. Another smile came to the surface on her beautifully soft face as she rounded the corner and located the entrance to her destination just a block down the street.

The umbrella she was holding easily sheltered her from the light rain as her heels clicked onwards through puddles of orange. About 40 feet from the door Victoria peered into an alley and noticed an old woman sitting in-between a pair of garbage cans. A clutter of soggy newspapers provided the only shelter for the woman as she sat shivering in the cold wet air. A strange sensation began to toy with Victoria’s system, and her finely crafted legs stopped and pivoted so that she was now facing the alley.

Her Personality_Simulation_Processor (PS) was prompting Victoria to give the umbrella to the woman. Victoria had never felt an urge of this sort before and quickly ran another systems check. Everything was functioning flawlessly so Victoria decided to further examine the situation and let her PS processor run the scenario one more time. Once again, Victoria’s PS processor told her to give the umbrella to the needy woman. After all she was only 40 feet from the buildings entrance and could easily avoid getting annoyingly wet if she hurried.

The moisture wasn’t a worry for Victoria’s sealed systems which were guaranteed to keep her internals dry up to a depth of 20 meters underwater. Only 1.3 seconds had gone by and Victoria was now walking into the alley moving the umbrella into her right hand. The woman eyed Victoria hesitantly as she kneeled down in front of her, but she reached out and gently took the gift. Victoria got back onto both feet gracefully and turned to leave, but as she did the woman tugged at the back of her dress.

Victoria turned to the lady whose puffy eyes stared as she coarsely whispered “Thank you”. The PS processor residing behind her ample bosom was pulsing positive feedback routines all throughout Victoria’s system as she took the woman’s hand and breathed out “You’re welcome”. Their eyes met once again before Victoria twirled around and bounced out of the alley towards the door.

At the entrance a slow moving queue had formed and Victoria took her place at the back of the line. Lingering eyes peered in her direction and she put on a shy smile at the suggestion of her MS processor. All of the men in line were suited up and the ladies were all equally dolled up in stunning dresses. An awning kept the guests happy and dry as they slowly shuffled their way into the building.

The outside of the building was modest and gray, but as Veronica stepped inside she could not help but be impressed at the luxury with which the Gingerbread Ballroom was adorned. Massive crystal chandeliers hung from the echoing ceilings bleeding a soft yellow light that dimly lit the entire floor. Beautiful statues had been carved into the marble pillars that extended from bright mahogany wood floor to the dark empowering ceiling. Hurried waiters marched from kitchen to dance floor carrying all kinds of drinks and foods.

Victoria’s admiration of the building was halted when a man resembling a rhino stopped Victoria with a firm arm and looked her in the eye. “Name?” the man creaked and Victoria breathily replied “Victoria Toils.” His finger traced up and down a piece of paper all the while looking her over. Her MS processor calculated with almost 100% certainty that the man was sexually attracted to her and decided to change her posture. Her arms pulled up and crossed underneath her inviting chest pushing her breasts up and slightly together. At the same time she repositioned her body so that her perfectly engineered proportions were all on display.

The man’s finger paused for a long moment as he took in the beauty before him. His eyes went back to the paper and he nervously pawed at his greasy forehead. “Ahhh Ms. Toils here we are” gasped the rhino man, “It seems that everything is in order. Please…have a lovely evening!” Once again Victoria flashed her million dollar smile. She gently brushed a finger against him as she walked by and replied “You have yourself a lovely evening as well handsome.” A brush of her finger was all it took for her advanced systems to determine that both the man’s temperature and heart beat were elevated.

Victoria rhythmically strode to the blue fluorescent bar and took a seat asking the bartender for a gin and tonic. As she waited for her drink she reviewed her mission parameters. The event tonight was being held as a celebration over the merger of Seattle based Avant Robotics and Japan based Shijun Technologies. This deal had created the world’s first robotic mega-corporation. Shijun was the world’s second largest robotic corporation before the merger producing mainly industrial droids that held not the slightest resemblance to humans. Avant Robotics however, was a company no older than five years that showed significant ingenuity and promise. They had previously only shipped commercial units that although still bared little resemblance to humans were widely renowned for their advanced neural systems. The arrival of robots that could pass as humans both physically and socially was projected at five to ten years into the future. Avant had booked a massive press conference for later in the year and it was thought that this merger had the power to possibly halve that projection, and that was the reason for Victoria’s presence. Her mission was to gain access to Avant’s records and find out any information she could about what Avant and Shijun had in store.

Victoria slowly sipped on her gin and tonic letting the liquid trickle into a stomach like cavity. Her ability to eat and drink was strictly for simulation purposes, and she would discharge the contents within her stomach whenever she deemed most convenient. Victoria repeatedly scanned the ballroom; her visual sensors were sifting through massive amounts of data on a quest to locate Jay Tuttle, lead technologies director of Avant. His penthouse suite was located 34 floors directly above the ballroom and Victoria was confident that she would be able to access the records there.

After roughly 37 minutes of scanning and sipping, the lights in the ballroom dimmed and two men appeared on a pedestal. Bright lights illuminated their faces and in an instant Victoria’s scans identified them as CEO of Shijun Technologies: Atsuo Saito and President of Avant Robotics: Dean Prydz. These men held no bearing for Victoria’s mission and she continued her scans as they made a short speech about their company’s promising new future. The two men walked off stage and the lights dimmed once again. At this point unseen speakers began pumping loud house music and the dance floor promptly filled up with both men and women alike.

Victoria got up from her seat and seductively arched her back before paying the bartender and made her way onto the dance floor. She made quite the scene in the middle of the floor dancing alone. Her breasts heaved up and down and her ass jiggled with each pump of the bass as her lithe frame twisted about. Men were coming up to her and asking for a dance at a rate of one every 1.79 minutes. Her Personality_Simulation_Processor relished the attention but promptly formulated unique responses rejecting each approach. After the 11th man had unsuccessfully approached Victoria her visual sensors spotted Jay Tuttle.

He was standing alone awkwardly fidgeting on the edge of dance floor sipping a drink through a straw. Every few seconds he would twist left or right completely out of sync with the music all the while looking around nervously. It was clear to Victoria that Jay felt quite out of his element.

She began walking his direction never breaking her eye contact as hundreds of programs began to load themselves behind her perfectly molded chest. SEDUCING_WALK(4) caused tremors to run through her ample cleavage with each click of her heels. A multitude of programs from her MS Processor caused Victoria to purse her lips, narrow her eyes, and toss her hair. Another slew of seduction programs from her PS processor activated pheromones that were formulated to heighten male arousal. Her sex primed itself with scented lubrication and her nipples once again became fully erect. All of these changes whisked through Victoria’s systems in a blink of an eye. Jay’s vision stopped its nervous wonder and fixed itself on the sex symbol that was heading directly towards him.

Her right hand gently toyed with Jay’s messy dark brown hair as she leaned into him, her breasts pushing heavily into his rib cage, and softly asked “Care if I join you this evening?” An obviously flustered Jay replied “I uh uh sure, I uh mean of course, I’d love you too.” He was a fairly tall man standing about 6’1 with a handsome face that Victoria softly kissed on the cheek upon his invitation. She grabbed his arm and hurriedly pulled him into a thick crowd of people dancing.

Manicured fingers latched onto Jay’s hips pulling his already excited member into contact with Victoria’s firm ass. Queues from her MS processor pushed out her ass as far as it was designed to extend and she occasionally bent over to put even more sexual force into Jay’s groin. He danced stiffly at first but after a few drinks he began to loosen up. Victoria encouraged every waiter their way and each time would get a drink for herself and Jay. Although she could not feel the effects of the alcohol, her PS processor deemed it beneficial for her to act drunk and lines of code began plugging themselves into Victoria’s operation.

Victoria’s drunken simulation took little of her CPU power and she was still in complete control of the situation. Soon after their seventh drink together Jay hesitantly squeezed Victoria’s swollen right breast. She audibly moaned and pulled his left hand onto her left bust where he continued to gently squeeze and play. Victoria then span around and pulled on Jay’s head until their mouths met. Victoria’s smooth wet mechanical tongue attacked Jay’s mouth with a vigor that he had never before experienced. Their tongues wrestled each other and explored the cavernous expanses of each other’s mouths. Jay’s hands wrapped around Victoria’s trim figure and grabbed her ass causing her eyes to shoot open and an audible “mmmmmmm” to escape her pursed lips.

They continued their embrace as Victoria guided Jay’s hand to the wet paradise that lay underneath her taught black dress. Jay’s fingers moved aside a cream white thong and curiously explored Victoria’s moist expanses. Positive feedback from her PS processor engulfed Victoria and she let out a soft moan. With their bodies in contact Victoria had been monitoring Jay’s heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature throughout the night and it was clear to her that now was the perfect time to make her move. She gently removed Jay’s fingers from her warm plastic vagina and took a step back admiring the massive bulge tucked beneath his slacks. Her knees bent and she gently lowered herself to the ground with her hand fiddling up her dress. She squirmed left and right and raised herself with a devilish smile, holding her thong in her hand. She threw the lacy material across the floor and ran into Jay’s hands whispering “I need you inside me now!”

Jay’s head pivoted about to see if anyone had seen what had just unfolded. Thankfully the floor was dark and crowded, and everyone seemed to be focused on other things. He breathed a sigh of relief and led Victoria through a maze of people to a side door. Victoria intently watched as he keyed in 9-1-3-7 on a number pad and the side door clicked signaling its unlocked status.

On the other side of the door Victoria pulled Jay in for another wet kiss and blasted his senses with another shot of her pheromone systems. They continued kissing and clumsily made their way through a dimly lit hallway into an elevator. Jay pulled away from Victoria and began to fiddle with his jacket pocket. She grinned shyly and wiped away a string of artificial saliva that still connected the two of them. Jay produced a key card and was about to swipe a card slot located above the floor buttons when Victoria stopped his hand.

Her head cocked to one side, her eyes opened wide, and she flashed her ivory white teeth. “Can I do it?” she asked with what her PS processor had determined to be her cutest voice. Jay paused for a second as Victoria batted her far-reaching black eyelashes. “Well I don’t see why not!” replied Jay and handed Victoria the card. “Thank you thank you!” answered Victoria in that same sing song voice.

She proceeded to push herself into Jay and gave him another wet elongated kiss. As their tongues parried and countered each other sensors within Victoria’s right hand detected the code within the magnetic strip of the card and saved it to her memory banks. She pulled away from him and swiped the card through the receptor sending the elevator into a 34 floor climb.

The elevator doors opened directly into Jay Tuttle’s penthouse suite, and the aura of city lights filled the space with a beautiful blend of colors. Jay ran off into the kitchen to grab a bottle of champagne. As he did so Victoria preformed another systems evaluation and for 1.8 seconds her eyes lost their focus.


Lubrication Levels........................................88%

Pheromone Levels..........................................60%

Servos/Joints.............................................NO ANOMALIES DETECTED

Movement_Simulation_Processor.............................15% USE

Personality_Simulation_Processor..........................35% USE

Optical Sensors...........................................NO ANOMALIES DETECTED 

Auditory Sensors..........................................NO ANOMALIES DETECTED

Dermal Sensors............................................NO ANOMALIES DETECTED

Vocal Functions...........................................NO ANOMALIES DETECTED

Total CPU Usage...........................................40%

Victoria waited idly for a few moments for Jay to return before she decided to casually explore the premises. She turned a corner and found herself in what appeared to be Jay’s office which was riddled with computers, wires, and papers. There was a receptacle on the door that Victoria believed acted as a lock and it looked almost identical to the one on the elevator. As she was about to examine the lock Jay rounded the corner holding two liberally filled glasses of champagne.

“Oh sorry about the mess” stated Jay, as he sat down the glasses and shut the door to his office. A faint clicking noise emanated from the door which Victoria took to be the locking mechanism. He then took her by the hand and led her around another corner into his bedroom. He quickly emptied his drink, Victoria following suit, before retrieving a remote from his bedside table and turning on smooth environmental music.

Victoria put her glass down and methodically made her way towards Jay. She gave him a quick kiss and began to unfasten his tie. Her PS processors turned her every breath into a low sultry moan as she un-buttoned his shirt and removed his belt. Then she proceeded to remove his pants and pushed him onto the bed. He laid in his underwear mouth agape at the sight before him. Thousands of sexual programs once again began to execute behind Victoria’s chest causing her tight synthetic vagina to warm and moisten up.

Victoria began rhythmically dancing to the music moving her hands up and down the length of her body. She turned herself so that her back was facing him and slowly began to remove her dress. At first only her ass was visible to him, but then she proceeded to twist around to give him a view of her swollen sex. Next, she presented her lithe torso; it was taught and perfectly proportioned to the rest of her body. The tight dress now danced over Victoria’s ample bosom as she removed it and for a moment Jay wondered if it was stuck around her chest. This was all a calculation on Victoria’s part however, and once the dress was free her breasts bounced and jiggled with abandon. She tossed the dress into the corner of the room and attacked Jay.

Victoria blasted Jay with her strongest dose of pheromones yet bombarding his sense of smell. She made sure to give him the best possible view of her body assaulting his sight. Her sultry moans echoed off the walls into his ears. The taste of her artificial saliva as her tongue probed deep besieged him. The perfect feeling of her warm, soft, curvy body on top of his made him feel complete. Victoria was dominating Jay’s every sense just as she had been designed to do.

She grabbed ahold of his boxers and tore them off in a quest for his member. He was fully erect and insertion into her sopping plastic sex brought guttural moans out of the both of them. She pumped and pumped on top of him moaning as he grabbed a breast with one hand and her ass with the other. Her synthetic vagina was operating flawlessly, slowly contracting and expanding around him as her lubrication fluids flowed steadily. Her deft hands moved about his chest rubbing and clawing with each successive thrust. Victoria was astounded at the positive feedback routines that coursed throughout her system. Her mechanical body’s perfect performance combined with Jay’s reactions and her own pleasure subroutines filled Victoria with programmed bliss.

They continued like this for about 10 minutes before they switched positions and Jay took position on top thrusting into Victoria’s tight pussy. Each pump jiggled Victoria’s breasts and Jay couldn't resist but to paw them and suck on her stiff nipples. His wet mouth atop her nipples elicited a small scream from Victoria and this was enough to set Jay off. Her vaginal sensors noticed that Jay’s member was swelling and determined that he was going to come soon.

Victoria’s orgasm subroutines kicked into gear. She increased the amount of fluid in her perfect plastic vagina and began to grip his member harder more and more frequently. Her eyes rolled back in her head to simulate a feeling of ecstasy and she clawed at Jay’s back digging her nails into his skin. Her moans turned into screams as Jay’s pumping ramped up in intensity. Just as Jay began to come Victoria synced up her final orgasm sequence with him. Her synthetic vagina gripped at Jay pulling out every last drop he had within him as lubrication fluid squirted out of her. She bucked wildly beneath him making her massive breasts quake. Jay moaned and she screamed as they both achieved orgasm together. Jay pulled out of Victoria and rolled to the other side of her breathing deeply. Victoria’s simulated breathing had her panting.

The couple lay naked on the bed just breathing and staring at each other for 2.3 minutes. Victoria had done research to discover that at about this point after orgasm men are most susceptible to falling asleep. With this information in mind she turned over and straddled Jay. Before he had time to process what was happening Victoria began to kiss him deeply. Jay had no arguments and began to kiss back for about 12 seconds before he passed into a deep unconscious state. Throughout this final kiss Victoria had been administering copious amounts of anesthesia to Jay. She checked his vital signs with her hand on his chest and confirmed that he was indeed in the midst of a deep sleep. She unwrapped her legs of Jay before retrieving her dress from the corner. She slipped it on and exited the room.

The flashing city lights reflected off of synthetic beads of sweat and lubricant alike coating Victoria’s body as she glided towards Jay’s office. Victoria tried the door to no avail; her previous thought was correct and the door had locked after it had been closed. Her eyes went blank for a split second as her PS calculated her next course of action. After regaining their normal luster Victoria’s highly tuned camera lenses scanned every square centimeter of the card key slot. Victoria grinned a massive grin for nobody but herself, for she had just found a removable piece of plastic that hid a thunderwire port beneath. With a simple flick of her hand a matching thunderwire plug emerged from the tip of her middle finger. She inserted her finger into the port and used the code she had scanned earlier from Jay’s card. A small green LED on the front of the slot lit up and with an audible click the door unlocked. Victoria removed her finger from the port, retracted the thunderwire plug, replaced the plastic covering and entered the office.

Computers and wires lined the walls of the room as she had earlier observed, but a large double monitor that gently glowed in the corner became her main attraction. The dark mesh chair hissed with air as Victoria took a seat and brought her hands to the keyboard. Bright white light engulfed the room as the two monitors were brought to life with one tap of the keys. A simple four digit password was now the only thing standing between her and every Avant Robotics record that had passed through Jay’s hands.

Victoria paused as her CPU crunched through millions of potential passwords. After 2.6 seconds she recalled the moment outside the elevator when Jay had quickly punched in a four digit number to open the door. Her deft fingers quickly punched in 9-1-3-7 to no avail. A small red X greeted her only to disappear after a few moments. Her hand delicately tucked a stray strand of hair as Victoria’s CPU went back to work processing potential passwords. This time Victoria’s eyes stared aimlessly for 40.3 seconds before a quick blink finally returned her simulated consciousness. Her CPU had struggled to come up with any sure fire password solutions and had deemed it too time consuming to try to hack into the computer. Victoria’s thin fingers moved back to the keyboard and hesitantly typed 9-1…7…3 as a desperation guess. With one last stroke she entered the code and her systems were shocked when the screen produced a green check mark and granted her access to Jay’s desktop.

Victoria spotted another thunderwire receptor on the far side of the monitor and once again plugged herself into one of Jay’s computerized systems. With her reach now extending into the computer Victoria was able to operate every function of the computer without a single touch of the keyboard or click of the mouse. Within a few seconds she had terabytes of data streaming into a hard drive embedded behind her right shoulder blade. She sat motionless like this for 7.46 minutes before shutting down the computer and removing her finger.

With the files now safely stored within herself Victoria’s mission parameters changed from seduction and data acquisition to escape. Her eyes fluttered for a moment as the switch happened and she proceeded to exit the room, leaving it just as she had found it before. She then carefully made her way to the elevator and descended to the third floor. Exiting onto the first floor could possibly draw attention to herself, so she opted for the third floor and made the rest of the downwards journey on the stairs.

Her heels clicked with each step giving Victoria’s heaving chest an audible rhythm. She opened a side door that exited from the stairwell and the sound of rain greeted her. Its soft constant whooshing acted as a glue for all of the noise within the city. She thought back to earlier when she had given her umbrella away for seemingly no reason. The thought once again sent positive feedback all throughout her PS and she stepped out into the rain letting the cool liquid run down the length of her body. Her already tight dress clung to her now with abandon and she made her way into the heart of the city smiling at every passerby who stared at her with mouths agape.

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