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2 June 2023

1 June 2023

  • 23:1223:12, 1 June 2023 diff hist 0 Stories→‎Author current
  • 23:1123:11, 1 June 2023 diff hist +18,594 N The Morning After - Candy 1000Created page with "=The Morning After - Candy 1000= The morning sun shone through the bedroom window onto the exaggerated female form covered by a blanket. It was clear from the decor that she was a girly girl. It was almost like the colour pink had exploded everywhere, colouring the walls, and turning regular fabric into lace. The woman lay flat on her back in bed. Or at least as flat as her ample bosom, wide hips, and nice round derriere allowed. If she had been an organic woman it woul..." current
  • 23:1123:11, 1 June 2023 diff hist +36 Stories→‎Dubhdanaidh
  • 23:1123:11, 1 June 2023 diff hist +35 Stories/DubhdanaidhNo edit summary current
  • 22:2922:29, 1 June 2023 diff hist +26,183 N Drinks After WorkCreated page with "=Drinks After Work= Click. Click. Click. The sound of Candy’s heels could be clearly heard as she strutted into the dimly lit pub. Some might have said she was overdressed for the location, what with her pink high-heeled ankle boots, pencil skirt, blouse, and jacket. Others might have said she was completely trashy, with her skirt and blouse struggling to cover her ample bosom and derriere. To say that it was clear that she was not entirely natural was an understatemen..." current
  • 22:2922:29, 1 June 2023 diff hist +4,240 N NikkiCreated page with "=NIkki= Nikki stood in front of the mirror looking at herself. Her brown hair neatly styled. Her top ending at her midriff, with a wide neck going down to her bosoms. Her skirt started at her hips, and went down to her knees. Her wedge heels were level on the floor. Slowly, Nikki moved her hand to her stomach, and pushed. With a soft click, she removes her stomach panel. In the mirror she sees the reflection of her innards. Rows of emulator circuits, allowing her to be..." current
  • 22:2922:29, 1 June 2023 diff hist +4,150 N NaomiCreated page with "=Naomi= "Naomi are you okay?" asked James as he ran down the riverbank. "Naomi, please answer me." As James neared Naomi, he froze as saw her. There on the riverbank sat Naomi, her beautiful red hair, highlighted with orange, now a mess as she tried to get out of James' sight. "I'm okay. Really," said Naomi assuringly. "I didn't hurt myself badly." "Oh my God," said a shocked James. "You're a machine," he said as he stared at Naomi's arm socket, the arm nowhere to be..." current
  • 22:2922:29, 1 June 2023 diff hist +3,514 N Marrion-23Created page with "=Marrion-23= "Hello sir. I'm Marrion-23, an assistant gynoid," said a lovely tall brunette in a business suit. "I'm capable of full human female functions, free thought, and I'm an individual." "Well look at this James," called out Victor. "It’s a walking computer, that's programmed to think its human. If that doesn't beat all." "I assure you sir, though my body is composed of circuitry, processors, wires, and other hardware," said Marrion looking Vic in the eyes. "I..." current
  • 22:2822:28, 1 June 2023 diff hist +2,210 N LilaCreated page with "=Lila= The silence of the dark lab was broken by a loud robotic voice. "CHECKING CIRCUITRY……OK CHECKING MEMORY……….OK CHECKING PROGRAMMING……OK LOADING LILA.EXE……………..OK On the table sat a stunning blonde, her hair barely touching her shoulders. Her body was wrapped in a white linen towel. Upon saying the last phrased her head tilt a little to the left, and her eyes blinked. "Where am I?" asked Lila. Slowly she got up onto her feet, and took a..." current
  • 22:2822:28, 1 June 2023 diff hist +7,015 N MairiCreated page with "=Mairi= ==Part 1== "So you're the new maid?" asked Alistair, the owner of a quaint estate in Alba. "Yes sir," answered Mairi. "I was built and programmed according to your desires, sir. I hope I please you." "Quite," answered Alistair. "It so amazing what they can do with gynoids now," as he walked around Mairi, gazing at her. "You're so life like. If I didn't know better, and if you didn't have tail, Id think you were an Adamannaich." Indeed Mairi was quite the sight..." current
  • 22:2622:26, 1 June 2023 diff hist +235 N Stories/DubhdanaidhCreated page with "#Mairi #Lila #Marrion-23 #Naomi #Nikki #Drinks After Work ----- {{Template:AddComment-Story|{{PAGENAME}}}} ← Story Archive Category:Dubhdanaidh Category:Features Category:Stories"
  • 22:2422:24, 1 June 2023 diff hist +125 Stories→‎Dr. Twist
  • 22:0822:08, 1 June 2023 diff hist +55 Author of the Month Archive→‎May - KernalGovernor101 current

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