Dyson Family Values

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Dyson Family Values

Written by Petey

Part 1

Neil quickly walked down the long, well-appointed lobby of the Dyson Institute. Most guys might have lingered to enjoy the view of the beautiful female patrons and the even more beautiful staff members. But this was hardly his first time here. The staff gave him warm smiles and long gazes unbefitting a pudgy young man. The women would’ve been less excited to see Brad Pitt stroll by. Neil tried to ignore the stares and shoved his hands deeper into the pockets of his Jeans. The attention creeped him out every time. He reached the reception desk and the girl practically jumped out of her chair with glee.

“Neil Oh my God It’s great to see you I’ll tell Dr. Dyson you’re here right away.”

Neil nodded and thanked the girl before tugging nervously at the front of his polo shirt. He should have worn a tie. She giggled and picked up the phone. It was a different girl than the last time, but then again it normally was. It was a good job to give girls who were having problems with their legs, he figured. He half expected to lean over and see the girl attached to the chair just below the navel.

“Dr. Dyson is in the middle of a post-treatment consultation, if you could wait five minutes before heading back there, it’ll give her time to finish.”

Neil knew enough to see through the euphemism. He checked the clock; he was 10 minutes early. He guessed she was trying to squeeze in another robotic romp before seeing him. He didn’t do a good job of hiding his distaste.

The girl at the desk was unfazed. “If there’s anything I can do for you while you wait, don’t hesitate to ask, Neil. My name is Carly.” She grinned at him with her chest forward and left no doubt as to how broad her definition of ‘anything’ was.

Neil rolled his eyes. “Thanks, but I’ll be fine.”

Even if she was a machine, he considered it cheating on his girlfriend to sample the wares. And he didn’t care whether the receptionist was an AI or not, although by the syntax and contractions, he figured the girl used to be real. He corrected himself the way Dr. Dyson would, ‘used to be organic’. There were a few other women near the reception desk waiting, and Neil took the chair the furthest away from them. Even so, he noticed one of the women whispering to her friend while they both looked at him. The woman being whispered to rose her eyes in surprise upon hearing who Neil was. He gave them a wave and turned away. Bad idea, Carly was sneaking peeks at him. He grumbled and began staring at the ceiling. At least there weren’t any robotic women up there staring at him.

About five minutes later Carly called him over, “She’s ready to see you now.”

Neil got up, straightened his shirt, and walked through the solid doors to the left of the reception desk. The area beyond the desk didn’t look much different than the lobby, but it sounded different. Despite the soundproofing efforts, Neil could still hear the soft moans of robotic women, the whirr of new components being tested, and the occasional squeal of rapture. Thankfully, he didn’t have to go far. But the trip wasn’t short enough to avoid ramming into a woman zipping around a corner. Neither of them fell over, but Neil got a handful of naked boob as he braced himself for impact. The woman looked to be in her mid thirties, blonde with brown eyes. Instinctively, Neil looked down and saw her large breasts and toned, lightly tanned body with another tuft of blonde hair just above her pussy.

“I’m sorry, sir. I should’ve looked where I was going. Is this the way to the lubricant flushing station?”

Neil paused to untangle himself, bring his gaze to her face, and try to remember what’s in this area. “I think so. Last time I checked, it was up this hallway to the right. There should be a sign on the door.”

She smiled and thanked him, completely at ease with her own nudity. “You’re the first man I’ve seen back here. I thought Dr. Dyson only hired women.”

“As far as I know, that’s true. But I’m not on staff.”

“I didn’t know they let husbands back here.”

“They usually don’t, but I’m not a robot’s husband.”

The nude blonde pressed on, intrigued by the sudden puzzle. “I haven’t heard of any male chassis, are you going to transfer into a female body?”

Neil had his fill of her, “Nope, now if you’ll excuse me, I have to see Dr. Dyson.”

The blonde got a big smile on her face with a hundred-yard stare and absently ran a hand against her left thigh. Neil realized that there weren’t any other doors behind her except the door he was headed toward. The blonde must have been the reason for the delay. Yet another reason to cut off this conversation.

But she had recovered and placed a hand on his arm, “OK, I give up, tell me your story.”

Neil sighed, “If you’re going to live as a robotic woman, you’re going to need to learn to keep secrets and respect secrets being kept.” He knew the real answer would lead to a longer conversation.

The blonde smiled even wider at being called a robotic woman and moved her hand to her paplexus panel. Neil took the opportunity to get around her. She turned to watch him leave, “I’ll see you around, then. Give my regards to Dr. Dyson ”

Neil gave a half-hearted wave and entered the office without knocking.

And there was his mother, sitting behind her desk in nothing but blue lingerie beneath an unbuttoned lab coat. Dr. Elaine Dyson lifted her head and smiled broadly before putting down her pen and buttoning up. “Neil I’m so glad you were able to stop by. Come on over here and give mommy a hug.”

Neil reacted the way you’d figure a 23-year-old would react to his mother wanting a hug and a kiss: with a large degree of highly visible discomfort. But still, he returned the hug and didn’t freak out when she gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Hi Mom, everything going well?”

Dr. Dyson led them over to the couch, but Neil declined to sit down. He couldn’t be sure what had been going on atop the sofa just ten minutes before, and didn’t want to be musing upon the subject. So mom got the couch and Neil got out a folding chair.

“It’s going superbly, Neil. We just had a consult with the first lady of France. That could be the one client who gets better upgrades than me. So your father and I might be spending our 25th anniversary in Paris as personal consultants to the first lady. I guess I’ll have to brush up on my French.”

Neil nodded along, as usual a little uneasy about how his mother’s synthetic women were so close to so much political and economic power. Even if it was his mother, Such control over so much authority must have been a temptation.

“But what about you? How’s my little executive?”

Neil rolled his eyes, “C’mon mom, you know I’m still in my first year at Stanley. I don’t even have a title yet.”

“Exactly, you don’t have one yet, but I’m sure you’re going to just zoom ahead. Not as fast as if you took a job here, of course.”

Neil groaned, “It’s bad enough visiting with everyone knowing I’m your son. I couldn’t handle working here every day.”

“Yes, what a trial it would be to have beautiful female androids at your beck and call all day. You know, we just converted a girl last week who would be perfect for you. She’s the sweetest young thing. Red hair, studying to be a dentist, and dimples you wouldn’t...”

Neil cut his mom short, “Please mom, stop trying to hook me up with your sloppy seconds.” It was a little cruder than he might have liked, but his mom had been trying to set him up with newly roboticized women for almost as long as newly roboticized women existed.

Dr. Dyson merely chuckled at her son’s rebuke. “I’ll have you know that I haven’t been with her yet. Although she did opt for the enhanced oral package, so she should...”

“MOM ” Neil said, a little frustrated, “I’m really not interested in talking about that sort of thing with you.”

Elaine smiled warmly, “such a proper gentleman, I don’t know where you get it from.” It wasn’t the first time Neil had heard that, and it was such a ‘through the looking glass’ thing to say, expressing bemusement that your son isn’t as promiscuous as you are.

“Probably too much television, but that does lead in to why I came here. Mom, I’m getting married.”

Dr. Dyson gasped and nearly screamed with delight at the news. While she suppressed the vocals, she couldn’t help but leap across the room and give her son a hug. “Congratulations Oh my goodness, this is such fantastic news I can’t wait to meet her, tell me all about her. Have you decided on a date? Does she need bridesmaids? How did you two meet? Wh-wh-what does she do for a liiiiiving? How-how did you propose?” Dr. Dyson saw error messages flash across her head’s up display. The excitement had overwhelmed even her own top-of-the-line systems. She stopped talking, fluidly went back to her seat and unbuttoned the middle of her lab smock. A panel below her ribcage recessed and retracted. She then took a fingernail and manipulated a small dial inside. That decreased the simulated adrenaline response in her systems. And just as smoothly, the panel went back into its proper position and the edges faded into invisibility.

Neil watched quietly as his mother composed herself the way an android does. It hadn’t been so long since the sight of his mother without one of her panels made him cringe and turn away. Now it barely registered with him.

Dr. Dyson took a deep simulated breath, blinked rapidly and vocalized, “Response routine overridden, resuming normal operation.

“I’m Sorry, Neil. I got a little excited there. But I’m so happy for you. When do I get to meet my new daughter-in-law? You’ll have to give me lots of pictures so we can mock up her head and torso.”

Neil frowned, “No, Mom. That was the other thing I wanted to talk to you about. I don’t want you or anyone else turning her into a robot.”

Elaine looked visibly shocked, and speechless beyond that. “Neil, I... don’t know what to say. This is the perfect female existence, the ability to be optimized for her, and your, pleasure. I don’t see why you wouldn’t give her the option.”

“I’ve heard the mantra before, mom. I love her just the way she is, and I don’t want her optimized or convinced that she needs optimizing. And I need to be sure that she loves me, and she’s not just programmed to love me.” He stared her down, dead in the eye. It wasn’t a conversation he had been eager to have.

“That’s not how it works, son. You know that.”

“All the same, I’d rather not be married to someone with a brain designed by my mother. And I’d rather she not be obsessed by her own body.”

Elaine was a little hurt by that. Neil had called her a narcissist on many occasions since she revealed to her family what she had been working on and what she had become. She had thought all the reservations he developed had been ironed out. “Neil, you know I only want what’s best for you.”

Neil stood up, “No, you want what’s best for you. It’s why you ditched us and worked on turning yourself into a happy little windup toy.” If he wasn’t already so on edge, he wouldn’t have brought that up. His mom and dad had separated for two years, but hadn’t gotten a divorce. His father had welcomed Elaine back, but Neil wasn’t quite as willing to forgive the absence.

Dr. Dyson knew she wasn’t going to get anywhere with Neil, “OK, I’ll respect your wishes. Your father, sister, and I are still invited to the wedding, aren’t we?”

Neil calmed down a bit with his mother’s response, “Of course you are. It’s going to be in May, probably the third Saturday. Zoe wants to have it at St. John’s Cathedral downtown.”

“Ah so my daughter-in-law-to-be is named Zoe.” The smile had crept back onto Elaine’s face.

Neil smiled back a little, “Yes, I met her at work, she works in accounts payable. You’ll like her.”

“I’m sure I will.” Dr. Dyson and her son said their goodbyes and Neil left. They both realized it was best to leave on that note rather than possibly get worked up again. Although, the modification Dr. Dyson had performed made her relatively mellow for the moment. She reached back into herself and reset her emotional responses to their base parameters. Then she flipped through the big file, the list of every android currently in operation. Of course, it was a spreadsheet and not a stack of paper, but the motion was similar. She scanned the list at great speed before finding the woman she was looking for.

VX9348 - Camilla Taylor - Manager, Accounts Payable Department, Stanley Enterprises

Neil was on his way into the reception area when he heard a voice behind him, accompanied by the sound of rapid footsteps

450px|right “Neil Wait up ”

It was his sister bouncing down the hallway. And he did mean bounce; Jessica had a substantial pair of breasts beneath her gray tanktop. He tried not to notice, though. Despite the sprint, Jessica wasn’t breathing heavily. No sense in keeping up the illusion back here.

Neil smiled, “hey there, Tin Tits. How are things?”

Jessica scrunched up her face and punched her brother in the arm. “They’re good, meatbag. I can’t believe you were going to leave without saying hi to your sister. Carly had to give me a call.”

Neil shrugged, “I had to talk to Mom about something. Actually, I might as well tell you too; I’m getting married.”

Jessica squealed and jumped up and down, bright red hair flying everywhere, before punching her brother again, “you were going to leave without telling me that? You asshole.”


“Ugly bag of mostly water.”

Neil sighed. He had the world’s hottest trekkie as a sister. “We’re not getting married until May, and I was going to tell you Saturday.” Neil and Jessica had a standing, monthly movie date for a Saturday matinee. It was a nice brother/sister bonding ritual they had done for years. In college, Neil had driven home for the weekend, five hours each way, to keep their monthly date.

Jessica couldn’t contain her smile, “Can I be a bridesmaid? Pleeeeease let me be a bridesmaid.” She clasped her hands together in a begging pose, which only served to increase the length of her cleavage. “Maybe all her bridesmaids can be android women, and we can wear silver bridesmaid dresses and it would be soooo hot even if most of the people there won’t get it.” Jessica looked like she could bounce right out her clothes in excitement over the idea.

Neil had to remind himself that this was his sister, even if she was inorganic now, and enjoying the jiggling wasn’t right. “We’ll see. Zoe and I are on step one of this thing and that’s step twenty or so.”

“Well, congratulations, big brother.” Jessica leaned over and gave her brother a kiss on the cheek. “Have you told her about android women yet? Mom would’ve told me if she was already one of us.”

Neil tried not to let his sister see how much ‘one of us’ bugged him, “No, and I want to be the one who tells her, so no hunting her down and spilling the beans, ok?” He didn’t feel like getting into a fight with Jessica over Zoe not becoming an android woman. His explanation would keep the issue up in the air until later.

Jessica gave him an ‘OK’ sign and kept smiling. Neil had to reluctantly admit she was happier this way as opposed to the overweight teenager with acne and stringy brown hair. Sometimes though, the difference was so stark he wondered if it was all Jessica inside there. “Listen, since you already know we’re getting married, how about I bring Zoe along for our matinee of the month?”

Jessica stopped for a moment. This was usually just something the two of them did. “Sure, I’ve already got that time hollowed out in my schedule, we can make that happen.”

Neil could sense his sister’s reticence, “Are you sure it’s fine? We can always do it later, have you and mom meet her at the same time.”

“No, this will work out better. Just don’t be surprised if I show up in that silver fancy dress.” They both had a laugh at that. “I have to go supervise a stress test, so I’ll see you on Saturday, OK?”

Neil nodded at his sister as she sprinted back the other way down the hallway. He desperately tried to think of something unsexy that she could be stress testing, and similarly hoped Jessica would be on the sidelines and not at the center of the festivities. There’s nothing quite so scarring as seeing your little sister partially disassembled and participating in a test of an android anus with a big fake cock ramming into it and her screaming for more. He smacked himself across the face to knock the image loose and exited the institute.

Part 2

Camilla Taylor leaned back in her chair and lazily fiddled with her open paplexus panel. She especially enjoyed playing with the cable snaking from above her pussy, up through the desk, to the back of her laptop. The text export software Dyson had given her made typing up these reports so much faster and infinitely more enjoyable. Plus it was such a turn-on to know people could see the end of the cord plugged into her laptop, without knowing the other end was connected to a synthetic woman.

It felt so naughty to be in her office with her skirt hiked up. She never would have considered being in such a state in here before that trip to the Dyson Institute. She stopped producing text in order to revel in the memory. That first glimpse inside an android woman. Seeing her face on a disembodied robotic head talking and smiling back at her. Laying down on that couch and waking up with those now-familiar status reports in her vision...

Camilla had to cut the orgasm sequence short. There were limits to what she would let herself do during working hours. She pulled her skirt back down, but left the cord plugged in. Although the keystrokes weren’t being registered, she went through the motions of typing with her hands while the actual text was being inputted at a much faster rate. Camilla finished the bulk of the day’s paperwork in short order.

With that done, she punched a few keys on the phone to call in one of her subordinates, “Dana, I’d like to see you, please.” A minute later, a tall brunette wearing a nicely made coffee-colored suit entered Camilla’s office.

Camilla smiled, “Lock the door, Dana.” Dana smiled back and complied. She confidently walked over to the desk and gave Camilla a kiss. They weren’t frequent lovers, but –working so closely together– they were very friendly. Dana was the one who ended the kiss, taking a seat on the other side of the desk.

Camilla leaned forward, “So, I heard someone is running off solid-state memory now.”


Dana grinned and began opening up her blazer and blouse. “That’s where I was this weekend, getting some upgrades along with my 3000 mile oil change.” The two android women laughed softly, Dana at a bit of a higher pitch in more of a giggle. As organic women, Dana had been 24 to Camilla’s 37, although those were largely meaningless numbers to them now.

“Congratulations on your three-month anniversary, then.” Camilla said. “Mine is next week, so I wanted to get the skinny on what’s available.” Dana pulled back the sides of her top, revealing her naked, bra-less breasts. She had elected to keep her barely-there chest in the end, feeling anything more would bring too much attention to her change and force a wardrobe overhaul. She tilted her head back and downright purred as the seam appeared down the middle of her sternum and her chest clicked open. Camilla disengaged her laptop link and went to the other side of the desk to take a peek inside.

She opened up the brunette’s chest fully and gently pushed some wires and tubes to the side. Dana said nothing, instead softly smiling at her open chest and her boss examining her perfect android nature.

Camilla spotted the new memory drive. She loved how the Dyson engineers had given it a pink casing in contrast with all the black and silver around it. Although there were no tactile sensors around it, Dana couldn’t suppress a moan as Camilla ran a finger along her new memory core. All her memories, her personality programming, and the extra programming bestowed upon her by the Dyson Institute were inside that brick. Camilla could feel herself getting hot too around this exposed synthetic woman. She leaned in for a kiss, but paused as a message flashed in her head’s up display. Dana had puckered up, but got concerned when her boss didn’t finish coming in.

“Mrs. Taylor? Is everything alright?”

Camilla blinked and extracted herself from Dana. “Yes, I believe so. I got a page from Dr. Dyson. I need to make a call. Close yourself up and return to your desk.”

Dana folded her chest back in and watched the edges melt back together. She loved seeing that. She would’ve loved some more robo-fun with her boss, but when Dr. Dyson says jump, you jump. Besides, it’s not like she could really hold a grudge nowadays.

While Dana continued to get back into working shape, Camilla sat down and opened a triple-password protected folder that contained analyses of all employees under her supervision with estimates for conversion success. Truthfully, the page hadn’t been marked as ‘urgent’, but this was like getting a call from the President, it immediately became a priority for you. The page was also empty of specifics, but if Dr. Dyson wanted candidates for transformation, Camilla would be ready.

Dana finished buttoning her shirt, and checked her hair in a mirror on the wall. “OK, I’ll leave you to your call. Please extend my gratitude to Dr. Dyson for all her exquisite work.” She smoothed out her skirt in a fashion that let her linger on her own manufactured legs longer than necessary. Camilla nodded and shooed Dana out of the room, who made sure the door locked behind her.

Camilla picked up the phone and dialed the Dyson Institute, plus a five digit extension. “Hello, this is Unit VX9348. Security code Foxy Unicorn Tango twenty-two.” She was nervous about calling the head honcho herself, even if they had shared a long ‘testing session’ together soon after VX9348 went online. She could swear her heart was pounding, even though she could see that her simulated pulse was within normal parameters. “Code accepted,” the voice at the other end replied, “please hold for Dr. Elaine Dyson. If this is not the party you wish to contact, please hang up and try again.” VX9348 calmly waited and listened to the phone ring. Her face was a mask of passivity.

It rang 13 times before someone answered. “Hello, this is Dr. Dyson.”

“This is unit VX9348, you sent me an alert. How can I help you?”

Dr. Dyson put the phone to her chest, but VX9348 could still hear her. “Stephanie, could you please come back later? I promise I’ll thank you properly for the cunt-licking.” VX9348 heard some rustling before Dr. Dyson began speaking directly into the receiver. “Camilla, I’m so glad you could get back to me so quickly. How are your systems functioning?”

“I’m functioning well within my design parameters.”

“Now Camilla, don’t be coy. Tell me how much you enjoy being an android woman.”

Camilla felt more like herself and at ease after Dr. Dyson’s friendly prompting.”My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I’ve never felt so good so consistently for so long. And my productivity is up by so much. Words can’t describe how much I appreciate you giving me the chance at this perfect existence. A perfect android life. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t relay the message that Dana Moss feels the same way.”

Dr. Dyson recognized the name both from the long list of women associated with Stanley Enterprises and from the appointment book for last week. “I’m glad to hear both of you are enjoying yourselves. But that’s not why I asked you to call. I want you to arrange for someone to be introduced to the synthetic way of life. She works in your department. Her name is Zoe.”

Camilla only had one girl named Zoe working for her, but she thought it was weird for the head of the Dyson Institute to target someone specific in her department but not make the offer herself. She checked Zoe’s file to make sure, but there was another thing that made it odd. “Yes, I have her file here. Zoe Baker, age 23. To tell you the truth, Dr. Dyson, her profile indicates she’d be a poor candidate and unlikely to take advantage of the opportunity to become robotic if offered. Of all the girls on this floor, she rates as the second least-likely prospect.”

Elaine paused and thought it over. She had been hoping for better news. Still, Neil deserved a robotic wife, even if he didn’t know it yet. “It’s important for the Institute that she accept the offer. I’d like you to design an introduction scenario optimized for her. I’ll give you the number of the fabrication department here for any assistance you require.”

The other synthetic woman was rightly puzzled. The standard operating procedure for recruitment had always been to search for low-lying fruit. Production and maintenance capacity was such a limiting factor that they could run at full tilt with just those candidates. And now that she thought about it, Dr. Dyson hadn’t even given her a last name.

“Dr. Dyson, may I ask why she’s so important? She doesn’t seem to have any special talents or important familial relations. There are many other girls we’d have better chances with.”

Dr. Dyson almost said ‘no familial relations yet’ in response, but kept it to herself. “I can’t tell you why she’s important, but rest assured, she is vital to the long-term health of the Institute. If you cannot do this for me, I can find someone else at Stanley more appreciative of the gift I’ve bestowed upon them.”

VX9348 got tense again, “I will come up with a plan, ma’am. Would you like me to review it with you before implementation?”

“Yes, of course. But I’d like this to be done quickly. Please have a plan to me by Monday.” Elaine didn’t think her son had told his fiancée about the Institute’s true purpose, especially without an android female nearby as proof. She wanted to make sure her side got to make their case first. And preferably be the only case made.

VX9348 responded, “Affirmative. I will have the plan finished on time. May I enlist the help of other units in my office for assistance?”

Dr. Dyson considered this, “Yes, I think you should. I look forward to hearing your plan. Goodbye, Camilla.”

“Goodbye, Dr. Dyson.”

Each synthetic woman hung up the phone on their end. Camilla leaned back in her chair and tried to process what had just happened. Or more accurately, what had just begun. She reached for the phone again and contacted Dana.

“Dana, come here. There’s a special project I’ll need your help on. Get Ava, Katie, and Christine in here too, if they’re available.”

Part 3

Neil returned home to find his wife-to-be fixing them dinner. Even in sweats and an old T-shirt, seeing her made him grin like a mad man. He snuck behind her, wrapped his arms around her midsection and nuzzled her neck and the dark hair covering it.

“Wow, what did I do right to deserve a total babe who also cooks.”

Zoe put down the spoon and turned around to give Neil a kiss. After a quick one, she retorted, “It’s just hamburger helper. I’d love to see what you’d do if I made a meatloaf.”

“I’d explode.” They both chuckled. “I had one helluva day. I told my mom and Jessica about the engagement.”

Zoe turned back to stir the pan of ground beef and noodles. “How’d they react to that announcement? Considering they still haven’t met me.”

That was still a sore subject between them. Neil had been reluctant to expose Zoe to his... abnormal family. Zoe was an only child raised by her father and she craved being part of a traditional family unit. Too bad the Dysons were far from traditional once you got past the mom, dad, and two kids.

Neil walked to the apartment’s bedroom to take off his work clothes. “My mom was pleased; my sister is already planning the wedding ceremony. I think she’s going to walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid whether we want her to or not.”

Zoe took out two place settings and laid them out on the small breakfast nook table. “That’s fine with me; I’m going to need all the help I can get.” She went back to the stove and came back to the table with a trivet and the skillet of dinner. She set it down and realized she had almost forgotten the crushed red pepper Neil loved on Italian-style dishes.

The water got poured right as Neil came back out in a T-shirt and shorts. He gave his fiancée another kiss before they sat down. “Betty Draper couldn’t have done better,” Neil said as he scooped himself some food.

“I’m hoping our marriage turns out a little better than that, sweetie.”

Neil laughed and the two of them continued to chat idly over their romantic dinner.

Camilla took her seat at the head of the table. The group had all left, and then come back well after hours so no one would notice them or disturb them inside a company meeting room. In terms of Stanley enterprises, she wasn’t the most senior employee in the room. In terms of Dyson, she wasn’t the longest-operating android woman. But Dr. Dyson had put her in charge.


There were three other android women at the table and two men who had android wives and were almost as willing as the women to help the Institute. Most of them knew who Zoe was, but only Ava had interacted with her outside of the office. It was one of the many problems Camilla faced.

“OK, let’s get this started. We’re here because Dr. Dyson would like to see Zoe Baker join us as a synthetic woman. If anyone knows why, I’d be happy to hear it, because my analysis says she’s a poor candidate, and Dr. Dyson wouldn’t explain it to me.”

The people at the table looked at each other for answers and got none. Except for Katie, who was reliving on her face a pleasant experience with the Doctor. Ignoring Katie, Camilla continued.

“So we’re going to have to go to greater lengths in order to convince her. Part of the reason she’s not a good candidate is that we don’t have much data on her. We’ve got the basic biography down, but not the really personal stuff that would make this recruitment a slam dunk. She’s not married. She seems to have a healthy body image, but not overly so. We’re getting that mostly from appearance analysis. She dresses smartly, but not expensively.

Ava chimed in, “that’s the impression I’ve gotten. She’s very comfortable with her life. She has a serious boyfriend, although there doesn’t seem to be any angst there to latch onto. My best guess is that she’s also sexually conservative, which doesn’t help us.”

“She doesn’t surf the Web at work enough to get any information,” Camilla continued, “and no personal effects except some silk flowers.”

Greg sighed, “Shit, how bland can you be? Just tell Dr. Dyson she can’t be recruited and let’s go on with our lives.”

Camilla rolled her eyes, “I’ve tried explaining this to Dr. Dyson, but the request stands.”

Katie had recovered and was back in the conversation, “I don’t think this is as hard as we’re making this. Being an android woman is clearly better. We don’t need to trick her or anything, just show her the truth and give her the opportunity to be a perfect, synthetic female.”

Camilla appreciated the point about not needing to trick her, “Normally I’d agree, but if she flips out once one of us flashes an open panel, the game is up. Maybe she even convinces a cop to come investigate us. You can’t throw a rock in this building without hitting a synthetic woman or someone else who knows about the Dyson Institute.”

David finally chimed in, “How about you take her out, go dancing or whatever it is synthetic women do as a group.” There were a few giggles, considering what android women love to do together. “OK, not that, but make her feel like one of the girls. Maybe you steer the conversation in a way that makes her think about robots. Prep her before you do the reveal.”

Greg followed up, “Dress up really nicely too. Make her feel like she isn’t pretty enough. Be catty behind her back but within earshot. Exaggerate the amount of work you do in a day. If you can’t convince her a synthetic body would be better, convince her that staying in her current body is worse.”

Camilla thought that Greg was an asshole, but she should probably incorporate that into any plan. The directive was to bring her into the fold, not preserve her self-esteem.

“Then it’s settled. Ava, Dana; get together at some point tomorrow and invite Zoe to a night on the town. If you can get her to go on a shopping trip beforehand, I’ll authorize it for you. Unfortunately, I don’t think partying with the boss will get her to loosen up.”

They all chuckled at that as the table emptied. Dana, who hadn’t talked during the meeting, quietly headed to the door before Camilla could catch up with her. “You were awfully quiet in there.”

Dana shrugged, “I couldn’t help thinking of Gretchen. Two kids, husband ran out on her, diabetes, bad knees. If there’s anyone we should be helping it’s her, not someone who can’t immediately appreciate the gift being presented to her.

The boss smiled a little bit, “That was one part of the plan I didn’t need to go over. Gretchen talks to Zoe all the time. They’re both going to be extended the chance to become synthetic, and hopefully Gretchen’s happiness will be contagious.

Dana got a big smile on her previously troubled face before giving Camilla a big kiss.

Neil and Zoe sat atop a short dividing wall in front of the theater, waiting for Jessica to arrive. They didn’t talk; they just sat enjoying the breeze and the shade provided by the big tree. Neil was a little nervous that Jessica would dress the way she normally dressed in public: sparsely. It was bad enough when he had to watch guys ogle his sister. He didn’t want to explain to Zoe why his sister was such an exhibitionist. Zoe, on the other hand, was more worried about making a good first impression on her fiancé’s sister. It was obvious to her that Neil loved his sister very much. Plus she wanted to fit into his family like a round peg in a round hole. She had been rehearsing an introduction in her head since they sat down.

Neil was first to spy Jessica coming around the corner. He was thankful she was dressed tastefully. The top went down to just above her navel, and the neckline didn’t expose much cleavage, although it hugged her breasts attractively. She was wearing low-riding jeans, but those were in style.

Zoe saw an attractive woman turn the corner and caught Neil staring. “Hey mister, no window shopping, you’re about to be a married man.” At that point, Zoe realized the woman was smiling and walking directly toward them.

“Hi, you must be Zoe. I’m Neil’s little sister Jessica. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

Neil had to fight off a snorting laugh at Zoe’s initial statement and subsequent speechlessness. Zoe couldn’t believe Jessica and Neil were siblings, they looked so different. Plus Neil’s stories of the two of them made Jessica sound kinda dorky.

“Hi Jessica, I’m glad you could come.” Zoe smiled broadly and Jessica smiled back. Zoe was still a bit flabbergasted, but was regaining her composure. Jessica was calmly sizing up her future sister-in-law. And not just in the sense of taking high-res photos for later use in the construction of Zoe’s android body.

Neil butted in to break the silence, “So Jessica, we wanted to wait until you got here before picking a movie. Any preference?”

Jessica attracted some attention when she started bouncing with excitement. “Ooh The second Foundation movie came out last week, we should go see that.”

Zoe furrowed her brow, “I haven’t heard of it.”

Jessica was happy to explain, in detail, what Asimov’s Foundation Series was all about, with a little comment on how many top economists cited the psychohistorians as an inspiration for their later interest in economics. Neil was always amused when his sister geeked out like that. It was a nice dose of nostalgia in addition to an entertaining paradox when a model-hot girl started going on about Freeman Dyson (no relation).

Zoe was a little less amused, “I’m not really a science fiction fan. How about that new Jason Statham romantic comedy?” Zoe’s eyes narrowed. Her brother was dating, nay, marrying a woman who didn’t enjoy science fiction? One who wanted them to watch a bleepin’ Romantic comedy? With that no talent assclown?

Neil quickly stepped in. “How about a nice historical drama? I think there’s something about the French revolution playing.” Neil knew his women.

Jessica enjoyed history, and Zoe enjoyed costume dramas. Sure enough, the two women agreed and Neil bought three tickets. Although the way the guy was ogling Jessica, maybe he should’ve let his sister get the tickets. She could have handed the guy a dollar and gotten change back. Inside, Neil left the girls alone to make a trip to the concession stand for all of them. There was a moment of silence broken by Jessica.

“So... how old are you?”

“Oh, I’m 23. My birthday was three weeks ago.”

“Happy birthday.”

“Thanks... You’re 20, right?”

“Yup, just don’t check my driver’s license.” Jessica giggled a little bit at her own joke.

Zoe smiled, but didn’t laugh. “So are you in school?”

“No, I’m working with my mom, getting practical experience.”

Zoe was puzzled, “They let you work at an engineering firm?”

“Huh? No, I work at my Mom’s health spa.”

“Neil said she was a nuclear engineer.”

“She was, but the job was very stressful, so she and some friends opened up a health spa. They’re all much happier now.” Jessica had to bite her tongue as to why.

“It’s a damn shame, a woman in the natural sciences being driven away like that. I mean, I’m glad she’s happy, it’s just that we need more female scientists.”

Jessica’s cheeks got hot, thinking of all the women who now knew, through first-hand experience, enough about robotics to teach the subject at any university. “I understand what you mean, don’t worry.”

If Neil hadn’t come back at that moment, Jessica might have blabbed. “OK girls, I’ve got a Sprite and Junior Mints for the pipsqueak, Diet Cokes for me and Zoe, and a jumbo bucket of popcorn for everyone.”

“Actually, hold on to it dear, I need to make a visit to the little girls’ room.” Zoe leaned over the armful of goodies and gave him a kiss.

“Here, take your ticket, we’ll meet you in the theater.”

Zoe walked off and the Dyson siblings walked to the ticket taker.

“You didn’t tell me your fiancé was a Luddite.”

Neil sighed, “Oh please, so she doesn’t write fanfiction about Jean-Luc Picard in high school. It doesn’t make her a luddite.”

Jessica would always regret showing him that story, “well, we’ll see if we can’t add some special programming when she comes in for her new body.”

Neil cringed at the thought, even if the thought was of Zoe’s disembodied android head with a large fake cock in its mouth. He changed subjects, “So why were you late?”

“I had a broken gasket.”

“Doesn’t the ASU pick up on stuff like that?”

It took Jessica a moment to realize the confusion, “Not in me, in the car. Doofus. I had to borrow mom’s car.”

“She still have that 15-year-old Neon?”

“Yup, I was sooo embarrassed. Not only as an advanced amalgam of robotic machinery, but as a daughter and a hot young girl who shouldn’t be caught dead driving that rust bucket.”

The ticket taker was staring at them as they laughed. Jessica is the one who covered, “It’s an inside joke about Westworld.”

The movie passed without incident and Jessica declined their offer to have dinner. She had swapped in a smaller battery and added extra disk storage for her footage of Zoe and, frankly, the Foundation movie she had hoped to see. Zoe was a little sad that they hadn’t talked more, but said they’d arrange some girl time later. Jessica liked that idea more than Neil.

In the car, Neil and Zoe chatted a bit about the movie. Neil decided not to ask for his future wife’s impression of his sister. The conversation dropped off until Zoe piped up. “Has your sister had work done?”

Neil very nearly swerved into a street sign.

Part 4

All the girls within 200 feet of accounts payable, and one or two of the guys, were clustered around Zoe’s desk. The backlog of invoices waiting for them on a Monday morning could wait a little longer while everyone oohed and aahed at the engagement ring being flashed around. Zoe felt a little embarrassed at all the attention, but once she showed Gretchen the ring, everyone wanted to look and congratulate Zoe. “It was so sweet, he took me to the coffee shop where we had our first semi-date and he bought me one of those stick-shaped cookies. When I pulled it out of the bag, it was sticking through the ring. Then he got down on one knee and proposed right there during the lunch rush. People started applauding, it was so surreal. Then we found out the ring was too small. I just got it back from the jeweler this morning.” There were a few ‘awww’s, but the (unspoken) consensus was that it was kind of corny. Dana was just excited that there was a gift-wrapped excuse to take Zoe out for a night on the town. “So, tell us about your future better half,” Christine chirped from behind two other people. “Let’s see, his name is Neil. He works in the marketing department on the seventh floor. He has an MBA. He’s got one younger sister, and his mother runs a health spa. He’s a real sweetheart and he does this grinning thing that I just love...” The android women in attendance all had the same idea. They checked the company employment roster, and sorted out for the marketing department. There was one guy named Neil. Neil Dyson. And his mother ran a health spa, according to Zoe. The realization of why Dr. Dyson was so adamant about getting Zoe to become synthetic hit them at roughly the same time, and they could clearly see it on each others’ faces. This girl was going to be the daughter-in-law of Dr. Elaine Dyson, the woman who first hatched the idea of robotic women and thus the one responsible for the vast improvement in their lives. Zoe had kept going on about Neil, but Dana interrupted, “Sorry Zoe, I need to take Katie, Christine and Ava away for a moment. Congratulations again. We’ll talk some more later.” Zoe acknowledged their departure and kept on going for a little while longer. The four synthetic women went into Camilla’s empty office and shut the door. It took a moment for anyone to speak. “Her fiancé is Dr. Dyson’s son?” It was actually less of a question than Katie made it sound like, and they had all come up with the same hypothesis anyway. “It sure seems like it. Maybe he’s a nephew, but the file says he’s 24, so it’s almost certainly not a brother.” Christine was trying desperately to come up with an alternate conclusion based on what they knew. “Nope, she said it was his mother that ran a health spa, so unless Dr. Dyson’s sister or sister-in-law runs another health spa, we’re dealing with her daughter-in-law,” Dana replied. The task hadn’t really changed, but they all felt like the stakes were higher now. They were responsible for making a future member of Dr. Dyson’s family part of her larger family. And if they succeeded, one of the most important people in their lives would owe them a big favor. Sure, they had already been given so much, but the idea of having more is human nature. “So where’s Camilla?”

Units VX9348 and UX1696 had each attached themselves to one of Dr. Dyson’s nipples and were using one of their hands to massage the pussy of the other naked unit. Elaine leaned back and luxuriated in the sensation. The firmware upgrade allowed her to process so much more information from her breasts now. She couldn’t tell if she was enjoying the tongues or the new data flow more, and figured that it didn’t really matter. “Camilla, why don’t you work on my pussy for a little bit. Suki, there are some toys in the wooden chest, why don’t you pick some out?” Elaine smiled as the blonde office manager began planting kisses down her stomach. But even nicer was the sight of the tiny bundle of Japanese curves strutting naked around her office. Dr. Suki Narita was an expert in biomechanics and Dr. Dyson was sure she’d make a great addition to the research staff. But at the moment, the Japanese doctor was jiggling back to her western counterpart with two handfuls of wires and floppy dildos.


“Let me see if I can guess what this one does.” Suki smiled as Elaine leaned back and squealed from the toe-curling orgasm Camilla had just induced. Dr. Narita opened up her paplexus panel, still amazed at the sight. She then slipped one of the sex toys into the available, exposed expansion slot. It was a rush to feel her software update automatically, and a further rush when she felt the air tickle the sensors on the toy. She quickly realized that the toy was a souped-up version of her artificial tongue, articulated and controllable by her thoughts. Elaine had regained enough composure to address her new colleague, “Go ahead, I’ll bet VX9348 would love to feel that inside her wet, synthetic pussy.” Camilla was still dutifully lapping up Dr. Dyson’s copious juices, but heard enough to wiggle her ass at Suki. And that was all the encouragement Suki needed. She crouched down to get the fake dick to the right level, and then flicked it up and down the length of Camilla’s slit. Elaine could feel the blonde shudder at the initial contact, but she didn’t stop licking. Then Suki moaned as she felt ‘her’ phallus slowly sink into Camilla’s gash. She wiggled and swirled it around inside her partner before beginning to thrust. Camilla felt like she was going to explode. “Hi Mom,” Jessica walked in wearing the normal institute uniform. Oddly enough, the only person who didn’t turn to look was Dr. Dyson. Both Suki and Camilla felt like they had been caught in the act, and by what appeared to be Dr. Dyson’s daughter, no less. “Oh don’t mind me; I just needed to have a quick chat with the doctor.” Jessica’s level of comfort with the situation didn’t increase Suki and Camilla’s. Jessica calmly sat down on a couch opposite the three women and examined one of the toys Suki had tossed aside. “Girls, why don’t you attend to each other while I speak to Jessica. VX9348, I think that plan of yours needs work, so record our conversation for later playback” The other two units were unsure, but they were also really turned on. Camilla opened her audio options and began recording. Suki disengaged herself and Camilla turned around to embrace the other doctor. Dr. Narita could still taste Dr. Dyson’s sexual lubricant as they slowly fell to the carpet between the two redheads. Elaine pulled her hair back behind her ears and crossed her legs, not bothering to cover up any more of her nudity. “So, how was the movie?” Jessica shrugged, “Eh, it wasn’t too bad. We went to see this French film. Zoe didn’t want to see Second Foundation. She doesn’t like Science Fiction.” “Not even Asimov?” “I know ” “We’ll have to do something about that.” “That’s what I said. Anyway, I’ve got images sent to fabrication, they’ll extrapolate her body without the blouse and we’ll be able to have the head and torso mockup ready whenever Neil tells her about the Institute.” Jessica licked the toy in her hand just a little bit to test it out. Elaine raised an eyebrow, “Neil didn’t say anything to me about telling Zoe. In fact, he didn’t seem to want Zoe to ever be told about becoming a synthetic woman. He was quite adamant about it.” “He doesn’t even want to give her the chance? That doesn’t sound like Neil.” “Sweetie, you remember that phase he went through where he called us robo-whores and brainwashed hedonists.” VX9348 screamed in ecstasy as UX1696’s thrusting finally hit pay dirt. Soon after, UX1696 had an orgasm of her own, her first that didn’t come from her pussy. The two of them switched positions, with UX1696 lying down and keeping her attachment straight while VX9348 impaled herself and began bobbing up and down. Jessica scooted over to see around the blonde robot. “But we got past all that.” Elaine gave her a sympathetic look, “He accepted that we’re his family, I don’t think he really understands how much better our lives are after becoming synthetic.” Camilla shook wildly and collapsed upon the Japanese doctor. The phallus slipped out and flung a bit of fluid onto Jessica’s leg. The two units didn’t stop though, softly moaning as they began making out with one another. Jessica sat there, not sure if she was hurt more by Neil lying to her or by Neil rejecting her synthetic womanhood. Elaine walked around the units fucking on the carpet and put an arm around her daughter. “But we’re still going to give Zoe the opportunity to become an android. She deserves that, and so does Neil.” “Won’t Neil be angry - I mean run-around-with-a-sledgehammer angry - if we do that?” “He’ll see firsthand how much wives and husbands can improve their relationship. Faced with the truth, he might be embarrassed by his former stance, but he won’t be angry.” Jessica wasn’t 100% sure about that logic, but she respected her mother’s judgment. Besides, the idea of hoisting Neil up on his own petard sounded pretty attractive right about now. They chatted for a little while longer about Zoe specifically before Elaine stood up, “I’m going to have a discussion with the good Dr. Narita about android vaginal assemblies. If you’d like to work off some energy, I’m sure VX9348 here won’t mind.” The other two units rolled away from one another and Elaine took her turn straddling the Japanese android. Jessica removed her uniform and briefly considered using the toy before tossing it aside and calling Camilla to the couch. The two of them got into a 69 position and began eagerly eating each other out, Jessica much more forcefully than the blonde. Camilla had only been dimly aware of the conversation going around above her, but had heard the name Zoe a few times. Dr. Dyson had called her in to discuss the matter. But most of her system resources were devoted to exploring the young redhead’s snatch in front of her mouth. A priority text message from VX9319 appeared in her vision, and she had enough awareness to understand that. “Zoe is Dr. D’s future daughter-in-law. Outing still planned. Advice?”

Part 5

Zoe had reluctantly agreed to go out with some of her coworkers on a Monday night. Dana had assured her Mrs. Taylor would understand if the bride-to-be showed up a little late or not at all on Tuesday. It’s not every day you get engaged, or at least it’s not every day you tell your coworkers about getting engaged. Camilla still wasn’t coming, but she let the other girls borrow her mini-van for the outing. It had been decided that Zoe should get picked up last. Dana was driving and Christine was in the front seat, plugged into the cigarette lighter. She hadn’t gotten a full charge the night before and didn’t want to suddenly go low on juice in the middle of a dance floor. Ava and Katie were in the backseat making out like it was prom night. Katie had left her arousal levels high, as usual, and Ava didn’t see the harm in taking some of the edge off. It wasn’t the first time the two of them had gone club hopping, and they had quickly discovered that guys loved watching two attractive ladies in brief party dresses get to second base with one another. “Will you two cut it out back there?” Dana was obviously more stressed out than the other girls in the van. Katie came up and pouted a little bit as she and Ava scooted to either side of the backseat bench. “What’s the big deal? We were going to stop when you stopped at Zoe’s place. And it’s not like you can tell we were making out.” It was true. There wasn’t a smudge on their makeup or a hair out of place. The institute had crafted new head units for all of them and sent a technician with the modules to each of their homes. It took 5 minutes to create the image of an entire afternoon at a beauty salon. Actually, Dana mused as she checked herself out in one of the mirrors again, it was beyond that. Her nose was a slightly more attractive shape and her eyes were a more sparkling hazel. Zoe wouldn’t be able to notice, especially in the low-light situation, but the Institute had gone above and beyond to make Zoe the ugly duckling of the group. “Remember, you should act drunk, but you can’t be drunk. We want this to go off without a hitch, but if she gets weirded out, we’ve got that excuse to fall back on.” “Yes, Mom, we all downloaded the same plan.” Katie giggled at Ava’s snarky remark. “Hey, I shouldn’t be the only one worried here. We screw this up and Dr. Dyson’s daughter-in-law stays organic. I don’t want to know what her reaction to that would be, or what she’d do to us for screwing up. Christine picked an opportune moment to finish charging, “Did we actually get a threat? I’ve never heard of Dr. Dyson issuing threats.” “There wasn’t anything explicit, but what would you do if you were in her position and three random office android girls screwed over a member of your family? And on the flipside, what would you do for the girls that convinced her to become a synthetic woman?” The van fell silent as it pulled up to Zoe and Neil’s apartment. Zoe was already waiting outside for them. Katie opened the door for her and Zoe slipped into one of the captain’s chairs between the four other ladies. She was wearing a jacket over her green dress, but the other women could tell that it looked nice and so did she. She hadn’t done much with her hair, but she had done up her face well. Of course, it wasn’t enough to make Zoe feel good about herself when she scanned the other passengers of the van while exchanging greetings. The other looked drop-dead gorgeous as though they had spent the entire day getting ready. Plus they were wearing outfits that made hers look like a potato sack. Not just in style, but in the lack of coverage provided. “Aren’t you all cold? It’s like 50 degrees outside.” The question struck Zoe as it was coming out of her mouth. At least it was better than the other comments on the lack of clothing in the vehicle she had tested in her brain. Dana tensed up. How could she have been so stupid? She didn’t even have the heater on in the van. They all had gotten used to just shutting off or tuning down those sensors when it got uncomfortable. Ava was the one who covered, “trust me, it’s going to be plenty hot once we get inside the club with all those people. Besides, I for one like a little chill in the air. Sweat stinks.” It didn’t really explain why they had no jackets on now, but Christine turned the heat up in the van in the most subtle way she could. And all four of them changed their settings so they would shiver a little when they went outside.

They chattered idly, pressing Zoe for details about the wedding. She didn’t really have any details yet, but it killed time. Then Ava started a line of questioning they were all interested in, but were afraid to broach. “So, have you met Neil’s family? What are they like?” Zoe didn’t pick up on the pricked up ears in the van. “I actually haven’t had that much interaction with them. I know his parents are still together, although they had problems when Neil was in High School and college. I haven’t met them yet, but I did meet his sister.” Zoe decided not to mention the probably extensive plastic surgery. “She’s a real sweetheart, and she’s really close to Neil. The other girls nodded along respectfully. Ava and Christine didn’t know Dr. Dyson had a daughter too. Only Katie had heard about Dyson’s marital problems as an organic woman. They owed her so much, and idolized her for her achievements, but they didn’t really know Dr. Dyson all that well. “Are you ok?” Zoe had caught onto the shared silence of the pensive synthetics. “Yeah. Oh look, here we are, turn left here, Dana.” Christine pointed out the parking lot to Dana. The poor attendant never had a chance of gathering up enough spare brain cells to ask the hot women in the front of the van for money to park. They all filed out with Dana leading the way and breaking the neck of the interested parking attendant again. Zoe smirked from the rear that it was a thick grilled cheese on wheat. Two brunettes with three blondes in between. She was a little surprised that there was a line into the club on a cold weeknight. Even so, heads turned when their group walked past the rope line toward the entrance. Zoe was a little embarrassed at the attention, until she realized only small bits of it were aimed at her. She tried to keep up with the other girls, but they were walking quickly and gracefully in their heels, while Zoe wished she had gone with something flatter. Dana barely had to say two words to the bouncer before he let her past the velvet rope. Ava, Christine, and Katie followed close behind. Zoe was two steps back and had the rope close in front of her. “End of the line, lady.” “But, I’m with those other four.” Zoe was further embarrassed as the bouncer stood there silently staring her down. It was a tense 15 seconds before Katie doubled back and convinced the bouncer to let Zoe in. The scene inside was more of the same. Dana had wrangled a booth away from some guys and the five of them ordered a round. Or rather, they ordered a round and some guys paid for them. It’s not exactly what Zoe had in mind when Ava had offered to get the first round, but booze was booze. All through the night, at least one of her coworkers was at her side, either at the table or on the dance floor. And regardless of who it was, all the attention went to Zoe’s coworker first. Unless it was two guys and one was acting as the wingman, chatting up the hottie’s not so hot girlfriend. Even when the girls tried to deflect some of the attention to Zoe, it only made her feel pathetic. And she could swear she could hear the other girls talking about her once they got just barely out of audible range. Rationally, she knew she was engaged and couldn’t (wouldn’t) do anything with these guys, but it was the principle of the thing. So at the moment, Zoe was half-listening to Christine talk about French cuisine. The other half was watching Katie get her freak on out on the dance floor. She was surrounded by about three guys and finding a way to be in contact with all of their crotches at once. Jesus, what a slut. A little voice bemoaned the fact that she hadn’t even gotten the opportunity to be that slutty. Zoe brushed that thought aside and a few moments later Katie pulled down the top of her dress and let her breasts bounce freely out on the dance floor. The men were shocked for a moment before letting out a cheer and trying to get a hand on all the exposed boob. Zoe was flabbergasted. Christine turned to look and was shocked as well, albeit for slightly different reasons. Dana heard the extra-loud whoops and caught sight of Katie’s nipples. She grabbed her purse and quickly got over to Katie. She managed to yank Katie’s dress back up and lead her off the floor before Katie’s admirers stopped their booing and tried to grab her. The two of them got into the ladies room and into a stall. By some miracle there was one open. “If you wanted to make out, Dana, we could have done it out there, no one would have minded,” Katie looked smashed. Dana was furious and grabbed a cable out of her purse. They couldn’t talk in here, but they could exchange messages over a hard link. Dana hiked up the bottom of her dress and opened her paplexus panel. “Ooh, you are excited, aren’t you?” Katie began giggling, but Dana was in no mood. She motioned toward the open panel as a way of telling Katie to do the same. Katie giggled some more, but complied. Dana connected both ends of the table and began a silent conversation. What the fuck was that? Flashing your tits? With Zoe watching? VX8753 rolled her eyes, sorry for having fun, mom. VX9319 could have slapped her, instead she checked on VX8753’s alcohol emulation software. Sure enough, she was acting like she could have blown a .16 on a BAC test. The software wasn’t equipped to be on without affecting decision-making, and it was designed to react to actual alcohol consumption. Turn off your drunk emulator. It isn’t working right. But you said we had to act drunk for Zoe. Mmm, those lips would be so good around my nips right about now. VX8753 was beginning to reach back into her dress. VX9319 stopped her and repeated the command. The older-model android reluctantly complied and immediately returned to normal. Oh shit, did I really just do that? Dana frowned, unplugged the two of them, and stowed the wire. “Let’s get back out there and try to be on your best behavior. But we’re going to stay away from Zoe for a little while longer, ok?” Katie quietly nodded and readjusted her breasts inside her dress. Meanwhile, Ava had rejoined Christine and Zoe. Zoe filled Ava in on what Katie had done. Christine took the opportunity to steer the conversation toward sex. It was pretty easy, given the four mixed drinks Zoe had in her. And given the public display, one question flowed naturally Christine asked, “so where’s the weirdest place you ever made love?” From an organic woman’s perspective, a robotics laboratory would place high on any list. For Ava and Christine, that was like having sex in the backseat of a car. Big whoop. Ava went first, “One time, my boyfriend Robert and I were at this fancy hotel with one of those glass elevators. It was late at night, so he stopped the elevator near the top floor and hiked up my skirt. So I bent over and let him take me from behind while I looked over the city all lit up.” Zoe assumed she had merely forgotten to mention what happened to her panties. It was still a nice story, and Zoe felt embarrassed going after it. Christine picked up on that and went next. “So I was dating this golf pro at a private country club and during this big soiree we snuck away and made love on the 16th green, out there in the open, in the moonlight. So we came back and there was some formal dancing going on. We did that, and I was fairly certain we had kept our clothes clean. But at the end I look back and there were about a dozen blades of grass on the dance floor that must have fallen out the back of my dress after being wedged up somewhere.” Ava and Christine giggled at that much more than Zoe did. “Come on Zoe, what’s your story?” Christine asked and Ava repeated it, egging her on. “Really, no, it’s embarrassing.” “Oh, I doubt it’s that bad. We’re all adults here, anyway. You can tell us.” “Fine, in the living room of an apartment I shared with this girl in college. No glass elevators, no moonlight, just a stained couch.” Christine stopped herself before asking if it was the roommate Zoe was fucking. Ava had a better response, “that’s fine, not everyone gets a thrill from having sex in weird places.” She paused before continuing. “Do you and Neil do any... roleplaying?” “Roleplaying?” Christine jumped in, “You know, pretending to be other people. Like he’s the boss and you’re his secretary being called into his office for some Dick-tation.” She managed to say it in such a way that the extra k was obvious. “N-not really.” If Zoe had a little less rum in her system, she might have been worried about talking about this stuff. “We have really good sex doing things the normal way. Neil has an awesome cock and an awesomer tongue.” The other two girls were amused, but maybe not surprised that Dyson’s son was an expert at sex as well. Christine continued, “You should try it sometime. Rent or cobble together a schoolgirl costume and play schoolmaster and truant girl.” Zoe was barely sober enough to grasp ‘truant’, but remained somewhat intrigued. Ava came forward with the big one, “But my favorite is Robot and Master.” When Zoe didn’t look appalled, Christine jumped in. “Oh yeah, that’s my favorite too. Every guy I’ve done it with just couldn’t get enough.” “And it feels so sexy pretending to be a perfect, obedient android woman.” Ava worried she was laying it on too thick, but Zoe was still paying attention. “I act like he’s activating me, I do a few orders, and it’s so hot. Even when I don’t try to ham it up by making beeping sounds.” Before Ava or Christine could go further, Dana showed up. “Alright, I’ve got Katie in a state resembling a normal human, I think we should go now.”

Part 6

Neil walked through the lobby of the institute again for the second time in as many weeks. He felt a little bad about not spending Saturday doing just sibling stuff with Jessica. So he decided to take a long lunch and pay his sister a visit. There was a new girl at the front desk, and she was just as excited to see him as Carly had been last time. This time he spent only a moment asking where his sister was before heading through the door into the back rooms. Two turns and he was entering testing room C Where he was greeted by the sight of Jessica; Topless, right arm missing, and without her legs and pelvic assembly as well. Even as he turned his head to avoid staring at his sister’s naked breasts, he saw that she was bouncing a racquetball off the ground and hitting a dime-sized target on the wall. But at the moment he was more concerned with his sister’s nudity. “Hi Neil It’s been a while ” That was not Jessica speaking, but he couldn’t look to identify the speaker. He found a towel and held it in front of him as he inched himself toward the voice and his sister while keeping his head turned. He heard two sets of feminine giggles. “Jess, could you please drape this over your saline sacks?” He felt the towel being tugged from his hand. “You can turn around now.” Neil did so, and while Jessica was covered up, the technician had opened the top of her uniform to expose her breasts. “Very funny, ha ha.” He said derisively. “But those aren’t attached to my sister.” Jessica and the technician kept giggling as the latter buttoned back up. Neil took the opportunity to examine the face of the other girl. He realized he may have had even less reason to be concerned about seeing those tits. He had seen much more than that on this girl. “Wendy?” Wendy Klein was the daughter of Dr. Gloria Klein, one of the earliest experts working with his mother on the android woman project. As such, Wendy had been synthetic about as long as Jessica. She still looked angelic, and as trim as Jessica was curvy. Neil had slept with her a dozen times back when he thought being surrounded by horny, physically perfect women was all he needed for paradise. “Yup, it’s me. Just helping out around the facility. Gotta be trained on all this stuff before Mom lets me run my own branch.” “They’re letting you run your own spa? I suppose congratulations are in order.” “Thanks, yeah, nepotism is great when it works in your favor. So, you’re looking good. What’s been new with you?” “Oh you know, same old, same old.” Jessica, who was still bouncing the ball, snorted at that. “Like hell. The organ receptacle here got enga-ged.” Neil had hoped Jessica was focusing her attention on the ball. Wendy smiled, “Congratulations. Anyone I’ve worked on?” Jessica snorted again. Neil tried to ignore that, “Nope, pure organic. They say organic is better for your health.” “‘They’ say a lot of th-things,” Jessica interjected. Wendy could tell something was going on. “Should I go? We’ve got some good data already.” “Yeah, let’s stop this.” Jessica’s next throw landed the ball in a trash can. “Even the orgasms aren’t making this pleasant.” “Orgasms?” Neil was a little confused, and frankly queasy, by the invocation. Wendy explained as she unhooked Jessica. “We were testing a software package that lets synthetic women run climax sequences in the background of other tasks. It’s an application of the octet core we’ve begun...” Neil raised a hand, “I think I got it.” It figures that they’d be trying to figure our more ways to cram sex into their lives. Now they were going to be cumming all day long. Super. “It’s a fabulous program, Neil. Any woman would be thrilled to experience it.” Wendy made a strategic retreat as Jessica shot daggers through her eyes at Neil. She wished her mom had taken her advice and developed eyes for synthetic women that shot laser beams. Neil sighed, “OK, what’s your problem?” “You lied to me.” “About what?” Jessica rolled her eyes, “About letting Zoe become a synthetic woman. No, about giving her the opportunity to become a synthetic woman. You had no intention of telling her about what we do here and letting her choose whether to lead a perfect android existence.” “Let’s go easy on the ‘perfect’ talk, ok?” The well worn phrase irked Neil as much as Jessica’s snotty attitude. “Oh here we go, poor abused Jessica with her sexy body and many friends and fulfilling job. Oh, the horrors that have been visited upon her.” The tone did nothing to disabuse Neil of the notion that his sister was being snotty. “At least you got the ‘many friends’ part right.” “This is about sex? There are plenty of monogamous android women, fully devoted to their husbands.” “Yeah, and their files are all marked ‘possessive, potentially abusive husband’.” “Bullshit.” Jessica said it, although she knew there was a correlation. Neil had the causation reversed, though. “And please, tell me the most dates you’ve been on with one guy, and company clients don’t count.” It was a biased question; since most of Jessica’s social life involved the Institute. But that didn’t really help her case. “So what if I’m not out there trying to find a husband. I’m 20 years old, I can’t get an STD or get pregnant, I’m fucking hot, why shouldn’t I be out there just enjoying myself?” Neil, in that moment, decided to let it out. “That’s just it, Mom stuck you in that body and you had no reason to mature, no reason to act like a normal human being.” “But this is better than being a normal human being. And fuck you for calling me immature.” In hindsight, that wasn’t a very mature response. “You went from being a complex young woman into a shallow whore.” “I went from being a gloomy, suicidal young woman into a happy young woman.” Neil was taken aback by the suicidal comment, but he chalked it up internally as exaggeration in a heated moment. But the pause let Jessica go on the offensive. “And why do I need to defend myself? This is about Zoe. You won’t let her make that choice for herself. Talk about maturity, why don’t you tell her, tell her your concerns, and then let her make an informed decision?” “Because I’d bring her here, and you’d fill her mind with hyperbolic descriptions of your life, and once you turned her into a tinkertoy, she’d be programmed to love it. Programmed for everything. And she wouldn’t love me anymore; she’d love the program that tells her she loves me.” Now it was Jessica’s turn to be silent, she hadn’t seen Neil this... scared in a long time. He was almost crying. Her ire had completely burned off, and she wanted to hug him, but that was hard to do with one arm and no lower half. “It wouldn’t be like that Neil, I still love you, and that’s not linked to any specific program or induced sensation. And if I was that different, would you really still enjoy hanging out with me?” “I enjoy it because when it’s just the two of us, you start acting like the sister you used to be and not UX1-whatever. But for it to be my wife... that’s 24/7.” Screw it, Jessica reached out and yanked Neil close to her into a semi-hug, one that Neil made a full one. “I don’t know what I can do to convince you that your fears are bullshit, but I promise I’ll let you decide when your wife comes in. And I promise that when that happens, I’ll be as frank as possible with her about the limitations of being an android, ok?” Jessica felt Neil nodding against her shoulder, and they stayed in that position for a while longer. Zoe was standing in front of the mirror brushing her teeth before going to bed. All she had on was one of Neil’s big T-shirts and a pair of panties. Thankfully, her hangover had gone away sometime after lunch. She was still a little pissed that the other girls she had gone out with were fresh and chipper that morning. Zoe had rolled in ninety minutes late, filled with coffee and aspirin, and looking like she had been hit by a truck. Katie, who had been as drunk as Zoe had ever seen a girl, was sunny as ever. You might have guessed she had spent last night at home reading before turning in early, rather than getting plastered and waving her bare breasts around until 1 a.m. Zoe had largely ignored them as she worked to get everything done with a splitting headache. Fortunately Camilla hadn’t given her any shit about showing up late. At least that had gone right. When five o’clock rolled around, she was out of there like a bolt of lightning. Zoe finished brushing and started looking at herself in the mirror. She didn’t look that bad. A few acne scars maybe, and her breasts weren’t anything to write about. But she was reasonably well-proportioned. She had a good smile and good-looking hair. However the memory of being easily outshone by four random girls on the same floor of the building was fresh in her mind. Maybe she needed to buy some new make-up. Or do more thigh exercises. Or maybe breast implants. She turned to the side and hefted her little breasts up under the shirt, imagining how she’d look with more mass there. “Neil, do you think I’d look better with larger breasts?” Neil had been reading Ben-Hur in bed, trying to expand his knowledge of classic literature. He would have been better off reading a book about land mines. “What makes you ask that?” The strategic non-answer, always a good opening move. “I dunno, When I was out with the girls last night I felt like the ugly girl the hot girls bring around to scare away guys.” Zoe walked into the bedroom and got under the covers. “I find it very hard to believe anyone would find you anything less than hot yourself.” “Thanks, but I’m being serious. I know it sounds shallow, but I like feeling pretty.” Neil leaned over and gave her a kiss. “You are the most wonderful, beautiful woman I’ve ever been with. I think you’re just great the way you are right now.” Zoe smiled a little and returned the kiss, but wasn’t really reassured. “You don’t think I’m too... Vanilla?” She wasn’t sure where she pulled that term from, but it fit. Neil had to pause. Frankly, he liked the fact that Zoe was usually quiet and conservative. But that wasn’t what she wanted to hear right now. “You’re chocolate chip cookie dough. Maybe sort of vanilla, but filled with little tasty bits that are made even more delicious by the vanilla they’re suspended in.” That analogy had gotten away from him and they both knew it. Zoe was the first to restart the conversation. “I just feel like I should be out there doing crazy stuff. When was the last time we did something wild?” She may have had a point. Even when they went to Las Vegas, they had bet sensibly, seen a few shows, and spent most of the night screwing in their moderately-priced hotel room. “What did you have in mind? Matching tattoos? I don’t really want a unicorn on my ass. See? How vanilla is it to have a tattoo?” Zoe was a little miffed by his sarcasm, and crossed her foot over the unicorn on her ankle, “lots of people have tattoos. I want to do something your parents wouldn’t do.” Neil wasn’t sure whether to laugh or piss himself. The things his parents wouldn’t do was a small list nowadays. “Such as?” Zoe shifted and sat up in the bed, “Some of the girls at work thought it was really hot to do some roleplaying stuff during sex.” Hey Sex Neil liked the sound of that. “I thought we could try something like that.” Neil put his book and glasses on the nightstand. “So what would we be playing?” Zoe smiled, “Well, I thought we could play as though I was your personal robot sex machine.” The human brain wasn’t designed to process situations like these. Neil didn’t know where his terror started. There was the thought that Zoe was using this as an introduction to telling him she was an android. And if she wasn’t, it meant she would be more likely to say yes if his mom or sister got to her. Then there were the oedipal issues surrounding his mother the android. And there was the memory of all the glazed-eyed synthetic women he had slept with years before. “You don’t like it, do you?” Zoe looked disappointed and embarrassed. Now Neil had to do it in order to preserve her ego. “No, no, it’s interesting. I was just wondering how we should start” Zoe hopped up and shucked her shirt, exposing her breasts. Then she stopped. “Actually, to tell you the truth, I’m not sure either.” “Why don’t you stand against the wall and I’ll turn on Zoebot for some sex?” “OK.” Zoe stood against the wall and shut her eyes. Neil got out of the bed, already regretting this. And he was also trying to figure out how much of his real-life knowledge he could or should apply to this fantasy. He didn’t want to confuse her or just as bad, make it seem like he was getting into this. So he started out by using his fingers on her nipples and making old radio noises. Zoe suppressed a giggle before Neil pushed on her navel and she opened her eyes. She also stuck her arms out at a 90 degree angle. “Zo.e.bot online. What pro.gram should I run?” Zoe said it in a bad attempt at a robotic monotone. Neil paused to lower Zoe’s arms to her sides before speaking, “Zoebot, remove my pajama bottoms.” She nodded and knelt down to do so, taking Neil’s underwear down at the same time and letting his dick flop out. He was a little too freaked out to be erect at this point though. Zoe wanted to start on him, but figured that wasn’t part of the game. So she went back and sat on her heels, looking up at Neil. “Zoebot, proceed with felatio sequence 14.” Neil had always liked that one when he had fucked the eager women his mother turned into androids. If Zoe was an android now, it’d be the same. For better or worse, it wasn’t. Zoe wasn’t very good at giving head. She had the thick, inviting lips for sure, but she had a sensitive gag reflex. Plus Neil wasn’t exactly tiny. So the blow job was pretty similar to the others Zoe had given. Except this time, when she went too far and disengaged to start coughing, she managed to fit the word ‘error’ in between the expectorations. Still, she was good enough to get Neil hard, and he held her back before she could go back to licking and sucking. “Zoebot, stand up so I can examine your lubricant levels.” It made Zoe giggle a little bit, but she got to her feet and spread her legs. Neil reached inside her undies and ran a finger along her slit. His girlfriend closed her eyes, but tried to stay in character and not make any noise. Neil kept rubbing and dipping a finger inside until he felt that she was wet. “Zoebot, remove your panties and get into position 18A on the bed.” Zoe put her legs back together and wiggled out of her panties. Dyson didn’t actually name sexual positions like that by number, but it let Zoe pick which way she wanted it. That was the plan, but Zoe hesitated as she got onto the bed. She actually tried to think of what 18A was, before realizing it was nonsense. So she laid down, face up, with her rump just off the foot of the bed and her feet spread wide on the ground. “Would you like me to make noises for you?” Zoe couldn’t think of a better way, or more robotic way, to put it. “Yes, and tell me when your orgasm sequence begins to load.” Crap, Neil didn’t want to make it sound exactly like how a synthetic woman would describe cumming. It just slipped out. But Zoe said affirmative and lifted herself to point her nether regions at him. Neil had a briefly disconcerting vision of where the fluid tanks, muscular controls and connection points would be in Zoe’s pelvic module. That is, if she really was an android. He tried to put that out of his mind and stepped forward to guide himself inside Zoe a little more quickly than he normally did. Zoe made some exaggerated ‘mmm’ sounds in response. At least, Neil hoped she was only hamming it up. He took a handle on each of her thighs and began to rock back and forth. Zoe hadn’t been as into the thing as she thought she’d be, but this was as good as it always was. Neil filled her up so well and rubbed her in all the right ways. This time it was more forceful than tender, but still good. She didn’t hold back in expressing her satisfaction through moans. Eventually he let one of her thighs drop and brought a hand up to assist in teasing her clit. That elicited a loud squeal of approval. She almost forgot to do the ‘orgasm sequence’ thing Neil wanted. “Mmm, orgasm sequence loading... loading... loading... looooooooooooading ” She twitched as Neil’s ministrations hit paydirt. Neil himself was pleased that she had come, and was amused by the ‘loading’ thing. A few minutes later, he let himself relax enough to have his own weak-knee-inducing climax inside Zoe. “Zoebot, clean me and yourself.” Zoe was still off in la-la land but heard him. She reached over and got some Kleenex to wipe up. And for god measure, Zoe gave his dick a final coat of saliva after wiping off most of the goo. “So, did Zoebot enjoy herself?” Zoe got up and kissed Neil. He could sort of taste himself on her lips. “It was definitely new.” Truth be told, she hadn’t gotten much out of it. But by her estimation Neil had enjoyed himself more than usual. And by his estimation, Zoe had enjoyed herself less than usual, which pleased him. He felt a little bad about it, but he was glad she didn’t seem enticed to become an android. The entire experience was nerve wracking though and he honestly hoped to never repeat it. With that, the two of them crawled into bed, shut off the lights, and fell asleep with no further contact or discussion. As Neil was lying there, he remembered what he had talked to Jessica about. This would have been a good time to turn around and tell Zoe everything about his family, since robots were already the topic. Plus, it was when she would be least enthused about the concept by his reckoning. But it was late, Zoe was probably already asleep, and that discussion could wait another day.

Part 7

The next morning, Zoe got to her desk and was greeted by Gretchen, Dana, and Christine. “Come on, Camilla is giving us a spa trip and the day off,” Dana told her. She was smiling broadly at the idea. In fact all three of them were. “Really? The entire day off? Why?” Zoe actually felt a little guilty about showing up late and hungover yesterday, even if it had been with Camilla’s blessing. “Because she couldn’t buy you a drink, so she’s giving you a spa trip. And since the spa is no fun alone...” Gretchen cut in, “I reap the benefits.” She raised her fists as triumphantly as she could in an office setting. Zoe was stunned, but wasn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth, “So are we leaving now?” “Yeah, everyone is here, we can all pile into my p.o.s.-mobile,” Christine offered. And with that, the four of them were off. In the elevator, Zoe noticed Dana typing on her blackberry. “Who are you texting?”

Camilla was having a new pelvic module installed when the message came in. It killed the erotic buzz she was building up from having the technicians work on her, but she had asked to be notified when Zoe and the rest of them were headed in. And fortunately, Dr. Dyson was in the observation room. “Dr. Dyson, Dana, Christine, Gretchen and Zoe have just left Stanley. They should be here within 30 minutes.” “Very good, VX9348. I have to say you’re going to love that new pussy.” Camilla moaned at the thought while the techs tested the lubrication system. Elaine was tense enough that she wasn’t diddling herself while watching. She calmly reached over to the panel and paged her daughter. Jessica arrived a minute later. “Hi, mom.”


“Hello dear, Zoe and her friends are on their way. Set up Zoe’s demonstration in room 5 and her human friend’s display in room 6.” Jessica figured it was now or never. “Mom, about that. I’m not sure we’re handling this the right way.” Elaine turned and cocked an eyebrow at her daughter, “Is that so.” Jessica tried to shut off some of her autonomic responses and look more confident. “Zoe and Neil are going to be husband and wife, and it has always been our policy to have married women talk it over with their husbands.” “She has the right to leave and talk to Neil.” “Yes, but we’re going to convert her immediately if she says yes.” “Zoe’s a big girl, she has the right to make her own decisions.” Elaine began to turn away. “Yes, but if she does it’s going to hurt Neil. He really doesn’t want her to do this, Mom. He doesn’t believe that we’re the same women after becoming synthetic.” Elaine stopped turning and took a step toward her daughter. “So now you’re on Neil’s side?” “It’s not about sides, I just think we should be convincing Neil, not Zoe.” “If he doesn’t understand now, nothing we say is going to convince him. We’re going to have to demonstrate to him all the benefits of our lifestyle.” This wasn’t going as Jessica hoped. “So it’s all about proving something to Neil?” “Watch your tone. And it’s about making my children happy. Neil is not going to go through the sorts of things your father went through. He’s going to have a perfect wife, just like he deserves and just like I can provide. If you’re still having doubts, your old body is waiting for you downstairs.” Jessica had never heard her Mom talk to her like this. She had never invoked Jessica’s organic body in an argument. There was nothing more to be said. Jessica turned to leave the room and set up the demonstrations. “Oh dear,” Dr. Dyson called after her, “after you finish, I think you should go home for the day.” Jessica knew what that meant. Her mother didn’t trust her to not make an attempt to convince Zoe to remain organic. It was a blow to the gut, and Jessica left walking more like the drab teen she had been than the beautiful synthetic woman she was. Elaine turned back and watched VX9348’s new pelvic module slide into place, causing a small orgasm sequence in the android. She felt guilty about sending Jessica away, and even implying that her daughter should become organic again. But this was important, and Jessica would realize that.

Zoe and Gretchen were impressed by the opulence of the Institute just from the lobby. It was Greek-inspired, while still looking modern. Zoe noticed that the staff and a good portion of the clientele were very attractive. The spa gear and the staff uniforms weren’t the most flattering garments in the world, but they couldn’t hide everything. The people-watching was distracting enough that they were nearly to the reception desk before Zoe noticed the name ‘Dyson’ in 18-inch-high block letters on the wall. “Hey, I think this is the spa that Neil’s mom owns.” Gretchen responded first. “I was just about to ask you about that. Hell, if she owns a place like this your boyfriend is sitting on a fortune in inheritance.” Zoe tried to ignore Gretchen’s predictable response and point the question toward Christine, “Didn’t I tell you my boyfriend’s last name and that his mom owned a spa?” She shrugged, “If you did, I guess I never made the connection. Usually we just call it ‘the spa’ and don’t use the proper name.” That was a bald-faced lie, but Christine hoped it would hold up until Zoe could meet Dr. Dyson. “You didn’t make the connection with the big letters above the entrance?” Christine shrugged again, “What can I say? A spa trip is a spa trip. But maybe we can go see the lady in charge, if she is Neil’s mom.” Zoe did want to meet her future mother-in-law. Now was as good a time as any. Dana broke in before any more questions could be asked. “OK, Zoe here’s your guest pass. Gretchen, here’s yours. Let’s go meet Dr. Dyson first, before we get all steamed and massaged.” Zoe supposed that Dana had overheard the earlier conversation. She guessed going there first made some sense, even if she would have preferred some more time to prepare herself. Gretchen, as much as she enjoyed Zoe, was a little disappointed she’d be spending part of her spa time being part of the scenery for a future-family get-together. The ladies flashed their badges in front of a reader at the door and entered the back rooms of the institute. The two organic ladies didn’t know this was not an area the normal clients of the Institute got to see. Most of the rooms had no windows, and an alert could keep the halls clear of overt android evidence. Still, Dana led them on the long way through the back to avoid some of the more vocal testing areas. This did lead them past a window into the gym area of the Institute. Zoe saw six women playing a highly spirited game of basketball. Three were in black sports bras, the others were in green. But the main feature was just how good and how fast they were. They must be a local college or semi-pro team. The side on defense was matching the moves of the offensive players at whatever speed they went. And in appreciating the talent on display, she noticed something weird just below their bras. They were far away, but it wasn’t clothing, she thought maybe it was a tattoo. That would be in keeping with the team theory. Christine saw Zoe stop and saw the open panels on the girls playing basketball. She nearly yelped before hurrying Zoe and Gretchen farther along their route. That was a little too close. The four of them got to Dr. Dyson’s door without further incident. Although Dana and Christine could pick up on the moans seeping into the hallway, they were confident the organics hadn’t caught on. Zoe patted down her hair and checked her outfit one more time before she entered the office. Elaine was sitting at her desk wearing a smart business outfit, leaving her lab coat on a peg to the left of her desk. Zoe’s first thought was how Jessica’s hotness was more explicable, and second thought was that the family resemblance to Neil wasn’t all that strong. Elaine smiled and stood up from her chair, “Zoe It’s so nice to finally meet you in person.” Before Zoe knew it, she was in a hug with Dr. Dyson. Zoe returned the hug, not as fervently as Elaine, but returned nonetheless. She was the one that nudged the doctor away. “It’s nice to meet you too, Dr. Dyson.” “Please, Call me Elaine... or Mom.” The doctor flashed a big row of white teeth at Zoe. “OK... Elaine. I’m just trying to figure out how you knew it was me.” Dana and Christine, who were standing back a bit beside Gretchen, tensed up at the question. Dr. Dyson quickly picked between possible fake explanations. “I have to admit, I played a little bit of a game with you. Since Neil was so reluctant to bring us together, I enlisted Dana and Christine’s help in bringing you here to meet me. Sorry for the obfuscation. I was just so excited to meet my future daughter-in-law.” Any holes in the explanation were filled in by Zoe’s lingering irritation at Neil not bringing her to meet his family sooner. Zoe nodded and sighed in agreement and Elaine led them to the sitting area of her expansive office. The two of them made idle chit-chat and Zoe talked about herself a little bit. Gretchen was still off to the side and getting a little impatient. She leaned over to Dana, “Do we need to be here for this?” Dana whispered back, “just wait, you’ll definitely want to be around for what’s coming up.” “What do you mean?” Dana hushed her and redirected Gretchen’s focus to the conversation Dr. Dyson was involved in. A little later, after being asked about her ‘career change’ to spa owner, Dr. Dyson took a pause, stood up, and begun her pitch. “It’s not easy for women in the modern world. Between career and family and self-esteem there are so many directions you’re being pushed and pulled. I’m a highly capable woman, with a wonderful husband, and I couldn’t handle it. I wasn’t advancing in my career. I wasn’t spending time with my kids. My marriage was at its breaking point. And I hadn’t taken any time just for me in years.” Neither Gretchen nor Zoe knew where Dr. Dyson was going with this, but Dana and Christine were listening with rapt attention. “Then one day I and some colleagues came upon an idea. It was the solution to our common problem and we knew it would change the world. I threw myself into the idea. I neglected those other parts of my life because I knew this project was the only way I’d ever be able to devote the proper amount of time to them. I didn’t see Neil and Jessica, their father kicked me out. But Neil probably told you about that from his perspective. “But it worked. All my sacrifice came to fruition and I’m able to improve the lives of modern women all over the world. I got back my marriage and my kids. I have a successful career. And I still have ample time for myself.” Elaine began to undo her top enough to expose the area just below her breasts. Gretchen and Zoe were speechless at this development and what happened next didn’t jar them from that state. With a faint whirring sound, Dr. Dyson opened up one of her panels. Gretchen heard the same sound from either side of her and saw that Dana and Christine had similarly revealed open panels in their respective torsos. Small diodes flashed, albeit a little faster in the younger androids. Each of the organic women saw cable ports and multi-colored wires. And they saw that the space wasn’t cosmetic, it went deep into a dark cavity within each android’s chest. “I developed not only female android bodies, but the technology to transfer someone’s consciousness into that body. For the past five years, I have been an android. In my entire life I have never felt so absolutely fulfilled. And I think Dana and Christine would agree.” Zoe’s head whipped around and saw her two coworkers with similarly open panels. It then hit her that the girls in the gym had the same looking dark spot below their bras. If this was a trick, it was terribly elaborate. “I’ve been an android for three months, but it’s been the best three months of my life. I’m less stressed, my job is easier, I unplug in the morning ready to go, and all my senses are more vivid than before. I just can’t imagine going back to the way I was before.” Dana gushed first and then Christine followed with a similar testimonial. “You remember how we looked during and after our party night, right? That’s because Ava and Katie are androids too. We swapped out for well made-up head units and even after that late night, all it took was five hours connected to our service unit to emerge the next morning fresh as a daisy. No fatigue, no puffy eyes, no sore feet, no hangover, absolutely perfect. All we had to do the next morning was swap in our normal head module and change clothes.” Gretchen had to sit down. She and Zoe just sat there in silence for a moment. Gretchen spoke first, “Does it hurt? The transfer, I mean.” Dr. Dyson smiled, “Not at all, it’s like going to sleep. Here, I want to show you something. Unit VX9348 is having some routine maintenance performed.” The five of them went through a door in Dr. Dyson’s office to a private observation room. Zoe’s eyes went wide and Gretchen brought a hand to her mouth when they saw a blonde woman with the barn doors of her chest cavity opened wide, legs detached, and a technician rooting around inside her. It took a few beats, but they realized that the blonde was their boss, Camilla. It took another few beats before they realized she was alternating between moaning and grinning broadly. Dr. Dyson explained, “Almost all synthetic women relish their new nature, the nature which has brought them so much happiness and well-being. Maintenance is the purest expression of this, and thus highly pleasurable.” Zoe didn’t know what to say, “How many of you are there?” “I can’t tell you the exact number, that’s private, but we have institute branches on four continents and thirteen countries now.” Zoe was wondering more about Stanley Enterprises, considering she had been working with at least five android women and didn’t know about it. She could respect the need for privacy, though. “How quickly can this happen?” Zoe turned to see Gretchen almost hyperventilating. “I want it. I want to be an android. I want to feel like that and how Dana and Christine described it. I don’t want to feel like I’m being ripped apart every day.” Zoe was surprised but could plainly see Gretchen’s excitement at the idea. Dr. Dyson put an arm around Zoe’s friend, “Wonderful, it’s the best decision you’ll ever make. Dana, Christine, show Gretchen to lab six and call in a scanning tech. Zoe, follow me, I want to show you something.” Zoe brain was zooming with all the implications of what was happening. Her coworkers were robots. Another of her friends was about to become a robot. Her mother-in-law and probably her sister-in-law were robots too. And she had the opportunity to become a robot. “Does Neil know?” Dr. Dyson could guess what Zoe meant. “Yes, he’s known for quite some time. Both about me and his sister and about the scope of the operation. Actually, he used to help me test newly assembled androids.” Elaine omitted the sexual nature of these tests. “Why didn’t he tell me?” “He was afraid of your response, or he valued our secrecy. You’ll have to ask him.” Dr. Dyson wasn’t going to tell her the whole truth, so a sin of omission would have to suffice. Zoe still couldn’t wrap her head around everything. She was barely paying attention to the world around her when she realized the two of them had entered a room. It was obviously some sort of laboratory, as the walls were littered with computers and various mechanical parts. But in the center of the room, a woman stood in a wedding dress. At least that’s what Zoe first thought it was. She quickly realized the dress was only a bodice, and the ‘woman’ ended at the waist. She was hooked up to a metal stand of some sort. She was holding a bouquet in immaculately manicured hands, her breasts bulged slightly over the neckline of the dress, and her face was covered by a few veils. Dr. Dyson walked over and with a smile, lifted the veils to reveal to Zoe her own face, eyes closed and with a serene expression on her face. The hair was darker and more lustrous than her own. The little imperfections in her skin were washed away. Her lips puckered alluringly even in their restive state. Zoe’s jaw had already dropped when the android opened its eyes, perfect matches for Zoe’s own. The half-robot straightened itself and smiled with a row of pearly white teeth before speaking in a hauntingly accurate rendition of Zoe’s voice. “Hello, Zoe... if you choose to follow this course through to its conclusion, I will be part of the new you. I will be you. I have been fully tested and am ready to deliver unrivaled performance under all conditions... part of a perfect system of hardware and software designed and constructed for your pleasure, for your enjoyment, and Neil’s. Join us, Zoe... become the new you. Become a machine... become a perfect android woman.” Zoe locked eyes with her double and time stood still for a bit. This had to be some strange nightmare. Too much booze, too much sugar, or maybe a radon leak. Dr. Dyson stepped behind the demonstration model, which still had a contented smile on its face. “I love my son dearly, Zoe. And from what I can tell, you love him too. As an organic woman, I couldn’t be the type of wife my husband deserved. And I want to make sure Neil can have the type of wife he deserves. I rarely say this but Zoe, please, please become an android. If you don’t like it, your organic body is kept in storage and it’s easy to transfer back. You’re going to be part of my family, please become part of my larger family too. It’s ultimately your decision and yours alone, but I hope I’ve done an adequate job of making my case.” Zoe heard it, but couldn’t move her eyes away from her doppelganger. It looked so... blissful. And of course, beautiful in a way Zoe had never been able to achieve on her own. Dana and Christine seemed to love it. And her best work friend looked like she would tear down walls to have it done. “OK, I’ll do it.” Dr. Dyson couldn’t help herself; she went over to Zoe and gave her a great big hug again. “I’m so happy for you. Go ahead and sit on the couch. We can get the transfer started immediately.” Zoe’s heart leapt into her throat. “That soon? But the body isn’t even ready.” “Oh, all the rest is just stock parts. Plus there’s a scanning period before any information is downloaded onto your hard drive. The couch is over there, and I’d be honored to perform the procedure myself.” Zoe nervously made her way over there and lay down. Just because she was willing to do this, didn’t mean she wasn’t a little scared at the prospect. Elaine on the other hand was practically skipping around the lab gathering the necessary components. “Ok, I’m going to give you a little sedative and when you wake up, you’ll be one of us. Don’t be surprised if you see a head’s up display and status messages.” Elaine was still grinning even as she placed electrodes on Zoe’s temples. Zoe was happy that she had eaten a light breakfast. She tried to get comfortable and calm her breathing, but it was tough. Without saying anything further, Elaine took Zoe’s arm, found a vein and dosed her with a full syringe of the sedative. Quickly, Zoe felt herself drifting away into la la land. Her last thought before passing out was, “Maybe I should have talked to Neil...”

Part 8

Unit UX1729 came online and ran through the list of status messages that composed her initial activation diagnostic. She was receiving tactile data from all her extremities and limbs. Positive feedback was coming from all her articulation controllers. Her battery was fully charged. Simulated pulse and respiration functions were active. Her processing core was running at its optimal temperature and speed. She could taste with her synthetic tongue and pick up on the faint sounds and odors in the room. Finally, her vision initialized, pixilated for only a moment before becoming crystal clear. She could see Units UX1002, VX9319 and VX9422 standing in front of her. She checked her accelerometer and confirmed she was activated in an upright position. Tactile input and an analysis of the eye movement of the other androids indicated she was nude. And in a little corner of her display, she could see that her personal files were loading. Suddenly, the androids in front of her were Dr. Dyson, Dana, and Christine. The information displayed in her vision was a new thing. Receiving and understanding information in binary was new as well. Then she realized that being nude wasn’t normal either. Zoe’s hands zipped in front of her privates and she felt her skin flush, aware of the commands being executed that made it so. The three other android women chuckled at her modesty. Dr. Dyson spoke, “I suppose this is a good time to test your personal interface. Focus on the top of your display and bring up your ‘comfort with nudity’ setting, then adjust it up until you feel better.” Zoe followed the direction without thinking much of the implications. A series of menus flashed across her vision until they stopped on the sliding bar Elaine had mentioned. Zoe moved it with a thought. It was a strange thing. There wasn’t any fuzzy feeling or lights flashing, she just felt silly covering herself up before three other women that she knew. Zoe lifted her hands away and closed the window in her vision. She took a step forward, stuck her arms out and did a spin. “So, how do I look? Any I-beams sticking out of my back?” The other androids laughed at that, and Zoe smiled along with them. She wiggled around, stretching out and testing her range of movement. It wasn’t a scheduled task, but it felt good to do. She was a little more flexible than before, but nothing beyond belief. Dana motioned her over to a far wall and Zoe got a look at her new self in the mirror. It was a striking change. She didn’t look like a whole new person, but she looked so much sexier than before. It took her a moment to develop an analogy in her head, but it was like the image in the mirror had been airbrushed for a magazine. And it looked like she had spent a little more time doing crunches than she really had. She made a few more poses in the mirror, checking out her body in addition to her face. The face moved like her old one and looked like the one on the model. Then she realized that it was the one on the model. Finally, it was time for the main event. She stood straight and opened up her paplexus panel. Her hand hovered over the exposed mechanics, this physical proof of her synthetic nature. She broke out into a wide smile as she willed that panel closed and opened the one below her sternum. Finally, she let her chest split open, and she gently pulled apart the doors. She looked at all the different tubes and boxes and was greeted by helpful pop-up messages, telling her what each component was as her focus darted around her chest cavity. She was so immersed she didn’t see Christine come over and rest her chin on Zoe’s shoulder. She reached over and began to tweak one of the nipples on the open barn door. Zoe was momentarily taken aback both by the intense sensation and by the fact that it was happening at a right angle and several inches forward of where it should be happening. “Mmm, please, Christine, stop.” Being naked in front of Christine was one thing; going to second base with her was something different. Even if it felt damn good. “Why? Doesn’t it feel great?” “Yeah, but I’m not really comfortable with you touching me like that.” Christine giggled and stopped, instead pressing one of the chest doors back into place. “I forgot that you don’t come out of the box with all the features enabled.” Zoe pushed the other side into place and watched everything seal up again, “What are you talking about?” “Go to your Sexual preferences menu, there are all sorts of goodies there, including enabling some wonderful sapphic software.” With barely a thought, the submenu for sexual preferences opened into her field of vision. She scrolled through the list, a little embarrassed that she hadn’t even heard of some of the things toward the bottom. But she left that stuff for later and went back toward the top where the sexual orientation toggle lay. Upon opening it, she found it was two toggles, independent determinations of attraction to women and attraction to men. The male toggle was about halfway to maximum, the female a little above the minimum. Zoe decided they should both go up. She amped up her attraction to men almost all the way, and moved her attraction to women three-quarters of the way to the right. She could see Christine as she moved the slider and it was an amazing experience. The other android steadily went from intellectually attractive to emotionally attractive in Zoe’s eyes. She knew Christine was attractive, but now she was attracted to Christine’s sparkling eyes and cute little nose. “Oh wow, that’s something.” Zoe half-muttered to the ether. “You don’t know the half of it.” Christine took the initiative and began kissing her coworker. And Zoe made no attempt to push her away. It surprised Zoe a little bit, that she was enjoying playing tonsil hockey with another girl this much. And she cooed into the other android’s mouth when Christine began caressing Zoe’s bared buttocks. Dana and Elaine had been standing to the side, taking vicarious pleasure in the new unit’s explorations. They silently agreed that Zoe made for a very sexy android, even though Elaine made a point of diving into her own code to limit the sexual arousal she felt toward her future daughter-in-law. But now it was obvious that Christine and Zoe would be fine alone. “Come on Dana, let’s go see how Gretchen’s transfer is progressing. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, girls.” The smooching ladies didn’t acknowledge the good doctor as she left the room with Dana. Zoe was busy trying to work her hands into Christine’s clothes. Eventually, Christine had to stop the festivities. Zoe looked up at the other unit, “Did I do something wrong?” “No, you’ve been programmed excellently. But there’s something special I have planned for us.” Zoe felt a warm feeling of satisfaction at the positive affirmation about her performance. “And what exactly did you have planned?” Christine began pulling the two of them toward the door, “It has to do with what we were talking about during our night out, come on.” Zoe followed until she got close to the door and hallway beyond. “Umm, shouldn’t I cover up?” She was ok with being nude, she wasn’t comfortable with exposing herself to everyone. As she thought about it, Zoe appreciated the fine details possible in her programming. Christine found a lab smock by the door and threw it to Zoe. You could guess there was nothing underneath, but it covered all the naughty bits with cloth to spare. Thusly, Zoe was able to happily accompany Christine down the hallways. Zoe zoned out a bit to take it all in. The balancing data from her legs. The temperature of the hallway. The sounds from the testing rooms amplified by software in her head. She really was a machine, from the tips of her toes (stress levels during locomotion within optimal parameters) to the top of her head (scalp tactile sensors reading no defects). Christine pulled Zoe into their destination room with girlish glee. There was a small, indoor pool there, with no units around. Zoe noticed how her body automatically did a seal check on all her panels and connection points of her skin. Even a small leak could be a problem. Zoe still wasn’t sure what made Christine so excited, until they got closer to the pool, and she realized there were units there. Three women, probably all brunette – it was hard to tell with the water’s refraction – were underwater and tangled together. Zoe had an urge to save them, before realizing they were fine down there. Christine reached around to unbutton the lab coat. “You were embarrassed about not having sex anywhere interesting, I thought this might be a good way to fix that. Go ahead and halt your autonomic function simulations and seal all your tracheal openings.” Zoe let the coat fall to her ankles and began following Christine’s instructions. Her fake heartbeat stopped. Her fake breathing slowed to nothing. Even the urge to blink weakened. A status message told her that her throat was sealed off. Zoe turned around and found that Christine had stripped down and was standing there posing with a ‘come hither’ look on her face. As excited as Zoe got before, the sight of Christine’s perfect android body set her pussy aflame. Fortunately there was a pool of water nearby to douse it. Wordlessly, Christine took a big step to her left and jumped into the pool. She sank with barely a splash and did not surface. Zoe took the hint and followed her in. The pool was just deep enough that she could stand on the bottom and still be completely submerged. Once inside, it was easier to see. Zoe briefly looked at the other girls twisted into a three-fembot pretzel before coming back to Christine. Her blonde hair lightly flowed around her head and her breasts hung even higher on her chest. With the light only coming from above, she looked like an android angel. If an android angel had a swollen and aroused pussy, of course. The two of them glided through the water and made contact. Zoe swore she could sense every little bit of water gliding across her skin. She was amazed at how her breasts felt against Christine's and how her lips tasted when tinged with chlorine. Even in her aroused state, Zoe noted how different it was, kissing without breathing. The flexing of their cheeks pushed some water between them, but otherwise it was all about the contact. Christine broke it off and moved her hand from around Zoe to one side of her. She used the leverage to do a bit of a cartwheel that put her feet above the water line. Zoe quickly interpreted the maneuver and assisted in bringing the other android into position with their mouths before each others' pussies. Christine started first, but Zoe had to stop and admire how juicy the blonde's pussy looked now. She briefly realized that the attraction was programmed, but once she felt the tongue in her own snatch, the reticence and awe evaporated and she plunged in. Zoe was splitting her resources between interpreting Christine's expert cunnilingus, running an expert licking program of her own, and trying to keep the pair of them from toppling over. There wasn't much more room left to think. Sex had never seemed so simple, even though it was accomplished by 214 separate software subroutines. Zoe just sat back and enjoyed it. And in sitting back, she gently glided her and Christine to the floor of the pool, with Zoe on top. That freed up enough room for her to think about some things. God, Neil isn't even half this good. She felt a little guilty about thinking it, but it was true. She realized that she – and by extension Christine – wasn't using any maneuvers that required blowing or sucking. The software had automatically omitted those actions from the programs she was running. While that was a feature to be appreciated, Zoe realized a rise in her arousal and drop in her available computing resources. She had only a moment to realize what was going on before Christine had caused Zoe's first artificial orgasm. Her legs shook and her chest heaved. It felt like her brain was going to explode through the top of her head. Zoe had no idea where she was, she was simply awash with the pleasure. She came down in time to sense her partner grinning into her crotch. And that only provoked Zoe to go doubly hard at Christine. Like a seasoned lesbian, Zoe brought Christine to an equally satisfying release. And that's how they spent the next two hours. They exchanged orgasms sequences like the pleasure was something tangible, like a tennis ball, to be volleyed between them. They heard, but didn't acknowledge, the departure of their poolmates. There was serious cuntlicking to be done. Finally, Christine extracted herself and swam up to the surface. Zoe watched that lovely form swim to the wall before getting up herself. She was so focused on watching Christine's nude body leave the pool that she was out of the water as well when she realized there were other people there. She immediately recognized Dr. Dyson, who was now clad in nothing but bikini bottoms, but couldn't place the naked woman beside her. Zoe felt the urge to smack herself in the forehead when she realized the new girl was Gretchen. But she looked so different now, like she had been through half a dozen expensive cosmetic enhancement surgeries. But more than that, it was as though all the stress she had been under was whisked away. Gretchen was beaming and looked like she might explode. Instead, she leaped forward and hugged Zoe. “Ohmigawd Ohmigawd I'm a robot now ” Gretchen proudly stepped back and opened up a panel for Zoe to see. Zoe's newfound affection for women's bodies was only enhanced by evidence that it was a woman's android body. She reached for the panel before realizing she had wet hands and shouldn't go near exposed circuitry. Instead, she moved toward Gretchen's, now bare, pussy. Gretchen stepped back when she realized where Zoe was going, after all, this was her best – and straight and engaged – friend. Zoe realized the problem almost immediately and gave her friend a comforting smile. “It's ok, being with another android woman is just astounding. Go to your sexual preferences menu. Then you can enable some outstanding sapphic software.” Like Zoe just hours before, Gretchen gave little thought to opening up the proper menu and sliding her sexual attraction bars closer to the max. When her focus left the heads-up display, she was treated to the arousing sight of Zoe's perfect, nude, and shiny wet body. Gretchen leaped again, but this time she went in for an aggressive kiss. She had learned that Zoe was the link that allowed her the opportunity to receive this body, and that appreciation, combined with the pre-existing fondness, exploded into lust. Zoe had to step back to prevent the two of them from tumbling into the pool, but she managed. Gretchen wanted to kiss Zoe forever, but also needed to say something. “Thank you so much, I haven't felt so alive in years.” Zoe smiled, and that turned into a grin when she looked down at the perky, enlarged breasts on Gretchen's chest. “What do you say I dry off and then you spend an hour or two thanking me with that new software you activated.” Gretchen's grin nearly swallowed her own head, “That sounds like a wonderful idea.” Elaine had been happy to see the girlfriends become lezbot lovers like so many other pairs of friends that came to the institute. But something else nagged at her as Zoe led Gretchen away. Zoe hadn't been so aggressive, and didn't like women, and suddenly she was encouraging her friend to activate her lesbian urges. She could remember seeing it before, but it had always seemed a lot more beautiful than it did just then. The feeling was enough that she went towards her office, rather than the room Zoe and Gretchen were headed toward.

Dana and Christine entered Dr. Dyson’s office but didn’t say anything right away. Elaine was hooked to the computer, sorting through the day’s e-mail. Christine nudged Dana in the ribs and got her to speak first. “Dr. Dyson, VX9422 and I wanted to talk to you about something.” Elaine looked up and stared the two of them down. She slowed her mail checking to half-speed. “We were wondering, since Zoe is synthetic now, if we might ask you a favor.” Christine jumped in, “We hear that you are going to be testing the UX2000 models soon, and we were wondering if we could act as test subjects.” Dr. Dyson narrowed her eyes and stopped her other tasks. “You want a reward for your work, is that it?” The two standing androids mumbled something in the affirmative. Elaine stood up and reached for the papers in her inbox. “I want to tell you about some of your sister units and what they’ve done. “Unit UX1453, her husband ‘donated’ six million dollars to Dyson last year alone. “Unit RX9260, did over 600 hours of pro bono legal work for us this year. “Unit UX1066, her husband is building three new Dyson spas, including our first in Latin America. And let me tell you, that takes as much political as monetary capital to achieve.” Christine and Dana got the hint, but didn’t dare interrupt Dr. Dyson at this point. “Unit VX7275, Master’s degree in English, works with at-risk high school girls across the state. “Unit VX2077, lives on-site and works at the spa when she’s not teaching mentally handicapped elementary school students.” The two androids wanted to shrivel up and deactivate. “The only thing I ask of you is to help me help Neil at work, and now to help Zoe. I’m not running the institute as a business, but don’t pretend everyone pulls the same weight around here.” Christine and Dana nodded furiously. Dana spoke, “We’re sorry. We didn’t think, we were just excited about the idea of being better androids.” Elaine sighed. She already felt bad about blowing up like that. “It’s ok, I shouldn’t have jumped all over you. I’ll give you each an extra number in the lottery we use to pick some of the test units. How’s that.” The two of them would have been happy to get out of there with all their parts intact. “Yes, that’s great,” They both said, “Thank you.” And they both quickly turned and sped out of the room. Elaine slumped over and returned to her seat. She half-heartedly reactivated her computer link and read the rest of her e-mails.

Part 9

Zoe sat in the living room of her apartment, enjoying the stillness. She had decided to start shutting different things down, if only to experiment, and gotten pretty far. She wasn’t breathing. She had no pulse. She wasn’t making any tiny movements to keep her balance. She stared straight ahead without blinking. Her olfactory, tactile, and gustatory senses were shut off entirely. She expected Neil home soon, so she didn’t shut off her hearing and vision, although she briefly shut off one or the other while in the chair. And for a few fleeting moments, she thought this was what the chair felt like. If the chair could think, when the room was empty it would be like she was now. After all, she was now just as manufactured as the chair. She was another piece of furniture, albeit a gorgeous one, if she did say so herself. And the furniture was especially gorgeous in the black corset and stockings number that the institute had picked out for her. She had never worn anything like it before, but she enjoyed it now. Wearing a corset turns out to be pretty easy when your breathing is just cosmetic. But all in all, it was a bit disorienting to be so ‘shut off’ and Zoe decided to end the experiment. And Neil chose that moment to put his key into the lock. Zoe panicked for a moment, trying to switch everything on at once, manually activating things on top of the normal boot sequence. It produced the sensation of pennies in her mouth and burnt toast in her nose. When Neil walked in, Zoe’s breathing hadn’t reinitialized yet, nor had her heartbeat. Her hands and legs weren’t responding to voluntary muscle commands either. No matter, Neil walked in and saw his future wife in sexy lingerie with a huge but slightly nervous smile on her face. He smiled back at her, unaware of what she was really nervous about. “My my, you look absolutely incredible.” Zoe sent resources to get her legs working, “I thought you might enjoy a special little treat, wrapped up with a bow.” Her legs worked well enough to part themselves and show Neil the little pink bow on the panties of the outfit. Neil put down his briefcase, shucked his coat, and leaned down to kiss Zoe. She was able to adjust herself for the kiss, and moved system resources from working on her legs to working on her hands. She made sure her arms slid around Neil first, and only placed her hands on his back when motor control was re-established. She immediately got to the problem of her breathing while Neil’s mouth was intertwined with hers. Zoe consciously inflated and deflated her air bladder until it came online. The second run of the automatic restart process simultaneously gathered the resources to restart her ‘heart’. Neil lifted away and began unbuttoning his shirt and pants. “You feel a bit clammy, are you coming down with something?” Zoe let her automatic systems finish getting her back to full functionality while she quickly came up with an excuse, “I had an ice cream sandwich five minutes ago.” Zoe knew it was a ridiculous excuse, but Neil was busy undoing his pants and translated that into, ‘No, I’m not sick.’ Just as Neil went back to Zoe's lips, her systems finished reinitializing. Now that she was fully functional, she could wrap three limbs around her man and enjoy the data being produced. She had data on the pressure he was putting on her lips and on her breast. There was data on the amount of saliva she was excreting and the amount of air being moved by her lungs. And it all felt so good. For his part, Neil was happy Zoe was so into it. Her hands (and legs) were all over him. He essentially carried her toward the bedroom. But at the doorway, Zoe was alerted to the existence and appropriateness of seduction protocol 37. It sounded like a good idea and Zoe hopped off. She pushed Neil toward the bed but remained in the doorway. A flick of her mind's eye on her head's up display initiated the protocol. Zoe's hands roamed over her body, lingering longest on the exposed skin at the top of her breasts and between the stockings and panties she wore. She kicked her shoes off toward Neil and slowly unclasped her garters. She smiled toward Neil and reached back to undo her corset. Her internal systems extrapolated where the hooks would be and told her hands where to go. Once loose she held it up against her chest before slowly letting it fall. Topless, she cupped her breasts and moaned softly. It was meant to turn Neil on more than it was meant to reflect what she was feeling, although she felt very good. She gyrated to some unheard rhythm and moved down to her undies. Pointing her butt toward her target, she slowly wiggled out of them. She looked over her shoulder and winked before turning around in all her full frontal glory. Two pieces were left. Zoe leaned against the door frame and lifted up her left leg. She slowly rolled off her stocking a flung it onto Neil's lap. She followed suit with the right stocking and struck a nude pose. “So honey, are you ready for a good time?”


Neil's mouth was open just a little bit. Zoe had never done anything like that before. She had done little teases before, but nothing as complete as that. Neil just nodded at Zoe's question and hopped out of his own underwear. Zoe's internals evaluated her performance with an effectiveness score of 7 and a quarter. Her software was already planning on what seduction protocol it would suggest next time to achieve a higher level of effectiveness. Zoe knew it was going on, but she was more interested in Neil's dick saluting her. She ignored the suggestion to take it more slowly, or start with some manual or oral pleasure. Instead she increased the moisture flow to her vagina and lightly pushed Neil backward. While he scooted backward on the bed, she straddled him, placing herself above his stiff member. She wanted to feel Neil inside her. Her systems said everything was green. However, Zoe decided on a little tease. She lowered herself so that her labial folds just barely brushed the tip of Neil's dick before moving a little forward, still just barely keeping in contact. “How much do you love me right now?” Zoe grinned down at him “A whole lot.” Any poetic impulses Neil had were sapped by the blood rushing to his crotch. If the prelude was any indication, he should have hydrated better this afternoon. Zoe half-giggled at the response, but decided to give him a break. She moaned softly as she slowly lowered herself. There was actually a stunningly accurate 3D representation of Neil's dick in her vision. She could see what parts were receiving the most and least amount of pressure, but most importantly she could feel it. She focused on how warm and thick it felt inside her. Even better than it normally did. Zoe gradually began to bob up and down, and it only felt better. As she bobbed, she devoted as many system resources as she could to interpreting and enjoying the sensations from her pussy, but still found she had RAM to spare. She looked at certain pre-programmed muscle flex sequences for later on. And she watched Neil go downright cross-eyed at her work. It felt even better than what Gretchen and Christine were able to do, and they were well-programmed synthetic women. She looked at the tactile data and, objectively, it wasn't as intense as what was elicited by the other UX units. It didn't matter though, Neil was just what she needed. It was more than the tactile input. Zoe felt complete when Neil was fucking her, and he was finally beginning to move his hips and join in the action, rather than lay there stupefied. He wasn't just filling a hole in her chassis, he was -as corny as it sounded- filling up a hole in her soul. A quick click of her pleasure response readout gave the answer. She had a special program installed that provided extra pleasure when engaged in sex with your significant other. Neil's name was inserted into the proper parts of her version. Zoe rightly assumed it was something Elaine had done during her construction and programming. No matter, program or not, she felt great and loved Neil. Neil was happy to enjoy the ride for the moment. The sex had never been bad, and Zoe had never been repressed, exactly, but he thought she seemed more into than usual. It was hard to think and analyze things when she was squeezing on his junk and bouncing like she was, but Neil had to do something to delay his orgasm. It was as though she wasn't worried about pleasing him. Not in the sense of not caring, but in the sense of being totally confident about it. The results spoke for themselves, in her higher and higher pitched cries of joy. She looked radioactively hot, grinning and moaning and massaging her breasts. Neil thought she looked close to going over the edge, and he did his little extra bit of targeted thrusting to get her over the hump. “mmmmm eh eh eh Eh EH ooooooooohh oo oo” Zoe felt herself execute orgasm sequence 001. But even that great feeling was only enough to temporarily slow her down, not stop her. But it did stop Neil. Neil knew that sequence of five rising grunts, a long release and two shorter releases. He remembered it from all the times he had tested out new robot women and they executed the first orgasm sequence in their library. He tried to keep going, tried to chalk it up to paranoia after the 'Zoebot' thing the other night. But she was much randier and looked much more beautiful. He pushed upward and to the side, indicating they should switch places. The flip happened quickly and Neil resumed pounding into his future wife. She was humming with delight at the new position, and brought her legs up. Neil looked over at what was moving and got a glimpse of Zoe's ankle. And there was no little unicorn tattoo there. No indication that it was being covered or had been removed, either. Neil started getting a sick feeling, even though he kept going at Zoe's pussy, now more from inertia than desire. There was one way to be sure, assuming it still worked. “Emergency panel override code Griffin Jolly Vixen thirty-eight four zero Gamma.” Dr. Dyson had programmed in an override code that would circumvent any problem with the android's conscious mind and allow access to her internals. It wasn't used much, but it was a safety precaution. Zoe looked at Neil, not quite sure she had heard him right. The nature of the code didn't alert her to the fact that her paplexus panel was opening. Neil saw the blinking lights inside his fiancee and lost all concentration. He slumped and squirted a line of jism into Zoe. The new feeling of his seed inside her was new and exciting for Zoe and she threw her head back, enjoying the feeling. She noticed Neil wasn't moving anymore and when she looked up, he had this hollow expression on his face. She couldn't figure out what was going on, until she noticed a status light indicating her paplexus panel was open. She looked down to visually check what her systems were telling her, and just above her soaked pussy was an array of lights and input ports. “I'm sorry Neil, I was going to tell you later on tonight, make it a surprise. A few of the girls from work brought me to your mom this morning and I decided to go ahead with it. And it feels fantastic, honey. I don't know why you were so nervous about telling me. I’ve never felt so completely... complete. Especially when I’m with you.” Neil's lip began quivering as he extracted his softening dick and turned away from Zoe. He reached down, grabbed his underwear, and began sliding them on. “Sweetie? What's wrong? I thought you'd like this, I mean you seemed to like it when I was stripping off the lingerie and wrapped around you earlier.” Zoe meant it in the spirit of a ribald little joke, but Neil didn't find it all that funny. “You don't love me anymore.” Neil was trying to figure out which pair of pants was closest to his current position. He couldn't even look at her. “What the fuck are you talking about?” Zoe hopped up onto her knees and tried to reach for his shoulder before he got off the bed. “I love you with all my heart. I'm going to spend the rest of my life with you.” But Neil was already standing, “What you have is a ten megabyte program that gives you extra pleasure when screwing me or otherwise interacting with me. Changing the name takes 30 seconds. Deleting it entirely takes 20.” He still had his back to her. He knew looking at Zoe, or the robot that thought it was her, would make him go crazy. Zoe couldn't comprehend what he was saying well enough to be angry. She got off the bed entirely and walked over to him. “It's still the same me, and I still love you. That didn't change just because I'm in a different body. I mean, your mom and sister still love you, right?” Zoe tried to give Neil as hug as he hiked up his pants. The attempt made him turn around, and he looked at her. And it might have been the comment about his family, but Neil did something even he didn't expect. He slapped Zoe hard enough that she had to take a step to balance herself. Neil stood there shaking before Zoe. “That's not going to bruise, and I doubt it even hurt. And you're not even going to care about it tomorrow. It's all different, Zoe.” He was starting to cry as he quickly tried to justify his violent outburst. “I’m going to get a drink.” He buttoned his shirt on the way to the front door and slipped on the sandals that were next to it. He let the door softly swing shut behind him as he left. Zoe sat down on the bed, trying to process things. Neil was right, she had only felt a sting as his slap landed and all that was left was a status message saying the motor control in her lower lip was out of alignment and needed adjustment. But mostly she was startled that he wasn't happy that she was a synthetic woman. That much had been a certainty, right? She replayed in her head the memories of her conversation with Dr. Dyson. So maybe there had been a little more ambiguity than she initially expected. More importantly, she didn't feel so bad. Her soulmate had just rejected her, hit her, and stormed out. So why wasn't she curled up on the floor sobbing? She didn't feel good about it, or even ok with it, but it should be crushing her. Zoe spent a long time processing everything.

Part 10

Neil heaved a small load of vomit into a bush in front of his apartment building. The larger expulsion of his stomach contents had happened outside the bar. It was small consolation, but all his larger problems were overtaken by the immediate task of navigating the flight of stairs. He took it slowly and stumbled to his door and into the apartment. Neil was in no shape for an argument, but he couldn't see Zoe anyway. He tried to think of where she might be, but only lasted a few moments before focusing on getting to the bedroom. Neil got one shoe off before collapsing onto the bed and almost immediately passing out. If he dreamed, Neil couldn't remember them as he felt a hand shake his shoulder and rouse him from sleep. He grumbled and tried to open his eyes, but squinted at the sunlight coming through the open window. He turned over and saw Zoe sitting there on the side of the bed. The love of his life was forcing a smile as she put her hand on Neil's other shoulder. He was bleary-eyed, but Neil could tell she had been crying. She was wearing a simple blouse, some jeans and no makeup. She moved her lips, trying to form an apology. Neil grunted and turned back over, squinting until his eyes adjusted completely to the brightness. Zoe lost what little smile she had and reached for the pharmacy bag next to the bed. “I went back to the institute after you left. I'm back in my real body again.” Zoe paused and gathered herself. “I am so so so sorry. I really thought you'd like me to be an android. If I thought it was going to hurt you, I never would have done it.” Neil flipped back over, “Why didn't you ask me?” His voice was raised a little bit. “You had your consciousness shoved into a fuck doll and it never occurred to you that maybe you should discuss it with your fiancée?” Neil didn't feel comfortable having a conversation like this so soon after getting up, but it was unavoidable. Zoe paused for a moment. She probably could have thrown Dr. Dyson under the bus and blamed her for everything, but thought better of it. Zoe was the one who had made the choice and she wasn’t going to shift the blame. “I don't know. I guess I thought I could just go back if I didn't like it. Or if you didn't like it.” Neil squinted at her. It was rare for a synthetic woman to go back to being organic without a pressing reason. And given how much Zoe had relished being synthetic, he wasn't sure she was part of that rare cohort. “But did you really go back?” Zoe was hoping Neil would take her at her word on the subject. Elaine hadn't been so optimistic and had come up with a simple way to remove any doubt. Zoe took a shrink-wrapped box from the pharmacy bag. It was a blood glucose meter, what diabetics use. But in this case, it was being used to take advantage of a facet of android construction. Dyson units had blood, but it was largely cosmetic. The muscles were electrically powered, so no nutrients needed to be carried. There was no need for white blood cells. But it did give the synthetic skin the right color and small accidents with sharp objects would look appropriate (UX units even clotted properly). Most important for Zoe's purposes was the lack of glucose in android blood. And Neil knew about this property as well. So when Zoe opened everything up and began fiddling with the meter and test strips, Neil knew what the point was. They didn't exchange any words when Zoe pricked herself, put some blood on the strip, and waited for a result. She checked it herself before showing the large readout to Neil. 84 mg/100ml. It was a little below normal, but Zoe hadn't eaten breakfast. And it wasn't zero. Neil sat up and hugged his fiancée. Then he winced as the change in orientation caused his hangover to hit him. Zoe enjoyed the embrace as much as she could before surrendering to the knowledge that Neil was tensing up and probably had a splitting headache from drinking last night. She reached into the pharmacy bag again, “Here you go, hon. I got you some water to rehydrate you, some aspirin and a slice of pumpkin bread.” He tried not to move his throbbing head too much as he took a few swigs from the water bottle to wash down the aspirin and broke off a piece of the sweet bread. Zoe had her hand on his knee, watching him eat. He looked like hell, but at least he wasn't running away from her. “Finish up, there's someone waiting in the living room.” Neil shoved in, chewed, and swallowed the last big piece of his breakfast before answering. “Is it my mom? I'm not really interested in seeing her right about now.” Zoe frowned just a little, “Come on, they really want to speak to you.” “So it's more than just my mother?” Neil took another swig of the water. There was a long sigh from Zoe as she pulled the covers off Neil, “It'll do you good, really.” Neil grumbled as he got up. Partly from the hangover and partly from having to talk more about this with his mother and whoever else. Still, it was very nice to see his future wife human again. Even though their biological bodies were kept in storage, few synthetic women switched back unless there was a very pressing reason. It was affirming to know he qualified as such a reason. He gingerly followed Zoe out of the bedroom, only leaning on her once, and very lightly. There were two women waiting for him on the couch with some chairs set up across from it. He was almost sitting when he realized who they were. It was his mother and sister in their organic bodies. He hadn't seen Jessica in an organic body for three years, and he doubted she had been off the institute grounds in anything but her sexy android chassis in that time. The years on a minimalist diet in a stasis tank had caused her to thin down noticeably from when she was in high school. Her hair was brown and cut short; The trim must have been recent after going years without a haircut. Her nose wasn't as cute and her lips weren't as full, although that may have been a result of the displeased look on her face. The face looked more mature, like it might be expected to look had she aged normally the past few years. The acne was gone, but a few large pores were leftover. The weight loss had also affected her breasts, which barely registered beneath the T-shirt she was wearing. Jessica was fidgeting and looked immensely uncomfortable back in her own skin. And frankly, Elaine did too, although she was hiding it better. Neil hadn't seen her organic body in a very long time. The last was probably when his father kicked her out. Lord knows how long she had actually spent without being in an organic body, but judging by the similar quick haircut, it was at least as long as Jessica's rest period. She looked her age, although she wasn't as wrinkled or sun damaged as she might have been. The lack of makeup didn't help. Her hair was mostly gray with a little bit of red left, and thinning like Grandma's did. But mostly he had forgotten just how much his mother looked like a stork with her small eyes, big nose, and very thin frame. The tank was designed to keep her muscles from atrophying, but she was beginning to look frail. She rubbed her hands, working out some aches. Elaine smiled at her son, and he felt like a tiny little pile of shit. He had his mom and sister back. They had come back for him. And they looked so miserable for their troubles. He wanted to work himself into a righteous anger, but he just couldn’t gather up the urge, seeing them like that. There was an awkward silence as Zoe and Neil took their seats across from Jessica and Elaine. Dr. Dyson began, “Neil, I want to apologize. I didn't mean to hurt you or try to take Zoe away from you. I love being an android, and I love seeing other women love being androids.” she left out the part about loving to love other androids. “Sometimes it can blind me to other viewpoints. I honestly thought I was doing the right thing, both for you and for Zoe. But I shouldn't have gone about it the way I did. “And I thought you'd want to hear it from this body, rather than my normal one. I'm not programmed to love being an android. And I'm not programmed to love you. I really do love you, Neil.” Elaine found herself crying a little. It was slightly unsettling when she couldn't pull up the parameters of the program in her vision. Neil was welling up a little bit too, especially when Zoe squeezed his hand. And even though it was obvious to him, Jessica and Elaine each spent a moment doing the little glucose test and proved they were indeed organic. Elaine continued, “And I think I need to apologize for how I went about developing androids. I told myself it was for my family’s benefit, ultimately. But I can see how you might think I value being an android more than I value you. And that’s simply not true. You’re my little baby boy and I love you more than anything.” “I'm sorry that I haven't been better about this, Mom. But you just get so wrapped up in your own shit, it’s like this little bubble that nothing can break into. And I get freaked by what you’re capable of in that cocoon,” Neil said. “And I don’t entirely mean what you’re technologically capable of doing. It’s unsettling to see you flip desires and emotions on and off like a switch.” “I dunno, you seem to change gears pretty quickly even without a central processor.” Jessica piped up after staying quiet. Zoe got tense, Neil got deflated, and Elaine shot daggers out of her eyes at her daughter. “Yeah, Mom fucked up, but you're my brother whether I’m hot or like this and you’re still fucking backwards about synthetic women.” “Maybe,” Neil mumbled. “I don't think so,” Zoe interjected. “There is something different about being synthetic and programmed. And maybe I'd get used to it, but I think it's reasonable to enjoy being a little out of control of yourself. Keeps things interesting for everyone.” Jessica rolled her eyes, even though she could see Zoe's point. In a moment of inward reflection, she wondered if the attitude was something going on in her fleshy brain beyond being uncomfortable looking like a geek again. But it didn’t stop her from mouthing off. “You were a robot for like 12 hours. What do you know?” “Jessica! You will mind your manners right now or so help me...” Elaine couldn’t come up with an adequate credible threat and had to settle for staring down her daughter, who began slouching in the chair. “How about this, I'll keep your android body on standby, Zoe, and if you want to go back, you can just ask. And same goes for switching back to your organic body.” Elaine proposed the compromise she had developed on the car ride over. “And maybe I can spend a little more social time with organics that aren’t imminent clients.” Neil didn't feel too bad, knowing that he'd be getting some organic responses from his wife. And Zoe didn't feel bad at all about being in that bliss-inducing body now and then. Getting his mom out of that bubble was simply a bonus. Yes, there was a lot more to discuss, but Neil felt like he was getting through to his mom for the first time in a long time. As for Jessica, “Now that it's settled, can I get back into my real body again?”

Part 11

Roger nearly knocked over one of the hotel's potted plants with his empty luggage cart. He swung around to catch it before it fell, and immediately went back to ogling the group of women who just walked into the long lobby. There must have been a dozen of them, a few older than the rest, but all smoking hot and making no effort to hide the fact. They were chatting as they walked, oblivious to the bellhop with the fern. But a chesty redhead, younger than the rest, saw him and gave Roger a wink. His heart stopped as she broke from the pack and stepped toward him. “Can you be a sweetie and help us with our bags?” Roger hadn't noticed she was carrying a lumpy duffel bag. He hadn't noticed the two trunks and other assorted bags the other ladies in the group were carrying. It was his job, but seeing so many finely sculpted curves at once turned his brain into jelly. It didn't help when the redhead's attention brought the rest of the group's attention toward him. Now all the women were strutting toward him with big smiles on their faces. “Uh, um, yeah, you can put it on the cart here.” The women casually dropped their bags and trunks on the cart and gave him a cacophony of sweet-sounding 'thank you's. Roger happily followed behind them as they went to the elevators. They looked almost as good from the back. There were enough of them that they needed separate elevators. Roger went with the first group and wound up next to the redhead. It was tight quarters, but the girl was much tighter against him than she needed to be. Roger stood ramrod straight, looking forward, as she moved her breast along his arm. He wasn't sure if it was good or bad that they were going to the 24th floor. “My name's Jessica, what's yours?” “Uh, Roger, ma'am.” She giggled delightfully, Roger thought. “Do I look like a ma'am to you?” “N.no. Just force of habit.” He felt her hand on the opposite side of his body. “It's nice that the hotel provides such handsome bellhops to carry our luggage.” Now Roger knew something was up. No way a girl that hot calls a guy like him 'handsome'. Even if he suspected she was toying with him, it was still achingly sexy. She ran a smooth leg against his pants, “do you do room service too? I think the old ladies are going to put an end to the bachelorette party way too early for me.” At least Roger knew what brought the group here, but he was interrupted before he could respond by the older redhead at the front of the elevator. “Who are you calling an old lady? And stop teasing the employees. You promised Neil you wouldn't go around acting like a slut so often.” Roger missed the warmth of Jessica's body soon after she extracted herself. “Sorry Mom, I was just getting into the party mood.” Well that threw Roger for a loop. She was doing all that in front of her mother? OK, technically behind her, but still within earshot. Roger was still contemplating the other connotations of the new information when the elevator doors opened and everyone filed out. The mother had casually called her daughter a slut. And who was Neil? By now they were at the room and the mother had opened the door for Roger. “Put everything by that table except the red trunk. In fact, let me and Wendy take it. There's fragile stuff in there.” The mother and one of the other girls took the trunk and set it in the center of the room. As Roger unloaded the rest, he noticed the room was very spartan for a bachelorette party. No food. No booze. No stereo. Maybe the stuff was in the bags, but nothing sounded like bottles of liquor. Roger finished and subtly waited for his tip. Jessica eyed him and whispered into her mother's ear. Mom sighed and nodded, which pleased Jessica. She had a big smile on her face as she walked toward Roger. “Here's your tip,” and before Roger could say anything, he was being kissed and had a tongue seeking entrance into his mouth. He gladly obliged and took the opportunity to grasp the nice buttocks available to him. She was an awesome kisser, and her tits felt great pressed up against him. But all too quickly, it was over. Jessica winked at him before turning away, “keep the change.” Roger couldn't do much except grab his cart and exit the room, being careful to avoid hitting the rest of the women that were just now reaching the party. Three years in this crummy job, but at least now he had a story to tell that didn't involve cleaning up puke. Camilla was the last one in and she locked the door behind her. The other women were already taking off their clothes and picking out toys from the duffel bags. Katie and Dana were on the bed making out, choosing a more personal way to get aroused. Almost a year as an android and it still made her weak-kneed to see a roomful of robot women. She shimmied out of her party dress and opened her paplexus panel purely for kicks. The one person who wasn't getting naked was Dr. Dyson herself, who was fiddling with the big trunk. “Need some help?” “I think I've got it.” Elaine undid the last lock and opened up the top to reveal two feminine legs and beneath them the body of unit UX1729, a.k.a. Zoe Baker (for another week at least). She was naked except for a butterfly vibrator against her clit. Elaine pulled out the legs and Camilla realized Zoe's eyes were open and following the action. Then the legless girl reached her arms up to get her future mother-in-law's help out of the trunk. Turns out Dr. Dyson did need help with that, and Camilla was happy to oblige. They laid Zoe down and Elaine went back in to get a series of electronic devices from the bottom of the trunk. Camilla looked at the partially disassembled woman, the various electronic peripherals for her, and her own open interface. The boss and her employee locked eyes. Camilla noticed that happy, dreamy look that UX1729 had consistently worn for the last few weeks as the wedding approached. Camilla had to make sure her arousal level and lubrication rate weren't in the red zone. “Hey boss, do you think I can park in the handicapped spot on Monday?” Camilla and Elaine both laughed. The doctor had opened up all of Zoe's panels and a few of the other girls had come over to get a look inside. None of them had seen the gadgets Dr. Dyson was hooking up to UX1729, although they had been told what they would do. Elaine had also pried loose part of the barn doors, so the wires could snake out once the breasts were back in place. And oh, were there wires. And network cards. And what looked like hard drives. By the time Elaine called everyone over to form a circle around the top half of Zoe, it looked like some computer engineer's weekend hobby project on the floor of the hotel. It looked a little better once Zoe's barn doors were closed and some of the cables were tied together, but still nothing like the elegant packaging of most Dyson electronics. “OK ladies, open your sexual interface ports and take a cable.” She handed out a cord to everyone. One end was already plugged into the stuff on the ground, the other end snapped home above each robot woman's exquisitely designed privates. Dr. Dyson continued, “search for a synchronization code that matches your unit designation. Open your simultaneous sensory experience programs and set them to output only. When Zoe is ready, you'll get a greenlight status message.” Each unit did as they were told, and the results were plain on Zoe's face and in her voice. One by one, Zoe accepted the sensations of arousal from each woman in the room. She felt the flow of the climate control on everyone's naked skin. And if it weren't for the jury-rigged sensory input buffers and septupled memory cache Dr. Dyson had set up, UX1729 would have had a severe system failure. And this was only the beginning. Jessica, Dr. Dyson, and Wendy Klein were the first to start, since they were UX2000 series units now and had the fastest systems. The light went green and each of them stuck a dildo or vibrator inside their synthetic pussies. The sensation traveled to each unit's sensory processor, down the cable to the external sensory buffers on the hub they were all connected to. Then the electric signal traveled through the cache to Zoe's external input module. From there, it traveled to Zoe's central processing core, where Zoe felt three dildos fucking three distinct vaginas. If she abandoned concentration, it felt like her pussy had three times as many sweet spots and was being attended to by overlapping sextoys. She smiled broadly at the pleasure as Gretchen and Zoe's college friend Terri began transmitting and the three phalli turned into five. Camilla, Ava, Christine, and Dana were next online, and Katie was the last one to start teasing herself for Zoe's benefit. By the time everyone was sending data, Zoe was on her third digital orgasm, and the first derived from someone else's software. Zoe and Jessica squealed identically when it happened. Her hardware was seriously overclocked, but Zoe was able to enjoy the small differences between her climax and Jessica's, soon followed by the differences between her orgasm and Dr. Dyson's. But mostly she was reveling in the Lesbian orgy that existed in her head. Ten pussies being pounded at different rates and she felt them all. And she felt it when two of the pussies stopped being penetrated and started being licked. Katie and Ava had tossed their toys aside for some personal interaction. Upon seeing it, and upon achieving a climax of her own, Wendy moved to Jessica's groin, taking away the toy in Jessica's snatch. She replaced the toy with her tongue and moved the dildo to Jessica's pleasurably enhanced anus. The redhead giggled and wished Wendy had chosen a position that provided her access to the blonde's nether regions. Camilla wasn't about to deprive herself of the excellent vibrations happening in her own pussy, but she was next to Dr. Dyson and couldn't pass up a chance to scoot over enough to latch onto Elaine's nipple. Gretchen had a similar idea but went for the good doctor's clit, leaving her own ass up in the air. And with that juicy ass hanging there, Terri couldn't resist getting some contact with another robot woman. Zoe was starting to feel simultaneous orgasms now as the party attendees really got down to business. It was no longer possible to tell where the pleasure was coming from, it was only possible to let it wash over her brain. But a little message came on in her heads up display that told her sensory input was now beginning to be stored in the external cache before being transmitted to her. For another two hours, the synthetic ladies poked, licked, and all-out fucked one another. Jessica and Elaine avoided screwing, of course, but just about every other combination happened on the hotel room floor. And throughout the night, no one touched Zoe. Terri made eyes to start kissing the bride, but Elaine managed to gently kick her away. Anything that activated Zoe's primary sexual input would probably result in a massive software failure. And Neil had been promised there would be no physical sexual acts performed on his wife. Finally, Dr. Dyson wiggled out from between Wendy and Katie and unhooked herself from the hub. She had gotten a message that the massive sensory cache was 95% full. No one else was hooked in to receive the message, but they followed the good doctor's lead. Still, it took a good ten minutes for everyone to stop licking and finish one last orgasm before disengaging their link to the blushing (and screaming with erotic joy) bride. But it wasn't the end of Zoe's night. The system was still sending information to her central processor. She had barely noticed how the action had slowed down to prevent an overflow, but it had. Zoe was 45 minutes behind everyone else, and she was going to receive every kilobyte of data. No one bothered getting dressed, but Jessica got some bottles of replacement fluids from one of the duffel bags and began to pass them out. They watched with aroused bemusement as Zoe continued to writhe on the floor. She was still the center of attention, although there were some quiet conversations among some of the girls complimenting one another on a particularly good set of moves during the orgy. Finally, the cache emptied and Zoe lay there trying to catch breath she didn't really need. Gretchen had fetched her legs and attached them so Zoe could stand up. Jessica undid all the wires and the bride got up. Everyone received a big thank-you hug for their participation, although they were, to a robot woman, more than happy to be of service. “Oh. My. God. You cannot believe what that's like. I was made of pussy. Dear Lord. Wow.” Zoe continued to stutter and ramble about the experience, which drew some laughs from the other partygoers. “Seriously, you've all got to try this.” Elaine walked over to the hub and began hooking herself up in the receiver position. “I intend to right now. Jessica, start preparing the system for another go and get everyone hooked back in.” There was a cheer from the crowd and everyone got ready for another round.

The church was filled with violin music and the low drone of light conversation. Neil waited nervously at the front for the ceremony to begin in earnest. He peeked another look at his mom, and wished she had chosen something with a higher neckline. It wasn't lewd, but she was still the mother of the groom for pete's sake. He couldn't see his dad, who was in the back with Zoe, preparing to give her away. The violins picked up and a trumpet joined them. Everyone shut up and turned around to see Jessica walk down the aisle with one of Neil's buddies from work. Neil sighed again that Jessica had imposed her will and gotten Zoe to agree to silver bridesmaid dresses. Although it was the first dress he had seen his sister wear in a long time that showed less than 4 inches of cleavage. He also reflected on how tough it was to convince his buddies not to try to sleep with his sister, and his sister not to sleep with his buddies. Even in the middle of a wedding, his friend was trying to sneak a peek down Jessica's dress. The two of them were followed by Gretchen, Dana, and Terri (a.k.a Unit UX1945), each accompanied by a friend of Neil's. All the women were positively glowing and looking sexier than they had a right to be in a bridesmaid dress. The pairs split as they reached the altar, with the men taking places behind Neil. The music stopped for a moment, and Neil's heart started beating faster. Then the band began to play 'Here comes the bride'. Zoe was just as nervous, and second guessing the 'mutual' decision for her to get married in her organic body. Sure, being in a stasis tank on a liquid diet for a few weeks had helped her trim down for her dress, but she still had to breathe in the damn corset, unlike an android. And she had to balance in these shoes with this long dress without a gyroscope. And she had to be compared to synthetic women designed to be sexy. But when the music started playing and she caught a glimpse of Neil up there, a lot of her irritation melted away. The corset still sucked. She felt a little floaty as she went down the aisle with her father-in-law. She couldn't stop herself from smiling beneath her veil as she stood in front of the altar with Neil, and he couldn't stop smiling at her. And at that moment, Zoe was glad she could feel her heart.

Bonus materials

Jessica was going to show off an ability to mimic voices. Originally Julie Andrews’ singing. Wasn’t sure if I could or should use it later in the story for different purposes, and it didn’t fit anywhere

Originally, Zoe was going to talk to Neil about becoming an android, and he was going to flip out to the point that Zoe would go ahead with it to spite him. But the motivation for Neil flipping out at the mention of her becoming synthetic wasn’t there. Also, it would have screwed up the pacing. And getting them back together was dicey. Story-wise it makes Zoe’s choice more understandable and puts less of the blame on Elaine for what happens, but that wasn’t enough, so I went with what you see in the story.

There’s a ‘deleted scene’, something I strongly considered putting in, would fit in the narrative, but never actually put to paper. It involves Neil going to a bar to get drunk. He happens to run into Gretchen (I’m not happy with her use in the story, and feel she needed more to do). He picks up on her android nature, she tries to figure out how he knew. They wind up talking and Neil discusses when his sister was in high school, soon after becoming synthetic, she went on a two-week cruise with a man triple her age. When they got back, she talked about how much fun she had and the man gave the institute a large donation. Jessica was proud of herself and Elaine was proud of Jessica. Jessica also used that ‘significant other’ program on the trip that Zoe used with Neil. As badly as the Dyson Institute comes off in the story already, this was going too far. Although it makes Neil’s position more understandable, judging by the comments no one really questioned his position anyway. So that didn't even happen off-camera.

There was going to be a bit where Neil discusses his mother’s attempts to get him in an android body, first a female chassis then one modified to look male, but was still very effeminate. Doesn’t fit anywhere, is kinda weird, as far as I’m concerned it didn’t happen.

Neil was also going to be irate at the fact that his mother placed so many androids in and around Stanley enterprises for his benefit. He’d feel the need to quit that job and get a new one. Ultimately it was just a pimple on the story, branching out and immediately coming back, so I popped it in the writing process.

Originally, instead of slapping Zoe, Neil hits her hard enough to knock her to the ground. This was another one of those ‘too far’ instances, so I toned down the violence.

I don’t know if anyone was thinking this, but if Zoe had told Elaine ‘no’, Dr. Dyson wouldn’t have turned her into an android. If I was rewriting this story, I’d make this point much more clear. The problem is that I can’t say Dr. Dyson would never forcibly convert someone, only that she wouldn’t do it under these circumstances. Talking it over with Korby, she’d probably forcibly convert someone to save the institute.

Elaine was going to offer to give Neil the ability to restrict the personality and program changes Zoe could make to herself. But he would’ve refused anyway, I don’t think Dr. Dyson is that thick, and it didn’t fit in anywhere.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how sympathetic a guy who didn’t want his wife to be a robot would be on this board. Turns out that I missed where the fulcrum was, so Neil looks much better than his mother does, rather than being somewhat balanced.

20/20 hindsight, I should have developed Zoe’s backstory and lack of family structure more. I suppose I was worried about length (says the guy being pilloried for making the end of his story too short).

If the Stanley girls seemed similar to the point of being Borg-like, it’s not intentional, I’m just not that good a writer. I should have included a token employee that refused to join in the coercion, but stopped short of outright blabbing.

After all the crap I got for making Dr. Dyson too dark as it is, did you really think I’d end it with everyone dead and/or estranged? I’d be hunted down :p

And by popular demand, some of what happened between parts nine and ten.

Zoe got out of the Taxi and paid the fare with her mad money. She quickly walked into the institute and hurried down the lobby. It was about 11 o’clock, so most of the lights were off. But there was still a girl at the desk both to watch over things and to handle situations like these. “Can I help you,” Carly checked to see if her face was in the Unit database, then which unit she was, “Zoe?” “I need to see Dr. Dyson.” Zoe kept getting status messages, asking her if she wanted to decrease this response or that. But she had kept indicating ‘no’, and as a result, she looked as depressed and nervous as any android Carly had ever seen. “Are you malfunctioning?” Carly figured this was the case and looked up the location of the nearest staffed and available maintenance bay. Zoe shook her head, “No, I don’t think so. I mean, maybe, but I still need to see Dr. Dyson, I’m her daughter-in-law.” That wasn’t true yet, but was close enough. Carly took a second look at Zoe’s file. Brand new, one sign of a possible malfunction. But sure enough, Neil’s name was there under ‘significant other’. That actually made her a little sad. “Oh, I see that now. She’s not here, she’s at her condo. Do you want directions?” “No, I think I need to see her here.” “So should I call her?” “If you would, please.” Carly was getting worried about Zoe’s emotional state. “Sure thing, do you know the way to Dr. Dyson’s office? Maybe you should wait there.” Zoe nodded and Carly opened the door for her. Zoe started taking the long way around, retracing her initial steps toward becoming an android. It looked different now, and not just because of the dimmed lighting. Carly picked up the phone and gave her boss a call, “Dr. Dyson? It’s Carly. Zoe Baker is here and she wants to talk with you... She says it’s not a malfunction... She doesn’t look right, she looks sad.”

Elaine pulled up to the institute about 20 minutes later. She left the car in the front drive and jogged into the lobby, Carly activated the door for her so she wouldn’t need to slow down. Dr. Dyson took the short route and opened her office door to find Zoe sitting on the couch staring into the middle distance. “Zoe? What’s wrong?” Elaine took a seat near her future daughter-in-law. Zoe looked up and Dr. Dyson’s eyes looked exactly like Neil’s when he was worried about her. Finally she was able to squeeze out a few tears. “Neil left. He found out I had become an android on his own and he got angry and he slapped me and he stormed out.” Zoe could have stopped herself from sharply intaking breath as she spoke and cried but didn’t. If there was a way to turn off the helpful little pop-ups, she wasn’t focused enough to find it. Elaine went over and gave Zoe a hug. She was at a temporary loss for words. She didn’t think Neil would be that violent or that willing to walk out on someone just because they were synthetic. Angry? She could see that, but the rest... “Don’t worry, honey everything is going to be alright.” “No it’s not. Neil is gone and I don’t even feel that bad.” She was crying, but even that seemed facile to Zoe, in no small part because she was getting messages about the flow rate through her tear ducts. “Why don’t I feel worse? I should have been screaming at him to stay. I should have run out after him. I should have been too messed up to call a taxi. I should be in a little ball on the floor, and it just feels like I’m watching the end of Iron Giant.” Elaine didn’t know how to respond, she had never gotten this complaint before. Androids were generally happy with their lives, but even when one of the units suffered a loss, they had never said it didn’t feel right. She almost said that maybe Zoe didn’t love Neil as much as she thought she did. No, that was cruel. Maybe Zoe didn’t really know how she would react to Neil leaving, but that was condescending. While Elaine was pondering, Zoe had stopped crying and stated plainly, “I wish I had never become a robot.” That was the first time Elaine Dyson had heard that. At least, the first time she heard it and knew the person meant it. And all that doubt that had been in the back of her mind today coalesced into a tight ball of guilt in the pit of her stomach. Elaine endured it for a few seconds before tweaking one of her settings to ease the magnitude. “I’m sorry Zoe. This is my fault. I should have known Neil would react poorly to seeing you as an android. I should have told him before doing your conversion. I should have brought the opportunity to both of you.” Zoe felt another cry coming on, but suppressed it the old-fashioned way. “No, I got all swept up with things and didn’t give him a chance.” “That was partly my fault, too.” Zoe wiped her eyes, “I want to go back to my real body. Maybe if I do that, Neil will forgive me. He’ll believe it’s really me. Please?” Elaine nodded, “absolutely, I’ll call the folks downstairs. They probably haven’t even put your organic body in a tank yet.” Elaine left Zoe to go to her desk. There was a pink jelly dildo in her chair, and Elaine had to laugh at the happy little sex toy sitting there in the midst of all the crying. She placed the call and quickly got the process of converting Zoe back started. Elaine looked over at Zoe and had another idea, “You know what, I’m going to call Neil’s sister and we’re going to go over there with you.”

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