The Escort

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The Escort

Chapter 1 – Flawlessness

Sam nervously tapped his left foot as he watched each second pass on his wristwatch. As the clock ticked ever closer to 9 am, the tapping sound he made against the tiled floor quickened.

“Come on Sam, this will be fun” he reassured himself as he shifted in his leather sofa. He brought his phone to view and read over the confirmation email for the twelfth time that hour, reciting her name and reminding himself as to why he was going through with this.

“This won’t work. It’s a waste of money” Just as he closed his phone, the doorbell chimed twice.

Quick to his feet, he hurried along through the golden arch way which led into the oversized main hallway before reaching the large wooden front door. As he opened it, his pronounced square jaw dropped at what appeared. “Hey! I’m Tiffany, and you must be Sam, right?” The shorter blonde let her white pearls shine as her eyes quickly looked Sam over. She had an oversized trench coat on which covered her up to her long neck, and while the email claimed her age to be thirty, she didn’t look a day over twenty. Saying Sam was impressed would be an understatement, so much so that doubt entered his mind.

“You’re from Western Electronics?” Sam folded his arms as he stared on in disbelief. Tiffany’s smile widened as she lightly giggled.

“May I come in? It’s rather cold outside” she lightly mused as she stepped past him, leaving a light heap of snow at the door. Once inside, Sam closed the door and faced Tiffany as she made her way into the spacious living room. “You sir have a very fine living room. I just love the patterned tiles too! Is this where we will be having our fun?”

Before Sam could even speak, she undid the buttons on her coat and let it slide down her smooth body, pooling at her heels as the snow which lay on the hem of the coat lightly landed around her. Underneath was the body of a busty athlete who looked like she was training for the Olympics. Her oversized handbag which hung from her prominent left shoulder also met the coat as it dropped with a thud on the floor. Sam just looked on, dumbfounded. “This has to be a prank” he quickly reassured himself, much to the gorgeous blonde’s amusement.

“Sam, I’m just an advanced doll. Come on, do what you will!” she gestured as her hands reached behind her head and slowly undid her tied up hair, letting the blonde locks rest just above her breasts.

Sam slowly approached her, his left hand holding his right at the wrist behind his back as he was cautious, believing this to be a really thought out prank. She stuck her hand out and stood on her toes, bouncing on them lightly. “I won’t break. Please, take my hand.” Once he was about a foot from her, he took her hand with his left and she brought it to her round, ripe right breast.

“Hmm, that’s a soft hand you got there Sam. Almost as soft as my breasts.” She giggled as her hand joined her other by her side. Sam enjoyed her soft skin, albeit a bit cold and slightly rough. His hand slipped in between her lace bra as his finger lightly brushed her nipple, eliciting a sudden yet soft moan from her. “Hmm, very soft indeed. Very gentle too” she smiled. As her nipple grew between his fingers, Sam remained unconvinced.

“I still have my doubts” he folded his arms tightly as Tiffany sighed.

“I guess that’s the price of perfection. People don’t believe in your true self” Tiffany sighed again as she undid the red bra, letting it join her coat and bag on the floor. “Ok, how about this. I can role play a many number of roles. I can also switch my personality at will too.”

Sam brought his hand to his neck as he scratched an itch. Something was off about all of this, but he couldn’t quite place it. But Tiffany didn’t give him much time to think. “Come on. At least humour me” she quickly quipped.

“Ok, I’ll play along. What personality are you right now?”

She frowned for a second before smiling. “Right now, I’m in a slightly dominant mode with a calm demeanour and I’m in a happy mood. You couldn’t tell? What do you want me to change it too?”

Sam looked straight at her, trying to work out if she was telling the truth or just playing a game. Eventually, he decided to play along. “Well, here I am calling you a liar and not ‘using’ you as you want me too. Act appropriately” he mused.

Tiffany quickly nodded. “As you wish!” As those words left her full red lips, she immediately showed anger and rushed towards Sam. “I came all this fucking way and for what? To have some smart-ass big shot with money call me a fucking liar. Who the fuck are you?!” she placed both hands on her thin hips before shooting him a death stare.

Sam almost jumped back, stunned at her sudden aggressiveness. His surprise grew when she clutched both of her breasts and squeezed them tightly. “This! This is what I want. For you to use me however you want!” she exclaimed. He watched her grip both breasts firmly before letting them go and spinning around on her toes. Bending at the waist, she spanked her left ass cheek hard as she continued. “I’m all yours you fuck! For fuck sake, just use me!” she exclaimed as she spanked her small ass once again. Not before long, she straightened up and moved back over to her bra and coat. “I may as well leave!” she picked up both things before storming to the door, leaving the handbag behind in a growing pool of water.

“Wait! Change back!” Sam shouted desperately. Much to his surprise, she stopped dead in her tracks. He was surprised to see her smile once again at the turn of a dime.

“Sorry about that. But you did want me to prove to you that I am not a human. And perhaps that wasn’t the best way of showing you what I really am” she apologetically beamed as she brought her stuff to the sofa. “Look, I don’t think it matters if you believe I am a robot or not, but we are here now. So please, let’s have a good time?” she patted on the seat next to her.

As he joined her, she kicked off her heels, crossed her legs on the couch and turned her body to face him. Sam on the other hand only faced her, keeping his body front facing. “Let’s play a game! I’ll tell something about me, and you say something about yourself.”

Her eyes closed as she bit on her lower lip as she lightly brushed her hardening left nipple. “Hmm, mind if I give myself some extra fun? You know you can join in too!” she chuckled as she continued.

Sam watched as her breathing slightly increased as her nipples grew even larger. He refocused on the task at hand. “Ok, you go first then.” He gestured.

“Oh yes, that feels good” She softly whispered under her breath before her blue eyes met his. “Oh yes, right. So, I’m the newest model from Western Electronics. I come with the newly designed micro architecture which allows for over two point five times more operations per second than my predecessor. It also allows me to act perfectly human!” she tilted her head and smiled, all signs of her previous arousal gone.

And as quickly as those signs vanished, they reappeared. “And this feels really good, I wish you’d help me out!”

Sam was quick to dismiss her, playing it down to ‘good acting’. “Ok” he muttered. “I am 34 this year. Your go” he crossed his arms once again as he watched her slowly massage her left breast.

She looked up at him with a glare. “You have to do better than that!” she managed between her soft moans. Much to her surprise, he was quick to respond.

“Ok, I’m the founder of Tacker & Co where my brother and I discovered the method for converting non-recyclable materials into petroleum. Happy?” he quickly spat before looking away.

This time, she completely ignored him as her moans increased. He looked back and watched the sexy blonde enjoy her body, and as his penis grew harder, the care about her true nature slowly faded. After a few seconds of this, Tiffany’s moans died down as did her actions. She stared off into nothingness.

“Wow, hey. Hey!” he hastily waved his hand in front of her face. After several more seconds, she blinked erratically before looking back at him with an excited expression.

“I just realised how I can prove to you that I am a machine!” she clapped her hands, completely ignoring what he said earlier.

“How…” his words were cut short as he watched her modest breasts and chest increase in size dramatically. As they inflated, she bit on her lower lip and quivered in delight. Once they had finished growing, their fake look dissolved into an all too natural shape.

She looked at him and twitched for a quick second before opening her mouth. “Breast size increased to 30 DD” she flatly said without moving her lips. She reanimated only a second later. “There! Enough proof for you?”

Sam’s jaw dropped once again as he looked on in disbelief. There was no natural way to explain this, and he knew it. “I… I was wrong. I am sorry Tiffany.”

She laughed it off as her breasts reverted back to their original state. “Breast size reduced to 28 C. So, can we NOW have some fun?”

Chapter 2 – Exploration

“Like I said, I am an advanced doll for your use! So, use me however you want! But I do ask that you do be careful, I wouldn’t want to break down on you, now would I?” she shuffled her matching red panties down her long, toned thighs before flinging them off to the corner.

Sam just watched on as she slowly spread her legs, giving him a perfect view of her incredibly detailed pussy. He looked on, admiring the realism and the work put into her plastic mould. It didn’t take long for him to find some flaws in the masterpiece. “I’m starting to see some give aways, like your pussy is perfectly symmetrical which isn’t natural” he pointed out, much to her delight.

“You’re the only person to mention this actually. I’ll note it in the manufactures log for the next revision.” She cackled as she pressed her thighs together. “It helps with maintenance and it neatly interfaces with my processor unit. It also gives hunks like you an amazing time! I’m better than a real woman you know!” she winked.

More cracks started appearing as Sam smirked at her jump from technical speak to sexual talk. He looked carefully at her eyes and noticed her pupils dilate. “Another sign of your true self” he muttered.

“What sign would that be?” she quickly questioned as she ran her hands through her hair.

“Your pupils are completely dilated, but it’s too bright in her for them to dilate fully.” He shuffled closer to her as she leaned in.

“My pupils are responsive to attraction only. Again, something the next me will surely be more advanced in.” Sam looked down as she placed her left hand on top of his right palm. “But what I really want right now is for you to go down on me” her eyes never left his as she made the request. “Oh, and be rough. I’ll enjoy it!”

Sam let his white pearls shine as he shuffled further back on the couch. As he leaned in towards her navel, she kept her lean thighs closed. “I want to you dominate me!” she excitedly giggled as he smirked.

Sam placed his hands on her strong thighs and slowly spread them apart, revealing her pink, wet pussy. He was impressed with the incredible detail which went into this plastic device. He even noticed her clit slowly engorge as the tip off his tongue traced it. He placed both hands on her thighs and pressed in, only for her to resist. “I said rough!” she laughed.

“Who would I be to deny you that?” he tightly gripped both her thighs and forced them against his head as his tongue explored her sweetly scented sex. It didn’t take much for Tiffany to start moaning.

“Oh yes, ooo yes keep doing that! Oh, fuck it’s SO GOOD!” she cried out as Sam’s tongue went deeper, setting off thousands of sensors fitted within her all to realistic plastic flesh. “Ohh… Squeeze… fuck yes!... my tits!” she ordered.

Quick to respond, his hands found her breasts and squeezed them tightly. “OH, baby you know how to treat a doll!” Before he realised what was happening, her breasts expanded in his hands once again to an incredible size.

“OH FU… “Breast size increased to 30 E. Warning, alteration of body parts during processor intense operations are not recommended.” CK YES!!!”

Sam immediately stopped and forced her legs open. “Are you Ok?!” he said, much to her frustration.

“YES! Stupid warning shit! GET BACK TO WORK!” she forced his head back to her pussy and moaned wildly as his tongue went back to lapping and exploring her well-crafted folds.

Before Sam knew it, she was shaking wildly on the sofa as her body twitched and tensed up all at once. “OH, FUCK YESSSS. I’M CUMMING!” Sam opened his mouth wide as everything she gave him came flooding into his mouth. Like her pussy, it was sweetly flavoured too.

After a few seconds, he noticed her pussy lips tighten. He tried pushing a finger through to no avail. He looked back up at the still withering woman, breathing heavily as she lightly twisted her nipples in between her index finger and thumb.

“You cum quick!” he laughed as he looked over at the clock. “What was that? 60 seconds?”

He waited as she recovered and pulled herself up to a sitting position, leaving a small damp spot on the couch between her legs. She looked ahead, perfectly still as her breasts shrunk back down. “Breast size reduced to 30 D” she flatly said. Looking at him, she grinned widely. “I am really easy Sam. Designed for any adult am I right?” she placed her hand on his shoulder and gave him an impressed look. “But that was the fastest. I have about fifty gigabytes of data recorded from that alone. It will be put to good use, don’t worry!”

Sam was still concerned, and her advanced processors could tell. “You’re worried about my breasts expanding in the middle of it? Don’t worry too much about it, just robot girl stuff we deal with. I’m functioning perfectly! And I get an extra kick out of body alterations during high processor activity. It causes a backlog that hits me all at once and it makes me go wild!” she smiled as she tilted her head slightly and quickly blinked three times.

Sam slowly nodded, but his gut told him that something was wrong. Regardless, he went with the flow. “The message said body alterations. What else can you change?”

She confidently grinned as she quickly stood on her feet. “Let me show you!” Sam’s eyes widened as her neck lengthened by three inches. She rolled her eyes at him as he looked unimpressed. “Some guys, or girls, like long necks!” Her neck reverted back to its original length as her breasts expanded to an absurd size. “Breast size expanded to 34 FF. Please be aware that this is the maximum safe size this model can achieve.” She again, rolled her eyes after reanimating. “More company shit. I can get bigger if you want!” she eagerly suggested. Before she got the chance, Sam quickly stopped her.

“NO! Not yet anyways. I still want you to be alright” he quipped much to her amusement.

“Awww, you actually care about little old me, don’t you?” she mused as her breasts shrunk down to the smallest size yet. “Breast size reduced to 28 A. Please be aware that this is the smallest safe size this model can achieve.” She quickly read Sam’s face and nodded. “I prefer bigger boobs too.”

As they returned to their original size, Sam realised what was giving him odd vibes from earlier. Her body, let alone her breasts, was perfectly symmetrical. The only thing that wasn’t was her face. Before he could mention it, she went on. “We have three more to go! Next one is many customers favourite!”

She spun around and raised the bottom of her ass cheeks with her hands. By now, he knew what to expect as her ass filled out nicely. “Ass size increased to 38 Inches” She then gave it a nice spank, giving that all too realistic jiggle. “Give it a go!” she eagerly asked.

Sam stood up and admired her spectacular ass, noting its symmetry again. He raised his hand and gave it a hard spank, making it jiggle like crazy. “Oh yes that feels good” she moaned softly. “Sensor filled gel, gives the same feeling of a natural ass down to ninety-nine point nine nine nine nine eight percent!” she said all at once. Sam just laughed, much to Tiffany’s curiosity.

“Did I say something funny?” she looked at him with confusion. He just smiled and gave her another firm spank. “You’re just an amazing mix of technology and woman.”

She was quick to turn around and plant her lips against his. Her tongue matched his almost perfectly, and it felt amazing. He enjoyed the sweet taste of her saliva as well as they made out.

“You’re so sweet you know that” she managed, sounding muffled as they continued. After a few minutes, Tiffany pulled away first. “Let me show you the last two things! Please, sit!”

Sam sat back down as she faced him. She placed her feet apart as her thighs both lengthen and thickened at the same time. Once completed, they were easily three inches longer and two inches thicker. She looked at him, waiting for his response.

“Customers like longer and thicker thighs?” he questioned, much to her disappointment.

“I was hoping for something more… awestruck? And yes, they do.” Her thighs quickly reverted to their original design before she sat back next to him.

“Why do you only confirm breast and ass changes?” He asked, his entire body now facing hers.

She stared ahead for a few seconds before focusing on him. “I don’t know. It’s just what the company programmed me to do.” She smiled.

“I wonder. There has to be a reason, right?” he asked again. This time, she lost focus for a good ten seconds before looking back at him with excitement.

“You make me so horny Sam! I’ll do anything to please you!”

His confused expression went unnoticed by her as she continued the non-sequitur conversation. “What can we do next?”

Chapter 3 – Experimentation

“Tell me about your role-playing options” Sam asked as he stuck both hands out and placed them on her plastic breasts. As he kneaded them gently, she struggled to keep a straight face.

“Oh yes… I have many role playing… Keep doing that, just there… options to pick from. I can be… No, a bit higher… Yes, just there! A lover, companion, wife, mother, sister, escort, model, secretary, porn star, cowgirl, co-worker… Hmmm, yes, I like it when you squeeze them tightly… And more! I can also change my individual options too and I can be controlled…”

Sam placed a finger on her mouth. “I like the sound of that actually. How would I control you?” His hand returned to her breast as he gave her nipple a tight twist and tug.

“Ohhhhhh!!” her eyes rolled back as she blinked erratically. “Please don’t stop!... The remote is over in my bag, can you get it now? PLEASE DON’T STOP!... Can you get it now?”

Amused by her internal conflict, Sam decided that the remote could wait. Bringing her left breast to is mouth, he suckled on her hard nipple while he played with her right one. Its warmth was a nice change to her colder breast as he fell into a lustful trance. She kept on moaning, rubbing her hands over his full head of hair as she slowly leaned back on the sofa.

“My nipples are so… FUCK YES! USE YOUR TEETH!... Sensitive and realistic. Makes me perfect for so many… AHH JESUS YOU… SO GOOD!... functions!” Her breathing erratically changed each time she jumped from lust filled desire to calm detailing. He also started noticing a pattern in the way her hands moved through his hair. The added cracks which revealed her true nature made it all too arousing.

She clutched on the sofa as she tensed up tightly, screaming as loud as her speaker allowed her too as she peaked. “AHHH, FUCCCCKKK! Ahhhhhhhh” Sam kept on sucking as she lightly shook, her legs and body tensing and twitching as she slowly calmed down.

“You.. you… you’re really good… at that” she managed between laboured breaths. He looked up at her and smiled.

“And your way to sensitive” They both laughed as he stood up and went over to her handbag. Searching through the bag, he came across several instruction manuals, different coloured bras, panties, uniforms and other clothing, all of which were cold and slightly damp. At the bottom of the bag he found a large pane of thin glass surrounded by an aluminium body. Tiffany looked his way and called out.

“That’s it!” She quickly took to her feet, leaving behind a deep stain of cum on the couch. “Give me that and I’ll set you up! This may take a minute.”

“Ok, I’ll be back In a second too. I need to get some water. Do you want some too?” By this point, she was already staring ahead, frozen. Sam just grinned as he quickly went upstairs. Tiffany remained motionless, staring straight ahead at nothingness as Sam left her field of view, completely unaware of her state. As he pulled out a bottle from his bedroom mini-fridge, Tiffany’s lips slightly parted.

“Error in completing connection. Error override request confirmed, please be aware that this unit no longer has emergency error detection and repair functionality. All errors will be ignored.” Her flat tone was not loud enough for Sam to hear. Just as she finished up, Sam walked back down the stairs.

“Tiffany? We good to go?” he waved his hand in front of her soft face once again. She twitched hard to the right before focusing on him.

“We’re as ready as we’ll ever be! God, I love being controlled!” she giggled as she hugged her breasts with her free arm before handed him the remote. “So, let’s go through everything! This is the main menu on basic mode, which gives you the ability to see things through my eyes, see my current status, allows you to give me orders and gives you a menu of programs which I can run. So, as a test, go sit on the sofa and control me to come to you in a very sexy strut!”

Sam quickly obliged and hastily rushed to the sofa. He selected the ‘order’ button and typed in “Stand in front of me.” As he pressed enter, she softly chimed and efficiently walked over to him in a bland, emotionless style. Before Tiffany opened her mouth, Sam rolled his eyes. “Let me guess, I have to be extremely specific right?”

She frowned and nodded. “I’m a work in progress. I’m sure the newer models will be much better!” Sam just frowned as he thought out what he wanted her to do next. Pressing the command button, he typed in “Allow me to make verbal commands”. With a chime, she confirmed the request.

“Just press the button and then speak the command. Give it a go!”

Pressing the button, she immediately froze in place. “Place one hand on your left breast and your other hand on her head. Stand on one foot and hop in place for exactly three seconds.”

Her mouth opened, but no chime went through. “Please specify which hand will be placed on my left breast.” Her flat tone didn’t help his situation as frustration entered his mind.

“Your left hand. God this feature sucks” he sighed as she chimed and followed his order to the T. Pressing the command button again, he ordered her to stop and revert to her self-control.

“That didn’t last long. Did you enjoy using me that way?” she tilted her head as she showed a hopeful expression.

“Not really, but it doesn’t matter. Let’s try something else.” He looked through her programs before finding her personality, situation and emotion settings. “Are you ready?” he asked her.

She stood straight as she confidently nodded. He selected her personality settings and changed her to a confident, assertive seductress. Program number 106 as it was labelled. He altered her situation from an escort to his close friend and set her emotional state to slightly horny and incredibly easy. As she chimed, a warning message came through her lifeless voice. “Once complete, we kindly ask that you revert this unit to its default settings as it cannot do so on its own. In the event that this isn’t followed, you will be fined and prosecuted”

Sam was taken back by this as Tiffany came to life. She looked around the room, a curious expression on her face before she looked at Sam and smiled. “Hey Sam! Is it just me or is it cold in here?”

He looked at her with curiosity as she waited for his response. When she realised it wouldn’t come, she continued to look around the large living room. “I’m happy you invited me today. I’ve always wondered what your home looked like. And what’s this?” she mused as she picked up her discarded red bra. “Were you planning on something here?” she looked at the bra closely before spinning around to face him. “Because this is really nice. So soft and lovely. But you got the size all wrong. I’m a 30 D, not a 28 C.” she laughed as she moved over to her bag and placed it on her coat.

Sam looked back at her, struggling to come up with something to say. As she straightened up, something finally came to mind. “Hey Tiffany, um, can you try it on? It may fit” he suggested.

She just chuckled. “Do you know how breasts work? And I’d need to remove my one first before putting that on.” She reminded him as her hands slowly caressed her own boobs.

Sam smirked and decided to play along. “What bra do you have on?”

She tilted her head slightly and devilishly grinned. “This here is my favourite white laced bra. It has been a favourite of mine for years!”

“I’d like to see it. Can you take it off?” he asked, half expecting ‘incredibly easy’ to not be that easy. But much to his surprise, it was.

“Sure! Let me just…” she reached behind her back and attempted to find the non-existent lace. She struggled, scrunching her face as she tried and failed to find what she wasn’t wearing.

“I’m so sorry! This damn thing seems to be stuck!” she managed as her movements became more erratic and laboured. Sam watched on as she continued to fail. “Oh, damn this thing!” She shouted as her head slightly twitched. “I swear I… ERROR.”

She stood perfectly still; hands stuck behind her back as her eyes darted erratically. After two seconds, she reanimated and lightly smacked her forehead. “God I’m such a stupid slut! I’m not even wearing the damn thing!” she laughed as she looked back at Sam. “You could have helped me out you know?”

Sam just smiled as he pressed the command button. “Go have a shower and ignore my presence.” With a chime, she looked around with a confused expression.

“I swear he was just here! Ah well fuck it, I need a shower.” She quickly walked up the stairs, pausing after the fourth step. “Oh my, my breasts are so jiggly!” she laughed as they bounced with every step. Taking the opportunity, Sam quickly went up behind her and reached around, groping both of her breasts tightly.

She paused for a quick second, twitching slightly before quickly sliding out of his reach. “Interesting” he thought as he enjoyed the sight of her perfect ass bounce with every step. Once at the top, she turned right and entered the door at the end of the hallway. Once inside his bedroom, she hastily entered the on-suit on her left, making a quiet remark about how big everything was. Once inside, she walked up to the full body mirror and looked at her own reflection.

Sam watched her from behind for a second before he looked at the tablet and brought her visual HUD into view. Sure enough, she was checking her body over for any clothing items. He was concerned that it took this long in the first place. He also noticed a sudden yet subtle CPU error flash across her HUD, only for it to vanish from view immediately after.

After fifteen seconds, she turned and opened the glass door, stepping into the room sized shower and turned the hot water on. As hot water ran down her perfectly measured, crafted body, she hummed to the tunes of classical music. Sam undressed as well and entered the shower, bringing the remote with him. He stood in front of her as she lathered her large breasts in soapy water, washing every inch with extreme precision and in an easily observed pattern.

Sam watched her run the bar of soap all over her sexy body, enjoying her precise and elegant movements. It didn’t take long for him to notice more patterns in how she handled each portion of her body. Little things like that just made him even happier he went along with this.

Pressing the command button, he put her on pause and took the bar of soap out of her hand and dropped it on the floor. As he gave the command for her to reanimate, she continued as if she had the soap in her hand. It took her a few seconds to realise what had happened.

“Oh damn” she sighed as she bent at the waist to pick up the bar. Sam was quick to hit that command button.

“Just stay like that” he ordered.

“Ah fuck! I think I threw my back out!” she exclaimed as water ran over her toned back, running down her body and dripping from the tips of her engorged nipples. Sam came around her and slowly spread her ass cheeks out, revealing that perfect pussy of hers. As he slid a finger inside, he frowned as he found it dry and almost rubbery.

Pressing that command button was getting tiresome, so he tried something a little different. “Tiffany, make your pussy wet!” he ordered. He waited for two seconds before sliding his fingers inside her again, and this time she was very wet and smooth.

Placing the remote to the side, he quickly pumped his rock-hard dick inside per silicon folds. He immediately lost himself in her warm plastic walls, her pussy tightening around his member as she milked him with mechanical precision.

“Oh yes, that feels good… Ah my back! Help!... Oh yes, that feels good” she alternated back and forth, much to Sam’s amusement. He wondered how long she could keep this up.

He leaned forward, grabbing her hair and breast as he furiously pumped her hard and fast. Her balance was immaculate as he quickened his pace, pumping her faster and harder. Her moans, and frustration from being stuck increased with him.

“OH YES! My Back! NOW ISN’T THIS NICE? I need help! SAM!” It didn’t take long for Sam to explode inside her, letting everything out as her pussy milked him dry.

Once milked dry, he pulled out and let the warm water run over his hot, throbbing dick. “Tiffany, continue with what you were doing before” he managed between laboured breaths. She immediately straightened up and paused. She brought her right hand to her pussy and tried sliding two fingers in, only for her to grunt. “Damn stupid anti-leak programming!” She scrunched her face hard as she forced her strong actuators inside her pussy open, allowing her to slide two fingers knuckle deep. She then brought those fingers to her mouth and licked them clean.

“Hmm, that’s tasty” she softly moaned before rinsing them off.

Sam retrieved the remote and watched Tiffany finish her shower. As she turned the water off, Sam left the shower and was shortly followed by Tiffany. She grabbed one of the oversized white towels hanging from the rack and dried herself as did Sam. “Tiffany, you can acknowledge my presence.”

After the chime, she quickly looked at Sam and smiled. “There you were! You missed out on so much you know! And I think I came too! It was a really nice taste, nothing like I’ve ever had before! It was so tasty, and it came from my fuck hole! My fuck hole? I mean my pussy slut bitch!” she twitched hard before looking at him with a smile. “It was a really nice taste, nothing like I’ve ever had before!”

Sam hid his nerves with a fake laugh. “I better look at one of your manuals. I think I may have broken you”

She looked at him with a coy smile. “You better believe you messed something up! And don’t mind me, I just like potato. I just like you!”

Chapter 4 – All good things must come to an end

Sam just stood there, watching Tiffany dry her body. She effortlessly brought her left leg up against her body and ran the towel against the inner side of her thigh and pussy. Sam was in a conflicted state as well. On the one hand, she seemed to be physically working perfectly, yet on the other she was saying random stuff. He decided to take the safe route, and as she brought her leg back down, he gave the order. “Tiffany, revert back to your default personality and settings.”

She froze for a split second before facing Sam. Bringing her left hand to her accentuated hip, she seductively grinned, letting her towel drop to the floor. “Babe, you should have joined me for the shower! We’re married now, so it’s ok!” she laughed.

Sam just looked on in confusion. “Um, what?” She looked at him and placed her hands on his shoulders. “Babe, I’m yours and you’re mine.” she pressed her breasts into his chest before kneeling down and looking up with the most seductive expression he’d seen her do. “Anyways, I want that dick inside me now!”. Sam was quick to respond.

“Tiffany, revert back to your default personality and settings.” She froze in the knelt down position for a second before standing back up. She immediately looked embarrassed.

“Oh sir! I umm….” She quickly covered her breasts and pussy as she stepped back. “This is highly unbecoming of me I do apologise. Please accept my apology. I know I was only hired last week but I really need this job so if we could lover look this?” Tiffany gave a hopeful expression, much to Sam’s worry.

“You’re broken Tiffany. But umm, you’ll have your job if umm, you revert to your default personality and settings?” he tried once more, only for her eyes to erratically dart around. Eventually, they focused on his as she brought a finger to her mouth.

“Oh my, I knew you were something, but I could never get a good look under all that protective gear. Tell me babe, have you ever fucked the hottest cheer leader this side of the coast? I’ve never fucked a quarter back before.” she turned around and bent at the waist, giving him a perfect view of her pussy. “You know, I’m still a virgin” she mused.

“Tiffany…” before he could even finish, she straightened up and faced him. This time, her entire face twitched erratically before settling to a horrified look.

“Who are you and why am I naked?!?!” she quickly crouched and covered everything she could.

“What?! Tiffany, we’ve been here for almost an hour now!” Sam quickly brought her tablet to view and was horrified by what was going on inside her head. Error upon error sporadically came up, all saying the same thing.


She stood perfectly still, facing the door before spinning around quickly. “Hey there user! I’m the new Tiffany X01 from Western Electronics. I can be what ever you want me to be! But first, let me show you the newest features. My breast expansion feature first!”

“Wait!” he shouted, but it was too late. He watched her breasts expand, and they kept on growing. The skin around then started to stretch unnaturally, to the point where they strained and started to thin. It didn’t take long for the tops to tear, revealing a soft inner padding which had also torn.

Before he knew it, a clear paste started flowing out from the torn section of skin, pooling on the floor. As it continued to pour out, she reanimated. “Breast size increased to 36 O. Please be advised that this is an untested size and is therefore unsafe” she smiled as she grasped the torn breasts and squeezed them tightly, forcing more gel to squirt out onto the floor.

“My breasts are perfect! Perfect…perfect….” A loud crack from her mid-drift caused her to twitch hard, yet she was quick to recover. “My breasts are perfect!”

At this point, Sam was frantically searching for a way to turn her off. She just ignored him as she continued. “I am completely…. Completely water resistant! Let me prove you it. Prove it to you!” Pushing him aside, she raced into the shower.

“NO!” He shouted, but it was too late. Water came down straight into the exposed skin. Sam just stood back and watched the inevitable happen.

More pops and cracks echoed in the bathroom as she kept a confident smile. “As you can see. ERROR. I am functioning perfectly. ERROR IN SECTOR 7G. I am the perfect doll! ERROR… ERROR… PLEASE HELP!” she managed before a bright spark shone through her insides, blinding Sam.

And then it was all quiet. As Sam recovered, he looked on at Tiffany as the water kept coming down, pooling around her as her gel clogged the drain. It didn’t take long for her entire body to fall over face first onto the tiled floor, landing with a very loud thud, forcing the gel to squirt all over his feet.

Sam just shook his head. “Same as the rest” he thought as he walked over her, clearing the gel from his feet before turning the tap off. He gave her a slight nudge with his right foot, only for her arms and legs to flinch ever so slightly. “Fuck it, they’re all a waste of money!” he shouted before he headed back downstairs. He wasn’t too pleased with Western Electronics, and they were about to get a mouth full.

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