A Second Rubdown

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A Second Rubdown

Elizabeth sat in her robe, drumming her fingers on the arm of the chair. She sighed and looked up at the ceiling of the Shining Venus Spa and Boutique’s finest repair bay. Her bi-monthly dermal refresh was done, but the data expert was running late. She closed her eyes and made the visual interface to her onboard computer appear. She knew that the room was shielded for multiple reasons, and no phone or wifi signals would be available, but she checked again anyway.

There were some locally-stored draft briefs she could be punching up, but she really didn’t feel like it. Her body felt great after being rubbed and coated with a fresh layer of synthetic skin, too good to waste the feeling by doing a lot of thinking. She opened up a little retro arcade game on the screen in her mind’s eye and started blowing up some alien invaders.

She traced a finger around the panel beneath her neck that the technician hadn’t resealed. She pulled at the robe a little so she could reach in and touch her right breast. “Yup, still there,” she muttered to herself. Elizabeth had chosen a relatively modest breast size to better match her much thinner body, but sometimes she missed her misshapen but big old pair. She thought about her first boyfriend rubbing his face in them during college.

The memory meant Elizabeth was smiling when Karen burst through the door. The tiny, very young-looking blonde in the baggy lab coat was a flurry of apologies. “I am so sorry, Lizzy. A new set of legal parameters for my security protocols took effect on the 1st of the month. It took twice as long to download and incorporate this morning than it did last year and I have been behind schedule all day.” Karen dropped herself into the chair beside Elizabeth and crossed her legs. Elizabeth noted that whatever Karen was wearing under the coat, it didn’t reach her knees while sitting, and certainly didn’t reach her pink sneakers. “But how are you doing?”

Elizabeth tried not to let her smile fade any before responding,“Oh, hanging in there. The Museum wants me to start working for them as a full-time legal counsel, but they really can’t afford me. My grandnephew Kyle had his 4th birthday party last week and he looks so much like his grandfather. Feel free to download some pics once we’re hooked up.”

“Oh, I’m always a sucker for cute grandkid photos… and I suppose grandnephew ones will do fine too.” Karen and Elizabeth shared a polite chuckle while Karen pulled up the rest of Elizabeth’s file, “He’s your brother’s fourth grandchild?”

“Third, technically. Kyle has a new baby sister. Well, I guess she’s 11 months now, so maybe not quite a new baby anymore. Taylor’s wife is trying to get pregnant, so fingers crossed for their first and the fifth overall at some point.”

“That’s wonderful. It’s really important to keep your family close. And I’d love to keep chatting, but I’ve got one more woman after you.” Karen stood up and took some cables out of her coat pocket.

“Oh of course, of course. Do you need me back on the table?” Elizabeth pointed to the shiny metal platform where her skin repair had been performed.

“Yes, please. The only data connections to the backup server are in the table.” Karen walked to the far side of the table and plugged one end of the first cable into a port in the table base well protected by the lip of the table.

Elizabeth shucked her robe and carried it with her toward the table. Now that she looked like a hottie in her 20s, it was much easier to walk around nude. She folded the robe a few times and set it down as a makeshift pillow at one end of the table before lying down again on her back. Her red hair bunched up a bit beneath her head. She simulated a few deep breaths. “Alright, plug me in when you’re ready.”

Karen connected another cable, this one from her arm to a port in Elizabeth’s chest. Karen preferred the models with the chest connection, rather than the connection in the skull beneath the hairpiece. She silently sent a request for administrative privileges, and Elizabeth accepted by calmly speaking her code phrase.

Elizabeth didn’t particularly like the process, but accepted the benefits of having an expert examine her mind, such as it was now. Her blue eyes didn’t close, but she felt like she was drifting asleep. It was accompanied by a sensation like her mind was a tightly rolled scroll and Karen was pulling it open, exposing more and more of it to the light. And the more it spread out, the less Elizabeth’s mind was able to wander and process things on its own. Any residual anxiety in her face disappeared as it froze in place, not locked, but with no reason to move.

Karen treated the process with less poetry. She ran the script to slow Elizabeth's thought processes down and located the areas of Elizabeth’s brain and chemical simulations that had been edited in the past ten weeks. Once the incremental structural changes were identified, she began the data transfer. Elizabeth saw her memories from the past ten weeks fly quickly through her perception, completely detached from them. The quantity and nature of the AAAs (Automatic Attitude Adjustments) in the file were noted for later, but could not provoke a response. Karen was also able to perceive the memories, and it took a lot of expertise to quickly analyze what was important, what was junk, and what was solely private for Elizabeth. She only made a few notes, and saved one image of the grandnephew wrist-deep in his cake with a crazed look on his face.

But that wasn't the end of it. Karen sent the command for a shutdown of Elizabeth's conscious mind, or what little of it still operated in this state. It required another wordless conversation, “Elizabeth-core, confirm shutdown?”

“Shutdown confirmed, subconscious daemons active.”

“Good, your new favorite bird is the parakeet.”

“Negative. Overwrite denied. My favorite bird is a penguin.”

With confirmation that the daemon was working properly and she wasn't going to accidentally reprogram the client, Karen continued speaking through the connection, “So, Elizabeth, how are you really feeling?”

“The session has already improved my mental state. This morning I was nervous. Anxious.”

Karen examined some of the log files inside Elizabeth’s mind. “I see that you’ve been running antidepressant and anti-anxiety sub-routines more than last week.”

“Calculating… yes.”

“Is there a reason why?”

“I was spending additional time with friends and family. It was important to me that they were not concerned about my mental state.”

Karen frowned, “You can be honest with them, they’ll understand.”

“They don’t understand.”

Karen chewed on her pink lip for a moment, “You said you were feeling lonely during our last session. Have you met anyone?”

“I have had 14 new sexual partners since my last session.”

Karen didn’t need to be a supercomputer to do the math in her head. That was exactly 2 a week. She had seen Karen’s memories of going to bars and clubs, rarely the same one twice, and encouraging the men flirting with her. She had also not focused too hard on any sexual escapades. “That’s not what I meant. When was the last time you were on a date?”

“Over a year ago.” Elizabeth had been artificial for about 6 months. “Dating is an old-fashioned way of establishing sexual relationships.” Her face didn’t flinch at anything she was saying.

“Sexual… I won’t start that argument, but it is not necessarily old-fashioned for emotional relationships.”

“I want to be sexually attracted to women.” The words hung in the air.

Karen moved her mouth as if she was about to speak aloud, then stopped. She continued by communicating through the data connection, “why?”

“I would like to pursue relationships when I have an emotional attachment, regardless of their gender.”

“Is there someone specific you’d like to start a relationship with?”

“Yes, Terri Young. She runs weekend education programs at the Museum and has become a friend.”

The memories Karen had sifted through were already getting fuzzy, but the name triggered a few. Terri looked like she was in her 30s. Judging by the amount of food she was eating during a half dozen lunches with Elizabeth, Terri was still biologically human. Spending all day around custom-designed women - and young biological women hired partly because they could almost match that level of beauty - had warped Karen’s scale regarding what was attractive, although Terri looked curvier than Karen or Elizabeth. But Terri laughed a lot, seemed genuinely interested in others - not just Elizabeth - and had only positive things to say about mind uploading. And Elizabeth seemed happier being around her.

Karen had a lot of questions, but started with “Is she sexually attracted to women?”

“Yes. Exclusively.” Elizabeth’s face didn’t show any excitement or embarrassment.

“And you realize this isn’t just a switch I can flip?”


“I’m going to need to schedule a separate appointment to talk to you about this. I can also refer you to a different Psychiatric Editor if you like.”

“I trust you.”

Karen smiled at the compliment. “Is there anything else specific that’s causing you anxiety?”

“My workload continues to be heavy. 80 hours a week on average. The other partners continue to expect more of me because of my new nature.”

“Have they been explicit about this?” Karen knew that sort of discrimination was, officially, illegal. But it was also hard to prove.

“No. They have commented on my improved work since my upload.”

“It sounds a little like projection, Lizzy.” Karen slipped into the more familiar nickname. “Maybe you’re trying to justify your transformation by working more.”

“That is possible.”

“Can you tell the partners you’re doing only a 50 hour week, and see how they react?”


“Will you?”


Karen inhaled and exhaled deeply to punctuate the space between topics. “Is there anything else you want to discuss, but normally wouldn’t discuss?”


“Alright, I’ll get you booted back up.”

Elizabeth felt her mind reassemble itself, the thoughts reassociating themselves in the configuration they were before. Her face twitched and she blinked a few times like she was waking up. Karen removed the cable and handed Elizabeth the panel covering for her chest. Elizabeth thanked her and put it in place, the seams quickly vanishing - at least to the human eye.

“I was going to ask you about the Sexual Orientation thing, it just came up in the review instead. I don’t want you to think I was hiding it.”

Karen held up her hand, “Don’t worry about it. I do my office hours on Tuesdays, is that going to be good for you?”

Elizabeth stood up and picked the robe up off the table, stashing it beneath her arm. She closed her eyes and checked her calendar. “Ooh, not next Tuesday, I have a hearing in the morning and a partner meeting over dinner. How about the morning of the 19th?”

Karen walked with Elizabeth to the closet that held Elizabeth’s clothes. “I’m normally booked in the mornings, but for you I can get in a little early. How about 6?”

“It’s not like I need coffee anymore to get up. Six will be fine.” Elizabeth smiled.

Karen was already opening the door, “I have to get to the next guest, but we’ll talk more then, Lizzy. Ok?”

Elizabeth dropped the robe and shooed Karen away with one hand, reaching for her bra with the other. “Go. You’re the one on the clock, not me.”


Elizabeth hated spending money on herself, and it showed in the intermediate-sized Toyota that pulled up to the mostly-empty parking lot of the suburban office park. Her tailored work outfits were an exception, but one she justified in the image she presented to clients, coworkers, judges and juries. The day’s outfit was still hanging on a peg in the backseat. Elizabeth got out of the car wearing sandals, a brown skirt, and a green button-up blouse all purchased off the bargain rack.

Nevertheless, she cut an attractive figure as she walked to the building shared by an architecture firm, a half dozen financial planners, and the synthetic psychiatry practice. Karen’s office was on the second floor, and she shared it with two other psychiatrists. It made sense, since Karen only needed it one day a week. Elizabeth tested the handle, opened the door, and poked her head into the waiting room. The reception desk was empty. She was a few steps into the small waiting area - there was room for about 3 chairs - before getting a text message from Karen

{My office is at the end of the hallway on the right. My name is on the door, come on in.}

Elizabeth followed the directions without questioning any of the logic about the situation. She opened the door and saw what looked like a normal, cramped office. The far wall had big windows with the blinds closed. The left wall, from her perspective, was covered by two filing cabinets and bookshelves with a mix of books and objects d’art. There was a small desk against the right wall with Karen’s degrees and awards hung in frames above it. In the center of the room were two chairs. One was empty and the other held a nude blonde psychiatrist.

Elizabeth stood in the doorway not sure what to do. Karen’s bright blonde hair was draped over her shoulders, not quite long enough to cover her apple-sized breasts. She was sitting with her legs crossed, unconcerned by her own nudity. Elizabeth wasn’t sure if she noticed the pink toenail polish simply to avoid staring at the rest of Karen.

Elizabeth stepped forward and shut the door behind herself. “I think, maybe, there was some miscommunication about my change in sexual orientation.”

“Not at all. I have no intention of sleeping with you in my office, Lizzy. That would be wildly unprofessional.”

Elizabeth couldn’t help herself from commenting, “And the nudity isn’t?”

They shared a little chuckle and Karen stood. There wasn’t much curve to her waist or swell to her hips, but she had an attractive amount of muscle definition; athletic, but not an athlete. Elizabeth couldn’t help but sneak a glance at what was between Karen’s legs, and it looked like a standard setup of bald mound and barely visible inner labia. The three heart tattoos on the front of her left hip were cute, though.

Karen motioned for Elizabeth to sit. “My state of dress has some purposes. First, I can get a clear memory of how you currently react to seeing a sexy woman - if I may compliment myself that way. Second, it’s a demonstration of personality editing. Third, my dry cleaning hasn’t arrived yet.” She giggled after the last part and both women sat down.

Elizabeth squirmed a bit in the seat, trying to get comfortable, “Do I need to strip too?”

“Only if you want to.”

Elizabeth made no motion to accept the offer. “So is this standard procedure for cases like this?”

“No, but we’ve known each other off and on for nine years. I can be more frank with you.”

It made Elizabeth think of the first time they had met, when the firm had brought Karen in as an expert on a case. Karen hadn’t been a gynoid for very long at the time, but she had all the legal qualifications to analyze another uploaded mind. It made her chuckle to remember how she had insisted that Karen wear fake glasses and a grey suit to look older and more professional.

Elizabeth assumed the reason why Karen needed to be frank, “You don’t think I should do this.”

“I do not. But if it makes you feel any better, that’s my default opinion on any brute-force change to someone’s mind. By design.”

“If you’re not going to do it, why are we talking?”

Karen put some blonde hair back in position behind her ear, “I didn’t say that, if this is what you really want, I’ll do the procedure. But mind editing is serious business and if you have any other option, you should pick that option.”

“And if that other option is being alone for all eternity?”

Karen tried not to roll her eyes at that, “You’re not going to be miserable for all eternity because you don’t want to kiss girls.”

Elizabeth pouted.

Karen continued speaking, “Have you ever seen a psychiatrist before?”

Elizabeth counted on her fingers, “I saw one for a few months in law school. I did couples therapy with Darrell before the divorce. There was another one I saw briefly sometime after I turned 50, I don’t recall the year. And I don’t know if the consultant before my upload counts...”

“Why did you go to a psychiatrist while in law school?” Karen didn’t need to immediately rehash the particulars of Elizabeth’s divorce.

“I was struggling a bit that semester, academically. I focused so hard I didn’t even notice my boyfriend had broken up with me until three days after he texted me.” Elizabeth waited for a question or comment from Karen that didn’t come. “I started catastrophizing what would happen if I flunked out after my second year. All those loans and no J.D… My friends would abandon me, my parents would disown me, no man would love me, that sort of thing. And since the university offered that service for free, I thought talking it out would help, or I could at least get some good drugs.”

Karen looked as stoic and serious as her youthful face could manage, which turned out to be a lot more seriousness than Elizabeth expected. “Do you remember what the psychiatrist recommended?”

“I remember I didn’t get any drugs. But most of what I remember was his insistence on teaching me breathing exercises. I guess those aren’t going to mean much now.”

“You’d be surprised how focusing on what’s normally an automatic function can help center yourself, even now.”

“So are we going to do that now?”

Karen sighed, “No, probably not. We’re talking about relationship issues, not work issues right now.”

“Fair enough. Do you need to plug in and unwrap my brain?” Elizabeth didn’t sound enthusiastic about it.

“If you’re open and honest with me - and yourself - I’m not sure it’s going to be necessary.”


Karen closed her eyes for a few seconds and made some notes. “During your backup session, you said you hadn’t been on a date in over a year. How long has it been since you have been in a long-term relationship?”

Elizabeth evaded, “Depends on how you define relationship.”

“Dating and sleeping with one man regularly and exclusively for over six months.”

“I think you overcorrected on the specificity of the definition.”

Karen stayed silent and didn’t give the other gynoid anything else to comment on.

“Well, let me think… probably Karthik? He went back home to India to see his family for a few weeks in the middle of our relationship, but we were together for about a year.”

“And how long ago was this?” Karen couldn’t remember Elizabeth mentioning him before.

Elizabeth scratched at her neck and tried to recall what happened during their relationship that would identify the year, “umm, it would have been about 12 years ago.”

Karen nodded, “And how many others since your divorce?”

“I know what you’re going to say, and it’s nothing I haven’t put together on my own. Darrell cheated on me - a lot - when we were married and I find it hard to trust men as a result. That should be an argument in favor of editing my sexuality.”

“Except I’ve seen you at work. And I notice that Jesse and Ivan are men, and I notice that you trust them just fine.” Karen name-dropped the other two founding partners at Elizabeth’s firm.

“That’s different. They’re work friends.”

“So am I, technically. We were basically Facebook friends once I stopped taking gig work as an expert witness for you and before your upload.

Elizabeth motioned toward Karen with her hands out for emphasis, “And I trust you.”

“So why do you think physical intimacy with a woman will be easier to handle than physical intimacy with a man?”

Elizabeth thought about Terri. She imagined her nude. She imagined kissing her and cuddling with her on a couch. Outside her imagination, Elizabeth’s shoulders relaxed. As an experiment, she imagined fingering Terri’s pussy. It made her tense back up. “I can handle physical intimacy with men. In fact I handled physical intimacy with two at once a few weeks ago.”

Karen didn’t miss a beat, “What were their names?”

Elizabeth’s lip curled up a bit at the question, but it took her a few beats to remember, “John and Brian. John was a little smaller, so I had him in my ass. But we all left satisfied. I jerked both of them off at the end of the night and since John came last, he got to keep my panties as a trophy. I bet they’re on the wall of the frat house.” Her attempt to make the psychiatrist flinch didn’t seem to work.

“And you’re proud of this?”

“I certainly didn’t have college boys drooling over me a year ago… or any years ago, really.”

“That wasn’t an answer.”

“Yes, I’m proud of being sexually desirable and sexually adept.” Elizabeth leaned back in her chair.

“But I’m guessing you haven’t talked to John or Brian since then.”

“No, I haven’t.”

Karen closed her eyes and paused to let Elizabeth fill in more information, but she didn’t. So Karen made a few notes and continued, “Do you think Terri finds you attractive? Sexually desirable, in your words?”

“I’ve caught her sneaking a glance at my ass,” Elizabeth smirked at the memory of how Terri looked while blushing.

“Are you nervous that you won’t be ‘sexually adept’ when pleasing a woman?”

Elizabeth thought about eating Terri’s pussy. In her imagination it was the hairy, aged mess that was between her own legs before her upload. It wasn’t appealing. “I don’t know. I mean, athleticism and eagerness makes up for a lot, right?”

“So can you guess where I’m going with this?”

Elizabeth nodded, “Why don’t I just fuck Terri without changing my personality or settings or whatever analogy we want to use?”

Karen pointed her finger at Elizabeth then dropped her thumb like a gun’s hammer. The word ‘bingo’ was implied.

“I think of it, of touching her sexually, and it just doesn’t appeal to me. I’m trying to think of a good analogy…. Maybe there isn’t one. I don’t want to offend you, if you’re bi or gay, but I think of doing those things and it feels gross, like licking a toilet seat.”

Karen smirked, “Gee, why would I be offended by that?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. You’re being honest. My own sexual orientation is… a bit complicated now, but bi is close enough. So basically it’s like you’re grossed out by fellatio, and want to change that so you can please Terri.”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes to the ceiling, and bobbed her head a little back and forth like she was having a conversation in your head, “I guess that works. But, not to put too fine a point on it, I don’t get horny when I look at her”

“And you got horny looking at John and Brian?”

“Oh yes. They’re on the diving team.” Elizabeth waggled her eyebrows.

“But you do look at her and think ‘I want to sleep with her’.”

“I mean, now I do. Or I want to want to sleep with her.”

“I’ll be blunt. You want the easy way out.” Karen switched which leg was crossed over the other. Elizabeth didn’t pay much attention to the glance of pussy that provided.

“Is that so?”

“If lesbianism is something that was put into you, then you’re not responsible for it. If a relationship with Terri starts feeling like a relationship with a man, and you get anxious, you can tell yourself it’s the editor’s fault, not anything you have to work on. Or you can turn it into something purely physical and close yourself off emotionally. And while that can be comforting, it’s going to sabotage your relationship. And all relationships have difficult periods.”

Elizabeth mulled that over. She wanted to proclaim that she was too mature for that amount of self-deception, but she couldn’t gather up enough self-deception to believe that. “So you don’t think I should start switch-hitting?”

Karen didn’t take the bait, “Have you ever kissed a girl? I mean, really made out with one?”

Elizabeth thought it over, “If I did it was decades ago and wasn’t very memorable.”

Karen continued, “There’s a certain amount of experimentation new android women, especially single ones, seek out after their upload. Emotionally, you look at a new, young face in the mirror and - at least a little bit - regress back to how you think someone that age should act.”

“So you think I’m just going through a phase? That I need to date a girl while away from college and get it out of my system?”

Karen held up a hand with a ‘stop’ gesture, “Not necessarily. But you’ve been divorced for what, 25 years now? Is this the first time you’ve wanted to pursue a relationship with a woman?”

“Changing my sexuality wasn’t an option before.”

“Sexuality isn’t a static thing, Lizzy. What we want and need from a partner changes, even without opening up our brains and fiddling with what’s inside.”

The two of them sat silently for a little while. Elizabeth broke the silence, “I don’t want to fuck this up.”

“Why do you think you’re going to fuck it up?”

“It’s… There’s going to be performance expectations. Terri has been out since she was 13. I don’t want to force her to tolerate me feeling out what I feel comfortable with physically. I’m a smoking hot sex machine, it’s ridiculous for me to squirm and flinch at her touching me.”

Karen tilted her head to the side, “You don’t think she’ll be flattered to be your first female lover?”

Elizabeth didn’t answer that.

Karen stood up and walked toward one of the filing cabinets. “Strip.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Strip naked. Or leave your blouse on if it makes you more comfortable. We’re going to take advantage of being, in your words, sex machines.” Karen’s small and firm ass flexed as she walked to one of the filing cabinets and started rummaging around one of the drawers.

Elizabeth noted the barcode and serial number tattoo above Karen’s ass in the small of her back. It was a good excuse to change the subject as she took off her shoes and skirt. “So you really lean into the whole ‘machine woman’ thing? Don’t try to pass yourself off as a real 18 year old having her first drink?”

“How do you mean?” Karen produced two cables, different than the ones Elizabeth was familiar with at the spa.

“Your, uh, lower back tattoo.” Elizabeth stopped herself from calling it a tramp stamp.

“It was a requirement when I was first uploaded. Had to clearly identify the real 18-year-old humans from the evil 18-year-old-looking machines. Even after that law was struck down, removing it seemed like trying to deny what I am.” Karen moved back in front of her chair, but didn’t sit down.

Elizabeth finished unhooking her bra and dropped it on the floor with the pile of her other clothes. It occurred to her how often Karen must have been the only gynoid in the room all the time when she was uploaded. The process and chassis weren’t cheap now, but they were 4 times more expensive and 10 times less reliable back then. “So what is this all about? I thought you said we weren’t going to have sex.”

“We’re not… at least not really. Do you know how to eject your vaginal assembly?”

“Say what?”

“Your pussy. It’s a separate unit to make cleaning and replacement easier.”

“And you want me to do that now?” Elizabeth cocked an eyebrow.

“That’s right.” Karen cupped a hand between her legs, closed her eyes and started walking Elizabeth through her onboard menu to reach the option to activate that procedure. Elizabeth opened her eyes back up and watched the seam appear. She had to widen her stance a bit as a rectangle formed on her flesh from her taint to the top of the bikini zone, and as wide as her groin would allow. After that, her pussy went numb and it just slid down into her hand. She leaned over slightly to lower the hand and let more of the component slide out. Except for the rectangle of flesh, it was all dull grey beneath. Elizabeth was too mesmerized to look at how quickly Karen had performed the procedure. Elizabeth almost dropped her genitals when they cleared her crotch, which elicited a bit of a giggle from the blonde.

Elizabeth held the device closer to her face, vaginal opening pointing to her left. It wasn’t shaped like anything from health class. The assembly was the same width and shape from one end to the other, apart from the pale skin at one end and curving over one side of the ‘shaft’. The cross section of the shaft was roughly teardrop shaped. And while it was all grey, it wasn’t a flat tube. There were some metal bands to help it keep its shape, but beneath those Elizabeth could see the thin tubes, fine wires and synthetic muscles that let her enjoy a cock and make the experience more enjoyable for her partner.

“Mesmerizing isn’t it?”

Elizabeth whipped her head up to see Karen grinning at her. Karen was casually holding her own pussy in one hand, with a cord running from the butt end of it back to between her legs and into the cavity formed by the missing component. She licked her upper lip and that put it all together for Elizabeth. “You want me to lick my own pussy?”

“I don’t think you’ve tried it before, and it is good practice. Do you need help with the cable?” The other cable was in Karen’s extended hand.

Elizabeth didn’t immediately accept. “Do we have to do this?”

“Of course not, but this way you can ease into sexual contact with women. It’s not going to lubricate when detached, but the muscles and tactile feedback will be the same.”

Elizabeth debated before she held out her synthetic pussy, data connection pointed at Karen, “Alright, let’s try it. I will admit I’m intrigued by how this will work.”

Karen set her own pussy down on the chair and connected the cord to Elizabeth’s vaginal assembly. Elizabeth tensed up as Karen reached her small hand inside the cavity between Elizabeth’s legs and made the connection. A little red ‘new hardware detected’ message appeared in the corner of Elizabeth’s vision. When Karen placed the detached pussy back in the redhead’s hand, Elizabeth could feel it twitching just slightly as the synthetic muscles reacted to her stress and to the odd orientation.

Karen picked her pussy back up. “I think we can work from the assumption that Terri is going to like what you like when it comes to cunnilingus. But just like any other sex act, listen to your partner.” Karen slowly licked the entire length of her slit while keeping eye contact with Elizabeth. “I assume your partners are frequently eating you out.”

Elizabeth blushed a bit. “The good ones are.”

“So you just lick how you’d like to be licked. This is all about getting used to having your tongue on a pussy.” Karen simulated a deep breath as her tongue flicked over her clit hood, inviting the little nub to swell.

Elizabeth moved her mouth toward the slit. She inadvertently exhaled and checked between her legs for if something had come loose. It took a few beats for Elizabeth to realize her brain thought her pussy should still be at her crotch, and the breeze she had created should have been coming from a different direction. She placed a short, closed-mouth kiss on her outer labia and got a similar disorienting feeling.

Karen could read Elizabeth’s confusion and hesitation, “If it helps, try thinking of it like there’s someone else between your legs perfectly mirroring your movements.”

“So that feeling like my lady bits are still between my legs is normal?”

Karen nodded while she chuckled, “Lady bits?”

Elizabeth emitted an amused snort, “shaddup”. She extended her tongue as much as she could and gave her gash a big lick. Might as well dive into the deep end. It made her flinch about halfway through the motion. But eventually she got the hang of it. She got so far into it she moved her other hand between her legs to stroke herself, only to dip her fingers into the gap in her chassis and touch cold metal.

Karen had stopped pleasuring herself and was sitting down with her legs apart, keeping track of Elizabeth’s reactions. “You don’t have to use just your tongue, fingers are allowed too.”

Elizabeth moved the pussy away from her mouth, letting her arms drop back to her sides. “I feel a little ridiculous.” She glanced down and got a good look at the exposed metal between Karen’s legs. Sometimes it was easy to forget they were robots, but this definitely wasn’t one of those times.

“You seemed pretty focused a little while ago.”

“Fine, I’ll admit it feels good.”

“And ridiculous is better than anxious. I doubt you’ll feel ridiculous when Terri’s pussy is on your tongue.”

The image flashed through Elizabeth’s mind again. In Elizabeth’s imagination, Terri had the pretty, smooth pussy that Elizabeth had just been pleasuring. And while the thought of being naked with her wasn’t much more exciting than it was before, the thought of putting her lips on Terri’s skin wasn’t revolting at the moment. “Assuming I get that far with her.”

“Like any new relationship.”

“It still doesn’t feel… real.”

Karen stood back up. She took the cushion off the seat of her chair and dropped it on the ground in front of Elizabeth’s chair. “You’re right, kneel down.”

“I thought we weren’t going to have sex.”

“We’re not, but if you want a more realistic angle, this is how to do it.” Karen was picking some old textbooks off her bookshelves while keeping her pussy in one hand. It meant carrying the books in the crook of one thin arm.

“When is your next patient?”

“Oh, nine o’clock.” Karen dropped a stack of books on the chair and held out her hand, indicating that she wanted Elizabeth to hand over her vagina.

“Then why am I here at six?”

“We’re old ladies. We’re always up early.”

Elizabeth chuckled and handed over the component before kneeling. “I can always try this at home and report back to you.”

“Oh, I expect you to do this a few more times at home. Once you experiment a bit, it might even become your favorite way to masturbate.” Karen rearranged the books to pin the device in place so it would slide around much.

Elizabeth smirked at the improvised setup in front of her. But she couldn’t help but envision Terri in the seat, legs spread, with that beautiful smile on her face. “You need better vibrators.”

Karen cackled, “Maybe so. Well don’t let me stop you.”

Elizabeth took the hint and leaned back into the gynoid cunt before her. Her hips squirmed as she slid a finger inside the channel. The lack of lubrication was obvious, but there was enough leftover that it wasn’t painful. She found her favorite spot and started swirling her tongue over her clit. Karen could hear a soft moan escape as Elizabeth added some lightly sucking kisses to the swirls. The redhead attempted a second finger, but she was a bit too dry and stuck with a single finger massaging ‘inside’ her. She could feel the walls clench and spasm lightly against the finger.

Karen took the opportunity to disconnect the cord connecting her detached pussy to the rest of her chassis. While Elizabeth was easing off and blowing hot and cold over her own genitals, Karen was sliding the assembly back into place. She had to adjust the location of the skin near her thighs a bit, but in a few minutes, the seams were once again invisible.

Elizabeth’s hips were starting to grind in the air as she brought herself closer to an orgasm. Karen thought about confirming it was ok for Lizzy to bring herself to completion, but that might interrupt Elizabeth’s train of thought. At the moment, Elizabeth was imagining Terri giggling happily in between moans. It made Elizabeth happy to imagine making Terri happy. The intensity of her rubbing increased along with the frequency of the tongue moving over her clit. The moaning got louder, and it took an effort to keep her tongue moving as she approached the peak. But once she got there, Karen could see Elizabeth’s body tense up and shudder.

Elizabeth seemed happy with one. She leaned back to sit on her heels and turned her head to look at Karen. “OK, I’ll admit that was good.”

“Yeah, I would have offered some extra lube, but I don’t want to answer any questions about why I have that lying around the office.”

Elizabeth smiled and wiped her finger off on her thigh, “That’s fair.” She noticed that Karen’s parts were back in place and figured the fun was over. She stood up and extracted her pussy and the cord connected to it from the books.

“Need some help getting it back in place?”

“Umm, no. I think I’ll try this myself.” Elizabeth pulled at the cord to remove the end attached to her body, then more gently removed the connection to her vagina. She very carefully lined up the component, triple-checking that her clitoris wasn’t going to end up at her taint, and with a sound of metal on metal slid it back into its proper place. She fumbled with the edges of the skin more than Karen did, but she eventually lined up the synthetic flesh well enough that it sealed back together.

Karen handed Elizabeth’s panties to her. “So do you know your self-work for the rest of the week?”

Elizabeth slid them on. “Yeah. Try to envision myself in a relationship with Terri, then once I’m comfortable, ask her out on a real date.”

“That’s right. And if you start getting the same feelings you get when thinking about a relationship with a man, really think about where those feelings are coming from, and if they’re healthy.”

Elizabeth leaned down to pick up the rest of her clothes and move them to the chair. “I still think it would be easier, for both of us, if you did the editing.”

“It definitely wouldn’t be easier for me.”

“Why not?” Elizabeth hooked her bra in front of herself, spun it around and put her arms in the straps.

“Have you ever thought about what I could do in your head?”

“Frankly, yeah. I can’t go a day without getting a warning message from an interest group or a manufacturer warning me about keeping my brain secure. But I know you would never ever ever do that.”

“True, but have you thought about why?”

“You’re an honest person, and according to the Spa’s literature, you’ve been trained not to mess around with people’s heads. Or at least not mess with them any more than a normal psychiatrist.” Elizabeth kept getting dressed.

“Trained is one word, edited would be more accurate. Anyone doing my job, with the permissions necessary to do my job, has to have their personality edited.”

Elizabeth stopped. “Oh. I’m sorry”

“It’s not like I’m a totally different person. And I knew what I was getting into. But the editing made me consider editing someone against their will to be as morally repugnant as… I can’t even put it into words. It’s worse than rape or murder or betrayal. It makes me sick just thinking about it. And doing it for someone who wants it done voluntarily is about the only thing that makes me feel bile rising in my throat.”

Elizabeth took a step and hugged the other gynoid, “Oh, I had no idea! I never would have asked if I had known that!”

Karen patted Elizabeth on the back. “It’s a part of my job. And if you still need it done, I’ll do it. But it’s not an easy thing for me to do.”

Elizabeth broke the hug, “Thank you. You really are great, and not just because you’re hot and casually nude.” The redhead smirked and slid her feet into her sandals.

Karen smiled back, “And my bosses love it when I make clients’ minds feel secure.”

“We need to get a coffee sometime. Give me a call, ok?”

Karen nodded and walked toward the door. “Will do.”

Elizabeth was the one who opened the door, checking that there was nobody who would catch Karen’s nudity. “Do you need me to grab you some clothes?”

Karen laughed, “I have half a rack of outfits in the server room. I’ll be fine.”

“Oh, one last thing. Where do I get one of those data cables?”

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