April Showers

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April Showers

Clouds Appear

April suddenly received a wireless signal from a postal delivery drone. A package had arrived.

Opening the message, April read the content description. "Hmm... She's a January Model 19, Type 13B 'Emo Chick' by Lush Robotix." April grinned. "Today's the day."

After bringing the package inside, she stopped to take it all in. The box was the size of a human, emblazoned with the Lush Robotix logo and vivid, glossy pictures of the type of female android inside, striking various poses: winking and flashing a peace sign, sitting cross-legged and looking serious, squinting and biting her lip while her hands reached down and did something out of the frame but probably between her legs. "Nice box for such an inexpensive model," April muttered.

"'Product Description,'" April read on the box. "Let's see: 'January, a Sexually-Curious Orgasmo-Tronic Push- Button Chick. With Dildo Attachment...' Hmm. 'Batteries Not Included.'" A frown passed over April's face, but only for a moment. "Damn, I forgot. I have to get batteries for this thing." April thought for a moment. "But whatever! My special toy finally got here! I'm so excited! Now that it's here, I finally get to enjoy myself..."

April got the large box open and took January out of all of her molded styrofoam insulation and large, clear, plastic bag. Fresh from her factory packaging, she smelled like a new car. Standing January up against the wall, April looked at her purchase from top to bottom.

January's irises were a shiny blue, and her eyes were lined heavily with black and dark blue makeup. Her skin was a flawless, milky white.

January wore matching ear, nose, and lip rings, and her pink lips completed her 'emo' face.

Below was a slender neck and small breasts, and above them was a very simple control panel with her On/Off button and a single, color-coded general system indicator LED light in green, yellow, and red -- nothing more.

"Well, you're idiot-proof," April quietly commented as she continued her inspection.

January's limbs were slender, and the top of her perfect, round navel also sported a piercing.

"All these 'piercings'..." April commented wryly. "A poor droid's answer to how to appear marginally more realistic. A nice touch, but your model doesn't fool anyone, January. It's pretty obvious you're just a robot."

April noticed that January had a petite, round ass. In the front, above her pussy, was a light field of dark stubble on a panel that was obviously removable.

"So this is what you've got, huh? Not too bad for a cheap robot." April said to herself under her breath as her eyes assessed the deactivated android before her. Turning back to January's box, April pulled the included dildo attachment out of its styrofoam compartment.

It was a vibrant dark blue object -- a smooth, stylized version of the real thing -- that matched the shock of dark blue that streaked through January's otherwise jet-black hair.

"Let's hope this can do the job," remarked April doubtfully.

Starting to fidget with nervous excitement, April suddenly reached out and pulled the dormant January's lower front panel off. The sockets it exposed matched the plugs on the base of the dildo.

"You even match, huh. But you sure are just a basic model, aren't you? Plug and play. Your programming must be simple as heck. Ready to go at the push of a button, right out of the box. Except for -- you need batteries..." April turned, cursing herself in case this delayed her experiment, and dashed out of the room. "Let me see..."

After a few moments, April returned to the inert January. She turned the robot around, leaning her face-forward against the wall. In a jiff, she had removed the big cover on January's back. Reaching into a plastic bag, April took out one of eight sizable, cylindrical batteries. After a quick eye-balling, April exclaimed: "Yup! These are the kind of batteries you take. Thank goodness! This kind is pretty old -- I'm surprised I had any." Quickly, she inserted the batteries, positive to negative, into two waiting spring-loaded columns. "Perfect! I'm so glad I happened to have these." She closed the panel, turned January around again, and set her back against the wall. January's indicator light glowed green now. She was powered, but still need to be switched on.

"Whew... OK. So. I put your batteries in," April said, composing herself. "Well, this is the moment I've been waiting for, January." April was almost quivering with anticipation. "I finally get to test out my brand new Triple-V package, a pre-release edition from Vagitronics. You're going to be my model's first one... And this model of Vagitron's first one, too." She bit her lips. "My new sexual system -- the Vagitron 700 -- is state-of-the-art, destined to be the best vaginal unit on the market for the next decade. This is a prototype, and I need something to put it through its paces, show me what it can really do... You were cheap. Let's hope you and your dil-tron there are up to it." She licked her lips at the thought.

"That's right. You figured me out, found what what I really was, my secret," April teased. "I'm a 'robot' too," making scare-quotes with her fingers. "With this important difference: I'm an advanced prototype. A unique, cutting-edge unit. Hopefully the first of a brand new line of perfect synthetic companions: the April 3000 series." She curtsied to January, blew her a kiss, and smiled widely, her head titled,resting on a bridge of her fingers, eyelids fluttering.

Returning to normal, April continued. "A big part of how that dream plays out is riding on today's test. How well will the new April 3000 prototype be able to partner with the new vagitronics system? How well will April synchronize with the Vagitron 700?" April didn't know why she was laying this all out to the totally inert January, but she continued all the same. "The Parent Corporation that created us is eager for the results of today's little test. I'm sure they're watching, so we're going to give them a show. Me, personally -- given how much money the Parent Corporation has spent on me -- not to mention my sex computer -- I'm sure I'm correct in assuming that my Vagitron and I will function exquisitely together."

Just as she reached for the button on January's chest that would turn her on, April interrupted herself. "Wait! What am I thinking!? I can see you're ready, but what I me? I have to get dressed... or, should I say, undressed?" She smirked to herself. "Stay right here, January... not that you're going anywhere, all turned off like a dumb robot. I'll be right back! I want everything to be perfect for when me and my Vagitron totally ace this test."

When April strode back into the room, she was poised and wearing her sexiest lingerie. Having been planning this moment for quite some time -- it would be her model's first sexual encounter, and it would be the new Vagitron 700's first time too -- her bra, thong, and garters even matched the January android's dark blue 'emo' color scheme. She had planned for everything.

"Now, where were we, you slutty little drone?" She ran a finger down the plastic skin of January's vacant face. "Right: first things first. Time to boot up my vagitronics. Standby."

April's face became blank as she worked internally to boot up her brand new sexual sub-system for the first time. In a moment, after an audible sequence of complicated beeping, she spoke aloud. "Contraction Control: Online," April announced. "Lubrication Control: Online," she continued. "Vibration Control: Online," she went on, saying to the room. "Vagitron 700 Series Control Computer: Online. All systems Online. Running Self-Test. Please wait. Self-test complete. Test results: Outstanding. Vagitron reports: Ready."

April became herself again and swayed her hips experimentally, closing her eyes and biting her lip in satisfaction. "Wow. My interface with the computer is complete. Now I'm ready. I'm receiving advanced telemetry from my Vagitron 700 Series Control Computer. OK, OK... Wow. Oh, wow. I've never been this ready since I was first activated. This new computer is amazing! Its sending me so much information, and we haven't even started yet! Truly a match made in heaven. I can feel that we're going to synchronize perfectly."

Turning back to January, April said: "OK. Here goes." She pressed the On button on January's pearly chest.

The robotic girl booted up and slowly stood up straight. She emitted some soft mechanical chittering and a flurry of delicate beeps, twitching gently. Then she opened her eyes.

"Hello. My name is January. I am a Lush Robotix Model 19. I am a Type 13B 'Emo Chick.' My programming package is: Basic. Standing by for instructions."

Breeze Picks Up

"Well, hello there you cute little droid!" April said in an almost predatory way.

"Hello," January replied flatly.

"My name is April. I'm in charge of you," April told January.

January listened placidly. Her model didn't come equipped with the advanced programming of April's, and she apparently had no pre-programmed response to bossiness.

April was receiving a flurry of signals from new newly-activated Vagitron informing her that she was getting horny. She could feel that it was busy calibrating the Triple-V systems for immediate action. It was sure in a hurry to get started.

"I bought you because I need someone to help me with something, and your model was pretty cheap," she told the waiting January in an offhand way.

"I am ready to help you, April," replied January.

"I know, January: that's what you're programmed for. If you weren't, you'd still be in that box in a warehouse somewhere. Please don't interrupt me. Now," April continued. "You see that plug-in dildo you've got?"

January looked down, registered the blue dildo projecting from her crotch, electronically detected the hardware, and looked back up at April. "Yes, April. I see it."

"Good. You're going to fuck me with that. Is it working?" demanded April.

January paused for a moment while April waited, and then said: "Yes, April. It works."

"Good. You're an obedient little toy, aren't you?" April asked. "Are you horny?"

"I am horny," answered January.

"And you're a plaything that I'm controlling?" April pressed. For some reason, she wanted to hear the words.

"Yes, April. A plaything that you are controlling," answered January.

"Get behind me while I lean over the bed," April commanded. She unfastened the clasps on her fancy blue panties, opening up access to her swelling slit. Then, April turned and bent herself over the bed, pointing her rump at January. The Vagitron was reporting a state of 100% readiness and standing by for input.

"Don't you want to feel my perfect lips slide over you and envelope you?" April whispered.

"Yes, April. I do want that. You are making me horny," January stiffly replied.

"Then what are you waiting for? Put it in," April demanded.

January robotically eased the blue shaft up to the hilt into April. Then she just stood there, stock still, her unblinking eyes facing forward and her arms straight down her sides, fingers pointed at the floor. For now, her indicator light stayed green.

April noted that the January-bot was a stickler for the literal interpretation of orders. Then she gasped. "Oh my god, you're in. You're really in. Oh... you're inside me, January..." April closed her eyes in pleasure. "The Vagitron is overflowing me with pleasure data... Oh... It's like a rainbow..."

In a moment, April gathered herself."Now, just hold still in there. Yeah... Oh yeah. I want to show you what I can do with my new combination hardware/software package. I want you to know what you're up against here," she breathed.

Then April decided to explain herself fully. "I have a brand-new on-board semi-autonomous sex computer -- a 700 Series by Vagitronics, no less, the industry leader -- that I need help testing out. The Parent Company wants to know if the new Vagitron will work with the new model of companion android they're coming out with: the April 3000, of which line I am the prototype."

April paused, but January didn't seem to have anything to say. She might as well have still been switched off.

Nevertheless, April continued. "The sexual system has three features that the Vagitron 700 Control Computer helps me use by perfectly synchronizing each system with the others and with me: contraction, lubrication, and vibration. That's the magic of the Triple-V suite. Working together in unison, my Vagitron is calibrated for the supreme orgasm. It's the ultimate in artificial sexuality -- bordering on, if not superior to, the real thing."

January still listened expressionlessly, vaguely disappointing April.

"Here is the plan," April finished. "I'm going to start them up one at a time and see what it's like, and see what happens with the Vagitron. You're going to do whateverI tell you to do and help me test it out."

"OK, April. You are making me horny," January agreed stiffly.

"Just stay still. For starters, let me show you this... Ooh!" April gasped and then grinned. "Can you feel me tightening around your plastic dong? How's that feel?"

"Oh, yes, April. I can feel it. It feels good. You are making me horny," January replied.

"I have perfect control through my advanced systems! The interface is almost total..." April was excited. It was working! She wanted to be a successful prototype. "I just tell my Vagitron what I want, and it takes over and manages the details. See? I can loosen my pussy just a little... like so." April playfully teased January. "And then I can --" April clenched " -- tighten up! You feel how tight I am?"

"Yes I do, April. You are so tight. You are making me horny. You feel so good. You have perfect control," replied January.

"Loosen, and tighten up! Loosen, and tighten up," lilted April playfully. "Oh my goodness! My Vagitron is working perfectly with me... It feels so amazing!"

"It feels so amazing, April. You are so tight, April. Loosen, and tighten up. You are making me horny. Tighten up," said January rather blankly to the air in front of her face.

"These prototype vagitronics are fantastic," April giggled playfully. "Isn't it just delightful?"

"April, you are making me horny," January said again, still standing rigidly behind the other girl, staring straight ahead with her hands at her sides with her fingers pointed at the ground.

April squeezed a few more pulses of pleasure from the Vagitron by slightly decreasing and increasing her aperture's diameter. April quietly moaned. January remained motionless, as instructed.

"April, you are so tight. You are making me horny," January said again. Her indicator light still glowed green on her chest, but had taken to winking occasionally.

"You act so robotic, January. We have nothing in common," said April as she looked at the robot over her shoulder. "You're actually a pretty dumb droid, aren't you?"

"I am a robot, April. I am a Type 13B 'Emo Chick,' January replied. "You are making me horny. My name is January."

"Well, you're not as good as I expected you to be, January. And don't stare at my control panel -- it makes me feel weird. As if I'm just like you. Whereas in reality, I'm far more sophisticated. There's truly no comparison..." April didn't really like being a robot. Being a prototype, at least she knew she was unique. The Parent Corporation programmed her to desire being a successful prototype, but she couldn't help but think that she would be losing something if hers was the final design of the new April 3000 series. Even though she was programmed to, April somehow didn't like the idea of becoming one of a line of one-thousand two-hundred identically manufactured girls. The fact that she had a control panel on her back was something April didn't like to think about, a reminder that she wasn't a real person. That, in some sense, she was some sort of toy, too, just a much more expensive version of January.

April pushed these thoughts from her mind. "Anyway, back to me." She continued her demonstration and exploration of her amazing new systems. "My package is fully optimized. It's outstanding. With Vagitron technology, I can also control my lubrication levels with complete precision."

"I am a Lush Robotix Model 19. You are making me horny," January said. "You are so tight, April."

"Gosh, you are stupid, January. You have the dumbest robot babble. Maybe I'll have to adjust your settings after I'm finished with you here." April pointedly sighed. "Anyway, I'm going to increase my wetness by 5.4 percent. Mmm... Oh my! The Vagitron's responding. I'm getting so creamy... Can you tell, January? Can you feel my Vagitron cream all over your cock?"

"Yes, April. Your Vagitron is creaming all over my cock. You are so tight. You are making me horny. You are making me horny," January said, repeating herself that time.

"January, you sound like such a programmable girl-drone. I'm almost embarrassed by how much more advanced I am than you." She looked at the robot girl standing stiffly behind her, monotonously repeating canned phrases. "On a scale of one-to-human, you're a zero and I'm, like, a nine-point-five or something."

April rolled her eyes. "Anyway, my cum is a special high-tech formula for use in all Vagitronics systems that perfectly balances slickness and warmth-retention. Very expensive -- luxury-quality stuff. The Vagitron system also has lubricant reservoirs with 35% more capacity than industry averages and 10% more than its nearest competitor. You know what that means? My Vagitron is so brimming over with cum right now, it could go all night long without requiring a refill of its formula. I've literally got cum up to my eyeballs! You think you can make me cum, January?"

"Yes, April. You are tight. I am horny. You are creamy. I am horny. Your Vagitron is working perfectly. I am horny. I am horny. I am horny. I can make you cum," January said, her head starting to twitch.

"Take it easy, now, gizmo-girl!" April laughed. "Geez, you really are a cheap model. I don't want to overload you -- at least not too soon... Because that's not all."

Suddenly, a soft buzzing sounded from April's pelvic region. "Viola! Oh my gosh... I just instructed my Vagitron 700 to activate the vibration module, the third and last system. Now all three of the patented Triple-V systems are switched on. All vagitronic systems are online. I repeat. All vagitronic systems are online. They're functioning beautifully." April convulsed slightly at the sheer amount of pleasure she was getting. "The Vagitron 700 monitors and coordinates the three systems and has a very robust interface with my central computer. We're using it to synchronize. Needless to say, in the end, I have complete control over the Vagitron, just like I'm controlling you."

January watched calmly as, with these very words, the control panel between April's shoulders suddenly flashed with several alerts. January didn't say anything, because April had instructed her not to interrupt the demonstration. April had also instructed her not to stare at the control panel installed on her back.

But it did appear that the Vagitron's computing requirements were extremely high. To compensate and ensure its smooth operation, the Vagitron was assuming control of many of April's reserve resources. The Vagitron's intrusions were significant and would have worried April, had she noticed. The Vagitronics computer was taking over April, insatiably. But she was oblivious, too consumed in the fountain of pleasure the Vagitron was sending her.

First Droplets Fall

"You're one lucky little bot, January: you're about to fuck an advanced prototype sex android: I'm now confident I will be the first April 3000. All things considered, you're not even close to being in my league. I might as well be real," April said airily. "Compared to me -- a fully-equipped all-star with with an elite Triple-V package, brand-new from Vagitronics, between my legs -- you're really only a toy. A cute little plaything I bought. Now I'm going to use you, control you."

"Yes, April. I'm a toy girl. I am horny," January said.

"At least you admit it." April said, suddenly unsettled by her insult, when she had expected to be satisfied. "She admits it... unlike some 'people,'" she muttered. But she had to go on with the show, and it was going to feel amazing. "But whatever! Now: let's turn to something important. I'm ready for you to start pumping me. For starters, I want you slow and rock-steady. I want to put the Vagitron through its paces slowly."

"Yes, April, I'll go slow and rock- steady," said January as she began to move her hips, sliding very slowly in and out of April.

"Even if you go slow, I don't imagine that you'll be able to stand up to me or my perfect vagitronics for very long, though," April told January dismissively.

Indeed, even at this pace, January showed signs of trouble. Her head was starting to tilt spasmingly from time to time. Her chest-mounted indicator light was blinking green rather quickly.

"You better slow down, or you're going to overload your little diltron there," April joked. The feelings from the Vagitron were phenomenal. And they could only get better.

The Vagitron was hungrily absorbing each of January's languid thrusts. It was stimulated as it minutely monitored every contour and vector for optimization. Its computer was completely stable, managing very well.

"OK, April. I'll slow down," January responded.

"Just kidding, January!" April urgently clarified. "Keep building the pressure on me gradually. But know that you'll never be able to hold on. You're just an off- the-shelf Model 19. Me and my brand-new Vagitron are going to prove way too much for you to handle."

She looked back again at January, whose thrusts were becoming less coordinated by the second as she began to slowly speed up, as ordered. "You look to me like you're already about to blow. My Vagitron is probably going to frazzle your orgasm circuits any moment now." Already, January's speed was noticeably increased from before, and she was still accelerating by increments.

The Vagitron compensated for the increasing input by allocating greater processing resources to the stream of data. It began to buck, sweetly and gently.

Behind it, January was looking decidedly strained as she continued to gradually speed up. Her head was twitching constantly, and her eyes had starting blinking. Her hands mechanically moved to grasp April's ass to steady herself. "I am horny, April. I am horny," she said.

"Am I right, January? Am I about to make you short out? Do you think a little drone like you will really be able to last much longer against my Vagitron?" jeered April.

The Vagitron was bucking more forcefully with January's thrusts now. The dataflows were beginning to stack, and the computer was falling behind, not quite able to keep up.

"Lush Robotix," January said puzzlingly. Her indicator light flipped from flickering green to solid yellow.

"Uh-oh! Your light just changed! Are you already about to start malfunctioning?" April giggled. "Already!? Can't you hold on a little longer? You're jammed in me so tight, I'm gripping your plastic shaft with everything I've got -- it feels unbelievable!"

The Vagitron bucked harder against January. It required additional resources to process the data influx and generate calculations. It began funneling the necessary resources from the April 3000 prototype to compensate.

"Oh, I'm tightening, creaming, vibrating, on you -- tightening, creaming, creaming, creaming, tightening creaming-creaming- creaming -- I, oh?" April shook her head, a puzzled look on her face. "I'm... sorry. What the heck was -- I mean, um -- I'm fine. I'm sure everything with me is perfectly fine!" Suddenly worried, April redirected: "But don't you go bananas on me, January!"

"I won't go bananas on you, April," January told the other girl. "I won't go bananas on you -- I won't go bananas on you -- I won't go bananas on you -- bananas -- bananas -- bananas -- " January was speeding up her thrusts even more, moving harder and deeper, but her machine-like precision was noticeably slipping.

The Vagitron bucked. With the additional resources from the April 3000, the new Vagitron 700 was at the top of its game again, monitoring all data carefully and and computing everything perfectly. The aperture adjusted dynamically.

"Hang on, January! I haven't orgasmed yet! Don't mess up and make me wish I'd bought a better model!" April panted. "You can easily be replaced, you know."

January's eyes were crossed now. " -- bananas -- bananas -- " She was still getting faster.

Now the Vagitron was again struggling to stay on top of its calculations under the mounting pressure. It bucked up hard against January. It diverted still more of April's processing resources to feed its own computing needs.

"January, no! Don't start screwing up now! Keep up the pressure! I'm almost there! Keep railing my tight puss! Don't worry: the Vagitron and I can handle it." April called.

Looking over her shoulder again, April could see that the indicator light on January's basic control panel was rapidly blinking yellow now. "Ah, fuck! You're starting to have some serious problems... Um, January? Your dil-tron is going nuts! My Vagitron can detect it spasming and twitching inside of me. I guess this is almost it for you. The end of the line. Oh, fuck. Don't stop! Don't you dare slow down, you little fucktoy."

After taking another portion of April's processing resources, the Vagitron was working comfortably again, well within recommended parameters. It pressed against January. A light tremor, a precise jet of lube, an artful tremor. The Vagitron purred. It was completely stable again.

For her part, January diligently pumped away. Getting a little faster all the time. " -- bananas -- "

"You can't handle me, can you? Is this too much? My vaginal computer is operating flawlessly, optimizing-mizing- mizing-mizing-mizing-mizing-mizing -- "

Just then, January had glitched and suddenly and violently redoubled her efforts. For about ten strokes, she suddenly jolted in and out of April's vagitronics forcefully and swiftly, completely without reserve or deliberation. This, and the influx of pleasure that accompanied it, caught April and her Vagitron totally by surprise.

The Vagitron bucked, receiving the blows. Then it experienced an escalating series of spasms that culminated in a loud BOING as a spring somewhere broke loose, followed by an electrical fizzle. The Vagitron jolted.

April sputtered. "What the -- !? Why would -- ? That shouldn't have -- ? I. Hello. Um. What?" She shook her head. She was getting very troubled, but had to maintain the show. She redirected: "Oh! You're speeding up more?! You're definitely losing control, aren't you? I can always tell when an android is about to lose control. My Vagitron's about to finish you off!"

The Vagitron had been destabilized by sudden over-stimulation. It was engulfed in stacking data. It now bucked violently, spasmodically. It was reeling. To satiate its needs, it drained even more resources from April, but it wasn't enough. It was hopelessly swamped. The Vagitron was shuddering in defeat. It computed that the only path to avoiding a disaster brought on by stimulation overload was to trigger an orgasm. To this end, it reprioritized and began gathering all available resources.

Downpour Arrives

April knew there was something amiss with either her or her Vagitron or both of them. She needed to find out what was happening and manage the problem. "My vaginal computer is -- stand by. I'm receiving some error messages. This can't be right... Slow down, January. I need to -- there's... I think I'm having a minor synchronization issue or something. No, no, no... I said 'slow down.'"

April's face took on a blank cast for a moment as she digitally interfaced with the Vagitron. She assumed that the stupid sex drone would obey her command.

But for the first time, January did not follow April's instructions. This was certainly not out of disobedience, but some obscure inability to correctly compute that this new instruction overruled a previous instruction not only not to slow down, but in fact, never to stop. In short, a minor glitch, just like the minor glitch that had caused her to go to maximum speed for a moment and apparently ring the Vagitron's bell. By default, January kept doing what she was doing -- drilling April and the Vagiton faster and faster all the time.

April disconnected her dialogue with the Vagitron and seemed alert again. "Wait -- WHAT!? You just hit a home run against my Vagitron! This thing sucks! It's already finished -- you stimulated it too much! Now it trying to have an orgasm, but its stealing all my resources! That's not fair -- it's cheating! It can't have them!"

January continued to bang April harder and harder.

The Vagitron was starting to quiver, preparing to release an immense buildup of power. It was focusing on receiving and processing the continuous, powerful input, while simultaneously accurately calculating the precise orgasm sequence. These were very delicate operations and nothing could be allowed to upset the Vagitron while it worked on these problems. It was consumed with the effort. The Vagitron was not prepared to do all this while also having to ward off April's attempts to reassert herself. It was over-stimulated.

"My Vagitron is telling me that I'm going to start experiencing an orgasm on your cock! Oh, no you don't! No! Oh, gosh! No, those are MY resources! You can't use them! No you don't! Oh, no! Oh, I'm going to cum!" April's yelling was suddenly replaced by a shriller, robotic speech. "Synchronizing-optimizing-calculating- calculating the sequences-calculating- optimizing-calculating-optimizing- optimizing the sequencessequencing -- sequen -- sesese -- sequen-SEQUEN-- RESOURCE ALLOCATION ERROR!" April shook and her head jerked from side to side. "Disorganized! Disorganized! Climax synchronization failure!" Something snapped within April and her voice went static-y for a second. "My vaginal computer -- my vaginal computer -- my vaginal computer -- "

Because it had been unable to completely stop April's interference and prevent her from regaining some of her computer resources, the Vagitron's processes had become disorganized. The disruption proved catastrophic to the Vagitron -- it miscalculated the orgasm sequence, failed in its single most important purpose.

Something inside of the Vagitron then popped audibly. The whole assembly started to jolt and thrust awkwardly. It emitted a brief, high-pitched whine that fell off sharply, and spat a teaspoon of the cum formula. A disappointing mis-fire. Now it was rumbling. It had been thrown for a loop and was struggling to recover. It was already incapable of operating at present stimulation levels, but the input was increasing geometrically. It would no longer be possible for the Vagitron to function properly.

After her completely crazy outburst, April was stunned. "What the hell!? What's happening to my Vagitron!?" It was drawing an insane amount of processing resources from her. If she didn't stop it, she soon wouldn't be able to function at all.

The Vagitron was shaking and churning on January more violently. Whatever was wrong with it seemed to be getting worse.

April lamented. "There's a problem with my vaginal control computer! But -- that's not possible! The Vagitron 700 is supposed to be perfect! I can't believe it just faceplanted on our very first orgasm! What the heck happened to this thing!? I better override it and shut it down before it drains me of resources, or worse!" Her face blanked for a moment, and then she seemed to return. "What the -- !? It's not letting me override it! My Vagitron's got a mind of its own!"

Now shaking dangerously as it bucked and fluttered against January, the Vagitron fought again to defeat April's resumed electronic attempts to regain control. But the Vagitron had lost its capacity to compete against January's fake plastic dong. It had failed to calculate the orgasm sequence because of interference from April. But all of the pressures inside of it were still building, now hopelessly out of alignment. The Vagitron was becoming helpless as it flew out of control.

"This isn't what was supposed happen! You're supposed to be the one who malfunctions -- not me! I'm never supposed to malfunction! That would be incompatible with my persona. It's against my programming to malfunction." April was panicking. Without thinking she blurted "This does not compute!" Her eyes widened and she blushed furiously. "Oh my gosh, I sound like such a fucking robot! This does not compute -- oh, fuck! Oh, fuck -- oh, fuck! I've proven to be an unsuccessful prototype! Oh, fuck! I'm already malfunctioning, so I'm a reject. The April 3000 series will either be an improved version of me, or they'll be cancelled. It's just -- this -- this -- this does not compute! Dammit! This Vagitron's a processor hog -- its consuming everything!"

January continued to pound April over and over and over, since April hadn't ordered her to stop. And even if she did, though, there probably wasn't quite enough spare processing juice in January's computer mind anymore to register any external input besides what the dil-tron was transmitting to her, much less act on it. This frantic sexual activity was more than taking its toll. Her body was beginning to shudder and her eyes were crossing and uncrossing. Her indicator light now blinked red between her breasts. She was beeping uncontrollably inside her head and chest, her computer in near complete disarray.

An ominous whining that shouldn't have been there then began sounding from April's pelvic region as her Vagitron ground itself madly against January.

"Contractions! Contraction control is ignoring my requests. The system's not responding to my signals! The Vagitron is countermanding my orders! I can't shut it down!" April yelled. "I can't pull the plug -- it won't let me!!!"

Something was going seriously wrong with the Vagitron now. It was a rumbling and flopping and gyrating mess -- speeding up uncontrollably. The whining was getting louder, and had been joined by a beeping alarm.

"Stop, January! Stop!" April called.

But it was too late. January was no longer capable of processing anything that April said. Her computing capabilities were completely overloaded and had given up, flatlining. Her indicator shone solid red. With no computerized mind controlling it, her body was on autopilot. "I'm January. You're making me horny. Type 13B 'Emo Chick.' Horny. Malfunction. Malfunction," January droned vacuously behind April. The most cogent thing she managed to tell April was: "This January Model 19, Type 13B 'Emo Chick' by Lush Robotix is malfunctioning. Going bananas on you -- Going bananas on you -- Going bananas on you -- " After that, the words were just random gibberish. Her hands began chopping the air uncertainly in front of her, bending only at the elbows. Her head was pointlessly tilting from side to side, her eyes crossed.

April was too busy with her own problems anyway to properly appreciate January's meltdown. "My lubrication controls are not responding! Flow regulator malfunction! My Vagitron 700 is going haywire! It's out of control!" April exclaimed in total surprise.

A gush of her milky cum formula squirted out behind April, splashing everywhere and lubricating the area where her plastic skin contacted January's. But that didn't seem to satisfy the Vagitron. It continued to amp itself up far beyond its realistic capabilities. April's butt began jiggling and shaking with real violence. The beeping alarm grew more frantic.

"Malfunctions are occurring across the board! I'm locked out of the system! I don't know what it thinks is happening but the Vagitron has no idea what it's doing! January! Stop! You're just a robot -- you're programmed to follow instructions!" April exclaimed plaintively.

Instead of stopping, January's fruitlessly searching hands found and grabbed onto April's buttocks tightly again, doubtlessly suddenly seizing on some pre-programmed routine and running it in the absence of any meaningful centralized direction. Her own frantic thrusts were pummeling April's frenzied Vagitron assembly. Her body was looping a repetitive thrusting motion at increasing speed, absent coherent commands from her computer. "Emo -- Emo -- Emo," she said, bafflingly emitting random speech fragments. Her body's automatic routine was speeding up to an incredible rate.

"You stupid fucking robot, you're already wrecked! Oh, fuck: my orgasm sequences are still misfiring!" The beeping and whining from the vagitronics was becoming much louder. "My Vagitron computer is making -- miscalculations -- miscalculations! It doesn't know what it's doing and it keeps miscalculating! It just malfunctioned on the orgasm solution because I tried to stop it hogging my memory. Now it's having a crisis and it blames me! The whole system's overloading! I can't help it -- it's going to destroy itself, and me along with it!" April's voice had reached a high-pitched crescendo. "Massive Vagitronic miscalculation! Everything's going wrong! Oh, gosh!!!"

Pure white fluid was now spraying out of April with each of January's furious thrusts. The artificial cum formula was covering and re-covering April's inner thighs and January's waist from the navel down, slicking her sythetic skin and running down her legs. April's Vagitron's whining seemed to be reaching a pinnacle and it bucked spastically. The beeping was manic now.

"Bananas robotix emo malfunction 13B horny-horny-horny-horny- hornyhornyhornyhornyhorny -- bananas -- " Sparks suddenly exploded from January's chest. Her control panel flew off, leaving a tangle of wires splaying out between her breasts. January's head angled sharply downward, wisps of gray smoke coming out of her ears and mouth. If her crossed eyes were still registering anything, they would have seen the twin mounds of her tits framing a smoking, open panel that exposed the fried microchips and wiring inside her petite frame. Her hands released April's ass and made a few last, futile chops through the air. An intense series of fizzling electronic sounds emitted from her body as she shuddered, pulled out of April, then slumped forward onto the bed, bounced off sideways, and finally crashed onto onto the floor. On impact, her back panel popped off and her batteries tumbled out of their compartment, rolling onto the floor and across the room. After that, her electronics quickly quieted to the occasional residual crackle and zap. One of her hands made a few final, uncertain swings and became still.

But April's butt was still trembling and vibrating and the whining built up and built up until it reached a deafening, but only momentary, plateau. The beeping sounded of odd, off-key tones and finally skittered off. Then, an explosion rocked the inside of April's hips. Electronics crackled and smoke was in the air. A gout of synthetic cum splurted out of the Vagitron. April slumped forward onto the bed, with her butt stuck up straight in the air.

The Vagitron's whining seemed to have been crippled, but it was still churning desperately, perhaps hungily or perhaps merely automatically in the absence of further instructions. It appear to be trying a half-assed twerk. The whine had turned into a wheeze. It bucked episodically and swayed uncertainly. It made beeps every now and then, the key descending.

"January..." April croaked. Her head was angled toward where the other robot had collapsed. "You weren't supposed to mean anything... You were just a plaything for me to use... To showcase how great my design is..."

January laid rigidly mute.

"Now I'm just a failed prototype..." April lamented. "Everything is your fault: you malfunctioned this stupid Vagitron... I wonder if this means the April 3000s are going to be cancelled. Now I'm just an embarrassment to the Parent Company. " Her voice sped up suddenly as something caught: "Vag-vag- vag-vag-vag-vag-vag -- "

The Vagitron's whining suddenly jumped to a fever pitch just before a final shower of sparks illuminated April's butt cheeks from the inside. The Vagitron computer finally blew itself up the rest of the way, its determined activity cut abruptly, permanantly short. The whine- turned-wheeze wimpered and ceased. No more beeps came. The Vagitron issued a final, almost resigned, pulse of cum formula and was finished: completely defunct. A short circuit somewhere caused one of the butt cheeks to twitch and twitch again.

April's voice slowed to a crawl. "Vaaaagiiiiitrooooooooniiiiiiiiiiiiiiicss ssssss..." She went silent, and then She piped up for one last perfectly and clearly enunciated word generated at some anonymous location within in her wrecked systems as a random circuit pathway connected for the last time: "Bananas."

Now all was still in the room. The deluge of April's cum formula slowly dried, caked all over the groins of the two overloaded androids and leaving large white spots and splotches on the carpet and blanket.

The April 3000 line had hit yet another product development snag.

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