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Rainbow Dash found herself fueled with determination, charging forward towards the threat of the Changeling Empire. Filled with confidence, she swooped down from her flight and using her balled up fist, she charged down through any minion she could. "Ha hah! Got you guys!" However as she was swooping down, she had managed to catch herself on a sharp rock on her way down, which was obstructed by the minions in front of her. Suddenly a sensation surged through her body as she scraped her abdomen on the rock face. It felt overwhelming. And as if something was very wrong. Soon the sound of sparks sounded off under her which she could not hear.

Suddenly she found her wings suddenly flap in erratic motions, she was starting to slightly lose control as she rose more to the skies. Suddenly the sounds of motorised whirring and buzzes started to sound off more and more where her wings were flapping. She continued to look determined in her fight as more sparks started to sound off where she had caught herself on the rock. Looking at the effect of that rock it was clear what had happened, and what Rainbow Dash truly was.

A massive cut had pierced through the skin, as suddenly her true nature was shown, a bunch of wires and components encased in a metallic frame, some wires had been cut from the damage caused which was what caused the sparking, components suddenly started to rattle inside her abdomen as the integrity of her systems began to diminish. As she continued to fly on, her eyes began to twitch and cross slightly, as her voice started to sound off on its own, without her mouth moving, as if it were random recordings playing out. The voice in question was distorted and slightly warped, as the damage took a toll on her. "Hehhhhe-e-e-e I-I-I'llllll gge-get yo-yo-yooouuuuu bzzzzt Rainbow Da-a-a-ash to the rrrrescue-cue-cue!"

It wasn't long before an explosive sound emitted from her abdomen, as suddenly a big puff of smoke escaped out of the now bigger hole created from the blast, as well as a few bits of circuitry and chips. Soon, a bigger explosion sounded off on her back, near where her wings were. Soon a large wire had snapped off and out of her, the hole was so big that you could see into the mechanisms of her ever twitching wings, which were getting worse by the second. The sounds of mechanical whirrs, buzzing as well as the sound of whining motors and clicking started to sound off more and more as her systems were very quickly deteriorating, her already glitched speech getting even worse, becoming even more distorted and warped.

"Error errrrr Ra-a-a-a-aaaaa he-help I. Hello Errrrrr Dassssss-a-a-a-ashhhhh Go-go-gotttt you guy-guy-guy Malffffun-fun-fun System inttttegrrety-ty-ty crittt-critical-cri-cri-cri Wwwwellllcome to to to to Computtttational error error error" Soon her chest panel whizzed open in a very sudden motion, almost as if it blew open, what followed was a shower of sparks shooting out from the various processors and circuitry housed, before just standing out, exposed, and in a serious state. Her spirit was not broken however, as she simply flew on with the same determined look to her... even if that look was glitching out, twitchy and overall breaking down.

"Helllllo si-sir. Here's your dr-d-ddd-dr-drink-drink wo-would you lllllike anything else else else else Cccccritical err-er-errorrr more drink more drink more drink. Ppppplay. Ta-ta-take my clothes off? Ssssuuuuuurrrreeeeeee. Handsome handsome handsome hhhaaaannnnddddddkkkkzzzzz Errrooorrrrrr love love love love"

"Yes.. I I I I ccccan drink that for you-you-yyyy-yo-you" Takes a drink, pops and sparks internally "can Ta-ta-take ccccrit errrrr liqqq-liq-liquidddd take offff cl-cl-clothes. Sssooo ha-h-handsome-some-some here's yourrr- like anyth-thing el-elssseee. So helpful so helpful. He-heres your drink drink drink drink. Sure s-sure. Ta-take clothes. Great. So handsome. Llloooovvvvveeeee. critical error error error wwwwwould like drink drink drink drrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!" Suddenly panel explodes out and she begins to spark up massively, eyes flickering red as her voice goes low, falling to the side kicking her legs and moving her body and arms erratically, on a loop "drink drink drink dr- Error sssso handsome"

"H-Hey!... I. I need. I ccccannot be seen like this. Oh no. Oh no. " she begins to blush more and more, her temperatures rising internally "I cannot be seen like this. I cannot be seen like this. Oh no. Oh no. Oh nnnnnnnno. I Warning: Warning: Indecency detected. Temperature is at cr-critical levels I cannot be-e-e-e-e." Suddenly smoke starts to puff out from her ears as she begins to stumble around, almost tripping over as her eyes cross, suddenly her hand no longer covers up her breasts as it seems to lose control from her. "Error. Temperature. Temperature. Errrrrr H-heyyyyy! Give th-that ba-a-a-aaaaaccckkkkkkkzzzzz twitch Cannot be seen seen seen seen"

Suddenly a wave of water hits her as she is already deteriorating, the water seaps in and causes internal sparking which becomes intense, suddenly she loses control and begins to twitch out in a glitchy manner, completely going haywire. "Cannot cannot cannot errrrrrroooooo li-liquiddddd da-da-da-daaaammma-a-a-age critical critical criticalllll Decency I am programmed to to to ttttt in-integrate into soccccc-so-society-ty-ty. Error: Logic. Failure. Error. Error. Errrrrrrrrr" Soon enough a panel explodes out from her back as all of her motions slow down and grind to a halt, the tone of her voice fading as well as her whirring motors. As this happens, she begins to arch forwards, before falling face first into the pool of water, catching her back panel on it which caused her whole body to continuously twitch as the panel continues to spark up and pop. "Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooooo"

Screw goes loose, loosening up her internal parts, causing them to fall and make contact with her circuit board, causing her to spark internally "Oh. Somethings wrong. Sssssomethings wwwwwro-wrong. Errrrr- kzzt Oh dea-ddd-ddea-dear. Something-ing-ing-ingggsssskzzzt wwwwwwww- Error bzzt"

"Lllllooks li-like bzzt looks like wwwweeeeerrrrrr-" Crrrr kzzt "gonna nnnnn-ne-need to cu-cut this sssss-session short-" BANG "short short short short short-"

Aron decides to test the waters, giving her a spank on her ass while she cooks, groping it as he does. She glitches up slightly, with her words slurring and repeating slightly, as the heat is clearly getting to her. He then forces her away from her cooking, onto the sofa. She continues to try and perform her action as he goes at her, causing her to quickly deteriorate, her systems failing to process what is happening as he strips her down and starts to go at her, she is still attempting the action, but this time it gets jittery, with her arms whirring intensely, her processors struggling to handle the influx of sexual data.

"Mmmm you will lo-llll-love this di-di-dishhhhh. I I I Hhhhope you enjoy it. I am your mmmother-mmmo-mo-mottthhheeerrr. Dish dish dish. Sssspppeeeccciiiaaa- recipe recipe recipe. Oh Arrrron~ A-aa-a-a Error sexual encounter with sssssooooonnnnnn computational error error error error mommy would mommy would mommy would would would would. Ddddiiiisssshhhhkkkkzzzz I am yyyyour mother mother mother mother unit. Mother unit is is is is critical error" More of her systems would pop and start to whirr out, as her motors desperately tried to resist what was happening.

(Credit to Pylon for the picture)

Link thrusts hard into Mipha's ass while she's standing, her motors starting to whirr and her eyes locked forward. Her voice stammering as buzzing can be heard inside "Link. What. Wwwwhat- I don't I I dddont understand twitch Oooohhhh!" Suddenly, juices could be seen leaking out of her folds as Link begins to reach his climax. Mipha found herself unable to choose between her regular state and her pleasurable state "Link. Ooohhh. L-lll-link. Fffffuc- hero of of of" her head now started to twitch as she repeated her words. Her arms struggling to stay still. Eventually, Link let out a loud grunt as he let out one final, powerful thrust, unloading his all into the glitching Mipha. As he did, he pulled out, squirting a bit on her back. As he did, something popped inside of Mipha, as her head snapped hard to the left, suddenly smoke started to emit out of her ears as she started to walk forward in glitchy motions "Link- li-link-link. bzzt tthhhhaaaaaa- hero-hhhheeeee twitch so so so so. Cannot. Ttttemperature. I'm. I'm"

An array of sparks exploded out, as her back panel fell out, suddenly her movements became a lot more jittery and awkward as she was losing her balance. "Pppplease save-sa-ssssave hy-hhh- link Error hero hero herrr-ro-ro-ro I am... Errrrooorrrrriiiii" Suddenly it became too much, as more parts exploded out of her back, her neck twitching more and more, as she fell to her front, ass sticking right up, black smoke emitting from her back. Her neck now started to spark up, as her eyes rolled up. Her voice distorting heavily "Llliii-inkkkzzzttt Th-thank you for kssst here's your reeee-re-re-wwwwwww-ward feel so so ammmaaaaa- thank you thank you thank you Llllliiiiiinnnnnnn" Her neck was sparking more and more, until the back of her head explodes out with an array of parts and sparks as well as electrical arcs jolting out of her. After this, her voice started to die out, as her eyes faded out, the sparking starting to lessen as her body is in a ragdoll state, smoke continuing to bellow out "Lllliiiinnnnnnkkkkkk ooooooooouuuuuuuurrrrr hhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooo"

"Oh dear~ my bbbbbbb-" bzzt pop, the sound of screws coming loose and landing in her circuit board started to sound out, with the sound of sparks occurring "Pressure of- pppprrrr- overload overload error bzzt" Her head then twitched over and over to each side "Th-thanks for purchasing- ggggonna have lots of fun Error error my breasts ccccc-" Her breasts twitch along with her chest panel sparking up and blowing open "pressure is. is. is. Oh no~ Mmmm br-breasts are too big error too big error too big error" Her chest panel then exploded out, along with the top half of her breasts, which caused her body to catch fire, exposing more and more of her frame and the internals to her breasts. Her eyes distorted and flickered red while her voice warped and lowered. "Bbbrreasts aarreeee ERROR ERRRR I ammm faaiillinnngg error bbbrreeassssttssss tooooooo bbiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggggggggkkkkkzzzzzztttttt"

"Hmmm I wonder what this button does." She presses the button, and shortly after, the sound of slight buzzing sounds off in her vaginal area, very faint and barely noticeable "O-...oh!... That was... hmmmm oh~ I wonder if..." She then proceeds to press the button multiple times in quick succession, causing her vaginal unit to tremble and vibrate at faster and faster speeds, with the vibrations getting more intense, suddenly louder and louder whirrs and buzzes could be heard from that area. "Oooohhhh~ Aaaaaaaaah! Must.... I must.... pl-pleasure. Keep... Mmmmmph." She couldn't stop herself, her hand was smacking onto the button quicker and quicker in a loop, as if her hand had a mind of its own. Eventually after some intense smacking of the button, her head snapped to the side with a massive twitch. A pop then sounded out shortly after, sending sparks flying out of her ear, her eyes crossed and her free arm tried to pleasure herself, but her hand was slowly losing control, with the other hand still pressing the button quicker. "Ppppppp- Overllll-o-overload error error O-o-o-o-o-o bzzzzt Wha-what- button. Error. Pleasureeeee." Her vaginal unit then started to spark up as the vibrations got too much for her, her body snapped forward as her head started to loop a twitch to the side. "Pleasure error Pleasure is error Pleasure-Pleasure-Plllleeeeassssssss- bzzzt"

"Oh... You want me to... Okay..."

She lays back and starts to finger herself.

"Ohhh what is this feeling? I... I... I am feeling overwhelmed. What is this feeling"

On her own she picks up the pace, only getting faster, she pants out and moans as she does so

"Wh-what is happening. I... Cccan't stop. I'm... Oooohhhh yesss! What is this feeling? What is this feeling?"

Suddenly her voice starts to go more digital as a light hiss of smoke emits out her mouth as she really picks up the pace

"I-I-I- Wh-whhhhat i-is thhh-this- this... This..."

Suddenly a few sparks shoot out of her head as her head twitches, her eyes cross a little too

"I-Iiiii- am am am ammmm Error: Te-ttt-temperature Criticccal. Please cease current function. Function cannot be terminated. So-soooooo ama-a-a-a-aaaa- Wh-what is is is is-"

Her free arm twitches and jerks, slightly arching, a chest panel explodes out as her eyes flash red

"ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR. Emergency shutdown re-requiiirrreeedddd I am am ffffailing. So amazing so amazing. Aaaaahhhh llllove i-i-itttt Systems critical. Sssyyysssstems critical"

Her free arm explodes out, as her chest panel continues to spark and explode parts

"Error errror error errrrrrr"

Finally she sprays out lubricant, as her abdomen completely explodes out, her fingering motion slows right down, as her voice begins to trail off, lowering to nothing, while her eye dims, and her servo whirrs fade, while her body relaxes

"Ssssyyyyssssttttteeeeeemmmmmmmmssssssssssss fffffffaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll"