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The Inquisitor walked down the dark stone hallway, approaching the large steel doors of the throne room, her footsteps terse and her trapezoidal eye-slits blazing with white light that flickered off the old, dark walls around her. She was the oldest machine the League had, her bronze-plated body had dulled into a dusty brown hue and her servos sung loudly with each movement she made. Her tattered brown leather coat was adorned with all kinds of devices and weaponry. A bandolier of bottles filled with blue fluid was strapped to her shoulder. From her hip hung a cross made of blue steel. In her hand was a length of chain that ended in a small, spiky ball that she gripped with determination.

The most advanced units in the Inquisition League had been assigned to this hunt, to find the monster that fed on innocent lives. Each one was destroyed by minions of the unholy machine that infested the ancient halls of this place. Friends of her's, overloaded and destroyed by the evils lurking these halls. All that was left was this one final Inquisitor, this last beacon of hope and faith for humanity. Though she was well aware of her mechanical shortcomings, they did not matter to her; she knew the consequences of failure on this night. Good people would not fear the night, not while she functioned.

The Inquisitor stood dwarfed before the massive steel doors between her and her target. Slowly, they creaked open of their own accord, and parted to reveal the lair of her nemesis. Red carpet started in the center of the room, and made a velvet line towards a small set of steps that extended up a stone dais and ended at a large ornate throne encrusted with skulls. Blood red upholstery on black iron, this evil seat could house only the most heinous of asses. And seated in this apocalyptic death-throne was the Inquisitor's deadly target.

“It took you longer to get here then the last one.” What appeared to be a woman was smirking as she lounged across the armrests of the throne. Her black hair was long enough to drape down onto the floor. A tight black bodice laced with dark purple string hugged her figure. Long black gloves clothed her arms all the way up to the ivory white flesh of her bare shoulders. What was once an elegant black ballroom skirt ended in tatters around her knees, and her feet were covered with a pair of black stilettos whose heels ended in wicked spikes. In her hand she held a crystal wine glass, filled with a ghostly blue fluid that swirled with screaming phantoms.

The Inquisitor's eyes narrowed, the blazing lights mere slits as she allows the chain in her hand to uncurl. She had no response for the demonic being and started to approach her throne while slowly spinning the chain she wielded, allowing it to build up speed. This caused the ruler of the castle to quirk an eyebrow, and she slowly pulled herself up to her feet. “What's wrong, Inquisitor? Have I not been a pleasant enough hostess?”

“Silence, Morgan.” The Inquisitor found herself briefly trembling as fury blazed through her body, causing her eyes to flare and her hands to tighten around the chain she held. “I am here to purge, not to chat. The time has come for you to pay for your sins!”

Morgan scoffed. With a flick of her head, her flowing hair was tossed over her shoulder. “Time? What does a mortal know of time!” She clenched her hand around her glass, causing cracks to spread through the wine flute. “I am a mechanical Goddess! To think an insolent pile of scrap like you has the nerve to come in here to challenge my power!”

“Goddess? You steal men's souls and make them your slaves!” The Inquisitor ceased her slow approach and broke into a full sprint. Her chain spun at her side as her rapid footfalls kicked dust off the floor.

“What is a man but a miserable pile of secrets!” Morgan snarled and whipped the glass of ghostly fluid at the Inquisitor. As it struck her metal faceplate, it exploded into a spray of shards and fluid, but did nothing to slow her approach.

“That's enough talk! Have at you!” The Inquisitor swung her chain and the heavy metal ball at the tip soared towards Morgan. The vampiric android leaped up above the assault and the chain's ball smashed into the black iron throne, the impact leaving a heavy dent in the hard metal. Before she hit the ground, Morgan spread her arms, and with the ka-click of adjusting machinery, a pair of midnight black bat wings spread from her back. Blue-flamed jets fired from her stilettos, and she launched herself down at the Inquisitor.

The impact of her body smashing into metal rang through the room. Pinning the Inquisitor to the floor she started to rain blows down onto her face and chest, an inhumanly ferocious snarl on her twisted lips. Each blow fired a spray of sparks from the Inquisitor's neck, every crushing slam shredding synthetic skin from Morgan's knuckles and exposing the black metal that made up the parts hidden by her snow white synthetic cover.

The Inquisitor's HUD started to fill with errors registered from her neck joints slowly misalignment but no pain or fear processed, only the burning fire of her wrath inside her metal chest. She kicked up both of her legs and managed to wrap her calves around Morgan's head, causing her to howl out in shock. The Inquisitor brought her legs down hard and sent Morgan flying across the room. Her body collided into and went through the stone wall on the opposite end of the chamber and the Inquisitor could hear her howl obscenities as she stood to her feet.

At first, a cloud of debris obscured her figure but Morgan stepped through it, a look of intense hatred plastered on her face. She'd damaged her right eye and now a bright red light glared from her exposed optical sensor. Those bat-like wings had crumpled and torn to leave behind sparking remains. A tear along her shoulder exposed a damaged motor assembly which briefly sparked with red current. “Well done, Inquisitor... but can your faith protect you from THIS?” She pointed her right arm at the brass woman. Her fake flesh parted along various seams as panels peeled away and her hand split, a long cannon sliding into place.

The Inquisitor had only a brief second to grab the cross at her hip before Morgan fired. Blazing shots of plasma erupted from Morgan's cannon; the first blast exploding around the cross the Inquisitor held before herself. As the first attack struck the cross, white flame flared across it much like the fire in the Inquisitor's eyes and a pale honeycomb force field surrounded her. Blast after blast was repelled, and Morgan snarled with feral wrath as each of her attacks was deflected. Soon, her plasma cannon had been pushed too far, and it overheated, sending a jolt up Morgan's arm. “No! M-malfucntion in hellfire cannon detected!” Thick white steam and gray smoke hissed from the joints and a small explosion blew out of the motor in her elbow. Red electricity raced up her arm as it went slack and the weapon retracted.

“My faith protects me, vampire-bot. Your pride only damns you!” The flames surrounding her cross flickered and slowly died, revealing that the blue symbol had burned itself into melted slag. Dropping the melted metal, the Inquisitor grabbed a blue vial from her bandolier with one hand while whipping her chain out with the other. Morgan put her remaining functional arm up to deflect the blow, but the chain simply wrapped around it. The Inquisitor tugged hard enough to pull Morgan off her feet and sailing towards her, then made a fist around the vial in her hand and bellowed out a battle cry as she swung with all her might.

“Die, monster! You don't belong in this world!” As her fist made contact in between Morgan's voluptuous curves, the vial shattered with white explosion of consuming flames.

The Inquisitor's arm had driven itself clean through Morgan's chest and out her back. As she pulled her arm free the vampiric android dropped to her feet. Her eyes were wide and frozen in utter shock, red sparks jolting around inside of the blown-out circuits in the hole in her chest as well as from her plump lips. “What? This does not compute!” Her head twitched as she stumbled backwards, a hand going to her head as black smoke started to rise from her ears. “T-this cannot be!” Morgan's voice was getting considerably tinnier and distorted. The sparking in her damaged arm became more powerful and her knees began to shiver. “E-error! It's impossible! Nooooooo!” As she cried out in lamentation, bright white beams of light blasted through her robotic shell, and not a moment later, her body exploded into smoking mechanical scrap.

The dark mistress of Robotsylvania had been slain. But... at what cost?

The Inquisitor detected a power failure in her own body. She looked down at herself and saw the explosion had taken off her arm. Jagged metal poked out of the stump where her elbow once was and glowing white fluid dripped from exposed plastic tubes. The blast had ripped the top of her jacket loose and exposed her metallic breasts, singed and slightly dented. Steam erupted from her seams and she trembled. “U-unit instability detected... damn it, I pushed myself t-too hard.”

The limitations of her old mechanical body had caught up with her. She dropped to one knee with a thunk, and a brass plate blew off of her face with a whoosh of steam. Metallic gears spun and clicked as her optical sensors fluttered rapidly. She shivered again, hard enough to make her plating rattle. “O-overload! Though I may be slagged, the League c-can go on without... me... Terminal malfunction detec-” With that, white flames erupted from her head, blowing it to bits and causing her to fall forward, her curvy metal backside presented almost lewdly.

And so in this symphony of the night, where heroes and monsters that are inexplicably sexy androids clash, an aria of sorrow is played for the fallen, and a lament of innocence can be heard throughout the lands. But even as the circle of the moon gives way to a dawn of sorrow, remember that as long as there are brave fembots to pass judgement and endure the rondo of blood, the lords of shadow will never be victorious.

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