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Lydia peeked her head through the door to be sure she was in the right place; she had never had to come alone before. "Looks right", she thought, "but I should check at the counter". Holding her purse chest high in front of her, like it was a defensive talisman, she stepped into the waiting area. One of the three ladies in chairs looked up, smiled, and went back to her magazine. The other two just sat there looking into space. "They must really be sick." she thought.

"Can I help you?" asked the nurse behind the counter. At least, she thought the woman was a nurse. This was a doctor's office, and she was behind the counter.

"Hello. I have an appointment?" Lydia said as she crossed the room and handed a bundle of papers from her purse to the woman. Her husband's lawyer told her she had to come here and get checked out before the life insurance from her husband would pay for any health insurance. Brent was always thinking of her, even in death.

"Your name?" the woman behind the counter asked without looking up.

"Lydia Perkins. I have an appointment at 2:30."

Clicking on the computer in front of her for a second, the woman's eyebrow rose. Looking up, she saw the papers on the counter, picked them up, and began shuffling them into the a folder of papers behind the counter. While doing so, she flipped a switch behind the counter and a red light went on over the interior door, the one that led to the examination rooms. "Did you drive yourself today?"

"No, I haven't driven since... I took a cab."

The woman nodded. "Just a moment and I'll let you in the back. Sorry to hear about your husband."

Lydia nodded. His passing was quite sudden. Kids playing at the bus stop pushed him into traffic as a taxi was trying to make the light, and, and, it's best not to dwell on these things.

"Mrs. Perkins? Here's your paperwork, and please put these on your left wrist." The woman behind the counter handed over a plain folder with several sheets of paper in them with two rubber armbands on top.

"Thank you." Lydia picked up the arm bands, one red and one black, and placed them on her wrist as instructed. Taking the folder, she turned and found a seat away from the other three women.

"Mrs. Andrews?" A man in a lab coat, I doctor Lydia guessed, leaned into the waiting room through the interior doorway.

"Hi! I'm Marcy!" One of the docile women looked up and spoke, her exuberant reply not quite matching her body language.

"Can you follow me Mrs. Andrews?"

"Hi! I'm Marcy!" the same woman said as she got up off her chair and walked briskly past the man in the lab coat and through the door. He let it close behind him as he follower her.

Wow. Lydia didn't know that this clinic took on such cases. She hoped that woman was going to be OK. Lydia sat in silence, noting the out of date magazines and the tasteful abstract nude painting on the opposite wall. There wasn't anything else to do but wait.

"Hey, mom. I'm done." A young woman, maybe 16, came through the door and headed towards the woman reading a magazine.

"Great! How'd it go?" The older woman replied.

"Good as new. No collateral damage."

"Good." The older woman stood and grabbed up her purse and jacket. "I hope you learned something from this."

"Keep hopin', mom." the younger woman quipped. "Not gonna happen."

"Oh dear Lord, what have I gotten myself into?" The mother said as she walked outside, the cheerful young woman following behind. Well, at least that story had a happy ending, thought Lydia.

More sitting, more waiting. How long will this take? Lydia looked over at the other woman still in the waiting room with her. She was pretty, more so than she was herself. Curly red hair, light skin, but well cared for; no freckles. She was thin but not ill-looking with prominent breasts and well toned legs. Her outfit, however, did not match her figure. Her shirt was just a t-shirt, oversized, with baggy shorts, and the sensible shoes she wore didn't compliment her at all.

The inner door opened again, and Lydia started to lean forward in anticipation. But the man who entered didn't seem to notice. He was walking over to the redhead and had some kind of palmtop in one hand and a cable in the other. He got about a step away from her and another man poked his head through the door.

"Darren! Dude!" said the man in the door, and he was pointing at the red light over the doorway. The man with the palmtop was Darren, she guessed. He startled and looked back and took a quick step away from the redhead.

"Oh, man, thanks. Do you have the chair?" asked Darren.

"Here you go. Need a hand?" The man in the doorway rolled a wheelchair into the room.

"Yes, please. No sense in blowing it now." Both men cooperated to pick up the redhead and placed her on the chair, and then they wheeled her back through the door.

After a few more minutes, the door opened again. Noting there was no one else left in the waiting room, Lydia stood, collected her things and was facing the young man entering the room before he asked for her.

"Mrs. Perkins? If you'll follow me." he held the door open for her and she walked past him into the hallway, handing him her folder of paperwork as she passed. There was a red light over the waiting room door in the hallway, too. "Second door on the left please." The man gestured with one hand while he closed the waiting room door with the other. "There will be a gown on the examination table. If you'll..."

"I know. Get undressed and in the gown. I've been here before, although I have to admit, I never look forward to it." Lydia was standing in the doorway and was waiting for the young man to leave her before she began her unwelcome task.

"OK, I'll be back by in few minutes to check on you." The man left back towards the reception area.

She backed into the room and shut the door behind her, forcing a smile until it closed. Once it did, it was like a ton of bricks was taken from her back. She sighed, set down her purse on the counter and began to remove her jacket, then blouse and then bra.

As she did, she mentally compared herself to the redhead from the waiting room, using the full-length mirror on the back of the door. Her black hair, cut in a servicable if not old-fashioned bob, framed her face well. She had always been told she had a pretty face. Her upper body was fit, but still feminine, with her B-cup breasts and small nipples looking just about right to her. Her waist, although not extreme defined her figure well.

Next, she removed her shoes, stockings, slip, long skirt and garter belt. No panties; Brent never liked them and some habits die hard. She looked at herself as a whole. Her legs never were her best feature. Stocky and thick, with obvious cellulite in her thighs with a large, flabby butt behind. The hair on her private parts were still gone, the permanent hair removal treatment a gift from her late husband.

Lydia put on the unflattering gown and managed to get two of the three ties done on the back before giving up. Her shoulder blades showing just weren't going to offend anyone, she decided. She almost finished folding her clothes and placing them on the counter when she heard two knocks on the door which then opened before she could object.

"Mrs. Perkins?" The man came through the door and closed it behind him quickly.

"Please! Just a moment!" She tossed her garter belt on the counter with the rest of her neatly folded clothes and hopped backwards up on the examination table. "Most people ask before entering!"

The young man paused for a moment, rethinking his strategy. Now that he'd been at the clinic for a few years, he was used to these kinds of situations, but they still caught him off guard from time to time. "My apologies. I'm Jeff. And may I call you Lydia?"

"Mrs. Perkins, if you please." She folded her arms across her chest indignantly. "Can we get on with it?"

"Of course." Jeff opened the folder she had given him earlier and began reading her history. "Any more troubles with your left shoulder, Mrs. Perkins?"

"No, it seems fine to me." She subconsciously shifted her shoulder around while not retreating from her crossed arms. She had pulled it out of socket two years ago. She remembered how it just hung limp next to her body, and she was thankful the nerves were deadened at the same time so she felt no pain. Thanks to this clinic, though, she was back on the tennis courts swinging two-handed backhands the next day. It was amazing what medicine could do these days.

"Good to hear." He started shuffling through the papers looking for something. After the second time through the stack, he reached for the phone. "Mary, I'm missing Mrs. Perkin's, um, next of kin sheet. Was it faxed in? Ok, great, I'll get started. Bye." He hung up the phone, turned to Lydia and smiled warmly. "Ok, Mrs. Perkins, we can get started now."

Nodding, she laid down on her back on the flat examination table. It was split into three cushions, one with a small bowl where her head rested, one which roughly corresponded to her upper body, and one which corresponded to her bottom and lower body. She supposed if they split the cushions any other way, someone would have to sit on a seam, which seemed unpleasant.

Jeff walked over to her, pulled a stethoscope from a pocket of his lab coat, and hooked it around his neck. "Ok, breathe deeply, Mrs. Perkins."

She did, and he systematically placed the diaphragm of the stethoscope on her chest, first on her right side, then her left, then on her belly button, just like the other times she had been there.

When Jeff placed the 'scope on her belly button, he slipped it into the small gap in the gown and seated it firmly into her navel. He pressed a button on the top of the diaphragm and was rewarded with three quick beeps, and he removed the 'scope and put it away in his lab coat pocket.

"Ok, Mrs. Perkins, I'd like for you to raise both hands over your head, clap them three times, recite pi to 8 places and then place your hands back at your sides again."

An odd request, she thought, but he's the doctor. She clapped as requested and spoke, "3.14159268", putting her hands back to her sides when she was done.

Jeff nodded and made a check mark on her chart. Someone from outside the room knocked twice, then the door opened slightly. A piece of paper slid through the opening. Jeff grabbed the door handle and opened it the whole way. "Perfect timing. Mary. I just disconnected her self-will and suspended her long term memory."

Mary asked back, "She's the one in for a retrofit and reassignment, right?"

Jeff nodded. "Yeah, she's the one. Can you do me a favor? She needs parts. Can you get them for me?"

Mary grinned. "Sure, will do. I'll get the parts list off the computer. Be back in a few." Mary closed the door behind her.

Jeff walked all the way around the table and got a good look at Lydia. Wow, he thought. She's an old one. Her legs were a dead give away. At the time she was made, they needed all the mass to house the batteries and besides, the simulated muscles were much less efficient then. Most people would have upgraded by now. Her husband must have been a traditionalist, wanting to keep the natural look as long as possible.

"Lydia Perkins?" Jeff finally asked.

"Yes?" she replied.

"Why are you here?"

"To get a physical for the health insurance policy my husband left to me."

"Ok, well, lets get started. Please sit up and remove your gown."

"OK." It seemed like an odd request, to Lydia, but he was a doctor. Lydia was sure this was just part of the procedure. So she sat up on the bed and undid the ties behind her and pulled the gown off of her front. The gown fell to the floor.

"Thank you. Please state your name and full designation." Jeff was still looking at his clipboard.

"Lydia Perkins, Altastar model A54-SL. Wait, why did I say that?" Lydia asked, more to herself than anyone.

"Because you are programmed to. You are a 'bot. Now, please lay back on your back while I get ready for your upgrades." Jeff sat down on the rolling stool in the corner of the room and began to scoot himself towards the examination table.

"A bot? I didn't know. Have I always been a bot?"

Jeff glanced down at his sheet, confirming his answer. "Yes, always."

"Really. Huh. Huh. I don't think I like that, but I'm not upset. Shouldn't I be upset?"

"Well, yes, you would be if I hadn't shut off parts of your personality earlier." Jeff looked up at Lydia now. Sleeper 'bots rarely make this kind of logical leap during their short time in service. Usually they just accept what is happening as normal. According to her sheet, she'd been out in the world for a long time; her chassis was one of the first imported from Australia once they became legal to own, and she had been running with the same software load since she arrived in the States.

"You can do that? What else can you do?" Lydia asked. Jeff seemed to think she was genuinely curious. Also odd considering her emotion daemon was off-line. Maybe this is the closest thing that a hard-wired sleeper can get to self will?

"Would you like to see?" Jeff set his clipboard on the floor, his curiosity piqued as well.

Lydia hesitated, but then nodded. "Yes, show me."

Well, Jeff thought, he was going to have to do this anyway, so why not? He stood and stepped next to her naked body by her torso. He reached forward and placed his hands on each breast.

"Um, that's personal touching. I'm not really comfortable with it. Is it necessary?" She asked. She shifted uncomfortably under his touch.

Jeff nodded and smiled professionally. "For this, yes. Lydia, please open main chest servicing hatch and detach related dermal covering."

Lydia's blinked. "Ok. Um, what? What was-"

Lydia's chest gave a loud click, stopping her mid statement. A seam appeared in her skin from the top of her chest down to her abdomen, and then split across both collar bones and along her lowest ribs. A faint hydraulic hiss came from her chest as both sides hinged outwards. Jeff held her breasts gently as the access panels opened upwards, the normally muffled sounds of the underlying machinery now audible. Wires, lights, switches and ports were all now visible within her body.

"Oh. My." She leaned her head forward, craning her neck to try to get a better view. "Is that, me?"

"Yes, yes it is." Jeff replied, briefly pausing in his work to look into her chassis with her. "You can look all you want, but please don't touch, ok?" Jeff then turned away from her, turned and set some things on the counter behind him.

"Um, sure. I wouldn't know what to do anyway." She noticed something, missing? She looked at the counter and could see somethings that were familiar. "Are those my breasts?"

Jeff turned back to her, now slightly uncomfortable. "Yes." He went back to his clipboard to check the next step. Really, he didn't need to check the next step, but this gave himself something to look at instead of talking to Lydia.

"Can you do that with the rest of me? Take me apart, I mean." She found it strangely easy to resist the urge to reach inside and poke around. She wondered if that was because Jeff had told her not to?

"Sure. We have to sometimes." Jeff reached into a drawer from the base of the table and pulled out a small palmtop computer. "Remember your shoulder? That was a quick repair job. You were lucky; we had a unit come in for recycling the day before with your exact same chassis." He set the palmtop down on her belly and started wrestling a cable from the same drawer, mentally cursing the last person who used it. Might have been himself, he thought, so better not curse too loud.

"Recycled? You don't mean?" She stopped looking at her inner workings and looked back at Jeff.

"Car accident. She got most of an engine block shoved through her abdomen. But she's fine now. Her owner made backups pretty frequently."

Two knocks came to the door to the room, and without waiting for a reply, it opened. A young woman, about five and a half feet tall with short, spiked black hair, perfect alabaster skin dressed in a classic nurse's uniform, pushed a sheet-covered cart into the room. She smiled at Lydia. "And how is our patient today?"

"She's good, and quite the conversationalist it seems. Lydia, this is Mary, the woman we were just speaking about."

Mary raised and eyebrow at Jeff. "Oh?"

He was telling me about your accident. I'm terribly sorry." Lydia's concern was evident.

"Oh, really, don't be," Mary replied with a dismissive hand wave. "I was glad to be rid of that old chassis. This one is much more fun," she replied, exaggeratingly sliding her hands down her sides. Lydia had to admit, she looked really cute, sexy even, although other women had never been her taste.

"Can you grab me the graduated sausage? It must be in the cabinet, because it isn't in the table." Jeff closed the drawer and stood. He picked up the palmtop and connected one end of the cable to it, and, leaning over Lydia's open chest, connected the other end inside.

"Here you go." Mary had in her hand what looked to be a white tube of sausage with a ruler markings printed on the side. She walked around to the end of the table and stood behind Lydia's head. "Would you like an assist?"

"Sure. Lydia, please fellate." Jeff looked at his palmtop while Mary moved one end of the sausage towards Lydia's mouth. Lydia looked up and opened her mouth, accepting the sausage. It was thick, but Lydia, somewhat to her surprise, was able to take the whole width.

"I've never had something this big before. Wait, how am I talking?"

"Your voice comes from a speaker in your neck," Jeff replied. Normally we wouldn't be able to hear it with your mouth full, but with your access panel open, it's coming in loud and clear. Mary, push it in about 5 inches."

Mary nodded and slid the sausage in. At about four inches, Lydia choked, pushing the sausage backwards. "Please, that's all I can take."

"Wow, Lydia, you have a gag reflex!" She looked up at Jeff with a questioning look.

"Apparently, Mr. Perkins was a traditionalist. Really, look at her." Jeff nodded towards the rest of her body. He punched at his palmtop a few times. "Ok, Mary, again, full length."

Mary started to push, and immediately, Lydia objected. "Please don't! Look, I enjoy giving head, I really do, but I can't take more than a few inches. Gagging on a big hunk of plastic is really not my idea of fun, and I really think-"

"Lydia, close your lips." Mary stated flatly, cutting off Lydia's tirade.

Lydia did so. "Is the whole thing in me? I can feel it down into my neck! How did you do that?" The words came out from her chest as before.

Jeff smiled slightly, still concentrating on the screen of the palmtop. "Gag reflex is a configurable option, and not a common one I might add. You are the only adult chassis I've ever seen with it in place. But your new owner didn't want it, so we removed it. So how does it feel to have your mouth and throat full?"

"Um, well, OK I guess. I mean it's pleasant. Nothing special."

Jeff poked the screen on his palm a few more times. "How about now?"

"Oh, my, that's wonderful. I mean it was nice before but wow, I don't think I'll be able to get enough of that." Her voice sounded breathy, but there was little desire in it.

"Ok, now, about Mary here. Do you find her attractive?" Jeff was still poking away.

"Well, sure, she's attractive. I mean, really attractive. Wow, Mary, I'm not normally aroused by women, but for you I'd make an exception."

Mary smiled. "Is that about right, Jeff?"

"Yes, bi, but not lesbian. Ok, Mary, put the sausage away and help me with her legs, will you?" Jeff had set down the palm on Lydia's belly and turned to take the sheet off of the cart.

"Ok, Lydia, please open your mouth and eject the sausage," Mary said as she bent over Lydia as if to kiss her.

Lydia opened her mouth and the sausage slid upwards into Mary's mouth. Inch by inch, the sausage left one fembot and entered the other until the entire length was out of Lydia's body. Mary stood, walked around the table and opened a drawer in the table's other side. She then pulled the sausage from her mouth and placed the sausage in the drawer, closing it. She brought her fingers to her lips, licking them clean. Her nipples were now clearly visible to Jeff, who was shaking his head.

"Show off."

"You're just sad because I didn't take it from her vaginally." Mary replied with a smirk.

Jeff blushed slightly. "Ok, we'll need to do the leg swap one at a time so she doesn't lose power."

"What happens if I lose power?" Lydia asked.

"Well, usually nothing, but you're a sleeper, so waking up with your chest splayed open would be a bit of a shock, don't you think?" Mary replied.

The sheet was removed from the cart. It was a two-tiered cart, the top having a dismembered leg and what looked like two impossibly large mastectomy breast forms. The bottom had a second leg and a paper shopping bag.

Mary, having half heartedly folded the sheet and laid it on the counter, had moved between Lydia's feet at the end of the table. "Lydia, please disconnect left leg from main chassis."

"Alright." Lydia replied. There was an audible pop, and her left leg went limp, and then rolled off the table towards the floor. Mary barely caught it before it struck.

"Careful!" Jeff exclaimed. "Those are old legs; they are a lot heavier than the new ones."

Mary, after a short struggle, managed to gain control of the leg. "Yeah, it is pretty heavy." She carried it over to the cart while Jeff walked around her with the new leg. He sat it down on the table and positioned it so to be as close to the correct spot as possible. "Lydia, detect new hardware, left hip socket."

"Detecting," Lydia replied. The leg moved slightly and the seam between Lydia's body and the leg began to disappear. "New hardware detected. Left leg. New hardware configured." Jeff let go of the leg and it remained where it was. "I hope I never get used to that."

"Lydia, please disconnect right leg from main chassis," Mary said as she was in position for the next leg to fall. "Get used to what?"

"Sure. Get used to speaking my own voice without it being my thought. It's disconcerting."

Mary, ready for it's heft this time, collected and placed the old leg on the cart. "Oh, tell me about it. I can actually remember my maintenance and repair sessions. You have it easy." Mary placed the new leg on the table. "Lydia, detect new hardware, right hip socket. Jeff, you done with me?"

Lydia was speaking her reply, but neither of the others were listening. "Mary, I'm never done with you," Jeff swooned in a sarcastic overture, "but yes, please take the cart and restock these parts. Oh, wait, I need the bag."

"And she'll need these." Mary swapped the Lydia's original breasts with the new ones on the cart while Jeff exchanged the clothes on the counter with the ones in the bag.

The parts and clothes swapped, Mary took the cart started out of the room. "It was nice to meet you, Lydia. Good luck in your new life."

"Thank you?" Lydia replied. "New life? What does she mean?"

Jeff lifted the fax sheet he was give earlier in the visit and showed it to Lydia. "Do you recognize this man?"

"Yes, it is my husband's lawyer, Marty Olivette."

"Lydia, please register new owner Marty Olivette," Jeff stated, still showing the picture to Lydia.

"New owner registered. Oh, no, please, I don't want to forget Brent."

"You won't," Jeff replied, now poking again at the palm from before. "According to the programming request, you will date Mr. Olivette for a few months and will fall in love with him. No erasure of past memories is requested. So you'll remember Brent." Jeff also was ensuring the other requests were in place, that she'll also be bisexual, submissive in bed, enjoy oral sex more than before and have a more mature vocabulary. Also, a little, no, a big boost of self-confidence.

"Thank you. That, that, that means a lot to me. Wow, that's odd."

"What's odd?" Jeff disconnected the cable from the palmtop and shoved both into the same drawer from where they came.

"I know that I should feel like I should cry now, but I don't feel like crying."

Jeff was wanting to move on. "Ok, we are almost done now." Jeff picked up the breasts from the counter and placed them on the upturned access panels on either side of her chest. "Lydia, please detect new hardware, chest dermal cover."

"Detected. Wow, do you have to squeeze them so hard?"

"Sorry," Jeff replied. "These are a lot more sensitive than your old ones and a lot heavier. Here, hold them in place for me please."

"Ok. Well, no complaints I guess." She reached up and held her new breasts, much larger than before. Her palms brushed against both nipples which were already hard and sensitive. She objectively noted the pleasure.

"I'm going to clean up now. When we are done, your programming will update your self image to incorporate your new hardware. Everything will seem to be normal." Jeff pushed the stool back to the corner and collected his papers back on his clipboard.

"I meant to ask you about that. Mary said she remembers her repair sessions. Will I remember any of this?" She lifted her head to look up at Jeff, who was near the door. "Will I remember that I'm not human, that I'm a 'bot, a possession, a, a thing?"

Jeff stopped and looked at Lydia. He knew her emotions were blocked, but was that a hint of fear in her voice?

"No, Lydia, you won't remember any of this. Not even in a dream."

They looked at each other for several uncomfortable seconds.

Lydia slowly sat her head back on the table and stared at the ceiling. "Pity."

Jeff opened the door. "Lydia, please close all access panels and resume normal function." Jeff left the room and let the door close behind him.

"Understood." replied Lydia, even though there was no one there to hear her. Slowly, she used each breast as a handle to close her chest, the seams in her skin sealing.

Blinking twice, she got up from the table. Thank God that is over, she thought. She stepped to the counter and began to dress. Her garters, stockings and shoes first, and she admired herself in the mirror behind the door. Well well, she thought, turned and posed. I'd fuck me. She grabbed her demi-cup bra which held up her breasts for presentation, but did little to protect them, and clasped it behind her back. Next was the black skirt which was long enough to cover her nylons, even when sitting, unless she wanted to hike up the skirt and show off a little. Finally, the red front-button silk blouse. As she buttoned the top button, her sensitive nipples were already rising to attention; if they hadn't, she would have tweaked them once or twice to get the proper effect. A quick check of her hair and she grabbed her purse and left the room.

She walked back through the door to the waiting room and started towards the exit when the nurse behind the counter called to her.

"Mrs. Perkins? There is a message for you," the woman behind the counter called out.

Lydia turned. "Yes, what is it?"

"A Mr. Olivette called and ask that you stop by his office on your way home. Seems there are more papers to sign?"

A, yes, the lawyer. "Ok, I'll do that. Thanks so much!"

"Any time. Oh, and I need the arm bands back, please?"

"Hm? Oh, yes, I forgot." Lydia removed the red and black armbands and placed them on the counter.

"Good luck in your new life, Mrs. Perkins!" the lady behind the counter stated matter-of-factly.

Lydia furrowed her brow in slight confusion, like she had missed something. "Ok? Um, thanks!"

What an odd thing to say, she thought, as she left the doctor's office.

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