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Susan hurried down the corridor towards the check-in counter. She had been on time for her flight until they bumped the schedule up 20 minutes. Now she was running late, and she prided herself on her punctuality. She walked as fast as she could, her heels clacking on the tile floor of the airport.

The girl behind the check-in desk was a bubble-headed blonde who seemed to ooze cheerfulness. Her nametag proudly announced her name to be Debbi, for anyone who cared to notice. "Yes, miss, how can I help you?" she beamed.

"I need to check-in for flight 2027, nonstop to Boston," Susan told her in a curt tone.

"Certainly, miss. Your name?"

"Susan Simms. My ticket number is 8052, class C."

Debbi punched in the information, then smiled vapidly at Susan as the computer processed it.

"Alright, Miss Simms. As a class C passenger, you are not allowed any luggage, and for security reasons, you must deactivate any external electronics prior to passing through the security checkpoint."

Susan thought to herself, "I already know all this. She's wasting my time, and I'm running late."

Debbi finished her speech regarding security. "Your gate number is 17. You'll need to go through the C-Class security checkpoint, just to the left. It'll be clearly marked." She then flashed a smile that seemed to say "I'm totally happy with everything!"

Susan took her papers and quickly headed for gate 17. She could see the standard security gateway, with people lined up wating to go though the scanners. Off to one side was a sign that read "Class C Security Check" with an arrow pointing to a windowless door. "There shouldn't be as long a wait for the class C checkpoint," Susan thought.

When she opened the door, she was greeted by a room full of passengers, with two security girls checking them at the front of the room. Each of the passengers held a small, grey plastic bin. Susan could overhear some of the standard security questions being asked. She took a plastic bin from the stack near the front of the door and waited behind a pretty, but nervous looking woman in a business dress.

After a few calls of "next," it was the nervous woman's turn to be taken into the security cubicle. Susan waited a few minutes, but the check seemed to be taking longer than usual. Four more minutes passed. Susan huffed. At this rate, she was going to miss the flight!

Growing bold, Susan stepped forward, and knocked on the cubicle wall. One of the security girls stepped out.

"I'm sorry for the delay, miss. The woman in front of you in line has become a bit unstable. I can take you in the other booth." She motioned for Susan to follow her into another cibucle.

The security girl took Susan's boarding pass and checked it briefly. "You are Susan Simms?" she asked.

"That's right," said Susan.

"Are you carrying any external electronic devices, explosive chemicals, blunt or edged weapons, or potentially damaging software?"

"Not that I'm aware of," said Susan.

The security girl then held up what looked like a flashlight, and shone it into Susan's eyes. Susan immediately felt her mood soften.

"Alright, if you would remove your clothes and jewelry, and place them in the bin, then stand at attention," said the girl.

Susan dutifully began stripping, folding each article and placing it in the plastic bin. Once she was nude, she stood at attention as she was instructed. The security girl circled her, examining her body and making notes on her clipboard. She then set the clipboard down, reached into a box, and pulled out a long dildo.

"I need you to masturbate with this for 30 seconds, and then stick it in your ass for 30 seconds," she said. Susan took the toy from the girl, and began playing with herself as instructed. While she did, the security girl gave her breasts a thorough examination, squeezing, pinching, twisting, and pulling them in every direction.

Susan's mind was no longer occupied with thougts of missing her flight, but was now consumed with pleasure, thrilling both at the feel of the dildo inside her, and the touch of the pretty security girl. All too soon, the minute was up, and the girl took the dildo back, making notes on her clipboard.

"Alright," the security girl said, "I just need to kiss you, and we can get you packed." The girl walked up to Susan, leaned in, and began kissing her. Her tongue began probing Susan's, exploring every corner of her mouth. Susan was in heaven, stroking and rubbing the security girl's body, pulling up her skirt, and rubbing the girl's pussy.

Eventually, the security girl broke the kiss, finished filling out her papers, and placed a tag around Susan's wrist. "You check out fine. Your box is behind you."

Susan looked around, and found a largeish box with foam padding in the shape of a person, and space for the plastic tray. She slid the tray into place, then climbed into the box herself.

"Everything situated?" the girl asked. Susan nodded. "Good. Open your mouth, please." Susan did. The girl reached in, pressing a spot on the roof of Susan's mouth. Susan became still.

The security girl closed the box and wheeled it out of the cubicle. In the other cubicle, she could still see the other security girl dealing with the nervous woman, whose nude form lay face down on the table. Her head had been removed, and kept repeating, "You don't understand. I'm a human," over and over again with the sound of electronic distortion creeping in. The other security girl was had plugged a cable into the open panel on the nervous woman's back, and was currently undoing her own blouse. She looked up at her coworker.

"Oh, Kelly, would you help me out here? I need to do an interface."

"Sure Jenn. I'll be right back."

Kelly wheeled Susan's box to the rest of the Cargo-Class passenger boxes, and returned to Jenn's cubicle. Jenn was already topless, and was bent over the table, propped on her elbows. Kelly hiked up Jenn's skirt, and pressed the hidden release in her ass. A panel hissed open in her back, revealing an array of controls and ports. Kelly took the other end of the cable, and plugged it into the appropriate port on Jenn's body.

"Are you going to be alright on your own? I'm supposed to be shipped with this flight," Kelly said, as she began to strip.

"I may need some help debugging Miss Hunt here. Debbi's programmed for security, isn't she?"

"She should be. She's a 5000 series like me." Kelly climbed into her own trunk. "Shut me down?" she asked.

"Sure," said Jenn. She reached into Kelly's open mouth and pressed her deactivation switch. Kelly's thoughts ceased.

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