Nancy Runs a Program

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Nancy, a fembot who was once a woman, lowered herself into the office hot tub. She wore a black bikini and had a white hotel style towel and a dummy hotel room key near her.

Using her internal communications system, Nancy texted her boss. “In hot tub. Ready to receive program.”

Nancy worked for the individual famous as “Professor B.” Born Beatrice Bollum, her brilliant robot designs and business savvy had made her “The Bill Gates of Robots.” Since she had “crossed over” she now had plastic skin, a flawless face with a tiny hint on nonhumanity in the expression and synthetic red hair. (She had originally used a wig of her original, pre-fembot hair, but it had gradually come apart.)

Professor B. came in with a laptop that had a USB cord dangling from it. She was wearing only a very short lab coat and asked “How are you doing Nancy?”

“I didn’t become a robot to be have my CPU fooled into thinking I'm still an organic. But it’s my turn.” She lifted her faceplate and said “Do it.”

The cord was plugged in. Soon she beeped and said “Program received.”

Her boss said “Execute.”

Nancy close her faceplate and relaxed for a few more minutes. Then she got out of the hot tub and toweled herself off. She took her key and went back to her hotel room (#703.)

In the room she threw her bikini over the shower curtain rod to dry. Then she toweled herself off more thoroughly. Soon only her hair was wet but she put one of the other towels in the hotel room around that to dry it. She barely glanced in the mirror since she knew what she looked like. 5’6” with curves in all the right places. White ancestry with a hint of Hispanic. Brown hair shoulder length. Thin build from careful diet and exercise with tight abs (an area her exercise plan emphasized.)

In the control room Professor B. monitored the situation. Professor B.’s optical sensors showed Nancy's plastic skin. Nancy's head displayed the complex cranium that showed the receiver/adapter pattern of an ex-organic human now converted to a bot. But otherwise looked much as she did before she’d been robotized.

(After a rival manufacturer had gotten two human testers electrocuted, fortunately non-fatally, all sexual testing of robot models prior to the JLANT safety certification had to be done by other robots. Making a virtue of necessity) Professor B. used robotized humans to test how the manufactured robots were sexually compatible with organic humans.

Nancy lay on the bed and set her small electronic device for wide holographic display, then plugged in its charging cable. She logged onto the hotel’s website and set the display for robot room service. She scrolled through 3-D holograms of the available bots (not already busy.) She had fun narrowing her choice down to one fembot (a B-171 model) and one malebot (a 45-JK). She decided to flip a coin. It came up tails. So it would be Lisa 943. Her finger moved to make the order…


The coin landed. Heads. Her fingers moved summoning Biff 472 for “Massage work."

Her hair was pretty dry now (although another part of her was not so dry.) In about a minute came the knock. Not wanting to risk indecently expose herself to some random passerby she moved the towel to cover herself and opened the door.

Biff 472 looked exactly like his photo. Although at “life size” he was 5’10” and seemed in perfect proportion. His muscular frame and tight abs were cheats since he was built with them instead of having to work out. (Not that Nancy was complaining.) His facial work was intricate. His skin was, of course, plastic and could fool no one. He wore sandals, shorts, t-shirt and carried a massage table and a bag marked “massage accessories.” “Hello Handsome” she said in her most flirtatious voice. “Why don’t you set up over there?”

So he did, saying “Hello Mam. Thank you for choosing me.”

“I figured you could make me… happy.” She threw the towel on the bed.

He smiled and made eye contact. Might have seemed less sexualized if she hadn’t known his model was built with excellent vision of the whole area he was looking at.

She continued "So what's it like being a bot?"

"I have no frame of reference to compare with."

She walked past him being sure to shake and jiggle all her main assets just so. She briefly examined the sheet on the massage table intended to put her one thin layer between her skin and his hands. Then she deliberately lay on top of it, chest down. While saying "Yes. I see you have the basic cranium of the manufactured. But I’m thinking of one day having myself robotized to… reach my full potential. What’s your take on if I would be happy?”

“Again I lack the correct frame of reference.”

“But you are… not unhappy.” He nodded.

“I’d like an oil massage. Do you carry Chanel number 17 massage oil? Good.”

He poured some of that oil into his hands and began working her body. He started at her feet and worked every square centimeter exposed to him. He neither delayed nor rushed on any part. She rolled over and he began working the additional surface area, again neither delaying nor rushing.

He finished and looked at her questioningly. She smiled, wiggled like so and said “Why don’t you work my bosom again. Slower this time.” So he did.

She asked “Are you programmed to provide” she paused significantly “’Happy endings’ to women who wish it.” When he nodded she smiled invitingly and spread her legs a hair farther. When she saw him still standing there she said “proceed.”

He closed in with his tongue and fingers and said “Tell me if this dose it for you.”

As he started on her, licking her clit like so she said “That’s good. Yes THAT”S GOOD AH AH-” and launched into her first orgasm. When she regained her breath she said “Now work my breasts again harder.” When he’d finished she said “Now show me you can work them very delicately.” So he did. She pointed back to her clit. Her next orgasm came soon.

Soon she stripped him naked. She started to play with his love unit and said “Before you, ah, fire on me I need to test something. I’ve heard a rumor that your model’s jizz is acid like and will harm humans.”

He assured he was safe to fuck a woman. She checked anyway, working him with her mouth then her hands, having him fire into the sheet. After carefully checking the jizz she nodded. Then she worked him again with her mouth, keeping his robot part there even as he warned he was coming.

They hugged. Then she “Now pick up all the furniture and set it against the wall to create maximum floor space. Gently, we don’t want to disturb the people below us.”

(Deceived by her programing she forgot her “hotel room” was over a parts storeroom.)

Once he did that she set her electronic device to play a playlist of formal dancing music. They began to waltz and tango naked.

In the control booth Professor B. nodded. Biff 472 had been cooperative for that ridiculous test and was now letting an “organic” woman have him do date like stuff before taking the next stage, despite how he’d relieved her tension earlier. A fair test. Her robe was open as she had started fingering herself earlier, while watching Nancy’s perfect robot body stimulated.

Then Nancy led Biff to the bed and they began to run through her favorite sexual positions (he was good at them.) Then she had him work her g-spot. After a squirting orgasm she said “That was great.” Some weird whim seemed to strike her and she added “Now do it with your other hand.”

He just froze. She kissed him deeply to see if that would wake him. The awkward interval continued then finally ended when he said “I’m sorry I think in this I am only programmed to be left handed.” So he left handed her g-spot again. After another orgasm she waved off further attention there.

Instead she guided him into their sixth penetration position of the evening. She lay on her front, buttocks pushed slightly in the air and head on a pillow. He knelt over her, his knees at her thighs. His hands worked her breasts as he rode her like a jockey and pumped and as she reached another orgasm her face rubbed against the pillow and she heard a “click” somewhere real close and her face seemed to come apart???

After the orgasm she gasped “Stop! Something’s wrong!” He stopped. She looked in the mirror and saw an organic woman with her face in the correct place. But she knew she felt something WRONG. Her hands probed. It was as if the top layer of her face, from below the jaw to her forehead, had snapped up and was now pointing in the direction she was looking. Even her sexual desires faded as she tried to figure out what was going on. She wasn’t in any pain but that made even less sense???

Professor B. walked in, not even bothering to “unlock” the “hotel door” first and said “Nancy! Terminate False Flag Memory and Identity Program.”

Nancy looked in the mirror again and saw herself as a fembot converted from a human with a face panel open. She would have marveled that she’d ignored the plastic look of her skin. But 828 days of memory came flooding back, taking up her attention.

She'd been having a digitally recorded consultation prior to her own robotization. "Yes I'm sure... I broke my ankle when I missed a stair. I healed quickly. But I kept thinking when I'm robotized I won't be clumsy enough to miss a stair. Or fragile enough to break myself on a mild fall like that. And if I did somehow get a break it could be repaired easily."

The consultant asked "And your brain pattern being sent to receiver chips? With an adapter as a controlling device? Meaning your emotions being diminished and your thoughts and feelings being a mix of free will and programing?" "I've examined the programming summaries thoroughly and I regard that as a design feature not a flaw."

At the other interview the saleswoman (herself a robotized woman) had gone over the finances with her. Figuring in the amount her health insurance would pay for optional Robotization, the near wiping out of her savings and the fact that she'd chosen to be a fancy B-171 model with various customized upgrades-that still left her having to sign a 37 month indenture to make up the gap. She thought briefly of the drudgery she could be letting herself in for working 20 hour days in a mine or robot brothel with no weekends or holidays off. Then she remembered she'd be doing it as a robot and smiled as she signed her indenture.

In the recovery wing she'd had brief problems getting used to her new vision and motor skills. In a few days she'd overcome those issues. She'd even got used to seeing herself with plastic looking skin. Heck she'd even got to enjoy walking past a mirror with robot-skin and with access panels open. The only adjustment she still had to make was to her augmented sexual appetite and sexual pleasure.

Then Professor B. had come in. "I have news about your indenture." Professor B. had looked at her.

"Right now I will accept the mines but am hoping for a robo-brothel." She responded.

"Neither. You're staying here. I'm using you in Research and Development. If you do well we'll ask you on stay on afterwards."

"My human career was as a pharmaceutical rep."

"I calculated your potential as the controller received your brain's pattern. Even before the robotization augmented you, that job was an underachievement."

Working in R +D she found she did have great untapped potential as a designer and especially as a debugger. Of course there were also assignments like today.

Meanwhile Professor B. patted Biff 472's butt and said "How are you doing stud?"

He responded "Pretty good. Pretending she was still organic was no problem. And you programmed me to enjoy sex. And, in an overlapping behavior, to enjoy pleasing women."

She smiled warmly and patted his butt again. Then she looked at Nancy.

Nancy made her report. "Biff waited for permission before ratcheting up the intimacy. It's a great thing, we don't want robot rapists. But just standing there like a dummy makes him seem body language blind. Perhaps we should program in situational questions like "May I make love to you now?"

Professor B. nodded. Nancy continued "Also no matter how hard or soft he works my breasts he puts more pressure on the left one. 12 grams per square centimeter worth. And you got the G-spot bug?"

"Heard it in the control booth. Good work. And how are you doing personally?"

"It was fun. But sex is better when I'm being my new robot self not pretending to be my old human self. I have five orgasms I had to save in my orgasm buffer because my human self had a higher orgasm threshold."

"Discharge your buffer."

Nancy began to moan then scream releasing her toe curling saved orgasms.

Biff smiled and looked pleased at the fruits of his labor.

When Nancy was finished she automatically gasped for breath, a human memory of a need, although her robot system didn’t need oxygen. Then she said "I'm sorry I blew the scenario by having a faceplate incident."

Professor B. responded "Accidents happen. I wish we could have gotten the doublethink setting installed but that's hard to install in robots as self-honesty is inherent. You've both done fine work. Why don't you two... amuse yourselves before your maintenance shutdowns and we'll start fresh tomorrow." She patted Biff's butt again, blew Nancy a kiss and left the room.

Nancy smiled at Biff. When he smiled back she wiggled her body parts like so and said "If you were programmed to respond to body language what would you do now?" As he approached she said "Good, you stayed in erect mode. Now come here you big robot stud and show me just how much sex you're programmed to enjoy." She hoped Professor B. was back watching in the control room.

They played for a while. He had to go back for maintenance first. She gave herself another happy ending then picked up the furniture and put it back in its original places.

The next day-

Professor B. said to Nancy "I hope we get the bugs worked out soon. Chester has been eyeing the 45-JK’s performance. When they're ready he's going to finally take me up on my robotization offer, although he wants assurances he wouldn't be augmented to bisexuality."

Nancy nodded. She knew that Professor B's relationship with Chester was deep (although not in the least exclusive.)

Soon Nancy was in the control room watching Professor B. naked in the simulated hotel room. Professor B. was scrolling through the fake hotel website with her left hand (while keeping her right hand busy.) Then she made a phone call.

Nancy picked up the phone "Front Desk this is Nancy."

"Hi this is Beatrice in room 703. Tell me that hotel sexbot Biff 472. Is he well... built?"

"His manufacturer did not stint on any... part of him. I checked myself. Should I send him up?"


Professor B. had patiently re-worked her own programming to feature double think. Believing herself still an organic woman she could test how an organic would feel while simultaneously knowing she was a robot and avoiding any risk of her panels opening.

The End.

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