Persona Tests: Pamela One Point Zero

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Persona Technologies Stress and Structural Tests

Location: Persona R&D Facility #450

Subject: X-020-9-RD-439 "Pamela"

"She's doing very well. Could she pass for the real thing?"

"It doesn't matter. They are all Pamela in every way that matters. The girl signed over the rights to her mind and physical form for a hefty sum and footage of the destruction of her android duplicates. They all start the same, thinking they’re her. They have no idea what’s coming.”

On the other side of the two-way mirror Pamela continued to run on the treadmill, eyes straight ahead, face blank. Concentrating only on her perfectly steady breathing and her quick pace. It was like there was no one else in the world. She didn't know, but that was about to be her ruin.

"That's fine, Pamela. You can stop now." The nurse handed Pamela a towel as she jumped off the treadmill. She had worked up quite a sweat. Pamela thought about the robots that were based on her, no idea that she was one of them, a simulation with no rights and fewer choices. She thought she had left weeks ago and was simply waiting for the footage of the girls that looked, sounded, felt like her. She couldn't have been more wrong. The scientists continued to discuss how each of her would experience destruction. Right now there was a clone in the pool, endlessly swimming laps, never getting tired. She wanted to be in shape, but she had forgotten that she had been in the pool for six hours and would soon “die” of a brain hemorrhage. That Pamela was defective and had been ordered to destroy herself by her creators. She obeyed wordlessly, simply jumping in the pool and starting her laps.

"Send the robot in here." Seconds later one of the android girls entered the room. She stood at attention and regarded the scientists with curiosity.

"Are you Pamela?"

She smiled. "Of course I am! I've been here for...for...for...five days training for...a work experience!"

The scientists made a few notes. "How old are you?"

"I'm twenty-two. I'm young, I know, but--"

"Where are you from?"

"Toronto. I'm here on a work visa."

"How do you like to punish yourself while masturbating?"

"I take my phone cable and whip it against my ass. I let it sting me over and over. It feels so good. God, I wish I could do more..." This Pamela smiled and took on a far-away look. The scientists looked at each other. They had made their decision. In a few minutes "Pamela" would be in a perfect copy of her apartment, looking at her laptop and fingering herself, posting to Reddit about how she wanted to read stories of her robot clones being destroyed. She wondered if she could ever feel it herself.

They looked back at the glass, watching the nurse as she helped another Pamela disrobe. Pamela shook her head, her face confused. "I don't know why these clothes feel so binding, I've never felt like this befo--"

The order came. "Take her." The nurse locked on to Pamela's arm, pulling her backwards into the bathroom stall with incredible strength. The pain was intense and quick; the nurse had definitely dislocated her shoulder.

"Let me go, you bitch!" Pamela could only protest for a moment before she was shoved into the stall. Restraints shot over her ankles and wrists, binding her in place. A helmet from the wall came down over her head, blinding her and cutting her ears. It let out deafening tones and shot the brightest lights into her eyes. "Let me go! Let me...let..." She could feel something in her mind. Something pushing into her temple. Literally fucking her brain. Changing who she was. What she was. "No! I'm not one of them! I’m the real Pamela! I'm Pamela...Pamela..." She couldn't remember what was happening or where she was or who she was and she just wanted the pain to stop the pain needed to stop the pain--


Pamela could barely remember when she got on the treadmill. It felt like she had been running for hours. She had to put her hair up in order to stop it from sticking to her sweat-soaked face. Her step was unsteady when she got off the machine, and she had trouble walking straight. Pamela made the stupid decision to try to untie her hair as she walked; she couldn't do both at the same time. The hair got in her eyes, obscuring her view, and she couldn't tell until after she ran headlong into the very large man in front of her.

He was a giant. Muscles upon muscles. And a very angry expression. He looked down at his shirt, and it wasn't until he pointed it out that Pamela realized she had broken her nose on his chest. She reached up to her face to feel the stream of blood.

"I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry! Oh god...I have to go!" Pamela ran towards the first aid station. She thought that would be the end of it. She wouldn't be so lucky.

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