Ignorance is Bliss

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Arriving at nearly midnight, I rang the bell to flat 2063 and stood back while the Securiguard did its scan. The instant the laser grid flicked off the door slid back revealing a tousled late 30s ash-blonde woman who must have been waiting in the hall for me. She looked good humoured but was clearly anxious right now, I was inwardly amused at her rumpled hair and flushed complexion. Clad only in a shimmering blue bedroom gown she looked a bit out of place at the door to her smart apartment; people sometimes got so worked up over something that common sense said could be fixed easily enough. One glance was enough to tell me I wasn’t here to fix the maid!

“Please come in, thanks for coming out so quickly!” The lady motioned me urgently through the hall, scarcely glancing at my Tech ID. “She’s through here, I’ve never seen her like this before, I’m so worried, I hope you can fix her…” I followed the shimmering gown into her bedroom where she rushed over to the bedside and grasped the hand of the girl lying there. “Don’t worry, androids are just complicated machines. They’re bound to go wrong from time to time… I’m sure I can fix the problem for you. What’s her name?”

On the bed was what looked to be a late S60 model female unit: fully realistic as I could clearly see. She lay face up, her athletic legs spread towards me in the doorway, arms akimbo and face turned upwards, she looked like she’d failed during sex – a high demand activity for this sort of unit. Her owner, Ms Jones from the emergency call though she hadn’t yet introduced herself to me, was fussing over her android lover’s deactivated form, stroking her hair and murmuring unheard reassurances.

“She’s called Alix. Please say you can help her… I know she’s a machine but she’s real to me, I’ve never seen her like this!”

“Ms Jones, don’t worry! Let’s take a look at her…” I put my tool bag beside the stricken robot girl on the bed and gave her a careful look over; at least she was already naked which made my job easier. She was a top end unit, almost perfect, but my experienced eye caught the tiny artificial outlines in her synthetic skin.

“I’ll need to open Alix up Ms Jones, you might prefer to wait outside…?”

“No I’d rather stay with her. Call me Sophie by the way.” She smiled at me anxiously, still clasping her lover’s hand as I went to work. I smiled back, inwardly wishing she’d leave me to get on with my job.

It took a couple of minutes to carefully remove the flesh panel between Alix’s navel and her smooth pubic mound. Getting close I could smell the fragrance from between her moist thighs and feel the sticky perspiration on her cooling body. Once the panel was free I laid it aside to hang from the bundle of fine cables running into the opening beneath and connected my tablet to one of the ports set deep inside. I kept up a reassuring commentary to Sophie to try and calm her down.

“I’ve connected Alix’s systems so that I can control her from here while I find out what the problem is. I’m going to turn her on now, she might act rather strangely but don’t be alarmed…”

“Oh, wait just a moment! She doesn’t know… Erm, you see she doesn’t realize that, well… that she’s not…”

“It’s okay Sophie, she won’t remember a thing. She won’t even know we’re here.” I don’t see many sleepers but sometimes one crops up, it makes no difference to me.

Alix started normally and relaxed into a more or less straight pose on the bed, staring up expressionless. I tapped at my tablet screen to start the diagnostics and then went into her run files to see what I could find. “I’ll need Alix’s access code please Sophie.”

Activating Alix had brought all her simulant functions back online, she quickly became a warm, breathing womanly figure and Sophie had to drag her adoring gaze away from her robot girl’s blank eyes to give me the code.

“I’m going to re-run some cached sequences for the diagnostics, don’t be alarmed.” I needed to repeat the cause of the android’s malfunction as all her systems seemed in the green right now. Taking my queue from her CPU log I backed her up to shutdown minus 2 minutes and hit play.

I was not completely surprised when the girl on the bed immediately began to writhe and moan with pleasure, her eyes looking at a scene played out nearly an hour before. Her hands grasped at invisible legs by her ears and her pink tongue darted with incredible delicate rapidity between her glossy lips. Her body rose and fell, fresh moisture glistening across her smooth skin and especially on her sopping sex; her nipples thrust into the air, wobbling on top of her heaving bosom as she surged in digital ecstasy.

I looked on, both at the heaving body on the bed and at its innermost activity displayed on the scrolling readout beside her. That was odd… I made some adjustments as she rode on towards her inevitable malfunction.

“Soph!!! Oh God I’m loosing it big time!” Alix broke off her eager tonguing to exclaim, “I’m really hot… your making me loose control!” The real time Sophie was gazing at her lover with wrapt attention, clasping her hand tight in hers and stroking her arm. She seemed to forget me as she began to rock slightly with her lover’s rhythm. Alix cried out more and more as she thundered towards her orgasm, no doubt from her posture with Sophie’s soft mouth on her sex. Gradually a note of confusion and concern crept into Alix’s voice and her fluid movements became slightly choppy.

“Soph… Oh God… Soph, I feel strange… So…So… Sophie, what are you doing to me? Oh I can’t conconconconconcontrol myself, whatwhatwhatwhatwhat…. Oh, I’m going to come so hard, so hard, so hard… Soph! Soph!

It soon became pretty clear even to her that she was starting to malfunction, that she was an android. All her sensor readings were off the scale, her motor feedback was going haywire and her AI was failing to maintain her own pre-programmed illusions. I had seen this sort of system failure before but never in a sleeper-unit and I watched with interest as the pretty twenty something replayed her malfunction for me. Interestingly, even once there an obvious problem, it seemed that Sophie had made no move to shut her lover down. Alix’s eyes seemed to follow her invisible partner watching her confused stuttering compete with her arousal until finally her system aborted and she fell silent.

As Alix stopped once more I suddenly became aware of Sophie’s rasping breath, she was flushed with excitement and seemed to be on the verge of throwing herself back onto the android. The sexual effect her lover’s malfunction had on her seemed overwhelming, no wonder she had been too distracted to rectify the problem. I coughed, “This is a simple virus corruption, Venus Bug 5.6 is new, she won’t have screened for it…”

Sophie snapped back to reality and straightened herself up awkwardly, her nipples were hard to miss through the thin sheer gown and she looked slightly embarrassed for a second. “Great, please fix her up as soon as you can…”

It took me about ten minutes to erase all trace of VB from Alix’s drives and install a memory patch to cover her malfunction while Sophie sat waiting. Conversation was a bit awkward now as she clearly (and visibly) had other things on her mind. I made one further installation before closing the android up.

“I’ll wait in the other room while you turn her on; I’ve set up a cover file for her malfunction so she should be back to her old self right away. Before I go I’ll need to speak to her for a few minutes, could you ask her to get dressed and come through please. The eager lady nodded enthusiastically and I left her reaching for Alix’s power switch.

A few moments later a tousled but happy looking twenty-something came out of the bedroom still tying her slinky dressing gown. She ran a hand through her short black mop haircut, “Hi, Sophie says you want to talk to me?” She didn’t think it at all odd that she’d come straight from amazing sex into a conversation with a stranger in her flat.

I briefly explained the problem I had noticed and she took on a slightly more concerned air, “but you can sort this out right?”

“Alix, at this stage it’s a five minute job but it could get serious if you leave it for a day or two more…”

“What are you two talking about?” Sophie’s mature fulsome body walking into the room was a perfect compliment to Alix’s smooth athletic physique. “Soph, I’m sorry but owner override 2287 B 3641: deactivate.”

The woman who had called me out to the flat did not seem to acknowledge Alix’s command but nevertheless she stopped where she was and adopted an upright pose, legs braced apart, arms to her side, chest out. “Thanks again for coming out, it’s good to know we can rely on you…” Sophie carried on the conversation; she seemed to be hinting strongly that I should leave, perhaps anxious that Alix should not guess why I was there or so that the two of them could resume their bedroom activities.

I walked up to her stock-still figure and calmly undid the cord around her waist. “Hey! What the hell…? Alix, what’s going on?” I slipped the slippery blue fabric over Sophie’s sun kissed shoulders and let it fall to the floor leaving the protesting figure standing naked in all her glory. She was full and tanned, her synthetic skin was carefully detailed with the texture and marks that made her appear human, even to me at first. Her flushed breasts jutted out in her current pose, tipped with stiff eager crinkly nipples. As I suspected her sexual systems were running out of control, a sheen of fluids coated her inner thighs, practically dribbling from her pussy. She must be aching for attention not to mention severely depleting her fluid stores.

“Sorry, she’s a sleeper. Do you want me to turn her off?” Alix, now purged of the VB virus, was behaving just as I would expect an android owner to on a service callout. She apologised over Sophie’s confused objections.

“No that’s fine, I can do a hot reset on this model once I’ve erased the problem.” Sophie’s body was marvellously realistic except for the main access panel on her belly which was pretty obvious in the nude. I removed it and connected my tablet; she must have some clever sleeper programming to prevent her from noticing that in the mirror!

“What’s she doing to me? Alix, do something, she’s… she’s opening my belly!!! Alix, I’m not a robot… I’m real, you’re the robot girl! Hey, stop that… you can’t… wait! Alix, you’re the robot, let me…” Her objections stopped while she gazed into space as I purged her files.

“She keeps doing that, it’s weird. I thought maybe it’s a problem with her sleeper protocol? Can you do anything to stop her thinking I’m a robot? It only happens when I service her.”

“Sorry, Alix, not really. I think you’re just going to have to live with it.”

“Yeah? Oh well, I suppose it’s kind of cute really.”

I finished up quickly and draped Sophie’s gown back over her shoulders before restarting her. Her programming was robust, once online she simply fastened herself back up, paused a few times, and then smiled as if nothing had happened.

“Thanks again!”

“Yes, thanks for coming out!”

I left the flat after an interesting forty minutes work. Each of the robot lovers was happily convinced that I had repaired their malfunctioning partner and blissfully unaware of the unlikely truth. Better still my details were installed into each pretty unit so I’d be their first resort should they have any other problems.

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