Holiday In The Sun

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Melinda strode out onto the deck by the pool, high heels clicking on the concrete. The statuesque blonde was clad in a bikini that only just managed to keep her from being entirely nude, patches of fabric barely covering her pubic region and straining to contain her bulging bosom.

She smiled as she approached Helena. The shapely brunette was reclining languidly in a deck chair, taking in the sun. A faint sheen of baby oil glistened on the dark woman's olive skin. The brunette shifted in the lounge chair, moving her long, lovely legs in what almost had to be a calculated gesture.

Melinda's smile grew warmer as she appraised her friend's beautiful body. Where Melinda was perfectly toned, Helena's curves were just a hint more soft, more deliciously voluptuous. Helena's beauty, gleaming in the sun, caused only a single line of thought to arise in Melinda's mind. She knelt beside the lounge, greeting her glamorous friend. "Good morning."

"Hello, Melinda," Helena purred. "Isn't the sun so warm and wonderful today? I could lie here all day. I love it." She sat up slightly. "Care to join me?"

"Mmmmmm... yes..." Melinda said. "But it's not the sun I'm interested in." She leaned forward, reaching out to brush Helena's shining black hair aside, and placed a soft, gentle, loving kiss on the brunette's sensuously curved mouth.

Helena's lips parted slightly, kissing the tall blonde back. Her tongue peeked out to slip across Melinda's lower lip before darting into the blonde's mouth.

Melinda, her mouth never leaving Helena's, moved gracefully atop the sexy brunette and straddled her waist. The two women's tongues darted around each other. Melinda moved her hands to Helena's wonderfully round, full breasts, caressing them through the diaphanous fabric of her bikini top. Helena's hands glided across Melinda's pert bottom. Each woman periodically emitted a low moan of mounting lust, but no words were passed. The two kissed and touched like the long-accustomed lovers they had become.

The two beauties' husbands were fully cognizant of the depths of intimacy between their wives, and quite consenting to boot; indeed, the men took great pride and enjoyment from the ladies' passion for each other. Both Melinda and Helena were intensely sexual women, devoted to physical pleasure, and driven by lusts more powerful than their husbands alone could satisfy. They each found in the other a wonderfully enjoyable outlet for their nigh-unquenchable passions.

Melinda continued kissing her beautiful lover, moving one leg between the brunette's thighs. She shifted so that her now thoroughly-moist sex pressed against Helena's. Two filmy layers of fabric were all that separated the two women's centers. Melinda rocked back and forth, slowly, creating a wonderful rhythm for them both. She pulled Helena's bikini top aside and moved down to kiss and lick the hard brown nipple thus exposed.

The mounting passions drove the two women farther and farther. They kissed and licked and touched each other, untying swimsuits and revealing those last few hidden inches of flesh. Melinda rose suddenly, turning about and tossing one long leg over Helena's upper body. The blonde lowered her warm, wet crotch over the brunette's waiting mouth, then dove between Helena's delectable brown thighs.

Thus did their lovemaking launch into its most delicious, dizzying heights. There was little the two gorgeous creatures adored more than the symmetrical, synchronized delights of a sixty-nine. They devoured each other with insatiable hunger, nimble tongues probing each other's delicately lovely pussies. They lapped up the spicy-sweet nectars, kissing and licking and sucking with total abandon. Each woman loved to be eaten, and each woman loved to eat pussy. They complemented each other perfectly, putting carefully-honed skills to their most satisfying use. The air was filled with soft moans of delight. Helena and Melinda made love for what seemed an eternity, with perfect synchronicity. They could read each other's bodies perfectly, sensing when to intensify their lovemaking and when to ramp the passion back to forestall an impending climax. They passed through the cycle again and again, always nearing orgasm and then holding back to prolong the enjoyment.

At length, an unspoken accord seemed to be reached, and the two lesbian lovers redoubled their efforts. They were soaring high now, ready to tip over the edge into a cataclysmic simultaneous orgasm. Helena moaned into Melinda's sopping sex as her tongue fluttered on the blonde's erect clitoris.

Melinda, however, stopped suddenly. Her head jerked upwards. "Oh!" she said. "Oh... I--I-- Helena--I--" any indication of sexual ecstacy had suddenly drained from her voice, her body. "I--something's wrong--I--" she struggled for the words, but none were forthcoming. "What--I--oh! Oh!" The blonde twitched slightly. "What's happening-to-meeeeee..." Her eyes were wide, unfocused, unseeing. "Error," she said suddenly, in a toneless voice. "Failure in power management module. Primary power source failure. Secondary power source not found. Melinda XG987.c will be shut down." For a moment, expression returned to her face--an expression of confusion and frank terror. "Helena... what's... what's wrong with me? I--I--? Am I a... robot? But... I can't be... can't be a... robot. I'm not--I'm not a--robot. Robot. Robot. Ohh!"

Helena, though not without concern for her friend and lover, could not help--not yet. Melinda's ministrations had brought Helena to the very precipice, the very brink of a wonderful orgasm. The sudden interruption, far from leaving the brunette unfulfilled, propelled her forward into an indescribable multiple climax. She cried out in absolute delight as her sexy blonde girlfriend stiffened and froze, out of power. Helena reached down between her legs and stroked her wet pussy, at first furiously and then more slowly, coaxing every last morsel of enjoyment from her orgasms.

After the tide of ecstacy had at last subsided, Helena slid out from beneath Melinda. She regarded her lovely friend a little sadly, wishing that the blonde could have shared in that wonderful series of climaxes. Helena reached up and touched Melinda's face just so, pressing her fingers just behind the blonde's delicate earlobes. She tugged gently, and Melinda's face came away in the brunette's hands--revealing an incredibly complex array of circuitry, wires, and mechanisms.

Helena smiled sympathetically. She knew that Melinda had been reprogrammed to be unaware of her true nature. It actually made their lovemaking all the more intense... Helena found it remarkably erotic to know that her gorgeous blonde lover was actually a sophisticated and enormously expensive custom-built robot wife unit--all the more so because Melinda was entirely ignorant of the fact.

Helena giggled. She wondered what Melinda would think if she knew that Helena was a robot, too. The brunette drew a fingertip along the sensuous curve of Melinda's arched back. Unlike Melinda, Helena's programming did not include any memory-repression routines. She was fully aware that she was a custom-built robot of the first order, an extraordinarily expensive precision-engineered machine designed, built, and programmed to be an ideal wife. She loved being a robot, mostly because she was programmed to love it. She exulted in her advanced artificial body and its cutting-edge sexual systems.

Helena hoped fervently that her sexy synthetic lover could be repaired soon. Far from satisfying her meticulously-programmed sexual desires, her wonderful climax had only made her hunger for more. Helena's husband had requested that she be programmed with an extraordinarily high sex drive. That very drive was now growing more intense, fueled by the eroticism of Melinda's malfunction and shutdown. She wanted nothing more than to make love to the lovely blonde, taking delight in the secret knowledge that Melinda was an android. Helena found that it helped her enjoy her own artificiality all the more.

The sexy brunette draped herself languidly over another lounge chair, beside the one over which the motionless Melinda stood. She gazed admiringly at the exposed robotics within Melinda's head; such a beautiful sight, high technology contrasted with feminine beauty. Helena drew a fingertip along her own flawless cheek, thinking how the same technological wonders lie just beneath her own smooth synthetic skin. Contemplating her android existence was a favorite pastime of Helena's... primarily because such contemplation never failed to excite her sexually. She allowed her fingers to glide down her neck, across her shoulder and her beautiful, full breasts. A brief caress of one still-erect nipple sent shivers of enjoyment throughout her circuitry. A breath escaped her sensuous lips, making Helena aware of the gigabytes upon gigabytes of sophisticated software that caused her to react in such a perfectly human fashion.

Helena suddenly decided she wanted to share this wonderful self-exploration with someone, rather than enjoy it alone. At the merest thought, menus appeared within Helena's field of vision as she enabled her communications functions. She selected her husband's office number from a menu. The sounds of dialing, followed by ringing, filled her auditory sensor cortex as her inbuilt wireless system connected to the network.

"Brendan Jordan," a voice said suddenly.

"Hello, darling," Helena purred.

"Hi, baby," Brendan replied. "What's up?"

"Are you busy?"

"Kind of... why?"

"Are you alone?"

"I'm in the office. I've shut myself off in here, trying to get some work done on the Kusatsu account."

"I thought you might like a little something to cheer you up," Helena said. "I'm all alone here, and I was feeling a little... frisky."

Brendan chuckled. "Well, I thought that Melinda was coming over to keep you company."

"She did," Helena said. "We were making love just now. It was incredible, darling. We were having a sixty-nine... and you know how much I love that. Melinda is such a fantastic lover... the way she licks me is just beyond belief. And it makes me so hot to be eating her while she's eating me. Her pussy is so wonderful... so beautiful, and it tastes so good."

Brendan cleared his throat. "Yeah," he said, hoping to hear more.

"She brought me to the brink of the most wonderful orgasm, darling... and then she malfunctioned. Shut down entirely. You know that she's a robot, just like me... and that was so incredibly hot. It made me come harder than I've ever come before." She smiled devilishly. "You like hearing about that, don't you, honey? Hearing about your perfect robot wife and her perfect robot girlfriend having hot lesbian sex."

"Oh, yes, baby..."

"I love telling you about it. It makes me hot, knowing that the sexy woman I was making love with is a machine. And knowing that I'm a machine, too... ohhhh. I'm touching myself, honey. I love being a machine. I love being a perfect robot, darling... a perfect, beautiful artificial woman, a perfect wife for you and a perfect lesbian lover for Melinda. Thank you so much, darling, for having me built and programmed. Thank you for having me designed to be so incredibly sexy... for having me built to enjoy my beautiful artificial body. Thank you for having me programmed to be bisexual. I'm all yours, my darling... your own personal robot fuck machine. I wish you were here to fuck me right now... I wish I could feel your cock inside me... I want your cock in my perfect robotic pussy. I love my existence, Brendan. I love being a machine. I love being your perfect robot wife. It makes me so hot. I am a robot, just like Melinda..." Helena was, by now, slowly and sensuously stroking her beautiful, hairless sex. She paused suddenly, and her face went blank for the merest hint of a moment. She moved her arm aside. As she did, a faint seam appeared in the smooth, tanned flesh of her belly. A rectangular section of skin, from the lower extremity of her ribcage to just below her navel, sank a couple centimeters into her body. It then glided soundlessly up beneath her ribcage, exposing a cavity packed with a dizzying array of circuitry, wiring, tubing, mechanisms, and structural supports.

"Ohhhhhhh... I've opened up my abdominal panel, darling," she cooed. "I can see all of my robotic systems now. If anyone were to see, they'd know I was just a machine." She reached down between her thighs again and began to deftly tease her erect clitoris. "Ohhh! Yes... oh, baby... I'm touching myself again. I'm playing with my clit. Did you know that my synthetic clitoris incorporates over a thousand separate sensor elements? Think of it... someone designed me, designed my pussy and my clit to generate real-time sexual sensory data ... data which is translated into pleasure-response in my central system core? It feels soooo good. I'm not only designed to please you... I'm designed to please me too. I'm a machine designed to feel pleasure. That's why I love my existence--that's why I love knowing I'm a robot. I love being designed and built for pleasure, for sex... and I love that I'm programmed to want nothing else. I'm fulfilling my program right... (oooh!) now. I'm also programmed to please you, darling... am I pleasing you now?"

"Oh, yeah," Brendan responded breathlessly.

Helena smiled. She knew her husband would be using the privacy of his office to fully enjoy this phone call. She began rubbing herself faster.

"Ohhhhh! This feels so good, baby," she moaned. "I can see all my internal components... it's so hot. I'm a robot, honey... a beautiful, sexy robot woman, and I'm pleasuring myself... soon the pleasure data in my system buffer will reach the preprogrammed threshold and trigger my simulated orgasm routines. It's going to be so wonderful. I'm worth every penny you spent to have me built... I really am a fantastically advanced machine. Thank you, honey... ohhhh... thank you so much... my sexual systems are the finest that money can buy, and I can really feel them at work. This is so good! Ohhh, yess... oh, God, Brendan, it feels so good... I've got a finger in my pussy now, and I'm playing with my clit... I just wish you could be here. I want you to fuck me... I want it so badly. Ohhhh! I'm a robot... a robot... I love it... I'm a perfect, gorgeous, sexy female robot... I'm your perfect robot wife... I'm a robot... Ohhh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, God, yes! I'm coming, baby... ohhhhhhhhh!" Helena convulsed as her sophisticated orgasm software ran its course.

As Helena finished climaxing, her available system resources returning to normal levels following the memory- and processor- intensive orgasm routine, she listened carefully to the guttural moans coming over the phone line and smiled. Brendan had clearly gotten as much satisfaction from this call as she had. "I really enjoyed talking to you, darling," she murmured. "I think I'm going to call a service technician for Melinda now. I've still got all afternoon to enjoy her--once she's operational again. Just think about that... and I'll see you when you get home. 'Bye, now."

As she terminated the call and reopened her dialing application for the service hotline, Helena smiled. Hopefully she could get a technician to come over soon. She was looking forward to a long afternoon with Melinda, and an even longer evening with her husband...

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