My Tutor

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Written by Mirage

My Tutor

"I know! I know! I am failing my math classes! What do you want me to do? I am trying the hardest I can!" I yelled to my mom on the vidphone. "A tutor? I don't need one! I can't afford one! You'll pay for one? Ok..ok.. Send me the money and I'll go see the board at school tomorrow if I can get one." I moaned out. After hanging up, I went to my small apartment across the street. Being 19 and in University was harder than I ever imagined.

I was in my second year of Tech classes wanting to become an android technician. I must confess, I was always a big fan of robots and androids. They are just so cool to me. Also, the fast paces of expanding and progressing with technology, it was hard to keep up with demands and supplies in androids specialists. The big bucks were also there.

The next day, I went to classes and went to look at the bulletin board. After a few minutes of looking, I gave up and went to the info desk. Standing there was a nice looking female android.

"How may I help you?" she asked with a smile.

"I need a tutor... for math, level 3 class." I told her.

She closed her eyes and opened them and a paper printed out from a printer that was beside her. "Here is all I could find for now. I hope it will help you." she said, giving me the paper.

I glanced over the paper and was happy tutors were affordable. I decided to go with a girl named Jenny.

"Hello Michael, My name is Jenny and I understand you need help with Math class." The young lady told me at my door.

"Yes…Yes, please come in. Like I told you on the phone, I need help for the next four months before my big exam at the end of this year." I told her quickly, showing the way into my small apartment.

"Do you live here alone? Its pretty nice." she politely said, sitting on my love seat.

"Yeah, my mom help's me pay for it until I graduate, it's not far from school and my part time job." I smiled, offering her something to drink.

Declining my offer, "Part time job? Where?" she asked me.

"At a small restaurant, I am a waiter, it’s not much, but it pay's my food bill." I chuckled.

"You should be proud." she said while taking out from her bag many math books. I sat beside her and grabbed my books too. “Let's begin, ok?" she gently said to me.

While studying, I took a second to look at her. She was around 18, maybe older, with brownish hair and green eyes; a nice smile also. Her body seemed well proportionated also, a c-cup I think for her chest. She then looked up and noticed I was studying her more than my book.

"Yes?" she smiled.

Turning red, I asked if she did tutoring for long.

She paused and answered my question strangely, "I guess.. Not sure for all long actually..." she smiled.

"Do you tutor other guys like me?" I asked her next.

"Mmmmm sometimes... I am hired by the university to help students in need of help." she said, looking at my answers I just wrote on my papers.

"What are you studying to be in the future? I want to be an android technician." I asked her.

"Studying for in the future?" she questioned my question, "I don't know..." she said strangely "Anyway, back to your studies, I see you made mistakes in problem 14 and 17." she quickly changed the conversation.

"Oh, right, sorry... just one last personal question... promise." I smiled to her.

She gave me a sigh, "No, I have no boyfriend and I am not planning to have one for now."

"Oh..." I said, getting back to my studies.

The night spent fast and I thanked Jenny for her help. "I'll pay you next week, no problem?" I asked her.

"No, no, it's fine." she said, looking at the time. Stepping out on the sidewalk in front of my building, a car zoomed quickly and stop right beside her.

"Jenny, let's go." said an older man, driving the car.

"Hi, Mr. Martins, good night, Jenny." I waved goodbye to her.

She waved back and got in the car. I quizzed myself why Mr. Martin, a University official was picking her up. I got back in and watch a bit of TV to relax.

A few weeks passed and Jenny was an excellent tutor to me, my grades were improving a lot. I think also me and her were started to have a good relationship. One time, I told her to take a break and watch TV a bit with me.

She refused and refused, but after annoying her a lot, she sat beside me on the love seat and we watched a romantic movie. She was mesmerized by the movie. She didn't even realized that I put my left arm around her shoulders.

I looked at her reaction when I slowly reached my hand and slowly rub my finger tips on the side of her left breast. She didn't even flinch. Getting a hard on, I pressed my luck even more. I then slowly reached and moved my left hand under her left breast and squeezed it slightly. Feeling her nipple getting erected between my fingers, I started to kiss her neck. Jenny didn't resist or make any movement of any kind, all she was doing was staring directly at the TV screen.

Now both my hands were under her shirt and under her bra, squeezing both breasts slowly, feeling her nipples being very hard now. Kissing her neck, I then reached in front of her to kiss her on the mouth.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO ME????" she suddenly screamed at me the second I blocked the TV screen from her eyes.

She pushed me so hard, I landed on the floor on my back hard. "I am a tutor, not a sex machine!" she yelled at me, tears in her eyes. Running out after grabbing her stuff, she quickly left the apartment.

I ran to her, feeling like the pig I was. "JENNY! Please! Forgive me! Please! I won't touch you again!! Please! I like you so much! I need you!!!! I'll fail my classes without you!!! I'll do anything for you!!!! Please!!!!" I begged her to stay.

Wiping out her tears, she looked at me and knew I truly felt like shit, "Anything?" she asked.

"Anything…" I told her.

She gave me a smile and a tap on the head, "One day, I'll call on that promise. And also, please never touch me like that without my consent." she chuckled.

I felt embarrassed and asked her to come back in to finish our studying together.

One day, I was sitting in the cafeteria eating my lunch and a friend of mine sat beside me and gave me a big smile.

"What?" I asked him, knowing he knew something big.

"You know, that girl, Jenny... your "tutor"... I heard she's a robot." he said to me, pleased of himself.

"No way! She's not a robot! I would have known! Stop bull-shitting me!" I chuckled at his information.

"No! It's true! I heard all tutors in this place are all andies!" He laughed out.

"Bull shit." I told him, grabbing my stuff and leaving him.

"Want proof?" he snickered.

"What?" I asked him.

"See that guy at the entrance of the library." He pointed to a guy our age dressed nicely.

"Yeah... so." I told him.

"He's a bot! He tutored Tom last year and it malfunctioned one day, total freak out, they had to rip his head off to deactivate it. True story!" He whispered in my right ear.

"Fuck shit... Jenny is not a bot! End of story!" I told him, running to my next class.

"Just be careful with her! Ok?" he yelled to me afar.

"Great, make me scare of my tutor now..." I whispered to myself.

Night time came and I waited for Jenny to come. Arriving in the same car with Mr. Martins, he instructed her he would pick her up in exactly four hours.

"Yes, I know the procedure, Mr. Martins." she told him quickly. Entering my place, she dropped her bags on the floor and sat beside me "What a creep... I hate him." she growled at me about Mr. Martins.

I smiled nervously and looked at the floor.

"What's wrong?" she asked, knowing something was on my mind.

"Jen.. I heard rumors today... rumors about you..." I said with a serious tone. "And I wonder if it's true..." I continued.

"Yes... if what is true? What rumors?" she quizzed me.

"I heard you are an android… I know it's silly and stupid, I know you are not, I would have guessed by now, we've been together now for seven weeks now." I told her quickly.

"An android?" she smiled.

"Yeah.. You know, like a robot, an artificial being, a walking computer on legs... you know what I mean." I said mumbling.

"And what if I am one?" she quizzed me again.

"Well.. Nothing... I value our friendship and you're a great tutor... It's just I never really saw or studied an android yet..." I continued mumbling nervously.

"You never saw an android before? Really?" she smiled at me, amused. "Why would you want to see an android?" she asked.

"Err... I dunno... I find them cool... even sexy sometimes.. I am so shy around real girls, I freeze up completely.. With an android, I think I would be more relaxed.. I don't know..." I told her, a bit embarrassed.

"You are not shy with me." she smiled.

"Because.. Because... I’ve been secretly fantasizing you are an android. That’s why.." I said, feeling like throwing up at the same time.

"Fantasizing me being an android? Really?" she said, sitting really close to me.

"Yes..." I gulped out.

"You know, sometimes, fantasies can come true, you know, Michael". She said, giving me sexy eyes. "Do you desire me?" she asked, slowly removing her shirt off.

"Y..yes.. Of course... you are beautiful..." I mumbled out.

"Beautiful.....?" she said, now removing her bra and standing in front of me, where I was sitting down on the love seat facing her.

"" I chuckled out.

"Seexxyyyy...." she chanted out, now completely naked in front of me.

"Give me a kiss, I want to know what I have been missing." she commanded me. She smiled and kissed me hard. With my hands grabbing her ass, I pressed her naked body hard to mine, and even my penis penetrating her standing up.

She blushed and enjoyed the moment. She then sat facing opposite me and instructed me to press a bump behind her left ear. To my surprise, the back of her head suddenly opened, the lower part of her scalp become a door with a small keyboard and the other top part, a small view screen. In the between, was circuits flashing quickly.

"Holy shit... it's so beautiful.." I whispered.

She smiled and let me type a few commands in the small keyboard. "Jenny, where is your Main CPU mother board?" I asked her.

"In my stomach panel." she answered nicely.

I typed in the open command and pressed enter. Then, Jenny's stomach opened like a garage door right under her breasts. I looked in her and she smiled, "you see that big board? That is me. All my data files, personality, everything that makes me ‘Me’, that is it" she chuckled.

"Remove it...." she told me.

I gasped "Why?"

"To let you realize what I am.." I reached in and pulled on it.

She gasped and went all limp. I had the board in my hands. I sat at my table and looked at it.

"This what is "Jenny". Circuits and chips. Cool.." I said mesmerized. I looked at her body, eyes wide open, looking blank. After a few moments, I reconnect the board and she came back to the land of the living.

"So...." she smiled.

"Wow..." I gasped.

"Let's go in your bed, I have still two hours and 48 minutes until my ride comes back" she said with a devilish smile on her lips.

Slowly getting in the bed naked with Jenny, I went under the covers with her. "Tonight, you'll be my tutor." she laughed slightly.

"Sure..." I chuckled, "Lay on your back and I'll climbed on top of you." I instructed her. As I climbed on top, I licked her breasts and body very slowly, stimulating her a lot.

She growled in ecstasy just saying to me not to stop. I pushed her legs open and inserted myself inside her. Warm and wet, it felt so perfect. She let put a small gasp and enjoyed it a lot.

"Who built you?" I asked her during my penetration.

"I was built seven years ago, commissioned by the University as a tutor to help students." she answered my question.

"Have you ever had sex with other students?" I asked her after, still pushing myself up and down inside her deep.

"No, you are the fist I choose to have intercourse with." she said with a smile, kissing me deep.

"Are all android are allowed to have sex with anyone they choose?" I quizzed her, rubbing hard inside her quickly.

"No, we are not program for sexual activities. I am a tutor that is my only function." she said quickly.

"What? How come we are fucking now then?" I asked her confused.

She gave me a strange look, "I...I... error....error.... Command code violation...error..." she said, her eyes suddenly wide opened.

"Jenny?" I asked her now worried.

"Error..Error... Android HTU886 is malfunctioning, performing acts not programmed for." Jenny barked out, she started to shake.

I turned her over and open her head panels and manage to deactivate her before something went wrong with her.

Taking a breath, I then checked Jenny's systems on her small keyboard. Her response programs had crashed because of my questions. I rebooted her systems and everything was back to normal. Before I reactivated her, I checked her programming. I was confused, she wanted sex with me but she is not supposed to have any data on sex. Typing ahead, I realized that someone did hack her system and installed her with sex programs in her CPU. Without knowing it, I guess she activated them by my advances on her in the past. Her A.I. activated them when she developed some feelings for me and became sexually active with me.

I reactivated her and she asked me what happened. All she remembered was being in bed with me where she was almost having her first orgasm.

"Your system crashed, sorry." I told her.

"Can we try again? I still have 38 minutes." she smiled.

I agreed and this time, kept my mouth shut. This time, we both exploded in ecstasy and relaxed in bed for the rest of the time, naked together.

"Can we see each other not just has Tutor and student?" I asked her, sad that she was leaving.

"Sorry, that is my function, Michael." she said with regret in her words.

"Be my tutor all the time!" I begged her.

"Sorry, I am University property." she continued while getting ready to leave.

"Jenny... I love you!" I told her quickly.

She said nothing, just gave me a look of despair and left my apartment, with me all alone. Looking through my window, I saw her climb in the car with Mr. Martins. I waved her goodbye but she didn't wave back. Closing the curtains, my heart was breaking. Sitting on my couch, feeling alone, I turned the TV on.

Suddenly, I heard a giant crash from outside. I quickly got up and ran to my window. I saw in the darkness a giant wall of flame and people running to see what happened. I got my coat and shoes and ran out to see what happened. I ran and saw that two cars on fire, one flipped on the side, the other with the front completely crushed.

Walking, I saw pieces of metal everywhere. I then gasped when I recognized the car that had struck the other car head on and flipped. It was Mr. Martins. I stated to run to it but I stepped in something that stopped me for a second. A hand, a female hand with wires and circuits coming out of its wrist.

"Jenny... JENNY!!!!!" I screamed, running to the passenger's side of the car.

People were confused and not sure what to do, smoke and debris everywhere, I heard in the back police and firemen's sirens coming. The car was on its left side. I tried to look in the windshield but it was so cracked up, it was impossible to see anything from the inside. I managed to climb on it and open the side door. I peered inside and saw Jenny's torso, her head had ripped off from the impacted. I then saw Mr. Martin who was quite dead from the collision. He hadn't put his seat belt on and crushed his head in the driver's panel and wheel.

Too distraught to vomit from the bloody scene, I focused on Jenny. Her head was right beside Mr. Martin's body. I reached for it and pulled it out. Her right side of the face was all caved in, circuits and wires showing intense damage. I then felt a hand grabbing me and pulling me out. It was a fireman telling me to leave the scene and let them do their job.

I agreed and sat in the grass watching the firemen, police and paramedics do their job. After removing the bodies of all the dead people, which was a young couple from the other car that Mr. Martin's hit head first, killing them both instantly and also Mr. Martins. I saw policemen removing Jenny's body and putting it on the ground like it was garbage. I ran to a policeman and ask what they would do to it.

"Son, that android is toast, a cleanup crew will pick it up later." he informed me.

"I need it!" I told him.

"Son, it's scrap metal. We won't even try to get data from it for the accident, that's how badly it's damaged." the cop told me, annoyed with me.

"Let' me have it Please! Her name is Jenny!!" I asked him.

"Fine! Take that piece of shit and leave me alone!" he screamed at me.

I ran and managed to retrieve in the debris most of Jenny's body. She was badly damaged, that was the truth. I arrived home exhausted, parts of Jenny everywhere, I collapsed in my bed and went to sleep.

The next morning, I received a phone call that woke me up. It was a detective asking me if I knew anything about the accident. I told them what I knew.

"You collected the android parts, we might need them for data collect." he told me.

"I don't think that's possible, her CPU board is smashed beyond repairs . You can come and see if you want." I lied to him, knowing Jenny's torso was still somewhat intact.

"No, the police told me how damaged it was... I'll take your word for it. Thank you and have a good day. One last question, why did you take the android’s parts?" He asked me before I hang up.

"For studying, I'm a future android technician." I answered him.

"Cool, good luck kid, I heard theirs lots of money in that. Bye." he told me nicely.

I got up and went to my small living room where Jenny was, sadly, in many pieces. I got on the phone with my mom and called her up to ask her to send me all my money I had saved in the past for buying a car.

"Why, are you buying finally a car?" she asked.

"No... It’s for my girlfriend... I need to buy new stuff that she needs." I answered her.

"What girlfriend?" she quickly asked.

"Her name is Jenny and she needs my help." I told her. "Ma, I must go, got a lots of stuff to do... call you later. Love ya."

I grabbed a few tools and opened Jenny's stomach panel and hook her main CPU board up to my old laptop. I typed a few commands to activate Jenny's CPU and A.I.

"Hello, my name is Jeennnyyy... anm am reeaddyt too tutorrr.. What is my nnexxtt assignementtt.." came up to my screen.

I talked in the microphone of my computer "Jenny, this is Michael, do you recognize me?" I asked her.

From the speakers I recognized her voice pattern, "Michealll.. Helloo.. How ..are you...?" she asked.

"Not good, you??" I asked her back.

"Whh...What happenn? Can't see you.. I amm damaged... I amm nottt functiooonning goood..." she answered.

I quickly plugged in my old webcam to my laptop and activate it. "Michael... I cann ssee youu now... Is thatt my boddy there beside youu?" she asked, the camera moving and zooming on her torso beside me.

"Yes.. You had an accident last night, but I'll repair you, don't worry!" I told her.

"Thank yoouu.... Michealll... forgive me for last nighttt... I know I hurt you,.... I only did it because I am scared.... because... I think ....I love you too...." she said in a sad voice.

"I.... know.. Listen, I must deactivate you now.. Because I need to start the repairs... ok... Jenny..?"

"Ok, Michael.... Sorry for all the troubles.." she whispered from the speakers.

"If you had lips right now, I would kiss them," I smiled at her, my laptop. I then pulled the plug and her mother board deactivated.

A few days passed and I manage to reattach all of her limbs, along with her head during that day. Sadly, she had lots of surface damage, unrepairable what so ever. So, I had no choice but to remove all her skin and her external skeleton frame. It took me all day and night to do it. At the end, she looked like a female version of the TC1000 from the old movies "the terminator". I decided for fun just to reactivate her a bit.

"Michael.. I feel so strange... You repaired me. Thank you." She said, looking at me.

"Yes.. Still needs a lot of work to do on you." I told her.

To be honest, she was freaking me out a bit with her appearance, every time she moved a bit, I saw and heard motors running, clicking noises and she look like a complete metal robot now, not a human female. She got up and walked up to me and a started to give me a kiss.

"Jenny! Not yet!" I told her quickly, pushing her off a bit from me.

"What is wrong?" She asked confused.

"You still need repairs, you might malfunction!" I said nervously.

"Don't you like me anymore?" she asked with clear lubricant dripping from below her optics.

“No! no, of course not!" I said to her, grabbing her metallic skinny body in my arms.

"Make love to me... please..." she begged to me.

I paused for a second and looked at her, "I...sure..."

She smiled with her metal jaw and ceramic false teeth. Hell... I told myself... I fell in love with a machine, why not fuck it too. She climbed in bed and waited for me to come. I examined her and was not sure where to start. She had breasts, but they were hard and metallic with rubber nipples. Her pussy was also metallic and look like more a strange rubber hole with tiny motors surrounding it.

I pressed inside her pussy and at least some lubrication came inside of her. I got naked and climbed on top of her "Bbbbrrrrrrrr.. Your body is so cold." I smiled to her.

She chuckled and grabbed my ass with her metallic hands. I felt strange and confused at this moment. "Suck my breasts, please." She asked.

Normally, I love breasts, but all her skin and sensors circuits were gone, but just for the nipples. So, I licked her rubber nipples with the few sensors she still had left. She got more excited and her nipples grew hard. I saw little motors running behind her nipples, controlling the hardness of them.

"Jenny..." I mumbled out, my scientist part of my brain was in ecstasy, while my sexual part of it was freaking out a bit.

"Michael... what's wrong?" she asked me while opening her optics lenses.

"Do you need help getting hard, maybe I can suck you a bit." she said, pushing me down on my back. She then grabbed my dick and started to lick and suck on it with her metal mouth. Thank God for her rubber tongue and lubrication that she had in her mouth cavity. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine the old Jenny…The one with skin and real breasts. I did manage to get hard from her blow job and she climbed on top of me and manage to get us both big orgasms. After a few hours of sleeping after the strangest sex I ever had in my life, I woke up to find Jenny looking at the TV, that I guess she turned on.

"Jenny? Are you ok?" I asked her. She was in a trance again.

The second I turned the TV off, she blinked and came back to herself. "Michael?" she asked confused. "Michael... Don't rape me!!!! DON'T RAPE ME!!!!! NOOOO!" she screamed, totally freaking out. She ripped her head off and threw it on the ground and her body slumped on the ground like a broker marionette.

"Jenny?" I asked her, her body still twitching from the self-decapitation.

I took Jenny's head and reattached it to her body. Confused, I hooked up with her CPU memory files to see what caused Jenny to freak after watching TV. After a few minutes of looking at some of the many memory files, I found one related to TV.

It seems they (the University) use some kind of TV screens made to send a signal to the CPU that erase all temp memory files.

"Does Jenny freaks out because she think I am erasing her memory?" I asked myself.

I decided not to reactivate Jenny until I could rebuild her new skin skeleton. After a week and lots of money, I finished putting the last of her skin on. She had now a bit darker skin, short light blonde hair. Also, her head was now somewhat different in her features. I also replace her optics from Green to Blue. So, apart from me, no one would know this android used to be Jenny, my tutor.

I did also a bit of reprogramming in her system. I removed any University ownership associated files, meaning she was now mine, alone. I also installed in her CPU and A.I., command files and chips. She would still be "Jenny", just "My Jenny" now. After a few more modification, I reactivated her.

She opened slowly her eyes and look at me "Michael?"

"Jenny, how do you feel?" I asked her nervously.

"I am functioning at peak performance. I do realize you change my appearance and some of my programming. I am now your property and you are my master. May I see myself in the mirror?" she asked with a smile.

I nodded and she got up and walked nude to my bathroom wall mirror. "I see that I have a new persona." she said, examining herself in the mirror. She then grabbed her breasts, "I see you also made me a d-cup now." she snickered.

"I had to!" I laughed out.

She turned to me and kiss me on the lips "Is my life as a tutor finished? Am I just a sex-android for your own pleasure now, Michael?" she asked with some somewhat bitterness in her eyes.

"No! No! You are still my tutor! Our relationship didn't really change, it's just improved! I love you!" I told her quickly.

"Love me? Silly, I am an android, I am a thing. Wires and metal and plastic, nothing more." she said coldly.

"Jenny?? Why are you talking like that? Didn't you tell me after the accident you loved me?" I told her, angered by her words.

"It was my A.I. malfunctioning. I can't express love, I am just a sex machine now." she said with a smirk.

"Jenny, deactivate!" I yelled at her.

"Sure, what ever you want, , Masteerrrrrrrrrr...r...r....." she said while deactivating. She stood there, frozen like a statue, a bitch face was her facial expression.

"Why the bad attitude? So negative!" I questioned her and myself. I opened her skull and typed a few commands. I could see nothing wrong with her systems. I reactivated her.

"Jenny, what's wrong??" I asked her before she could say anything.

"What's wrong??? What's wrong is that you made me a sex android... I want my old life back! I love tutoring and being at the University. Now, look at me.... Who am I????" She yelled at me, tears in her eyes.

"My Jenny..." I answered back.

"Maybe that is not enough for me.... I might be a machine, but I have feelings.. Thoughts... emotions... Why did you didn't left me in pieces in the car crash?" she asked, crying and confused.

"Because I love you." I told her, with tears in my eyes.

She smiled, wiped her tears and then look at me "Love..? Humans and their feelings... why did you program us with that emotion too? Makes life so complicated..."

"But it's makes life worth living..." I smiled at her. "I didn't make you a sex android... I gave you a second chance at life, to be with me... like I always wanted since the first time I meet you." I mumble to her.

"Ok... but I'll tell you how to reprogram me. To be honest, I don't like the way you reprogrammed me, I feel I am just a robot sex slave to you." she told me, opening her stomach panel to her CPU.

I agreed and plugged my computer directly in her CPU.

She sat beside me and look at my computer, "All that shit you installed in me about being your property, delete all that shit. Also voice command, remove all that too." she commanded me.

Every time I changed something, she closed her eyes and wait for her system to reboot or make the changes to her CPU or A.I. programs.

"And make me a good cook! I always wanted to know how to cook!" she continued changing herself with my assistance. Doing all her changes, it took all night long, but we had a great time doing it.

I was falling asleep almost on the couch when Jenny told me to get in bed. I slumped in the bed and she laid beside me, "Thank you for everything you ever did to me, Michael." she whispered to me.

"Sure... goodnight." I told her while dozing off to sleep.

She closed her eyes and went in "sleep mode".

The next day, I heard my phone ringing. Jenny answered before I could.

It was my mother, "Who is this?" she asked Jenny.

"This is Jenny, Michael's girlfriend. Is this his mother? I heard lots of nice things about you." Jenny answered my mom.

I grinned, trying not to laugh.

"My, I hope so, why don't you and Michael come this weekend for a visit?" my mom asked Jenny.

"That would be very nice, thank you, we’ll be there!" Jenny continued.

"Here is your son now, Ms. Thompson." Jenny said while giving me the phone.

I growled at Jenny and talked to my mom, Jenny making faces to me the entire time.

So, we ended up being at my Mom's place for the weekend. My mom was delighted at Jenny.

"What a nice girl you have found, hope things are serious between you too." she asked me.

"Yes, I think so." I smiled at Jenny across the room. Things were great, until supper arrived.

"Sorry, Ms. Thompson, I am really not hungry." Jenny told her, knowing android don't eat food.

"Come on, just a bite." My mom pushed her. Me and Jenny, we agreed to hide from my mom that Jenny was an android. My mom was old fashioned and did not care for technology like I did.

"Eat!" mom commanded Jenny. Jenny look at me with wide eyes and took a spoonful of soup in her mouth knowing she didn't want to hurt my mother's feeling. I was shock by Jenny's actions, also realizing that spoonful of soup will damage her internal systems and circuits.

"Yum!" Jenny smiled to my mother.

My mother smiled, "See! Told you it was good!"

"Jenny! Your pill! We forgot your pills!" I screamed out, grabbing Jenny by the left arm at the table. Jenny's face suddenly lost all expression and she started to shake a bit.

"Are you ok, girl?" My mom asked her worried.

I grabbed Jenny and rushed her to the bathroom, "Sorry mom, Jenny's allergic to certain foods and she needs to take special pill right now!" I lied to my mother quickly.

I pushed Jenny head first in the toilet to let her spit out the soup, while I locked the bathroom door. Sadly, Jenny's systems were a bit malfunctioning, "Michael... mm...I am . today, I am teaching ... I am .. No, that problem is not correct, the answer is X=78. Michael, why do humans have green noses?" She was babbling totally rubbish.

I pressed on her head and open her skull and typed a diagnostic of her systems.

"Michael, my logic system is malfunctioning... please repair me as soon as possible." Jenny politely asked.

"I must remove your head to remove the soup that got inside you." I told her.

But Jenny didn't care, she started to sing a ballad. My mom was now knocking on the door asking if Jenny was ok.

"She's ok, just goofy because of the pill. We'll be with you soon, mom." I yelled out, twisting Jenny's head off. Her head suddenly popped off and soup came out of it. I took toilet paper and remove the rest of the soup.

Then my mom opened the door, key in her hand "What's wrong with her?". She gasped at the scene, me, holding Jenny's head in my arms, toilet paper down her neck of her torso. Jenny's head was still wired and functioning "Mother... What is 56 * 456 / 6 = ?" Jenny's head asked a math question to my shocked mother.

"She's a robot????" my mom yelled at me while I was repairing Jenny as Jenny sat quietly on a kitchen chair.

"I am an android, not just a robot." Jenny answered my mother.

"Jenny, let me do the talking." I told Jenny, her stomach open, wires and circuits laying everywhere on the carpet, me with tools in hands. "Yes, she is a android, but I love her just as much a real girl, mom." I told my mother who was sitting at the table, looking at Jenny's CPU that was on the table too.

"How can you love this thing? Look at it, if I pull this, she goes crazy !" My mom said, pulling a circuit from Jenny's mother board CPU, making Jenny malfunction.

"MMMMmrteirbn,,, JGKmbk .ERROR! ERROR..." Jenny barked out.

"MOM! Stop doing that to Jenny!" I yelled at my mother.

"I am just glad your father is not alive to see this." my mom said, giving me a guilt trip.

"Mom... I know you are disappointed, but I do love Jenny for real, accept it." I said scolding my mother.

My mom sighed and left the room, "I think your mother doesn't like me." Jenny's smiled to me.

As I changed in my pajamas to go to sleep in my old bed at my mother's house, I realized maybe bringing Jenny with me was not a good idea.

"Michael! I don't want that thing to spend the night in the same room as you!" My mom shouted from behind my door.

Jenny who was sitting on my bed remained quiet and just look at the floor.

"Mom! She is not an ‘it’ She has real feelings like me and you!" I yelled back.

"It's a sex doll with a computer for a brain! ......OH GOD!!!!!....Please don't tell me you have sex with that thing!!!!!" my mom continued bashing Jenny.

"MOM! Stop it!!! I'll leave right now if you don't stop!" I yelled even louder now.

I opened the door and my mom was just standing there, angry. My mother just looked at me and then at Jenny and said only one word "Robot" and she left the room totally pissed off.

I looked at Jenny, who was so embarrassed, "Jenny.... please forgive me.." I told her softly.

"Your mother is right... I am just a robot.." she mumbled in grief.

I then took Jenny in my arms and kissed her hard, "Jen... you are much more than you could ever imagine to me..." I said in her eyes.

Jenny's eyes brighten up and she smiled, "Deactivate me just for tonight..." she asked me in my ears.

I bitched a bit but I did what she asked. Slowly moving my hand on her stomach, she opened her stomach panel and let me insert my right hand inside her, "Goodnight.." she smiled. Pressing her off button, she slowly closed her eyes and slumped softly on the hardwood floor of my old room. I grabbed her in my arms and sat her in my old wood chair in the corner.

I then went to see my mother "Mom, she’s offline, deactivated, happy now?" I told her, sitting beside her at the kitchen table. My mom looked at me with some kind of relief in her eyes

"Michael, I am just worried about your health, it's not normal." she said while guzzling coffee down her throat.

"What are you talking about?" I asked her confused.

"Don't you know, if you fuck a robot, you might get some infection and lose your penis or more!" she said quickly.

"Bull shit! That’s an urban legend!" I laughed at her scared. "Jenny is a machine, yes, but she is a machine that can love me just as a regular human can." I told my mom off.

"Can she bare you children??? NO!" she returned to me my answer.

"Children???? I am still in University! I don't even know if I want kids!" I yelled at her quickly.

That was a knife in her back "NO KIDS!!!!! NO KIDS!!!!" she yelled loudly to my face, and the she left the room ranting.

"Always a pleasure coming here." I whispered to myself, being highly sarcastic, of course.

I went to my room not very cheerful and lock my door. Seating in the old wood chair, Jenny sat there quietly, her eyes closed, her mouth with a small smile. I wished her goodnight and tried to sleep a bit. After a few hours of turning and tossing, I needed to work off some steam off. I turned on my lamp and look at Jenny in the corner.

"Fuck mother...I am reactivating Jenny!" I mumbled to myself. I slowly crept over to Jenny, who was like a sleeping princess.

I unbuttoned her blouse and slowly opened it. I looked at her perky breasts and started to kiss them a bit. Getting aroused, I grabbed Jenny and slowly, delicately put her in my bed. I then undressed her completely and started to fondle her. I touched her pussy and masturbated her a bit.

Even being offline, she still got "wet" from arousing her clitoris. I then got on top of her and inserted myself in her. I heard small motors spin quickly from her body due to energy still in her, even being deactivated. I then decided to reactivate her. Pressing her off-button, she suddenly came back on-line.

"OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Jenny in sudden ecstasy, yelled out loud, I knew mom heard her, even if she was had been asleep. "Don't stop! Don't stop! Jenny begged me to explode inside her.

Knowing my mom was gonna kill me or Jenny, I tried my best to push Jenny away, but I could not. I could not stop myself fucking Jenny until I released deep inside her, giving her also a huge orgasm.

After a second of breathing hard, I told Jenny to get dressed. I heard also my mother walking the hallway to my room. Grabbing all my stuff I could, I opened the window and me and Jenny escaped the room quickly.

"Michael!!!!! YOU DISGUST ME!! LET ME IN!!!!!! YOU FUCKING THAT ROBOT!!!!!! LET ME IN!!!" my mother was screaming, trying to unlock the door to my bedroom.

"Let's go!" I told Jenny, who was already on the front lawn, climbing down the old oak tree that was beside my bedroom window. My mom looked at me from my window, screaming my name like a maniac.

"MOM! Call you later, love ya!" I yelled back to her, laughing a bit with Jenny lightly. We took a cab back to my old apartment and spent the night quietly, just her and me.

A week pasted and my mom didn't call back yet, but that's ok. Jenny is still tutoring me in my classes and I am doing well. Our relationship is growing I think, we are really now acting more like a regular couple. She fixed my meals every day, she loved cooking while I watched a bit of TV without her. She has some phobia from it. I don't know if I should try to find the root of this problem.

"Come here, Jenny." I asked her nicely.

"Coming, supper needs just to cool down a bit." she smiled to me, sitting beside me.

"Jenny, what do you want to do tonight?" I ask her.

"I don't know... I know I need maintenance, one of the small motor in my lower back is malfunctioning a bit." she replied.

"Really? Turn around and remove your shirt." I asked her quickly.

Removing her clothing, she turned around and waited for me to open one of her back panels. Grabbing a small screwdriver, the panel came off and I saw what she meant. "Twist your torso a bit... I see.. The motor needs replacing.., wait here a bit." I asked her.

She looked at me and stayed there obediently. Going to my supplies, I was disappointed to see I was out of the motors she needed.

"Let's go shopping!" She smiled. She got up and got dressed up. I grabbed my coat and asked her if she was functioning enough to go out.

"Of course I can am ok." Jenny smiled. She loved shopping for parts for her at the computer store. Always wanting upgrades and more programs.

"Look! If you install this in me, I'll know 128 languages!" she said, looking at all the stuff in the store.

"I don't think I can afford it right now, money is tight for me...." I told her, knowing she would be somewhat disappointed.

"Let me work! I'll get some cash too!" she grinned to me, knowing she was serious.

"What?? Of course not!" I replied.

"Find me a job at your restaurant.. I can be a waitress! Come on!" she begged me.

I bought the stuff we needed and we went home. The entire time, she was trying to convince me to let her work with me at my part time job.

"Tom, this is Jenny, my girl... and I was wondering if you could give her a part time job here, I know we are short staffed right now.” I told Tom, who was my boss.

He was cool, but a bit of an asshole sometimes, "Sure... she's a looker... she can start right now, if she wants, show her the ropes of the place." he instructed me.

Jenny was ecstatic. Even so much, she started to malfunction. "Michael...Michael...Michael..." she started to stutter.

I grabbed her and pushed her in the women's washroom. Luckily, no one was there. I locked the door with a sign on the door ‘Being cleaned, come back in 5 minutes’.

"Jenny? What's wrong?" I asked her quickly panicking a bit.

"Michael...Michael..." she continued.

I sat her on the bowl and moved her head to face the wall and open the small panel behind her skull. I asked her a diagnosis report on her systems. The small screen showed me that one of her A.I. circuit fried in her excitement. I spun her body so she faced me and I pulled her sweatshirt off until the top of her breasts. Knowing where to press, I opened her main stomach panel and pulled her main mother board out of her stomach. She flinched a bit when I started to pull out some of the circuits out of the way. I smelled a small faint odor of burned rubber and saw the burned circuit.

"SHIT! It's her decision -making relay circuit to her A.I. that burned!" I screamed out a bit, "Without that circuit, she can't make any decisions on her own... I must take her home!" I mumbled, closing her panels and putting back her shirt back on. "Jenny, how do you feel? Are you ok?" I asked Jenny, who was just standing there smiling to me

"Michael, I am feeling... I am feeling... I can't answer your question... sorry." she said with a smile.

"Jenny, you will do everything I asked you, ok?" She nodded.

"Michael! Get her a uniform right now, we need her Pronto!" Tom screamed at me pissed off.

"Sure... right now.." I mumbled to myself.

"Jenny, can you be a waitress for just a few hours? If you got any questions, come to me, ok?" I asked not sure what I was asking Jenny.

"Yes, Michael... Anything for you, my love." she smiled to me, grabbing a waitress skirt.

I looked at her and kissed her, "Good luck..." and let her be. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed my uniform for my job too. All night, I looked over my shoulder every second, spying on Jenny. Luckily, she was still self-aware, meaning she informed that she was my girlfriend to everyone who was fresh with her.

Time passed quickly and was almost time go home. I told Jenny to wait for me, I had to go at the washroom. She nodded and waited. I ran and peed quickly and ran back to her after washing my hands. When I came back, I screamed at her. She was kissing Tom in the mouth.

"TOM! What the fuck are you doing???? Jenny! Stop it!!!!!!" I yelled at Tom, pushing him away from her.

Jenny looked at me with tears forming.

"I just asked her if I could show her a good time sometimes and asked her if I could kiss her goodnight." Tom chuckled, thinking he had just scored on Jenny.

"Jenny, come!" I yelled to Jenny, who was crying to herself.

Tom laughed out, "She is easy, man..."

"I could not stop him....he reached for me and kissed me on the mouth... I felt his tongue inside my mouth...... I could not say no to him... I am malfunctioning... Please repair me... please... I don't ever want to be this way again... I am not just a sex machine. Not just a sex machine...." Jenny was mumbling to me, so ashamed of herself.

I tried to console her until we arrived home. I asked her to get naked and take a shower. She did what I asked her and then sat beside me, her eyes lost in thoughts. I opened her main stomach panel and I pulled out her main mother board.

"Look at me... I am just a fucked up mother board of circuits and wires... That is the real me..." she blurted out angry.

I looked at it and looked at her after, "I showed you the real "me", my brain, but if I removed it from my skull, I would probably die..." I smiled to her.

She paused and look at me with a stupid look, "Har har har..." she smiled to me.

I replaced the circuit that had fried and she felt like she was back to normal.

"I choose to rip Tom's penis, next time I see him. Yes, I choose...All myself..." she barked out loudly, proud in some way. We then spend the night making love to each other, because she wanted it, not I who wanted some too.

A few days passed and Jenny did find a new job in an office as a secretary. I made sure she didn't malfunction, gave her daily maintenance to her systems. Since my mother had stopped sending money, Jenny was now helping me pay the rest of my University. I also quit my job at the restaurant when Jenny kicked Tom in the balls the next day of the incident.

One night, I stopped to pick up Jenny but she was late. I called her up but she didn't answer. I got in the building and went to her office. Her coat was there even if most people were all gone already. I then heard some noise coming from her Boss's office. I crept behind the door and listened. I heard someone having sex. I took a deep breath and kicked the door open.

It was Jenny's boss who was on top of her, fucking her on his large oak desk. Jenny was naked apart from her socks and shoes. She was also deactivated. Her eyes were wide open, but with a blank look. Her stomach panel was also opened, wires and circuits had been pulled out.

"You Mother Fucker!!!!!" I screamed at him, grabbing anything I could in my hands and smashed it in his jaw.

Her boss went flying to the ground, face full of blood. Half dazed, he said I would be arrested. I then went to him and beat him up until he needed an ambulance. Finishing beating the crap out of him, I dressed up Jenny the best I could and carried her out and took a taxi home.

I repaired the damaged he had did to her and washed her up myself. I was scared to reactivate her. I didn't know what to do.

"Forgive me... Jenny.." I told her, reactivating her.

She let out such a scream, I was almost deaf from it. She looked at me, freaking out, "He... He.. Stop stop... No!! No!!! Don't.. Stop it!!!!! NOOO!!!!!!" She mumbled out, scared shit less. "He.. He asked me to take some notes from him in his office before going home to you...... and ..and he took me by the arms... not again... no..forced me on his desk... he told me he knew I was too beautiful to be human... and .. And he ripped open my blouse and tore open my main panel and ripped some of my circuits out... and I blanked out..." Jenny said, tears coming down her face, hugging me hard.

"He won't hurt you no more, I promise." I whispered to her.

She let out a gasp and look at me, "Did... Did.. I kill someone again???" she said, shaking.

"No, I smashed him....wait...what do you mean kill someone again.....?" I asked her confused.

"I..I... caused the car crash that night, when you found me in pieces.... Mr. Martins... the young couple in the other car... it's my fault they are dead..." Jenny sobbed. "What?" I asked confused.

"I'll tell you why of my phobia of TV... Mr. Martins used a portable one in his car to rape me.... He learned that I went in a dormant mode when I see one, so, one night, he tricked me into watching a small TV in his car and I went into Learning Mode. When I was in that state, he opened my skull panel and tried to reprogram me to be his sex toy. Luckily, I malfunctioned and manage to suppress the new programs he had installed in me. Only with you, I unknowingly activated them with you because of my crush on you. So, Mr. Martins got pissed that I was still refusing his advances on me, so, that night, he tried to rape me again. When driving, he turned on the small TV set again, but I manage to block my view from it and pushed Mr. Martins away from me, causing him to lose control of the car and crash into the other car, killing everyone..." Jenny confessed to me, crying.

I sat there looking at the floor, "Jenny... My God... Everyone is always trying to take advantage of you... I pity your experience with us humans... please forgive us." I mumbled out. Jenny smiled to me, "Not all humans are bad to androids..." she said, holding my hands, "Thank you... for loving me..." She whispered to me.

I looked up to her, "Thank you too... My love for you is forever....I'll never take advantage of you... I’d rather die than make you suffer more by man's hands again... my poor dear love.."

I cried on her shoulders all night long, feeling so disgusted with my race.. The humans...creator of love, hate, pain.....and sometimes, miracles...

The end

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