Trouble in the Mushroom Kingdom

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The day was a rich, hot, midsummer's day. It just so happened to land in the middle of the first week of a new Nintendo themed park opening. The park opened to an overwhelming amount of glowing reviews. The character mascots were one of the highlights to the park. Always staying in character, even better than some parks out there doing a similar thing. One of the highlights to this park was Princess Peach’s castle. Every now and again, Peach would go around to greet the guests of the park into her humble abode.

Because of the day being in the middle of the week and near the middle of the day, the park was fairly quiet. One Nintendo fanatic sought the opportunity to finally relive his childhood. He was excited to see the various themed areas of the park, hopefully seeing some of the characters up close, like a complete dream. After looking around at some of the animatronic statues they had around the park high up, to give the park an overwhelmingly atmospheric world, he made his way down to one of the main attractions. Princess Peach’s Castle.

His head aimed down over this meticulously crafted bridge, which arched over this pristine, flowing stream of water. It almost looked like the real thing. His head shifted up to look at the castle in all of its glory. His eyes then widened as he looked around, marvelling at the impressive craftsmanship that went into making this fictitious castle somewhat of a reality. It was very convincing to him and he couldn’t wait to step inside the castle and maybe even see the princess.

Just the thought alone released his child-like excitement. He sped up his walk and briskly proceeded inside. Inside, the castle was grand and immaculate, sparkling in areas, with the floors being completely spotless. He stopped himself to get a good look around at all the intricate details. Either these park creators were huge fans of Nintendo, or Nintendo worked very very closely with them. Either way, the level of detail they achieved in the interior was very impressive.

Just as he was looking up at the paintings and decorations around, he suddenly heard a very familiar voice behind him, “Hi! I’m Princess Peach” The voice spoke in a fairly unnatural manner, shifting in tone a little as she joined the two sentences. Nevertheless, the fan was shook out of his skin, wide eyed as he froze for a moment, before quickly regaining his composure. “P-peach?” He said, before turning to face the familiar voice.

“Oh my goodness! it is you!” He said, chuckling a bit as he lets out a long breath. “You made me jump.” He said as he regained his cool. “That’s me, Princess Peach” she then repeated, with the same tone as before. He noticed just how exact her voice was to the character, to him she was a perfect impersonator.

He chuckled out again, looking up and down her body, seeing just how close to the character she was. She was simply perfect, no flaws to her whatsoever to the naked eye. “Yeah… you’re not kidding.” He continued to look her up and down, amazed at how this person had dressed and looked so accurate to Peach, even down to the stylistic look for her face. This was way more than what he’d get at any other park.

“Mind if I get a closer look? It’s just... you look completely identical to Peach. You’re really pulling it off!” Whoever she was they hired, he thought they were doing an impeccable job. “Sure!” She enthusiastically let out. This was a pattern of tone she would always have.

He got close to her and felt the frills coming off her dress, everything felt so real, as he got a closer look at her face. As he walked up and was touching her clothing, she remained still and simply turn her head to look at him, holding her smile. Usually this would be enough to creep out anyone, but she didn’t seem to be phased by his intrusion of her personal space. Ah he got a closer look at her face, she had no blemishes whatsoever. No makeup, no cover ups. Just completely smooth.

“I’m sorry if this comes off rude or inappropriate. But you are so perfectly smooth on the face. How do you get it so smooth?” He asked, as a very fruity aroma surrounded Peach as he got close. “Thank you. I’m the smoothest!” She enthusiastically let out again, however the fan thought the response was odd. She just repeated what he said and didn’t answer the question.

All of this started to concern the park goer as she was acting almost too unnatural and her responses were limited. What he initially thought was just a coincidence turned into suspicion, seeing how flawless she looked, the stylistic game-like look, and the fact she was completely still as he was close to her. She didn’t even try to look like she was breathing.

He then waved a hand very close to her face, just to gauge a reaction, but nothing. There was no blinking, no head movement, just her pasted smile and eyes which were staring at him. To test his suspicions out more, he then prodded her cheek. Again, she didn’t react at all, she kept staring at him as he felt his finger poke into her very smooth skin. The feel of her skin didn’t feel natural at all. In fact it was quite rubbery.

Something started to come over him as he then thought of doing something that he would’ve never thought to do with anyone he had just met. A final test to see if his growing suspicions were correct. He lowered his left hand down over her dress to cup it over her left breast. He then gave it a bit of a squeeze. Straight after doing this, he gave a wide eyed look of instant guilt after doing this, as another thought crept in. “What if she was that good of an actress that she was trying not to react?”

It took a second, one that felt like an eternity. However nothing seemed to happen, he eventually let out a sigh of relief as he hadn't been slapped in the face or had security thrown at him yet. Instead, she was still standing firm and smiling at him as if nothing happened. Right as he thought that this was ridiculous, her eyelid jittered up and down a bit, before going back up and returning to normal, as she then randomly blurted out a line. “Hi! I’m Princess Pppp- Thank you.”

Right as his suspicions were starting to ring true, he raised a mischievous smirk. He also realised how easy it was to mess with her, as he then lowered his own eyelids, thinking of how he could take this further. “Say Princess. Mind giving me a tour of your castle? Perhaps we can start by going to your chambers?” He said, winking at her suggestively which he knew she wouldn’t understand.

“Sure! I can do that” Peach said, carrying on her enthusiastic tone. “Well that’s great. Lead the way.” He gestured, holding his arms out to the side of him to direct her on, as he then followed behind. Peach turned her head towards the direction of her quarters, before then pivoting her body round to face that direction. With his new knowledge, he could see just how artificial everything looked, the way her smile was always plastered on, her unblinking eyes, and the way she stared forward as she moved on.

During the time of them walking down the corridor, she remained silent, not bothering to give some flavour to the walk or some background to this place. Along the way there were some very interesting decorations of stars and some paintings dotted around, some very reminiscent of what would’ve been seen in the Mario 64 game. Despite the decor, the fan’s attention was focused on Peach. He decided to leave a slight gap behind her, just to get a good look at her swaying rear, moving in a looping pattern and very systematically.

While Peach was walking down towards the grand door that led into her bedroom, the fan decided to have some fun on the way and lift up her dress. He then had a good view of her pink panties which were tight on her. He then started to feel some kind of shiver down him of anticipation. The feeling of excitement and arousal by what he had planned with Peach while they were privately touring her quarters started to overwhelm him.

Soon Peach arrived at the door and she then began to push it wide open. Peeking in to the opening, there was a lot of pink furniture populating the area. This included a large double bed with pink sheets and a gold frame, a sofa with some soft looking cushions and a makeup desk with a stool and a mirror. It was a lot to take in, but the fan was only interested in one particular thing. And that was standing right in front of him.

Peach walked towards her bed while gesturing around the room. “This is my bedroom. What do you think?” She didn’t look too interested in any answer he gave, as she continued to walk blankly towards the bed. “Mmmmm I must say it looks very nice~” The fan said in a very alluring manner, interesting in something else other than the bedroom.

Peach slowly walked closer to the bed, leaning down slightly to brush the area which she would be sitting down on. The fan then had a golden opportunity to start having some fun. He lifted up her dress again and pushed her back down. Suddenly some clicks came from where her joints were, making it clear he was positioning her out of where she was supposed to be. He then pulled down her panties with his other hand, revealing her completely null and plain rubbery skin underneath.

This somewhat disappointed the fan but he could completely understand, why bother adding genitalia to an innocent display model. Nevertheless he was still feeling really excited and aroused, as a massive bulge started to tent his jeans. He rushed to unbuckle and unbutton his jeans, freeing up his bulge some more as it was tenting out further from his boxers, with the jeans falling to the floor.

Finally he lowered his boxers down to the polished flooring, springing up his fully erect member. He looked very ready to have some fun with this peach bot he so admired. She continued to click and jitter in place, as she was trying to resist his pressure. It was obvious she was trying to move her body up and her arms around to follow some kind of script. “Why don’t you take a seat. The bed is really comfy.” Peach said, over the sound of her servos whirring and clicking.

The sounds only amplified his lust, the robotic nature of her turning him on even more. He bit his lip and moved forward to start grinding his cock on her rear and back. He forced her down further, as a much louder click sounded out. She then suddenly bent down a little further as more pressure was applied. She attempted to move to her next destination but without any success, the pressure being too much on her. Nevertheless, she still had her plastered on smile and stared down, unblinking. The fan was huffing and letting out little moans as he was overwhelmed with pleasure.

The clicking and whirring was getting more frequent, as suddenly her speech started to distort slightly. “What do you thhhhh- realllyyy coommffyy…” Her speech started to slow down slightly and also began to stutter. The fan noticed something was going wrong inside of her, but rather than deter him, it spurred him on. She didn’t seem to notice, as she continued her tour speech. “Here is my- What do you think?” Her speech skipped and shifted in tone drastically. This made it more obvious this was a pre-recorded message.

Without letting himself get too excited, he flipped her round and threw her back on the bed, revealing that her eyelids were getting twitchy and her mouth was struggling to keep up with her speech, moving up and down slowly and somewhat randomly with a whirr.

Knowing she was in a deteriorating state, he then decided to go the extra mile. He gave a devious grin, as he clinched onto the top of her dress tight. Gripping the dress tightly, he yanked it backwards at full strength. There was some initial resistance, but very quickly a tearing sound started to come from the dress. It then tore off from her and flew out from his grasp, leaving her completely naked and looking completely zoned out on the bed.

He looked at her with a desperate, lustful look, already so close to just releasing there and then. Her body was so perfect and immaculate like a doll, and he had all the power to mess her up. Seeing the issues stack up made him even more aroused and desperate.

Warning: Dress code is not sssss- What do you think? co-comfy….” Her arm tries to gesture up towards the bed, but it now looks very jittery, start/stopping in motion. Her head now started letting out a twitch as her eyes looked more unfocused. “-y bedroom. What do you th- here’s my makeup station. A gggg- look pretty.” Her speech now sounded more distorted as it was skipping a lot more while pulling from random memory.

He continued to grind on her more intensely as it went on, huffing out and moaning more frequently. His groans started to drag on more as the lust was leaking through. While he didn’t have anywhere to insert his member, he was happy to let the precum leak on her body, like a sex object.

Before he finished, he decided to have one last bit of fun with Peach. He grabbed hold of her head tight with one hand and pulled it towards and down onto his throbbing cock. Peach’s internals whirred and whined frequently, clicking as her body was still trying to perform actions but resisting. Soon his cock inserted into her mouth and he began to thrust in. Her mouth continued to lower and raise slowly, with her jaw slacking slightly. It was trying to sync up with her speech however it was malfunctioning and ended up randomly moving.

She still let out speech through her internal speaker, even if it was slightly muffled. “Llllet’s go and see the rest of the castle- c-castle. Let’s go and- -ou think? ttt- Warning: Dress cccc- suitable-tttt-ble bed is so comfffyyyy” Her eyes were twitching more and more, her arms trying to gesture but instead chopped slightly, whirring about aimlessly. “Oh fuck… ooooohhhh fuck yesss…. Peach. Ah ah aaahhh. Yeeeesssssss” The fan moaned out, huffing very fast as he was reaching his limit very quickly.

It didn’t take long for him to scream out and unload right into Peach’s mouth, shooting spurts of cum deep inside. He then let out a sigh of relief and a chuckle as he released out of Peach and sat her down on the bed. She was still twitching slightly on the bed after being sat on it. However suddenly, the fan could hear an internal explosion of sparks. A light then flickered on one of her eyes, as she then whirred out a very jittery and erratic gesture, up to the bedroom, like she did when they were just entering the room except a lot more broken looking.

“Pppppp-peach- Thi-think- Hi! We-www-wel-wellllll-.” She stood up and tried to straighten out her arms and legs, however she was still shaking in place while little shocks could be heard internally. Her head gave a heavy twitch as her chest exploded, firing out springs and wires and revealing a sparking panel underneath. Some components hang off the panel by the end by a wire. A bit of cum leaked out of the panel, showing what the major cause of the malfunction was.

Soon she started to walk off aimlessly. Her face looked completely out of focus, as both the eyes and mouth were moving randomly and completely out of sync. Heavily distorted speech played out randomly in the background, speeding up and slowing down, while electrical arches were firing out internally through the exposed area. Sparks shot out through the smoke that was now starting to emit out of the panel.

“I’m ppp- cess pe-peachhhh- -st-star, ta-takkk- really comfffy-y-y-y-y-y” Her head looped a jittery and short twitch while she repeated the end of her sentence, firing out a spring from her chest as one of her ears sparked out. Smoke emitted out of her mouth as her main speech now started to warp in tone.

Her abdomen then exploded out while she walked forwards mindlessly in a jittery manner. Another panel was exposed which revealed some core circuitry, which was now looking more and more damaged. Her control panel which was located in the center of her abdominal panel was outputting garbled, corrupted text. The readings that could be made out were all over the place, way above their suggested limits.

“Pppppppprrrrrrrrrrrrr- Error- eee- wa-warnnning- ma-m-main ppr-pro-proccc-processor fa-failingggg- -perstttar- perstar! Hhhhhhi!” Her head twitched heavily to the side as her control panel fizzled up and sprung out of its hold as it made a sproing sound effect. While this happened, the sides of the screen shot out some sparks as the screen flickered in brightness before cutting to black.

Peach’s voice distorted and warped heavily now, speeding up and slowing down more as emergency buzzers played more frequently. Pops and sparks were heard more frequently now. “Pea-eeeeee- Pri-princcccc-cess Pe-peachhhh- so co-comfffy- delicious ca-ccc-ca-cake-ccc- m-mmm-my he-hero-ro-rrrrrr- saved ttt-the Mu-mu-mushroom Ki-ki-ki-ki-ki-ki-kiiiii”

Her voice started to reach its climax the more it looped at the end. Suddenly her back panel exploded out, completely frying her power supply. All of her servos, motors and mechanisms started to fade down in sound and tone. Her face was locked in a contorted way and her eyes were crossed slightly. Her mouth was gaped open, jaw slacked slightly. A fire followed the explosion, causing her power to start draining completely.

She then started to bend forward slowly with her arms locked in an erratic and chopped pose. Her voice then started to completely die out in tone and speed, while she leant forward with her eyes fading out. “Kkkkiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggggdddddddddddooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm----

All that was left from her was the sound of sizzling smoke trailing out from her exposed internals. Sparks and pops could still be heard, while some cackling sounds emitted from the fire as it burnt away more parts.