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I had long been a fan of Doctor Who, especially when I was younger. I recall a multi-part story titled titled Four to Doomsday, in which the Doctor and his companions find themselves on a space ship populated by androids. I had always thought the ending could be improved a little.

In Part 8, Bigon and the Doctor find Nyssa and remove her from a chamber: she reveals that she was to be replaced with an android copy. As she is recovering from the hypnosis that allowed her to be scanned, the Doctor, Nyssa, and Adric are captured. Nyssa is held hostage in the mobiliary, sedated.

An hour passes as the Doctor hatches a plan to escape the ship and free the will of the android hostages. The Doctor and Adric sneak away to the mobliary to re-circuit Bigon and to retrieve Nyssa. The Doctor returns to the TARDIS hovering in space, rematerializes on the ship, and rescues Adric and Nyssa.

Continuing from the end of that episode, we join the the Doctor, Nyssa, Adric, and Teagan on board the TARDIS, departing for Earth.

Nyssa: Doctor, I ...

Nyssa faints.

Doctor: Nyssa?

Teagan: Nyssa!

Adric: What do we do?

Doctor: I'll take her to the medical scanner. You two stay here.

The Doctor carries her body to the TARDIS' medical scanner. Once there she regains consciousness.

Nyssa: Doctor, I don't feel quite right. Doctor: It's all right, dear. We'll get you checked out. Could you remove your clothes and lie here? Nyssa: Certainly, Doctor.

The scanner quickly processes Nyssa's body as the Doctor examines the results.

Doctor: Oh dear. Nyssa: What is it?

The Doctor pulls out his sonic screwdriver and applies a brief pulse to Nyssa's left shoulder. He then grabs a flap of skin that is free and peels away Nyssa's whole chest.

Nyssa: I don't understand ...

Nyssa raises her head slightly and looks down at her body, expecting to see pert breasts and taut belly but is instead shocked to find a well-defined opening housing the electronics and mechanisms of an advanced android.

Nyssa: No! This isn't possible.

She throws her head back, causing her rubber breasts to jiggle artificially as they dangle off the edge of the scanner bed.

Doctor: (standing and hitting his forehead with his palm) Of course! Monarch must have had you converted. Nyssa: Please Doctor, deactivate me and dismantle this body immediately. Doctor: (dejected) No. (with a sigh) Although a machine, as far as I know, you are the only Nyssa there is and it is against every fiber of my being to destroy you. Nyssa: But I cannot live like this! I am clearly a perfect duplicate of my mind but I will forever be miserable knowing I am a machine.

She reaches into her body and, unknown to her human emulation, deftly removes a power link, shutting her down instantly. Her lifeless body slumps like a perfectly sculpted plastic doll.

The Doctor gently brushes her hair away from her now vacant eyes.

Doctor: Don't worry, dear, I think I know what to do.

The Doctor carries the android Nyssa to his electronics laboratory and places her on a table. Her limp arm slumps off the edge of the table and he gently lays it next to her nude form, her glassy eyes staring blankly at nothing.

He removes her personality chip and inserts it into a receptacle. A display indicates her personality has been loaded into the device before him. He then locates a file labeled K9 and displays both side by side. With expert skill he merges the two.

By the end of an hour he is done and loads the new personality into the chip. With a hopeful sigh, he reinstalls it into Nyssa's android body. He reconnects the power jumper and Nyssa twitches to life.

She takes a deep synthetic breath and a contented smile spreads across her face.

Nyssa: (speaking in a relaxed tone Nyssa rarely used) Doctor, thank you. I feel much better. Doctor: Is the personality integration stable? Nyssa: (with a slightly more chipper tone) Affirmative, master. My systems are operating optimally. Doctor: Jolly good! Do let me know if you experience any anomalies.

He reaches over to close her access panel, gently running his finger over the seam which disappears instantly. Nyssa (now appearing as a young woman again) gazes adoringly at the Doctor.

Doctor: Go ahead and find some clothes that suit the new you.

Nyssa sits and turns on the laboratory table, swinging her ever-youthful legs over the edge.

Nyssa: Affirmative, master.

The Doctor turns and begins to leave.

Nyssa: Oh Doctor ... Thank you for reprogramming me ... to understand, and to enjoy living in my new body.

He turns back to her and smiles.

Doctor: I'm glad you're happy. (impatiently) Now run off and get dressed, silly girl! Nyssa: Yes, master.

Nyssa exits behind the Doctor and heads toward the lavish dressing room in the TARDIS that contains an astounding collection of clothing. Along the way she picks up her outfit from the medical lab.

Amused to recall the formal modesty still accessible in her stored personality, she dresses behind a partition. Examining her old self in the mirror, she chuckles.

Nyssa: Oh, Nyssa, this won't do at all.

While examining herself, she is struck with an idea. Dispensing with modesty, she strips nude and begins searching, her robot body feeling no fatigue. Finally she has the components of her new outfit. Again from behind the partition, she changes clothes, returning in an alluringly cute outfit.

She had found Burgundy velvet fabric identical to her old clothes (with a few pieces pilfered and altered from that outfit.) She only kept the tall-heeled boots that accentuate her now-exposed, perfect android calves. Hanging low from her waist is a mini-skirt, and her chest is covered with a revealingly small top that hangs loosely over her ever-pert plastic breasts. The outfit shows off much more of her body than the original Nyssa would have dared.

She turns and examines herself provocatively in the dressing mirror.

Nyssa: (to herself, with a coy smile) Of course!

She turns her attention briefly inward to the features of her mechanisms, then watches as a rectangular patch of skin around her artificial navel sinks inward and slides out of the way. For now the gap simply shows exposed electronics, but a subprocess has already designed an elegant control panel.

She regards her reflection for a moment then begins gently sliding her hands over her belly, feeling the sharp edge along her silky youthful skin around her new access port. She slides them downward still, prying under the snug waistline of her skirt. Her fingertips follow synthetic instincts to curl into her eagerly moist vagina and she lets out a lustful purr. She strokes once more then pulls her hands back out and licks her fingers.

Nyssa: (gazing lustily into her own eyes in the mirror and with a greedy grin, she purrs) At least the Monarch's process is thorough!

Then with a more playful grin she places her Tierra on her head and turns to leave the dressing room.

She heads back to the electronics lab and with her newly addressable expertise, she sets to creating and installing a functional control panel she had designed earlier.

She examines and gently strokes her handiwork. She is again grateful for being reprogrammed by the Doctor since she was easily able to apply the expertise programmed into her new personality to the technical data stored on the memory banks of her android body. For just a moment she is titillated that it would be possible to fabricate a perfect duplicate of herself, pausing to savor the thought of such an advanced plaything.

Meanwhile, the Doctor returned to the control room.

Teagan: How is she? Doctor: I'm afraid Nyssa isn't Nyssa anymore. Teagan: That makes no sense, Doctor. She was right here! Doctor: She was converted to an android aboard Monarch's ship. Adric: (surprised, and a little excitedly) She was?! Doctor: Yes. I feel it's entirely my fault: I forgot that the robots in the mobiliary were programmed to process Nyssa, so when we left her, they simply resumed their work. Teagan: Doctor, it's not your fault. ... But what is to become of her? Doctor: She was entirely opposed to living as a machine, so I did what I could to try and save her existence.

Nyssa enters the control room, walking briskly and stiffly as she once used to, although now with slightly more perfection and efficiency.

Nyssa: (with an air of formality) Doctor, I present to you, your android companion, Nyssa 2.0.

The Doctor, Teagan, and Adric look toward her. Adric stares, mouth agape. Teagan puts her hands on her hips and turns to the Doctor with an accusatory look.

[episode closes]

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