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I Love Maria damage scene 1.gif The titular character from the movie I Love Maria is damaged.

Damage refers to a fembot being physically harmed or injured in any form or degree of severity, which frequently involves exposition of her mechanical nature. This can go from minor harm such as a tear in the skin, to missing parts or complete obliteration.

Damage is often preceded, accompanied or followed by malfunctions. While Malfunctions also fall outside of the fembot's normal operation, they do not result in visible physical harm. Disassembly is different from damage by virtue of the fembot being taken apart following design specifications, as opposed to violent action.


  • In D. Olivaw's story First Date, fembot Anika and her lover John take sexual pleasure in consensually damaging her.
"“I-I-I-I-” she stuttered, unresponsively, her body stiff. She was struggling to process the hundreds of warnings and priority alerts from the crushed and torn components in her neck and head. Her coolant reservoir was rapidly emptying itself into her cranial cavity through the burst tubing, and the sudden temperature change had caused several electronic components to burn out. One of her auditory processing circuit boards had even cracked under the strain. Her main CPU was able to take on those tasks, if less efficiently, but the sudden influx had caused it to hang, temporarily disabling the programmed prioritization of tasks and leading to yet more buildup. Further, she’d disabled all her safeguards, with the result that her processors were starting to overheat."
First Date by D. Olivaw
  • In Mad Mechacow's story Tales of Syntech 3, one of the protagonist's co-worker is revealed as a fembot after a workplace incident.
"The "young woman's" dress had been shredded open to reveal her honey colored skin which was also shredded open in a few places. Inside the girl's insides Shannon and Lia saw intricate tangles of fiber-optic cable, wiring and integrated circuitry linked to sophisticated motors and computers. A plastic tank inside the girl's torso had broken open and splattered her insides and skin with a strange, clear fluid which sparked and sizzled as it touched the components inside her.
Tales of Syntech 3 by Mad Mechacow
  • During the climax of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the T-X is stripped of some of her polymimetic coating when she is trapped by a massive electromagnet. Later, she is completely bisected when a helicopter is crashed into her. Her upper body continues to crawl across the hangar, intent on completing her mission, until she is finally destroyed.
  • In the horror movie Jason X, Kay-em 14 is decapitated by the mighty slasher. This injury is not as grievous as one might expect; for the remainder of the movie her disembodied head looks around, makes wisecracks, and controls computer systems.


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