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Bitter Metal speaks in a monotone voice with computer effects added.

A robotic voice is a particular way of speech that is meant to sound inhuman and machine-like. When it is used in fiction, a robotic voice can be used to signify that a character is a female robot.


There are different ways that a robotic voice can be produced. The following methods can also be used and combined to differing degrees:


A monotone voice features speech in a single held and unchanging pitch. This is sort of like singing, and it requires a little bit of vocal control and talent on the part of the actress.


An emotionless voice sounds disengaged from the context of the speech, with vocal inflections only varied slightly and not appropriate to the tone of the discussion. The words by themselves have a natural sound, but the sentences they form when combined do not.


This can describe any digital sound effect that has been applied to the voice either during or after speech is produced. These digital filters can effect the voice in such a way that it sounds "metallic" or "mechanical" or "electronic".

Speech synthesis

Instead of using an actress's voice, speech generated by a computer program can be used instead.

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