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Assembling Robot maids in the Night Gallery episode "You Can't Get Help Like That Anymore"

Assembly refers to a fembot being assembled out of separate parts into its normal operational status. The fembot may assembled into operation for its first time ever, or this may follow disassembly either due to repairs or damage. The fembot may be powered on or not during its assembly.

Unlike damage, assembly follows design specifications, as opposed to violent action.

In fiction

"The two then teamed up to connect the fluid hoses and connectors, gently hooking the pins into their mates between Kristen's pelvis and torso. After all of the connections were made, they gently guided the mechanical pelvis to meet with Kristen's womanly hips. Everything fit into place and the tech threw the lever to lock it in. Kristen now had a shiny new pelvic unit attached to her open android torso."
Kristen's Overhaul by Sarabot
  • In the anime Boku no Marie, a brief scene in the form of a flashback details the initial stages of construction for a character's "sister".
  • In the Short Film Replacement, a man is shown assembling parts of a robot woman's head.

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