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Fembot Candace from comic Future F.A.I.T. beeps upon her activation.

Electronic beeping, or beeps or electronic sounds, is a collective term for the sounds emitted by a fembot's electronic workings. These sound are usually very short and synthetic in nature. They may be intended to inform about the fembot's operation, as in the case of a booting sound, a error alert or data being processed. Alternatively, these sounds may be used to transmit data to other robots or computers in a fast and encrypted way.

Aurally, these sounds may be represented by sound effects recorded from actual devices, like a computer's power-on self-test, sampled from existing software such as the Microsoft Windows series of operating systems, or synthesized from scratch. These sounds may range from simple waveforms to more complex and deliberate sounds. Visually and textually, they may be represented by onomatopoeias, one of the most common being "beep"

Electronic beeping distinct from whirring sounds in that it does not result from the fembot's movements or mechanical operation.

In fiction

  • In Robotman's story H is for Heuristic, fembot Anya uses her speaker to transmit critical data to Robot Control's Main Computer.
"Maria," she said, "Please relay the following stream of data to the main computer. A tone of 440 Hz will represent the value 1. A tone of 310 Hz will represent the value 0."
Then with her mouth closed, loud square waves came out of her speaker, changing at the fastest rate that could be detected by Maria's microphones and relayed to the Main Computer. The binary data she sang out this odd way was the complete record of emotional experiences that Tammy had transferred into her.
H is for Heuristic, chapter 96 "Mind Segment" by Robotman


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