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Data transfer is the process of copying or moving information from a computer to a fembot, or a fembot to a computer, or a fembot to another fembot. It can also be any combination of these.

When data is transferred as a plot device in movies or TV shows, it is usually done to reveal a character as a robot, or to reinforce this attribute. Often, access panels are opened to connect devices via connecting cables. Wireless devices can also be used to transfer data, and this can be accompanied by electronic beeping, robo-vision or dialogue indicating that a data transfer is taking place.

Other types of signal can be used to send information, including optical signals and sound waves. Any type of information transfer protocol used by humans can be used for data transfer by fembots, provided that the process can be replicated by machines and AI.

Information copied or moved this way can take many forms. It can be in binary, hexadecimal, or some other positional numeral system. The data can be encrypted, contain alphanumeric characters, Unicode symbols, special glyphs, or other alphabets. The purposes of data transfer are many. These can range from programming a fembot to backing up information from a fembot's memory core to computer storage.

These interactions can either be performed by a fembot's authorized users or by those who are not authorized, for example hackers.

Example from a story

Excerpt from Robotman's "H is for Heuristic"

"Maria," she said, "Please relay the following stream of data to the main computer. A tone of 440 Hz will represent the value 1. A tone of 310 Hz will represent the value 0."

Then with her mouth closed, loud square waves came out of her speaker, changing at the fastest rate that could be detected by Maria's microphones and relayed to the Main Computer. The binary data she sang out this odd way was the complete record of emotional experiences that Tammy had transferred into her.

In fiction

More examples

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