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A fembot malfunctions as the reveal of her true nature contradicts her programming as a sleeper. By ChocolateKeys.

A malfunction is an event where a fembot fails to function properly. This can result in a wide variety of unintended and erratic behaviors. These may range from socially inappropriate actions, motor impairment or even cessation of the fembot's operation.

Malfunction can precede, accompany or follow damage. However, malfunctions are different from damage in that while they also fall outside of a fembot's normal operation, they do not result in immediate physical harm.


Malfunctions are caused by something in the fembot functioning incorrectly or being obstructed from functioning at all. As such, malfunctions can emerge from a fembot's hardware, her mechanical and physical components, or her software, the collections of instructions on which a fembot operates.


Due to their wide range of causes and seriousness, malfunctions can be represented by a wide variety of fembot-related trope.

  • In the movie Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, the titular character Austin Powers somehow overloads Frau Farbissina's fembots with his "mojo". Unable to process so much sexiness, they start looking surprised, then start jerking and overheating, before finally exploding. This scene is not to be confused with Vanessa Kensington's one in the sequel Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, where she is purposely designed to explode.
  • In the movie Cherry 2000, the titular robot accidentally Cherry gets wet and starts sparking. She then loses all motor control, and a hear a loud beeping is heard before she eventually shuts down.
  • In the movie Westworld, the protagonist attempts at making a chained woman drink. It is revealed she is a robot when she starts sparking and smoking.
  • This trope is at the basis of most of Fection's art and writings. The character Candy, for example, is often shown as being unable to process paradoxes and even basic calculations, which ultimately leads to her demise.
She watched the voluptuous young woman take in her explanation. From Candy's expression it seemed that the shapely machine's processors were once again having some difficulty formulating a reply. Her eyebrows were raised a little, her mouth opened slightly and her eyes unfocused in an altogether dumbfounded expression. Camilla began to suspect that the mere mention of multiplication had been enough to fuse the vacuous robot's brain, when the inanimate brunette spoke softly.
Charlie's Second-Hand Angel by Fection


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