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Amy the Perfect Girl gets activated. By Fection.

In fembot terminology, activation, also referred to as booting, start-up or powering up, is the process that changes a fembot's operational state from "off" to "on", and is thus the direct opposite of a shut-down. The fembot may be activated by a user or on its own, through a remote control device, a on/off switch built into the robot or a software command.

The activation process can be accompanied by verbal information on the fembot's model, its operating condition or its ongoing start-up operations. Visual and aural signs may also indicate a fembot powering up, such as glowing eyes or beeping sounds.


  • In General's story Blue Chips, the character Jennifer is reprogrammed with new sexual parameters and rebooted.
Jennifer’s head raised back up and stared straight ahead. “Cyrex systems model 3057-101a. Prototype OS SPI2.5 – Jennifer 1.7. Commencing diagnostic.” She once again began slightly moving her body in a jerky fashion, and then said with a calm monotone voice, “Motor systems…nominal. CPU….nominal. Sensors….nominal. Communications…..note: wireless networking manually disabled. Memory……nominal. All systems are functioning within acceptable parameters.”
Blue Chips by General
  • In Fection's animation A Thoughtless Vendetta, character Chantelle emerges from her stand-by mode as a phone rings, with her eyes widening and a beeping sound being heard.


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