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Popping Eye.pngAn example of robo-vision. Additional information, such as battery charge, and visual artefacts such as scan lines are laid over first-person vision. By ChocolateKeys.

Robo-vision refers to the portrayal of a fembot's visual perception of her environment.


In fiction, the view from a robot or cyborg's eyes is often portrayed as markedly different from that of human beings. This may include a different range of perception on the electromagnetic spectrum, lower of higher quality of perception, or additional information being superimposed to their point of view.

Visually, the point of view of a robot may be shown by altering colors, applying distortion, or superimposing additional information.

In fiction

  • Westworld's robots see in the infrared spectrum, accomplished using an at the time revolutionary computer effect.
  • Terminators have been portrayed with similar HUDs to assist in the recognition, acquisition and destruction of their targets. The T-800, the most primitive unit to be shown at any length to the viewer, can see only in infrared. Later units can also see in green, presumably as a form of night vision. Cameron can perceive those spectrums in addition to the normal spectrum visible to humans.
  • The Marionettes of the Saber Marionette series are shown to use integrated HUDs. In one scene, Lime utilizes an analyzer system which highlights a target's structural weak points, which she uses to disable Panther's arm.


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