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Lorna gets shut down in a scene from Plutón B.R.B. Nero.

In fembot terminology, shut-down, alternatively spelled shutdown or referred to as deactivation, is the process that changes a fembot's operational state from "on" to "off", and is thus the direct opposite of activation. The fembot may be deactivated by a user or on its own, through a remote control device, a on/off switch built into the robot or a software command.

A fembot may be shut down for storage, transport, to be rebooted or repaired. A shut-down may not be planned and result from lack of recharge, critical malfunction or damage, whether because of automated safety measures or because of operation becoming impossible.

In addition to the fembot ceasing all activity, occasionally mid-motion or mid-sentence, a shut-down is frequently accompanied by a change in posture, with the limbs going limp and settling into a position of least resistance, sometimes to the point of the fembot falling over. A shut-down may also be accompanied by electronic sounds and the fembot adopting a blank stare, with the latter sometimes accompanied with a change in pupil size or color.


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Customer Service by WilloWisp
  • In Asus 2008's advertisement for its Eee PC line, multiple identical women dressed in bunny outfits dance suggestively until they eventually run out of battery, slowing down and slumping over, with only one woman remaining.


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