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8Ss7Jw3.png A fembot displays her abdominal access panel. By Evil Boo

An access panel is an opening in the outer surface of a fembot's body that grands access to its inner workings, with the purpose of facilitating maintenance or repair. Access panels may be featured virtually anywhere on a fembot's body. Popular locations include the abdomen, the thorax and the back. The panels may be fairly obvious, indicated by seams or marking on the fembot's exterior, or carefully hidden to preserve its human-like appearance.

Access panels may open directly on the fembot's inner mechanisms, or on a control panel that allow faster alteration of the fembot's operation.

A more modern take on the access panel is the subdermal control panel, seen as a lit up portion of the skin that can be controlled by touch.


  • In's story A Meeting At Meg's, a fembot opens her lover's access panels.
The pair moved to the bed, losing clothes along the way and by the time they got there all that remained were Alex’s boots and stockings. Krissy smiled and closed her eyes for a second, as though concentrating. There was a quiet click, and a triangular patch of skin on her groin which had before only been visible as a hairline seam, came loose into her hand along with a similar, larger, rectangle-shaped panel on her chest. Another on her back followed, and she placed them on the nightstand.
Alex admired her synthetic companion’s now-visible machinery. Through the open access ports she saw dense, multicolored wiring and the surfaces of Krissy’s circuit boards. These were the electronics that translated the instructions of the molecular-electronic CPU inside Krissy’s plastic skull into meaningful commands for the hundreds of subsystems throughout her body. Inside the cavity, green LED’s blinked on and off, indicating the state of her various mechanisms.
Especially interesting to Alex were the sex-systems revealed by the now-open genital-panel. Wiring lead into a circuit board, her main sexual subprocessor, from all directions. Various green LED’s blinked happily on its surface, indicating that Krissy was ready to go.
A Meeting At Meg's, by D. Olivaw


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