A Meeting At Meg's

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Alex swiftly climbed the stairs to her bedroom and stepped through the open doorway. She opened her closet door and slid the more mundane, everyday items to one side so that she could more easily select from the less…utilitarian apparel. It had been weeks since she had visited “Meg’s,” as the club was known, and she couldn’t wait for the fun that no doubt awaited her that night.

As she checked through the closet, tossing some items to the bed while ignoring others, she checked her remaining energy levels to ensure that she had enough charge in her batteries to last until she got back. Alex was, after all, a gynoid.

The first sentient artificial intelligence had been created in 2035 at a university in Japan. While the discovery revolutionized computer science, sentient AI’s had always been few in numbers. There was no reason to set up factories to produce people with (as was quite rapidly affirmed by the world’s major courts) the same rights as humans, so the only new droids created came either from humans who were willing to devote several years of their life to raising one to maturity, or from other droids who wished to experience parenthood.

Alex was of the most recent generation, and while she appeared to be in her mid twenties, she had in reality only been first activated twelve years ago. Droids, however, learned and matured at an incredible rate. Five, for example, was the legal voting-age for an AI.

Satisfied with her selections, she closed the closet and started to undress. Before long, the clothes that she wore at work, as a professor of Twentieth-Century military history at a local college, lay on the floor at her feet. She immediately began to dress in the clothing she had selected for her club visit. First, she zipped herself into a black latex bustier then wriggled into an indecently short miniskirt of the same material, before pulling on some fishnet stockings and a pair of black patent-leather knee-highs.

She stood up and, brushing a lock of shoulder-length auburn hair out of her eyes, admired her perfect, artificial body. A person who had never seen her before couldn’t have guessed that under her smooth, blemishless synthetic skin were the intricate wiring and circuitry of a gynoid.

She squeezed her breast with one hand, enjoying the sensation as the cool, tight rubber of the bustier rubbed against her nipple, sending cascades of data through her processors. The other hand she let slip beneath her skirt to massage her smooth, plastic genitals. Her sex-programming activated briefly as she touched herself, and a drop of lubricant rolled down the inside of her thigh.

“Not yet,” she told her reflection in the mirror, and left the bedroom before heading downstairs. She paused as she passed the living-room and looked inside. Dolly was standing there, plugged into a wall outlet in standby mode.

“Hey, Dolly,” Alex called, smiling. She had bought the somewhat outdated pleasure-android on an internet auction site. Dolly was by no means sentient, and her systems were far less advanced than Alex’s, but she was fun to have around for the occasional bedroom romp. Dolly straightened up and looked at Alex, her movements somewhat stiff and robotic.

“Hello, mistress,” dolly greeted her owner, “what do you desire?”

“I’m going out; how do I look?” Alex asked.

“You’re so hot, mistress,” Dolly replied with a preprogrammed answer. Alex grinned. “You’re such a dirty little doll; If I have any power left I’ll teach you a lesson when I get back!” she said, “but for now, go back to sleep, code alpha-one-three-five.” The automaton obligingly slumped forwards again; it’s eyes half-closing. Alex turned and left through the front door, making sure to grab a trenchcoat from the hook and draw it closed around her. No sense disturbing anyone who might see her on the way to the club.

She got into her car and left her rather humble house on the outskirts of town. She was headed for the city center, which was where “Meg’s” was located. It was on the boundary between the industrial and business sectors of the city, and from the outside it was just a door in a brick wall with a rather humble neon sign out front. This was the garish purple symbol which beckoned to Alex through the evening gloom when she got there, having parked her car a block or so away. She walked up to the door and joined the relatively short line of people waiting to get in. The bouncer, Peter, waved her through when it came time. “Thanks, Pete,” she said, blowing him a kiss, to which he replied by rolling his eyes and turning to meet the next potential reveler.

She hung her coat on the rack inside the door and entered the club proper. Music pounded away, though not quite as manic nor as loud a beat as you’d hear in most clubs. You wouldn’t have known just from looking, but most of the people dancing or talking at the tables were droids, only a quarter or so were humans. Alex’s apparel, shocking though it would have been on the street, wasn’t really any wilder than what the other girls in the room were wearing, and she blended right in. She wasn’t here to dance, though.

“Alex! Alex! Over here!” she heard a feminine voice yell, and turned to see her friend, Krissy, bouncing up and down, trying to attract her attention. Alex waved and immediately made her way over through the shifting, scantily clad crowd. The slightly petite blond gave Alex a hug when they finally met up to one side of the room, and looked her up and down. She whistled appreciatively, “Damn, you look even better than usual tonight.”

Alex noted that Krissy wasn’t exactly dressed for an appointment at the DMV either, with matching hotpants and tube-top made out of pink PVC, along with a pair of stiletto heels. The two bantered for a little bit about their lives; then Alex, who was eager for action, asked “so, would you like to go…get a room?”

Krissy batted her eyes and responded, “of course, honey, it’s been a while since we’ve played together, hasn’t it?”

“Feels like forever,” Alex said, lightly brushing her fingers against Krissy’s arm. The blonde responded by taking Alex’s hand and leading her to the back of the club. After climbing down some stairs they reached a hall with rooms set off to the side. Most of the doors were closed, but four rooms were still open. The pair entered the closest one and Alex locked the door behind them before looking around the familiar space.

The walls were the same unfinished brick as the rest of “Meg’s.” There was a big, sturdy bed against the far wall and the cold concrete floor was covered in sections of soft, beige carpeting – easy to pick up and replace when they needed to be cleaned. There was a nightstand to either side of the bed with a lamp on each, but the main illumination was provided by fixtures attached to the ceiling beams overhead.

Alex turned around and pressed Krissy to the wall, kissing her hungrily while she massaged the smaller gynoid’s crotch through her glossy plastic hotpants. Krissy kissed back, pushing her tongue into Alex’s mouth and squeezing her ass in both hands. Alex broke the kiss and began to nibble spots on Krissy’s neck then moved on to her ears. Krissy ran her hands over Alex’s body as the brunette’s caresses sent waves of sensory data through her systems.

The pair moved to the bed, losing clothes along the way and by the time they got there all that remained were Alex’s boots and stockings. Krissy smiled and closed her eyes for a second, as though concentrating. There was a quiet click, and a triangular patch of skin on her groin which had before only been visible as a hairline seam, came loose into her hand along with a similar, larger, rectangle-shaped panel on her chest. Another on her back followed, and she placed them on the nightstand.

Alex admired her synthetic companion’s now-visible machinery. Through the open access ports she saw dense, multicolored wiring and the surfaces of Krissy’s circuit boards. These were the electronics that translated the instructions of the molecular-electronic CPU inside Krissy’s plastic skull into meaningful commands for the hundreds of subsystems throughout her body. Inside the cavity, green LED’s blinked on and off, indicating the state of her various mechanisms.

Especially interesting to Alex were the sex-systems revealed by the now-open genital-panel. Wiring lead into a circuit board, her main sexual subprocessor, from all directions. Various green LED’s blinked happily on its surface, indicating that Krissy was ready to go.

Next it was Alex’s turn, and she also opened her three access panels, placing their covers on the other nightstand. She turned back only to have Krissy pinch one of her nipples, giggling.

“You little bitch!” Alex said, jokingly, and pushed her companion back onto the bed for a long, passionate kiss. As she explored Krissy’s mouth with her tongue, Alex slid her hand down to caress her partner’s delicately crafted labia and clit. Krissy moaned with happiness as her sexual subroutines came online, and the lights on her genital panel cycled faster.

Finally, Alex plunged her fingers into Krissy’s warm, wet pussy. At the same time, she started toying with her nipples, licking them and nipping them with her teeth. Inside both robotic women, electronics began to heat up and processors struggled to deal with the amount of data flowing into them. They had been designed well, though, and both handled the increased load without any trouble.

Not wanting to leave all the work to her friend, Krissy also began to finger Alex back. The droids pressed against each other, making pleased noises as they increased the tempo. Then, Krissy started things off by reaching one of her slender hands into Alex’s rear cavity and pulling a few wires loose. Alex jerked backwards as a flash of sparks came from the violated circuitry in her back. Error messages filled her vision as her systems fluctuated for a few seconds, and several LED’s blinked from green to red in her open panels. She smiled and kissed Krissy, harder now, more urgently.

It wasn’t long before Alex responded to Krissy’s advance by taking her finger, wet from being inside the petite droid’s pussy, and dripped a little lubricant onto a circuit board in her playmate’s chest. A flurry of sparks flashed from the spot, and Krissy’s back arched, eyes wide, as her body spasmed. She regained control for a few seconds, then another shower of sparks burst from an adjacent circuit board, and she took a minute or so to fully recover as Alex massaged her breasts.

The two synthetic females kissed again, and again massaged each-other’s pussies. Krissy, after a couple of minutes, reached into Alex’s chest and pulled a small circuit board from its mounting. Sparks illuminated the inside of the brunette gynoid’s chest as more of her circuitry burned out from the damage. More of her LEDs blinked to red, and some even went out entirely.

She moaned in a synthetic, skewed sounding voice as she enjoyed the malfunctions caused by Krissy’s actions. She didn’t wait long to respond, though. Circuit board still dangling from a couple of wires in her chest, she felt around in Krissy’s back and pulled a particularly thick wire loose before jamming it’s exposed end into the surface of a subprocessor. Krissy’s body spasmed out of control for a few seconds before power to the cable was cut off. Like Alex, smoke now wafted from her open panels; like Alex, her movements were now jerky and mechanical, her voice skewed and synthetic sounding. She was also enjoying it as much as Alex was.

Alex pushed Krissy onto her back and moved her head down to the malfunctioning blonde’s crotch. As Krissy spread her legs, Alex licked and nibbled her clitoris. Krissy’s back arched again, this time as her processors choked on all the input from the touch-sensors in her genitals. She came, moaning loudly, and at the height of her climax Alex, having intertwined her fingers with the wiring inside her Krissy’s genital panel, made a fist; ripping many of them from their connections.

Krissy’s body jerked wildly, sparks exploding from the handful of loose wires in Alex’s hand and also from her other access panels as circuitry all through her body fried itself. She finally collapsed back to the bed; her systems completely crashed. She would need to be rebooted to come back online.

Alex kissed her unconscious companion’s parted lips, and settled back to finger herself. She moved her finger faster and faster until she was on the verge of coming, and then pushed herself over. Her systems had been too badly damaged to handle it, though, and an overload developed in her sex circuitry. Sparks erupted from the circuit board in her vaginal access panel, and the wires melted. Some of the electronics caught fire, briefly, but soon went out, leaving Alex on her back, twitching, as she slowly massaged her pussy. Smoke curled out of the access panel on her groin, and she would jerk a bit whenever a fresh circuit burnt itself out, but she had loved every second of it.

At closing time, John, the on-staff mechanic for “Meg’s,” came by to check on the rooms. He used his master key to find the two, still where they had been when they had finished. He smirked and went to go get his repair kit.

Droids often came here for that sort of thing, and he was always there when they were finished, ready to patch them up and send them on their way. The repairs were free, but in order to get that level of service the establishment’s various patrons paid a yearly fee. Alex, Krissy, and the rest of their little circle were loyal customers and had even become friends with many of the staff (like John and Peter).

When he was done fixing them up; carefully replacing all their burnt-out parts and rebooting them, the girls got dressed and Krissy went on her way, sharing a last, passionate kiss with Alex. Alex, though, stayed behind.

“You’re always here for us, that’s very kind of you, you know,” she told him.

“Well, it is my job, after all,” he laughed.

“I know it’s your job, silly, but you really are very kind, and very gentle; much more than you need to be. We really appreciate it, John,” she replied, and kissed him on the cheek, causing him to blush. She smiled and said “I’ll see you next time, hon. Good night.”

She left “Meg’s” that night feeling as satisfied as usual, and quite ready to tackle the pile of term papers she had to grade that weekend. She checked and found that her battery would last her just long enough to get home and plug in for the night, so Dolly’s “disciplining” would have to wait for another day. Grinning from ear to ear with the thought, she started her car and headed home.

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