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A reboot is a process by which a fembot, similarly to any other computer system, is shut down then restarted. This process may be deliberate, for the purpose of receiving or switching software or troubleshooting issues with the fembot. Rebooting can also be accidental, following power failure in the fembot or a system crash from a malfunction.

A reboot can be either cold or warm. In a cold reboot, the fembot's power is turned off and on again, forcing her to go through a state of complete deactivation before fully restarting. In a warm reboot, also known as a soft reboot, the fembot's systems start over without power being interrupted, resulting in a faster but incomplete process.

Alternatively, the term "reboot" may be used to designate only select software in a fembot restarting, such as human behavior simulation.

In fiction

  • Cameron has been forced to reboot twice so far in the series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. After being electrocuted, she fell back, unconscious. John and Sarah Connor threw her out of a window while she was offline to conceal her from an approaching Terminator. 120 seconds after the shock, she snapped back into full functionality. On a later occasion, her CPU was removed to allow it to directly interface with a computer network. When it was reinstalled in her body, she went into a 15 second reinitialization cycle, where she stared straight forward until she fully reactivated. The 120 second reboot and 15 second reinitialization cycles seem to be common to all Terminators to help prevent permanent CPU damage while under physical trauma.


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