Kristen's Overhaul

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It's been exactly 1 year since Kristen underwent a transformation procedure from her human self to become a sexy female android. She loved her perfect robot body and had many sexual escapades with men, women, and other fembots. She also loved how KLAB took care of her from monthly maintenance and changing her old parts for new ones. Every month for her diagnostic check she took such delight in seeing her body opened up and tinkered with. KLAB takes very good care of their fembots. Part of every KLAB female android's service agreement is they must come in for a yearly overhaul. This consists of a top-to-bottom check of all hardware systems, a thorough cleaning inside and out, joint lubrication, and replacement of anything worn out. Sometimes a total rebuild was necessary for "heavily-used" androids. Today, Kristen had her turn.

She pulled up to KLAB in her small sporty car and stepped out, wearing a cute but tight-fitting blue sun dress and hot silver pumps. She brushed her long, flowing dark brown hair out of her beautiful face and strut in to the faux doctor's office. During a prior monthly servicing session Kristen had opted to change her hairstyle once more to compliment her features. She kept her big DD-cup breasts and plump ass because she liked the way they looked as well as how they facilitated getting hit on for sex. Yes, Kristen was a perfectly padded fuck machine, but lately some of her hardware was acting up. Her left eye had developed a twitch and would sometimes blink and move independently of the other. She wore a smart looking pair of glasses to mask it, but was tired of putting up with the constant static in her left eye's camera feed. Also, during some lesbian open panel play with another fembot, she had experienced a sparking event and a near-catastrophic failure of her vaginal module when some of her lover's FemCum permeated her open pubic panel during a wet, messy orgasm. Kristen's overhaul came at the perfect time.

Once in the waiting room, she was handed a tablet device to identify what servicing would be needed. Kristen selected "Yearly Overhaul" and detailed the hardware issues she had experienced. She gave the tablet back to the secretary and waited for a few minutes.


"Yes," Kristen replied as she looked up.

"Right this was, miss. Follow me to room 14."

Kristen followed the young woman in a white lab coat. Their heels clicked down the hall almost in unison.

"Here we are, now please disrobe and lay on the examination table," said the technician. Two more women dressed in identical lab coats followed Kristen into room 14 waiting for Kristen to undress. She peeled off her blue sun dress, revealing her white demi shelf bra cupping her magnificent tits, but she wasn't wearing any panties. She hung her dress up, reached back to unhook her bra, and hung that up with it. Her perfect human-looking body now naked, she slipped out of her heels and made her way to the exam table. She laid down, put her legs up into the stirrups, arms at her sides, and head onto the headrest, staring at herself in the mirror on the ceiling.

"Please open your chest access panel, would you miss?"

"Certainly," Kristen cheerfully replied. Just then the small portion of pale skin above her cleavage slid up inside of her heaving chest, revealing a small cluster of buttons and a small LCD screen. The lead technician entered in a code and suddenly her torso split down the middle and opened side to side, her large tits succumbed to gravity and realistically drooped towards the floor. Everything from here on, however, was outside the realm of most humans' ability to comprehend. Her mechanical insides were a familiar sight to Kristen's electronic eyes: wires, cables, hoses, blinking LED lights, and her brick-sized computer brain all contained inside of her artificial, womanly body. Another technician peeled away her abdominal covering, revealing her almost-spent FemCum fluid vials and connections to her pelvic unit. The lead technician punched another code into Kristenbot's chest panel.

"KLAB Model Kristen #198-20 powering down," she uttered in her rarely-heard robotic monotone voice. Her vision went dark, her cooling fans whirred to a stop, and the lights inside of her exposed torso ceased to blink. While her eyes were still open, the robot was off, facilitating what was about to happen to her next.

The lead technician threw a small lever in Kristen's exposed torso up near the base of her neck, which unlocked Kristen's head unit. She carefully separated Kristen's head from the rest of her robot body. The technician dutifully unhooked all of the connections and pulled the head completely away. Kristen's realistic human head now had wires and connector ports hanging down from the unit, her body now headless with the same wires and connectors dangling from out the hole where her delicate neck was. The tech put Kristen's head unit on a stand and reached up for a release inside near the chin. Just then, the locks disengaged and Kristen's faceplate clicked like a CD drive on a laptop computer and snapped out from the rest of her head. The tech removed Kristen's face, revealing her facial robotics and big green eyeballs.

As this was happening, the other two technicians switched release levers inside of Kristen's torso near her arms. They then simultaneously disconnected and pulled Kristen's arms from her torso, revealing the same connectors. They put her arms on a flat-top medical cart. One of the techs repositioned herself down near Kristen's pelvic unit while the other checked the fresh diagnostics on the in-room display. They had determined that an entirely new pelvis was needed, just to be safe after Kristen's sparking event. A tech switched another lever deep inside of Kristen and the two pulled her entire lower half: vagina, buttocks, and still-connected legs from the remaining robot body. The two techs placed Kristen's bottom half on the cart, ass up. They then removed Kristen's plump butt cheeks and set them aside to be re-installed once the new pelvic unit arrived.

Kristenbot lay in pieces inside of room 14. Her open torso was on the table in the middle of the room, not being tended to at the moment. Her old parts: damaged pelvis, creamy legs, and feminine arms were about wheeled out on the cart. The lead technician was busy with a tool inside of Kristen's robotic head. She was working to remove the problem left eyeball and its socket. Eventually, she removed all of the tiny screws and pulled the faulty eye assembly out and set it with the other worn out parts. Kristen's old hardware would eventually be refurbished, if possible, and installed onto other androids. The two secondary technicians exited the room with the cart and pieces of fembot. The lead tech then grabbed "air in a can" and carefully blew dust out from inside the shell of Kristen's open torso. She was diligent in cleaning the accumulated dust from every nook and cranny inside of the robot. Once done, she applied a tiny amount of industrial lubricant to the moving parts inside of Kristen such as the mechanisms that moved her shoulders and controlled the fembot's bending and twisting motions.

It had been several minutes, but the other two women had arrived with Kristen's new artificial lady parts. While they looked identical to the old ones, these were brand new (or refurbished) and fresh from the supply room. Making sure to match Kristen's pale silicon skin tone, the women had brought replacement arms, legs, and entire pelvic unit complete with already-installed vaginal module. They also returned with a new eye assembly and three full FemCum lube vials. The lead tech took the eyeball assembly and inserted it into the open socket in Kristen's exposed head. It clicked in with ease, and was then tightened into its place. The two assistants had turned Kristen's pelvic unit on its front and attached her sizable ass cheeks to maintain what Kristen had wanted. While one tech picked up the finished unit and brought it over to the rest of Kristen's body, the other would now change out the FemCum vials, assuring phenomenal vaginal lubrication for Kristen's plastic pussy.

The two then teamed up to connect the fluid hoses and connectors, gently hooking the pins into their mates between Kristen's pelvis and torso. After all of the connections were made, they gently guided the mechanical pelvis to meet with Kristen's womanly hips. Everything fit into place and the tech threw the lever to lock it in. Kristen now had a shiny new pelvic unit attached to her open android torso. Next her limbs had to be attached. Each semi-heavy leg, complete with dainty feet were positioned in their respective holsters. The assistants deftly hooked up the open connections to Kristen's new pelvis. Once the connections were established, they guided her legs to their final positions. One tech reached deep down within Kristen's pelvic unit and locked each leg into place. Her arm assemblies would be next. All the while, the lead tech was finishing up inside of Kristen's head unit. Her robotic face now had its two big eyeballs back side by side.

The technician reached over for Kristen's beautiful faceplate and perfectly placed it back onto the head unit. The eye holes in the facial cover lined up exactly and restored Kristen's human-like appearance, even though her head was still detached. As the other ladies hooked up Kristen's arms, the lead tech brought Kristen's head over to the almost-put-back-together android body. She lay it in the headrest above the hole at the top of Kristen's still-exposed torso. A few minutes went by as the many connections were reestablished. Kristen's expressionless face stared upwards all the while, and finally the head unit was in place. The tech switched the small lever inside of Kristen to lock it in place.

"Ok, let's power her up in test mode and take her down the hall," the lead tech instructed the other two women. She held down a button on the keypad in Kristen's chest and the sound of the machinery inside the droid was heard winding up. The inside of Kristen's robot body came to life: fans whirring, LEDs blinking, and the sounds of data rushing through her main processor. The tech punched in a code, and let the robot woman come back online.

"KLAB Model Kristen #198-20 activated," Kristen said in her monotone voice, "I am now in test mode. Detecting new hardware.....processing.....processing.....install complete. All hardware functioning nominally."

The tech punched yet another code into Kristen's chest keypad and the "doors" of her torso slowly came together and closed, her big breasts back in their correct spots. The opening and closing of her torso had to be executed while the android was powered on, otherwise forcing them to close could damage the mechanisms. One of the other techs located Kristen's abdominal covering and placed it back onto Kristen's body while the other stripped off the pubic access panel right above the vagina. Kristen emotionlessly stared at the ceiling, arms at her sides, while the lubrication fluid flow level was dialed down to 1. The pubic panel was then placed back onto the pelvic unit and her cunt again looked like a normal woman's.

"Kristen, please stand up and come with me," The lead tech said. Kristen, in smooth but mechanical motions got up off the table, naked and put back together (except for the open chest panel above her sizable tits), and followed down the hall to the testing lab. The other two women would stay behind and clean/prep the room for its next occupant. At the end of the hall, the tech pushed open the door marked TESTING LAB and the naked robot followed right behind. Inside was a multitude of testing bays, some occupied by other fembots in various states of disassembly. In one instance, there was just the bottom half of a woman's body walking on a treadmill. Some of the fembots were undergoing sexual testing. The sounds of women moaning, cooing, and yelping filled the air sounding like a big lesbian orgy.

"Alright Kristen, this one will be fine," the tech instructed, and pointed to the right. Kristen sat in a strange-looking seat and stared straight ahead while the tech logged onto the computer next to it. She established a wi-fi connection to Kristen and would monitor the data once testing was taking place. The technician typed a command, and the seat Kristen was sitting on opened up near the crotch of the femdroid. A flesh-colored dildo slid out from under Kristen and slowly penetrated her tight, new vagina.

At first, the dildo, resembling a fuck machine itself, went in and out gingerly. A light coating of FemCum glistened off of the artificial member. The tech ratcheted up the inensity and speed, while Kristen stared blankly ahead. She carefully monitored Kristen's pelvic systems remotely and set the speed to its highest level. The fuck machine pounded and pounded Kristen's vagina with vigor. Everything was working nominally. The tech switched off the dildo assembly and it withdrew from Kristen's wet slit. She slid over to Kristen and punched in a code to Kristen's still-open chest panel.

"KLAB Model Kristen #198-20 entering human emulation mode," she still said with a monotone, but then in her normal female voice, "Oh, hi there," smiling at the tech.

"Hi Kristen, everything looks great, let's just conduct one more test."

"Yes miss," Kristen replied. The tech sat down at her terminal and commanded the dildo slowly back in to Kristen's snatch.

"Oh....oh, mmmm. Unhh....yea," Kristen cooed with delight. The robot grabbed at one of her large tits and the dildo's intensity was once again brought up and up. Kristen was realistically mimicing a woman's sexual responses. "YES! Ah, fuck, yesssss....mmmmmmhh!" The tech then put the assembly back to its highest setting and monitored Kristen's systems on the screen. "OHHH!!! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, yes, yes, YESSS YEEAAAAHH!!!" Kristen executed a perfect female orgasm as the dildo slowed down and down, then retracted into the seat. "Unnnhhhhh, fuck yea," Kristen moaned as her robot body shuttered and squirmed.

"Ok Kristen, as perfect as the day you were built, your overhaul is now complete," the tech informed Kristen.

"Thank you doctor! I appreciate your professional prowess," Kristen replied.

"All in a day's work. Ok if you could step over to the cleaning booth, we'll get you scrubbed up and you'll ready to go. Let me just close your access panel," as she typed in a code. Kristen's chest panel slid down into place and sealed up. Kristen stood up from the chair, her juices dripping down her thigh. She stepped over to the cleaning booth and was sprayed head to toe with a cleaning solution.

As soon as the process finished, Kristen exited the testing lab and returned to room 14, now empty with just her article of clothing hanging up. She stepped into her silver pumps, then strapped the white bra onto her body. Without panties, Kristen then put on her blue sundress. She checked herself out in the mirror and was flawless as always. She playfully lifted her dress and flashed her ass to herself and giggled. Then she sexily strutted out of room 14 and down the hall.

"Goodbye Kristen, have a great day and we'll see you soon," the secretary said.

"Ok byeeee," Kristen replied. As she walked to her car, no one could tell that she was a machine that minutes ago was in pieces in an exam room being rebuilt. Kristen got in her sporty little car and drove off, ready to embark on many more sexual escapades.

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