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Kristen was built 7 months ago, transformed from her human existence by a robotics lab called KLAB. She couldn't be happier with her choice. She loved being a female android. Her robotic body was built to the exact specifications of her human body. Her long, slender legs climbed up to her womanly hips and flat stomach. Her cute B-cup breasts went along with an already adorable face and light brown hair. Today was the date of her monthly diagnostic test and cleaning. A sort-of check-up for the robots built at KLAB, this monthly procedure was quick and painless, but mandatory for all KLAB droids. But today, Kristen was in for something a little extra. Before she was built, her human self decided to be constructed to exact specifications. She was told by the KLAB techs that she could upgrade any of her physical aspects easily at any time. Today she decided to change a few things....

To the untrained eye, KLAB looked like a day spa. Its lobby looked just like a glorified doctor's waiting-room, only with artsy shots of beautiful women hung around the room. In the heart of the city, hardly anyone knew the nature of things that went on behind those doors. Kristen parked her car in the lot across the street and stepped out. Clad in a red business suit, white blouse, short red skirt, and heels, she walked into KLAB, heels clicking on the tile floor, and was greeted by the woman sitting at the desk on the far end of the room. "Good morning, Kristen. We've been expecting you. Please fill this out, as usual," the woman said. She handed Kristen a device that resembled a clipboard, but instead of paper, it was a touch-screen interface. "Ok, thank you," Kristen said politely, taking the device. She sat down in a chair along the wall. The first thing that came up on the screen was "Purpose of Visit." There were a few check-boxes underneath. Kristen, like always, checked "Monthly Diagnostic Check and Cleaning." She also checked the "Physical Upgrade" and "Unknown Diagnostic Error" boxes. After she was done with this screen, the Physical Upgrade screen came up. The nude woman on the screen was able to be rotated so that the viewer could see any side of her. Kristen touched various parts of the woman on the screen that she wished to be upgraded. Once she had done this, she was finished and went over to the desk. She handed the woman the clipboard. The woman looked it over. "Ok let's see here Kristen...breast augmentation, posterior augmentation, aaaaand hairstyle change. Alright, can do. What's the nature of this unknown error?" "Oh," Kristen told her, "It happens whenever my orgasm sequence loads. It's nothing too serious, I just thought it should be looked at" "Sure thing, Kristen," the woman said, smiling, typing the data into the computer. A few seconds later, a sexy woman in a white lab coat and glasses (you know, typical sexy-doctor look) emerged from the sliding double-doors to the left of the desk. "Alright, Kristen, we're all set for you," the doctor said. "Follow me." Kristen followed the doctor through the sliding doors that whooshed to a close once they had passed through them.

Kristen was led down the corridor and into room 8. To the unassuming eye the lobby and hallway looked like a doctor's office or spa. But the rooms were quite out of the ordinary. In the middle stood an odd-looking operating table, and a computer screen. "Kristen if you could just disrobe for me and lay here, I'll take a look at your file," the doctor said as she punched in on the table-side computer. With robotic precision and finesse, Kristen first removed here high-heels. She took off her red blazer and hung it up, followed by unbuttoning her blouse. She then reached back to unhook her black, B-cup bra. She bent down and slid her red skirt down her legs, stepped out of it, and hung it up as well. Lastly, as her cute breasts bounced lightly, she slid her black panties down and off, exposing a well-groomed tuft of artificial pubic hair above a flawless vagina. She glided over to the table, laid on her back, put her legs into the gynecologist-like holsters, and put her head on the headrest as she politely awaiting the doctor to finish reading up on her. When she was situated, the doctor pushed a button a probe came up from the floor, plugging directly into her anus. This was a power source, a standard procedure during any of KLAB's operations. KLAB felt it was best not to waste battery power while the robots could easily be powered and charged. Kirsten's electrical power was now coming from the probe in her ass.

"Let’s start with the make-up application, shall we?" the doctor said. Almost immediately Kristen processed the command and automatically ejected her faceplate, without lifting a finger. Until now only trained professionals could tell she was an android; her flawless, naked body had no hint of her artificial nature. Her entire human-like face popped off and slid out about an inch from the rest of her head. The doctor gently snapped it off, exposing some of Kirsten's most complicated robotics and walked it over to the make-up station. The doctor placed Kirsten's faceplate onto something resembling a mannequin’s head. It was clamped on and suddenly little robot arms clad with various make-up went to work on it. First an arm with a cleaning rag came out and wiped the faceplate down. A layer of base was added. Then a fresh coat of sexy make-up was applied. First was ruby-red lipstick. Then dark eye-liner around the eyes and green eye shadow to match her beautiful green eyes, which were now two big, white and green eyeballs in the robotic head of the naked Kristenbot lying on the table. Lastly was the subtle blush applied to the plastic cheeks of Kristen's faceplate.

While the make-up application was going on, the doctor, clad in her white lab coat, opened Kristen's abdominal panel and put it aside. Kristen laid silently, her robotic head looking at the ceiling. She was online for all of this. The doctor plugged a cable into a port in Kristen's open abdominal electronics that fed data to the computer. While it was performing a diagnostic run-down, the doctor removed almost-empty vials of liquid from inside the female android. This liquid was scented lubrication fluid, used in the android's mouth and vagina for a more realistic sexual experience. They were swapped with new ones at every monthly diagnostic test and cleaning. Just part of the process. The doctor placed full vials into the stomach of the android and were clicked into place in their holsters.

After the diagnostics run by the computer was complete, the doctor said, "Well Kristen, there's no detection of the error you had inquired about. I'm going to have to stimulate an orgasm and run another test." From under the table, the doctor pulled out a vibrator and switched it on. She commanded the table-side computer to run another test as she penetrated Kristen's robot pussy. Still without a human face, Kristen had now come to life, writhing and moaning as the doctor went straight for the artificial clitoris. Once the vibrator made contact with the extra-sensitive piece of machinery, Kristen went wild. Having an orgasm was the most taxing thing a robotic woman could go through, and also the most delightful. Every system in the robot was hard at work producing an explosive human-like orgasm. As her orgasm sequence executed, the same error popped up and the computer caught it. The tail-end of the orgasm program was capped off by a small discharge of the fresh lubrication fluid from her vagina. The doctor wiped up and headed to the computer. As she learned the nature of this error, she realized she'd have to replace a part. The doctor left for a few minutes and returned with the replacement part, just a simple, small chip. The doctor took off Kristen's pubic panel, complete with that strip of pubic hair, and placed it aside next to the slice of artificial skin that was her ab panel. On the keypad inside the pubic panel, the doctor typed in a command. Just then Kristen's robotic vagina slid out from her pelvis, exposing the complicated systems that made her clit so life-like. Resembling the sound a CD tray on a computer makes as its motors open it, the vagina slid out about 6 inches. Trained to intimately know every inch of the KLAB androids, the doctor located the faulty chip and took it out, replacing it with the new one. The doctor then typed in the "close" command on the pubic panel keypad and the vagina, accompanied by the wiring behind it slid back into Kristen's pelvis. The doctor replaced the skin that covered the pubic panel. Deciding to run one more test to make sure, the doctor ran the diagnostic test a third time. The vibrator was inserted again. Still plugged into the computer via the cable from her ab panel, Kristen produced a textbook orgasm and no errors were found. Problem solved. The cable in her ab panel was removed and her panel was closed.

The make-up application had long since finished and the doctor retrieved Kristen's freshly and stunningly made-up faceplate. She snapped it into place and Kristen looked human again. It was now time for the upgrades. "I see you've requested DD-cup breasts, a posterior upgrade, and a hairstyle change as well?" asked the doctor, reading off of the computer screen. "That's right, doctor," Kristen said, still laying face-up and being powered by the cable running from the floor and into her behind. "Ok, I'll be right back," said the doctor. She left the room and walked to the end of the hall to the supply room. This room was where all the spare parts were kept. Along the shelves on the walls were various women's body parts. Legs, arms, feet, hands. It looked like a mannequin supply shop. Further along the shelves were whole spare pelvis units, next to individual vaginas, and various pubic panels with various colors and shaving styles. Next to those were the spare posterior units. Varying in size, the doctor chose the next size up from Kristen's already round butt. She put the two cheeks on a cart and rolled it in front of her. Towards the end of the room there were rows and rows of just breasts on the shelves. Different sizes, different shapes, different colors. She selected the DD-cup breasts that Kristen had asked for and placed them on the cart next to the two butt-cheeks. On the back wall were the different hair styles, sitting atop featureless mannequin heads. The doctor chose the cropped platinum blonde wig that Kristen had chosen earlier. Not only were these wigs, but entire scalps, complete with ears. It was the entire back half of each android's head. She placed it on the cart and rolled it out, down the hall, and back into room 8.

The doctor removed Kristen's B-cup breasts and put them on the cart and snapped the significantly larger DD-cup tits into place on her chest. Next, the doctor peeled the scalp off of Kristen's head, starting just behind her jaw. She worked her way up Kristen's head removing her brown hair and exposing the electronics in the fembot's skull. The doctor put the new, blonde wig in, placing it on perfectly and sealing it up. This was a whole new look for Kristen. Once done with this, the doctor said, "Last but not least could you stand up for me, please Kristen?" Kristen obeyed and stepped off the table. The power cable still plugged in, she stood tall beside the table. The doctor knelt down to remove both of Kristen's ass cheeks. Underneath lie her four battery packs, contoured to the shape of her rear. Placing them on the table and reaching for the new, bigger cheeks, the doctor put those into place as well. Kristen's old parts would later be carted out, cleaned, and put on the supply room shelves. Now a curvier woman than ever, Kristen stood proud. The doctor unplugged the power cable and it retracted into the floor. Kristen was now fully charged and was running off of her battery power.

"One last thing, as always, if you'll follow me, please," the doctor told Kristen. They left room 8, Kristen still naked as the day she was built, and walked down the hall into the cleaning room. Sort of a carwash for androids, Kristen was led into a phone booth-sized container in the cleaning room. The doctor closed the door and initiated the cleaning process. Kristen spread her legs and lifted her arms to be fully cleaned. The robot was sprayed down, head to toe, the water draining through the floor in the booth. She was then dried by high-powered fans that blew her new blonde hair back. Kristen's arms still in the air, a robotic arm emerged from the wall and applied a sweet-smelling spray to her neck, underarms, and vagina, for that new-robot smell. The whole cleaning process took no more than 15 seconds. When it was over, she stepped out of the booth. "You're all set Kristen. Have a nice day!" the doctor smiled and said. "Thank you so much doctor. See you next month," Kristen said and left the cleaning room. She returned to room 8 and began to get dressed. As she pulled her black panties up her slender legs, she liked the way they covered her new, rounder butt. She bent down at the waste to put her red skirt on as her new DD-cup breasts swayed to and fro. Now half-naked, she saw that her old bra would not fit over her new, spectacular tits. She left the bra and slid her white blouse on, nipples pressing against the satin. Lastly she put on her red blazer and heels and walked down the hall.

The double doors whooshed open as Kristen confidently and robotically strutted into the lobby. "Oh Kristen, you look fabulous!" the lady at the front desk said. "Thank you," Kristen smiled as she flung her new platinum blonde hair back. "See you next month." "Alright Kristen, bye now." Kristen walked out the front door and paused. Enjoying her new voluptuous parts, she walked to her car. First stop was the mall. She was going to need some new bras.

The End...

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