Kristen's Upgrade Part II

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When we last left Kristen, she had just gone through a maintenance and upgrade procedure at KLAB, told in Kristen's Upgrade (Part 1). She had elected to undergo a feminine equipment upgrade, trading in her modest, factory-installed B-cup breasts for two DD knockers. Feeling saucy, she had also decided on a more curvaceous butt and a flashy platinum blonde hairstyle. Her gigantic new boobs wouldn't fit into her smaller bra, so she'd left the dainty, black piece of lingerie at the lab. In fact, this was frequent practice at KLAB. Old and outsized lingerie that had been cast aside by upgraded fembots was recycled for others. Kristen's small and lacy black bra would be used for another droid to wear on her perfectly crafted tits. As for Kristen, she was on her way to the local mall. KLAB had provided her with a $300 gift card for Victoria's Secret. Kristen drove her cute silver sedan while calculating the many combinations of lingerie she would need to purchase for her accentuated figure. When she arrived, she neatly parked and strutted down the parking lot towards the entrance. Now inside, she methodically walked down the wide hallway. Her heels clicking against the tile. Since she was bra-less, her large DD-cup breasts bounced up and down quite realistically as she strolled. Her jiggling breasts pushed her perky nipples up against the smooth, white satin of her blouse. Kristen's red suit jacket was having trouble concealing her breasts under the blouse.

As she confidently strutted towards Vicky's, she caught the eye of more than a few mall-goers. Men would eyeball her slender legs and big breasts up and down. Once passed, some men would turn to look at her glorious backside. She even got some wanting stares from a few women, while most other human females would roll their eyes in disgust. All the while nobody aware that she is a machine who was partially disassembled on a lab table minutes beforehand. Kristenbot was on a mission that she was looking forward to. She was drawn to the bright pink store with techno blaring from the loudspeakers. Once inside, she would locate the section with sizes more suitable for her curves. Up towards the front near the window, there were some cute items. But those appeared to small. The days where she could fit into those had passed. Kristen entered, grabbed a basket, and searched. A cute employee approached Kristen and asked, "Hiii! Welcome to Vicki's, do you need help finding anything today?" "Yes miss, I'll need some new panties and bras." Sizing up Kristen's voluptuous figure, the employee motioned for Kristen to follow and said, "Right this way. By the way, my name is Kelly and I'm the manager for this store. I'll be here if you need help with anything."

"Thanks!" Kristenbot smiled. She located a drawer full of new panties and peered inside. Her curvaceous new butt needed to be accentuated. She perused the drawers of assorted underwear and picked out a skimpy black thong, some bright white boyshorts, some nude-colored form-fitting microfiber panties, and of course some PINK Vicky's signature panties. Placing them into her basket she ventured toward the back of the store. Her blonde hair waved in the breeze as she briskly sailed in the direction of intimates that would suit her. Right off the bat, a white, silky front-close demi shelf bra caught Kristen's electric eyes. She reached up for the 36DD size and placed it into the basket she was carrying. Next, she grabbed a sexy, black bra to replace her outsized old one. Double-checking her size on the tag, she added it to her basket. A few racks over were some more flashy items. Kristenbot methodically located a skimpy, skin-toned strapless bra that she could wear with dresses or halter-tops. It would fit her padded parts just right. The computer in Kristen's chest was adding up the projected prices of said lingerie. Behind her heaving chest, a digital brain calculated 1's and 0's. All the while on the outside Kristen appeared completely as a beautifully stunning human woman. The femdroid perused further. In the next room were the more seductive pieces. One of the plastic, headless mannequins was decked out in a black and red lacy corset. It was a front-zip black leather bustier with red lace accents and bows, complete with garters for stockings. Kristen was intrigued by this as she smiled to herself. She was able to find her size on the rack as well as a pair of black stockings to go along with it. Satisfied by her selections so far, she headed for the changing rooms.

With basket in her mechanical hand, Kristen ventured toward the back of the store. She reached the small line of women and girls waiting for the individual stalls and was soon helped by a petite brunette sales to the next open stall. The Victoria's Secret employee was a slender, fair-skinned young lady with a pony tail. Dressed in all black, she led Kristen to a stall, opened it with her key, and showed her in. "Here you are miss," the employee cheerfully said. "Thanks you very much," Kristen politely dictated back. The door was closed and Kristen placed her basket of lingerie on the bench. The black-painted room was about as big as a walk-in closet. There was a full-length mirror at one end, a seat, some hooks, and a pole from floor to ceiling. The walls went all the way down to the floor and nearly to the ceiling, but not quite. The new-age techno beats thumped through the loudspeakers in the store, almost deafeningly. The Kristen robot really wanted to play with her new parts and really see how they look on her.

She had been looking forward to this upgrade. Rapidly, Kristen tore off her red blazer and looked seductively at her own reflection, unbuttoning her tight white blouse. Kristenbot playfully danced, moving back and forth to the rhythm of the techno music. She pulled her blouse open to reveal her enormous tits. They spilled out as Kristen cupped both breasts in delight. She hung up her blouse and wiggled out of her red pencil skirt, keeping her black heels on. The way she stood on her 6-inch platforms accentuated her already-enhanced posterior to an outrageous degree. Her brand new DD-cup breasts caught her vision in the mirror and she stopped, looking down at how her dainty hands couldn't even cover them now, she was amazed. Topless, with only her black panties and pumps on, Kristen stared at herself in the mirror in awe. She sent a command to open her chest access plates, behind which were her main systems. A faint whir accompanied both of her left and right breast panels slowly extending forward. The small motors in her chest handled the new heavy load with ease.

Watching herself with a blank expression on her face, Kristen guided her left and right breasts aside as they hinged open on each side to reveal a brick-sized mainframe with buzzing cooling fans, LED status lights, and countless wires leading to her the other parts of her robot body. The perfect android tilted her head to the side and marveled at her craftsmanship in the mirror. Her panties moistened slightly as newly-installed lubrication fluid dripped out of her. For what seemed like a minute or more Kristenbot stood frozen staring into the mirror in some kind of logic loop. Suddenly the beat of the techno music changed to something upbeat and the fembot snapped out of it, closing both of her breast panels back in to form her massive human-like chest.

Now functioning with elevated sexual levels, she decided to have some more fun. Moving to the beat of the bass, she started dancing. Moving rhythmically, she messed up her hair a little as she grinned to the mirror. Topless with only black panties and pumps on, she put her arms over her head and dropped her ass, busting a groove to the beats, admiring the realistic jiggling of her artificial silicone parts. She turned around to her basket, ready to try on her tops. Dancing to the beat, she fished out the large DD-cup black bra from her basket. Watching in the mirror, Kristen robotically placed it onto her plastic chest, reaching behind her to hook it in the back. She looked down at how it fit, twisting and turning her sternum from side to side. The new bra creaked a bit under the newly applied stress of Kristen's large breasts. She was pleased at her figure in the full-length mirror, turning around to see her ample backside. She reached around to playfully slap and caress her panty-clad ass cheeks. Her bubble butt was a thing of plastic beauty. Her old black panties, made for a smaller woman's behind had ridden up her ample ass-crack. She seductively took off her black panties, watching herself peel them off and drop them to floor.

She sat on the bench and located the nude-colored skin-tight microfiber panties. Kristen slid them up her slender legs, past her athletically-toned calves and her creamy thighs to her damp plastic vagina. Having her heels on really accentuated her silicone-filled derriere as she shook her backside in the mirror. She continued to dance, watching her new padded parts. She turned to the mirror and pushed her breasts together by shrugging her shoulders and arms a bit, just to see how hew new cleavage looked in the black bra she was trying on. Pleased, Kristenbot then reached back to unhook her bra that fit her factory-made bust perfectly and she hung it on one of the many hooks, looking for the strapless bra. She found it and mashed it against her tits, fastening it in the back. The skin-toned bra strained under the two round, silicone globes on Kristen's chest. She twisted and turned with her arms above her head, closing her eyes mimicking intense feelings toward the beat of the music. Kristen simulated grinding dance-moves in her little black changing room stall, getting aroused by the minute as they ticked by. She was either not aware or not keeping track of the time as she danced.

The athletic yet busty robot undulated on and on with the song. Kristen reached down inside of her brand new panties to touch herself, caressing her short, blonde hair with the other hand. Losing herself in the moment, she grabbed the wall and moaned. Luckily no one could hear her audible pleasure sounds above the blaring music. Once the song ended, she sat down again on the bench and unhooked her skin-colored bra, placing it aside, as she emotionlessly stared straight forward. She lifted her legs a bit to take off her panties, wettened by her excitement. She watched herself in the mirror still casting her spent panties aside and grabbing for the white boyshorts. She lifted her legs higher, almost vertical and pulled the white lacy thing down to meet her crotch. Her big tits were pushed together by her arms and she instinctively cupped her left breast and lick it, making eye-contact with herself. Leaning back further, she reached into her basket for her white front-close demi shelf bra. She slung it behind her back and gracefully clasped the hook in front. Once again entranced by the beat, she watched her gorgeous tits bounce around. Her cleavage was heavenly; artificially crafted in a lab. She noticed that her perky nipples stood erect as she looked down her womanly body. Still halfway on the bench as her legs held the floor below, she moved the crotch of her brand new white panties she was trying on aside to touch her pussy. Kristen played with her clit to the point that her vagina was getting fairly wet, almost dripping. She plunged her middle and ring fingers into her snatch, moaning and cooing sounds emanating from her mouth. With her left hand, she caressed her breasts and pinched her hard nipples through the sheer bra, writhing in pleasure in the little black changing room. She was not calculating how long she had been in the stall or the consequences of her artificial female juices soiling the store's changing room and lingerie.

The current song on the loudspeaker ended, and Kristen's temporary trance wore off. She withdrew her fingers from her wet cunt, with her fingers covered in clear, sticky liquid, and routinely licked them clean. Sliding her white panties off, a sticky, viscous lubricant sheen was reflected from the robot's moist pussy lips, sticking to and soaking the intimates. Kristen stepped out of her panties and brought them up to her face. She licked the female-scented lubricant from the crotch of her panties and "sniffed" the fabric deeply with and artificial inhale. Sighing deeply, she righted herself, stood up off the bench, unhooking her white bra and hung it up. With lingerie strewn about the stall, Kristenbot tried on yet another item. A sizable line was forming out from the changing rooms in the back of the store. There were only a few stalls and one had been occupied for 20 minutes or more. Customers grew impatient. Kristenbot, however was oblivious. Her precise programming necessitated that she try on all of her clothing choices. Still strutting to the beats, her naked, firm body glistened against the lights. Only in her heels, her blonde bob hair-do was a mess. Kristen plucked out the little black thong and stepped into it, pulling it up her slender, plastic legs and up to her moist synthetic pussy, the thong back creeping up between her big smooth ass cheeks and up her crack. She then reached for the black leather bustier. Kristen wrapped it around her torso and began to zip it from the bottom up.

Slowly she raised the zipper, but it struggled once it reached her ample bosom. Kristen applied more force and it zipped past her big boobs, smooshing them together and partially out the top of the sexy bustier. Kristenbot felt super-erotic at this point, caressing her hands down her sides and to her naughty parts. She manipulated her clit through her thong, the fabric rubbing up against her ultra-sensitive man-made plastic vaginal unit. She continued to ooze lubricant fluid as her pleasure levels rose exponentially. With one hand Kristen dexterously moved the thong aside and rubbed her juicy pussy. She inserted her two fingers back into her vagina and snapped her head back in ecstasy. Feeling turned on by her perfect robotic body, she sent a command to her head unit to eject her beautifully made-up faceplate. Her face ejected out with a seam around her beautiful face, and a visible space behind her eye holes. Kristenbot then reached up with her free hand, her head still tilted up, as gently tugged her facial panel away while her other hand was busy fingering her fembot vagina. Now furiously masturbating, she placed her human-like face on the changing room's bench, resting on top of the PINK panties she had taken out from the basket. Kristen was slowly squatting, dropping almost to the floor in her sexy black heels, thong, and leather corset. She had removed her faceplate, placed it aside, and was staring at the circuitry inside her head reflected in the mirror while fingering herself. Her two big eyes, placed within a sea of machinery, looked back at her as the speaker behind where her mouth would be moaned with delight. Away she plunged, lost in a sea of digital pleasure.

"Miss?? Miss, is anyone in there?" the sales associate said who originally led Kristen to the stall she was furiously masturbating in. Women in line to try on their lingerie items had grown increasingly impatient with the wait. The sales associate knocked on the changing room stall's door, "Miss I'm going to open the door, fair warning, is anyone in there?" The sales associate reached for a master key. Kristenbot was squatting, spread eagle with fingers deep inside her vagina, her facial electronics exposed to the air. Kristen moaned to herself, caressing her body and going at herself. Because of the loud music, she, not anyone else was aware of what was about to happen next. Not expecting to see what she was about to see, the sales associate turned the key to the door, and slowly opened it to find the female android Kristen in a scandalous situation. "Dear god!" she screamed, while Kristen quickly turned her head to investigate the interruption in her escalating orgasm sequence. The sales associate locked her eyes with Kristen's big, white globes, both frozen for a moment.

The sales associate screamed, while Kristen took her soaked fingers out of herself and stood up almost in one motion. The sales associate ran out screaming and Kristen struggled to gather her parts, belongings, and lingerie. Kristen was in such a rush that she knocked her delicate facial panel onto the floor, next to the wet panties that had been carelessly thrown by the fembot minutes before. Kristen's pretty human face sustained a few minor scuffs, but she picked it up, placed in onto her head, and tiny motors latched on to secure it. Kristenbot was a mess. Her new blonde hair was all over the place, the bustier had come unzipped so that one of her breasts was spilling out, the thong on her pelvis was moved to one side of her still-dripping vagina, and her face was scuffed with a few dark scratches that did not match up with the rest of the artificial skin of her forehead and chin. The android was in shambles. Humiliated, her fantasy day of trying on new lingerie ruined...or so she thought.

The sales associate ran to the front desk, with customers giving inquisitive looks. "There's a fembot masturbating in the changing room!" she loudly whispered, not doing a very good job of keeping her voice down. "Oh, let me deal with this, thank you honey," Kelly, the manager said with concern on her face. Kelly rushed to the back of the store, past confused customers, and opened the partially-closed door of Kristen's soiled stall. "Hiii welcome to Vicki's, do you need help finding anything today?" Kelly cheerfully asked and smiled, closing the door behind herself. Kristen's blemished face now turned to confusion, "Oh, Kelly, I'm so embarrassed...See, I'm a robot, I was just here trying on some new pieces and..." "That's quite alright. I told you that I'd be here if you needed help with anything." "I'm so sorry, look I'll get myself and this stall cleaned up and be on my way," Kristen pleaded. "There's no need for that, let me help you." Kelly placed her palm onto Kristen's sternum and slowly sat her down on the bench. Kelly then lifted her shirt and peeled away the covering of her abdominal panel to show Kristen. "I knew that you were a femdroid from the second you walked in, let me assist you in your experience here at Victoria's Secret. All of our customers from KLAB are treated as VIP's. Now lay back and relax," as she closed her ab panel.

Slightly confused, Kristen lowered herself onto the bench that Kelly was guiding her to. Kelly lowered down to Kristen's feet and spread Kristen's legs, positioning herself between Kristen's thighs and dove into her clit with her tongue. Twisting and twirling Kristen's clitoris around, her vaginal fluid oozed out onto the bench. Kelly's tongue started to vibrate as she buried her head into Kristen's muff. Kristenbot threw her head back in ecstasy, once again overcome by pleasure, this time dished out by another sexy robotic woman. Her vaginal lubricant started to flow more and more. The Kelly robot's face was doused in fluid. She started to finger Kristen's wet pussy, further getting her off. Kelly unzipped Kristen's bustier, spread it open, and peeled open her abdominal panel, knowing exactly where it was without looking. Kristenbot's electronics were exposed again, flashing an orange indicator, among the many colored lights inside of Kristen's robotic body, Kelly noticed that one of the newly-installed vials of clear lubrication fluid was already running a bit low. As she still finger-probed Kristen's vulva, Kelly pulled down the thong Kristen still had on to take off her pubic panel just above Kristen's juicy pussy. Kelly put it aside along with Kristen's ab panel, all while still getting the female android off with her other mechanical hand.

Kelly located the lubrication setting dial inside of Kristen's pubic panel and turned it down from 6 to 1, conserving the lube for later sexual encounters. Kelly was not done yet, however. She brought her face back to Kristen's plastic clitoris and tongued it up and down, side to side, Kristen spasming with Kelly's every move. Kelly's face showed no emotion, her eyes staring blankly forward into Kristen's pelvis's inner workings, almost looking through her. Just eating away at the other robot's pussy, fingering her madly. Kristen's hands grabbed at the bench she was partially on and falling off of to brace herself, almost screaming in digital pleasure. Looking up at the ceiling, Kristen mashed Kelly's head further into her crotch, grabbing her brunette pony tail. Kristenbot's orgasm sequence had commenced and it was the point of no return. Her orgasm executed perfectly again, just like back on the table at KLAB. "Ohhhhhhh yes yes yes yeeeeehhhssssss!" Kristen uttered as Kelly flicked her tongue in Kristen's crotch. Bucking up and down, Kristen's voice became higher pitched, "Ah ah uh uh yeeeaa yeeeaaa!" Kelly made sure to lap up Kristen's juices while watching the LED indicators flash in Kristen's pelvis. "Mmmmm mmmmm yeeeeaaaa, oh yes, uhhhhhhnnnn," Kristen let out as her orgasm subsided. Techno music still pumped loudly, assuring no one in the store could hear the orgasmic pleasure from Kristen, the newly-enhanced fembot.

Still recovering from her digital climax, Kristen smiled and lightly moaned, simulating breathing. Kelly licked Kristen's plastic pussy clean and emerged from her crotch, finding the panel covers she had removed from Kristen's robot body. Kelly adeptly snapped Kristen's pubic panel on and fitted the abdominal panel just right above the fembot's belly. At this time, Kristen returned back to her human-like self, brushing her messy blonde hair out of her face and giggled. "Oh Kelly, you really know how to get a fembot off!" "I am built to please!" Kelly said. "Now let's get you all cleaned up. Will you be wearing your panties out?" "Yes...sorry about this mess," Kristen said to Kelly pointing at the lingerie strewn everywhere. Kristenbot pulled up her black thong, wriggling from side to side to pull it all the way up.

"No matter, Kristen, I will take care of everything," Kelly said as she picked up Kristen's bras and panties, folding them, and placing them into Kristen's basket. "One wash should get your lubrication fluid right out of these." "Thanks! Can I wear this bra out too?" Kristen asked, motioning to the new black DD-cup bra Kelly had picked up. "Sure," Kelly said, as she slung it around Kristen's naked bust. Kelly rotated behind Kristen and clasped the hooks, reaching in front to cup Kristen's big breasts to make sure it fit perfectly, which it did. Kelly returned to face Kristen from the front, sizing her up. With a concerned look, Kelly reached to the fanny pack she was wearing, unzipped it, and plucked a small wipe from within. "Now hold still, Kristen," Kelly said as she reached up to Kristen's face. With one hand, Kelly held the back of Kristen's head unit, and with the wipe in the other, forcefully cleaned the scuff marks on Kristen's faceplate. Kristenbot's face didn't move, not even a blink. Kelly tossed the dirty wipe aside and reached into her fanny pack for some make-up. To ensure that her face did not look too artificial, she needed to touch up some of Kristen's eye liner, eye shadow, blush, and base. Kristen stood motionless in the stall, in just her bra, thong, and heels and Kelly applied human-looking make-up onto Kristenbot's face. With robotic precision, Kelly was done in a matter of seconds.

"All finished, hun," Kelly cheerfully said, standing back so quickly that her pony tail swung from side to side. "Thank y..," Kristen replied as Kelly embraced her for a long, sensual and deep kiss. Kristen's eyes didn't even close, she was so surprised by Kelly's forwardness. Their artificially glossy lips glistened with wetness under the lights. Kelly finished her kiss and Kristenbot came to. "Well Kristen, get dressed and let's get you checked out," Kelly said, leaving the changing room with a wink. Kristen retrieved her red skirt, pulling it up past her hips and ass, and slid into the white blouse. Her new black bra, while stunningly perfect on her, still shone through the white fabric. She buttoned it up from the bottom, letting her heavenly cleavage show, as she pulled on her red blazer to seductively leave a view of her ample but artificial breasts. She ruffled her hair a bit and grabbed the basket full of her new, yet soiled lingerie and headed to the counter, where Kelly stood and smiled, "I hope that we met every need you were looking for today, Kristen." Smiling as she handed over the gift certificate, "Oh, you helped me more than I expected, thank you!" Kristen's total did not exceed the $300 limit, and she would be able to come back soon to try on more sexy items for her newly-enhanced female android body.


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