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Ux09w.jpg A transformed fembot explains her choice. By Korby

Transformation is the process of creating an android from a biological human being, or another biological subject. Transformation may be done mind uploading, wherein the subject's mind is copied into a computer, or by converting the subject's organic body into a robotic one.

A transformation may also refer to an android created in this manner, as opposed to a built or synthetic android.


  • In the Dyson Institute stories, transformation is known as "conversion".
  • In's story The Cheerleader, protagonist Angela gets transformed in order to join a team of perfect cheerleaders.
When I arrived, I was curious and anxious. But I stepped inside the non-descript building, I realized that this was much more than I had thought. Capitol Labs was a robotics company that built extremely realistic android doubles to answer your every desire. While this wasn't a road I had planned on going down, I was fed up and ready for anything. I filled out the forms, signed the waivers, and paid my dues. I was really going to become a robot. A perfect, flawless, and sexy female android. Capitol Labs took care of everything else. My human body would be cryogenically stored, just in case I wanted it back...although I foresaw no chance of that. I was going to become a totally new image of myself. Once in the lab, I laid on the table with electrodes hooked to my head. My thoughts were about to be transferred into a mechanical brain. After about 30 seconds, I felt myself fading away into darkness.
When I woke up, it was a surreal experience. I looked down at my new artificial body and liked what I saw: two large breasts. But below it, my torso had split down the middle and opened side to side. A number of cables were plugged into ports in my new robotic body as lights within the panel flashed vigorously. Below my tummy lay a neatly-trimmed strip of hair and a flawless set of vaginal lips. Further still were my trim, tanned legs.
The Cheerleader by Sarabot


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