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A transformed fembot explains her choice. By Korby

Transformation is the process of transforming a biological human being, or another biological subject, into a robot.


Transformation may be an application of the concept of mind uploading, in which the subject's mind is transformed into computer data and copied into a robotic body. Alternatively, transformation may be done by converting the subject's body, or at least their nervous system, into a mechanical equivalent through the use of an invasive procedure such as nanomachines transforming tissues into a synthetic equivalent. Although mostly understood as a complete operation, the term "transformation" may be applied to particularly extensive forms of cyborgs, where the subject's original body is nearly completely replaced with robotic elements.

Subjects undergoing transformation may do so to enjoy the benefits of a mechanical body. Unlike an organic body, a robotic one is easily repairable or interchangeable, granting lower maintenance, higher durability and complete control over its function and appearance. The benefits also apply to the subject's mind, which may be freed from the fluctuations brought about by the endocrine system, accelerated or expanded through the use of improved hardware, or made more plastic through the compartmentalization of modes of thoughts, such as self-awareness or emotions.

However, transformation also exposes its subjects to the issues of a mechanical body and mind. With the body and mind being transformed into highly complex hardware or software, malfunctions may occur at inopportune times, with repairs and maintenance only being possible by going to highly-qualified, or even exclusive, technicians. The subject's mind may also be unwillingly altered through re-programming, although such alterations may be agreed to and lead to erotic gratification. Finally, there is a host of moral, social, and legal issues regarding mind uploading, such as whether there can be certainty that an uploaded mind can the same as their original, if an uploaded mind is a person or property, etc.

Transformation may not be a consented operation, or may be presented deceivingly, with consequences being withheld to the subject. Under pretenses of an improved living, transformation may be used to alter the subject's mind to someone else benefits. This may go from altering the subject's mind to be completely submissive or more lightly, inserting behavioral cues that will influence the subject's decisions later on, creating tireless automaton-like workers or a commercial representatives eager to sell transformation to their social circles. Although they may have agreed to it beforehand, transformed-sleeper fembots are not aware of their new nature as robots, and thus may have been transformed without their consent to be more obedient while retaining an appearance of normalcy, giving them Stepford wives-like qualities.


"My God, Maria, I don't know where to begin" breathed Rachel, "I mean, I had no idea that you were a.. a.. machine."
"Yes, I am a machine. A perfect robotic woman, with FULL functionality. But I am also the Maria you have always known. The Dyson Institute simply gave me the chance to exist in a new, vastly superior body. Rachel, you must realize what's been achieved at the Institute. My entire body is perfect - a perfect face, perfect breasts, legs, stomach. Even my pussy has been optimised, for my pleasure - pleasure unimagined when I occupied my organic body. I have a database of thousands of digitised orgasm sequences. Physicality aside, my mental faculties have been transformed. How do think I can quote from virtually every case in American law? Rachel, it's beyond description. There are now several hundred of us. Women, fed up with the hassles of modern life, given the unique opportunity to become androids; designed, built, programmed and serviced by the top technical consortium in the world. My new life is perfect. I am perfect - a perfect machine. I am an android."
The Makeover by RX3000
  • In Sarabot's story The Cheerleader, protagonist Angela gets transformed in order to join a team of perfect cheerleaders.
When I arrived, I was curious and anxious. But I stepped inside the non-descript building, I realized that this was much more than I had thought. Capitol Labs was a robotics company that built extremely realistic android doubles to answer your every desire. While this wasn't a road I had planned on going down, I was fed up and ready for anything. I filled out the forms, signed the waivers, and paid my dues. I was really going to become a robot. A perfect, flawless, and sexy female android. Capitol Labs took care of everything else. My human body would be cryogenically stored, just in case I wanted it back...although I foresaw no chance of that. I was going to become a totally new image of myself. Once in the lab, I laid on the table with electrodes hooked to my head. My thoughts were about to be transferred into a mechanical brain. After about 30 seconds, I felt myself fading away into darkness.
When I woke up, it was a surreal experience. I looked down at my new artificial body and liked what I saw: two large breasts. But below it, my torso had split down the middle and opened side to side. A number of cables were plugged into ports in my new robotic body as lights within the panel flashed vigorously. Below my tummy lay a neatly-trimmed strip of hair and a flawless set of vaginal lips. Further still were my trim, tanned legs.
The Cheerleader by Sarabot
“You mean, you have to stay in that bunny costume forever”. Vanessa asked a bit puzzled.
“Yes…the company build me as a perfect Playboy bunny, so I will stay as a bunny. I love being a bunny, I wanted it my whole life. The costume is a part of my body, there is no way to pull it of. You see, I have never to suffer pain from the skimpy costume or from my high heel pumps, because I’m not programmed to feel pain, no problem to wear them anytime, they are also a part of my body…and I’m proud of it. The company made me perfect”.
BunnyBots Part One: The Conversion Of Vanessa by Bunnybot


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