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In fembot fetishism, a Stepford Wife refers to a married woman who is actually a fembot, and is entirely subordinate to her husband. The term is often associated with transformation, the woman having being made into a robot to become a more agreeable wife, whether willingly or unwillingly.

The expression originates from Ira Levin's 1972 novel The Stepford Wives, in which the women of a small town are disturbingly subordinate to their husbands. The term has since entered the English language as a derogatory term for a a woman who is entirely and unconditionally subservient to her husband. Although the original novel explicitly denies that the town's women are being replaced by machines, and are instead conditioned through violent psychological means, the 1975 film adaptation of the same name and its 2004 remake have the women being replaced or transformed into robots.


  • The expression is explicitly mentioned in Robotman's Soccer Mom unit story.
"She left Marcus there in the company of his coach while she drove Brad's daughter to her piano teacher's house. There too, Pam was tolerated instead of liked. That people saw her as a "fake" and shallow human rather than a realistic android was actually a reflection of her highly advanced technology. At least they didn't suspect she wasn't what she appeared to be.
And with no ability to feel slighted or hurt, Pam went back to the SUV. She drove back to the soccer field to use her complex software and hardware on some more unsuspecting humans.
A handful of other mothers had gathered by now to watch their kids practice. One portly blonde saw Pam coming and said to her friend "Look who it is... it's the Stepford wife." They cackled together as Annette gave them a disapproving look from the side."
Soccer Mom Unit, chapter 16, by Robotman


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