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A backup is an archived copy of an individual robot's personality, memories and artificial intelligence. This may be kept for reference purposes, to debug a robot, to restore a robot after damage or erasure of her personality, to completely rebuild an individual robot after "death" or destruction, or to create additional copes of a individual, depending on the setting.

A backup poses the same technical problems as a personality transfer in general. It is easiest to copy from or to conventional computer architectures. It is harder to copy from or to neural nets, or from or to the organic human brain.

This is frequently used as a method of recovering a robotic character from destruction in fiction, allowing the character to come back from seemingly fatal damage.


  • In Not Quite Human 2, Roberta loses power at the end of the movie, wiping her memories. However, Chip managed to copy her memories and personalities using his magnetic finger and write them onto a disc.
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