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Personality to a fembot or human, is the combination of various behavioral traits to form a unique identity. The difference between humans and fembots is that fembots may more easily alter their personality, or even deactivate it completely. They may even have several different personalities available to them, which they can switch to at will or by command.

In fiction

  • In Star Trek: The Next Generation, Lt. Commander Data was possessed by alien spirits or computer programs on several occasions. In each case, they imposed a different personality over his.
  • In Westworld, the fembots could easily be reprogrammed or configured depending on the preferences of the client they were serving.
  • In Almost Human, the DRN model android had an artificial soul, which gave him a definite personality, while the more basic MX androids had no personality whatsoever. The personality that the DRN android had gave him a definite advantage in many situations over the MX units.
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