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Gynoid In Name Only, abreviated as GINO, is a term in fembot fetishism referring to a fictional character that, despite being referred to as a fembot, displays little to no signs of being a robot.


The term GINO is often used to criticize and dismiss the portrayal of a fembot character, with the implication that the work she appears in is of little importance and relevance to fembot fetishism.

A work deemed as GINO usually introduces a character and establishes them as a fembot in an understated way, usually through dialogue, description or paratext such as plot summary or cover art. The robotic nature of the character may then be only referred to in passing, or not addressed at all for the rest of a work.


What constitutes a GINO is blurry, and depends on many factors beyond the presence of fembot tropes, up to and including personal appreciation.

For example, many independent adult productions lack the special effects budget to feature tropes such as heavy damage or access panels, and as such feature actresses speaking in a stilted way and moving rigidly. From there, whether these tropes are convincingly executed, serve the narrative and are of personal enjoyment to the viewer may decide if the work gets deemed GINO or not.

Alternatively, a work featuring extensive tropes such as a faceoff or disassembly may fail to elaborate on the nature of its fembot characters beyond of specific and contained scenes. For example, the fembots may behave and act like normal humans, such as expressing genuine emotions or getting physically hurt. Again, whether these points are addressed and are deemed satisfactory by the audience will decide if the work gets deemed GINO or not.

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