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The fembots from the porn film Atomic Vixens are introduced as fembots in a brief comic book style voiceover clip, but they do nothing to indicate that they aren't human. They don't even have any dialogue.

GINO (Gynoid in Name Only) is a community term referring to the depiction of a character who is stated to be a fembot, cyborg or other form of mechanical life, but displays no signs or behaviors of their status as such. This is frequently used as a critical and dismissive term for a character portrayal in a work, stemming from poor writing, limited production values, or a lack of understanding of the subject matter.

It should be noted that a GINO is different from a sleeper. Whereas a GINO never displays their robotic nature, a sleeper character is deliberately portrayed as acting as human as possible until they are revealed to be mechanical through a malfunction, damage, panel opening, or other reveal method beyond they or the audience only being told that they are a robot.

A cyborg that is stated to be an android, fembot or other form of wholly artificial construct is not a GINO, so long as they display some facet of their nature as a cyborg in the depicted work.

Some works, such as certain low-budget live action productions, may lack the special effects budget to display things such as damage or open panels, but still have characters display things such as stilted speech and stiff mechanical movements. These characters are not considered GINO, as they still display their robotic nature in a more low-key manner.


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