BunnyBots Part One: The Conversion Of Vanessa

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Vanessa took a close Look to the little piece of paper in her hand. “O.K. Girl, lets do it,“ she said to herself. She took a deep breath and walked into the fancy Playboy Company building. A pretty blonde woman welcomed her at the reception.

“Welcome to Playboy Enterprises, how can I help you?” she asked.

“Good morning” said Vanessa a bit overwhelmed by the enormous interior “I saw the advertising, that you are looking for servants…well, I’m very interested.”

“Fine”, said the blonde, please fill out this form…have a seat over there.” She handed a 10-page form to her. Vanessa went to the waiting area to have a look at it. There were many questions about her size, her weight her interests, well a lot of personnel stuff. 20 minutes later a very attractive brunette in the mid 30´s came to her.

“Good morning”, she said very pleasant, “my name is Angela, would please follow me to the main floor?”

“Of course” Vanessa replied to her. Then she was following her up to the elevator. They arrived at the 10th level, where some rooms looked like some kind of laboratory. Some signs showed that it was prohibited to enter that areas, Vanessa wondered what kind of things a company like Playboy would hide there! She didn’t ask anything; she wanted to be not too curious and maybe also won’t get a clear answer to her questions. Then they arrived at a sickbay level.

They made dozens of inspections of her about her weight, her health, it took the whole day, and then Vanessa finally sat at a large office before Angela.

“So Vanessa, you want to be a Bunny!”

“Yes”, Vanessa said very clear.

“You know”, Angela said,“ since we reopened some clubs and made promotions with some Bunnies, many customers had joined us again”.

Angela looked at Vanessa’s personal data map, Vanessa looked nervous at her. Then Angela finally said with a little smile,

“Well, you will become one!”

Vanessa smiled back ”Thank you!”

“You will be one of our finest treasures”, Angela said, Vanessa smiled back.

“I won’t let you down!” Vanessa replied

“It will be a hard training you know?” said Angela

“I’m ready for that” Vanessa replied with resoluteness

“Fine, please be here tomorrow on 10.00 AM, we will fit your costume.”

“Tank you”, Vanessa went out of the office and thought about, what will await her tomorrow, well after all, she will become a Playboy Bunny, one of those famous cottontail queens.

The next morning she went to the companies’ wardrobe. A nice seamstress helped her finding the right colour and the right size for the costume. She had to wear a satin light blue bunny outfit, which would match nice with her eyes and her brown hair. The seamstress gave her a small piece of the original fabric, that she could dye her high heel pumps in the same colour. She also got an address, where she could find the shiny black tights that will match perfect with the outfit. The next day, she had her first costume try on. It was hard to get into the skimpy outfit but with the help of two other girls, she managed it.

“Once you’re in, it isn’t actually that bad”, she said with a smile.

Then she put the typical cuffs and the ears on. Finally she was dressed up perfect. She looked in the large mirror. She felt, that she never looked so sexy in her life, well she was a pretty girl, but this outfit was definitely the most erotic piece of fabric, which she ever has seen. She felt the heavy boning structure, which gave her a perfect hourglass figure. She was happy, that Playboy didn’t change the look of the costume in the last years. It still had that sexy fringing on the hips and those nice bright satin colours. This timeless style will maybe last some next centuries. Well, now she was ready for some lessons.

The next days she took some lessons with other Bunny Girls. They had to walk right, to smile right and learn how to serve some drinks with the famous bunny dip. It was very exhausting, but Vanessa was always doing all things very well. She felt, that she could work in the club the next week.

The first week was nice and she made some fiends with other Bunny girls. She liked a Bunny girl named Suzanne very much. Bunny Suzanne was clayed in a blue outfit with long blonde hair. She always looked beautiful, from 9.00 in the morning to 6.00 in the evening. She wondered that Suzanne was never exhausted and she always looked so fresh. Vanessa felt very attracted to her. One evening, after a very exhausting workday, Vanessa sat alone and totally exhausted in the Bunny kitchen, a room where the Bunny girls would have some meals. It was late and everybody else had left. Suzanne came in, still wearing her gorgeous outfit. Vanessa noticed how pretty she looked.

“Have a drink?” Vanessa asked?

“No honey, thanks,“ replied Suzanne walking by.

“Come on, you never had a drink with me”

“I can’t” Suzanne replied, “ you will find out soon, why”

“You make me curious, Girl,“ said Vanessa cheeky.

When Suzanne walked over to the Window, Vanessa stood up and walked to her.

“Did I ever say, how beautiful you look?” Vanessa said, she took all her comfort then pulled her around and gave her a deep long kiss. Suzanne wasn’t pushing her away, actually she answered the kiss. They stood there for a minute just kissing. But it was a bit weird. Suzanne had a very dry mouth and the kisses tasted a bit like rubber. It was like kissing a life-sized living love doll. But Vanessa was like in trace. Then Vanessa tried to find the back zipper of Suzanne’s bunny costume to take it of, but she couldn’t find it. She tried to pull of the bunny ears, but they appeared like glued to Suzanne’s head…what was going on here? Vanessa kissed her again but when she came very close her she heard gentle mechanical sounds from within Suzanne, which sounded similar to a VCR. Vanessa stepped back. Suzanne’s makeup, the bright red lipstick, everything was still perfect, even after these wild kisses.

“Suzanne,…what,….” Vanessa felt, that something wired was going on here.

Suzanne smiled slightly. “Honey, there’s nothing to worry! Please sit down, I will explain, it’s the right time.”

Vanessa sat down beside her friend.

“Didn’t you always wish to stay beautiful, the whole day, …a week, …maybe your whole life?” Suzanne asked her.

“Sure” Vanessa replied, “who won’t?

“Well here’s your chance, I will show you how it works”.

First Suzanne’s face became total stiff for some a second. Then, a small click came from within her head followed by a small beep. Vanessa was in shock, as her friend pulled away the facemask of her robotic head. Suzanne carefully placed the face on the table. Whirling servomotors moving the two gorgeous blue eyes of followed every slightly movement of Vanessa with the finest mechanical preciseness. The perfect white row of teeth moved by servomotors started to speak to Suzanne’s human friend.

“Don’t worry honey, it’s me…Suzanne.”

Vanessa started to speak, searching for the right words.

”My good…you are…a…a machine! Just…a damn machine” said the totally puzzled Vanessa

“Yes, I am a machine, a very advanced robot!“ Suzanne said

“But you look so…real…I can’t believe this…are you entirely…a machine?”

“ I’m a HDX 5000 Unit, I’m complete robotic, my body was made out of the most advanced micro mechanics, lightweight metal and plastic parts and electronic components available today.”

“Who build you?” asked Vanessa, still puzzled.

“The Playboy Company built me, they have some technicians from a secret android facility. I can’t tell you more at the moment, you know. I was a human girl like you before, but the company gave me the great chance to spend the rest of my life in this robotic body.”

“How long will you...well, operate? Vanessa asked.

“Nobody knows,” answered Suzanne,” maybe two years, maybe ten? I’m a HDX unit, that’s the third series they build. There is no long time experience; we are sometimes the testing units for new components. But the technicians are caring very well for us. They replace every broken component. That’s also part of the deal when you become the property of the company. This is just the beginning of a new robot society. And I ´m proud to be a part of it.”

“Can you can go back, become a human again?” asked Vanessa.

“No” answered Vanessa “My former human body is gone, so I can’t and I never will go back…this is the best decision, I made in my life!”


“Oh honey, there are thousand reasons… I can’t tell you how beautiful it feels inside here. I have no pain anymore, I need no sleep, no food, I will always look beautiful…perfect. After a full eight hour recharge I’m activated in the morning and can go directly to work. I simply have never being dressed up again

“You mean, you have to stay in that bunny costume forever”. Vanessa asked a bit puzzled.

“Yes…the company build me as a perfect Playboy bunny, so I will stay as a bunny. I love being a bunny, I wanted it my whole life. The costume is a part of my body, there is no way to pull it of. You see, I have never to suffer pain from the skimpy costume or from my high heel pumps, because I’m not programmed to feel pain, no problem to wear them anytime, they are also a part of my body…and I’m proud of it. The company made me perfect”.

“Does that mean, when you never would get out of that suit, you have no vagina? You can’t have sex with a man?” Vanessa asked now more provocative.

“No, the HDX series don’t have a pussy, and I don’t need one! I’m not programmed for sex…I’m a bunny girl, I’m build for serving customers and give them a beautiful sight! But I have some stimulation points at different points of my body. I will feel your touches. I enjoyed kissing you my dear; I would love to do that again. My library contains 900 megabytes data of orgasms. At the eight-hour recharge period I often set my orgasm cycle to a loop playback. You can’t imagine those feelings. It’s so wonderful. It’s the most arousing experience in my life. You will never have again the wish to have simple vaginal sex when you experienced that, honey. But the company build me basically to serve the customers. I’m programmed as a Bunny girl, not a sex toy!”

“But you are a machine...a thing…don’t you miss your human life, your body?“ asked the still curious Vanessa.

“I love being a machine honey,“ emphasized Suzanne.” It’s the most arousing experience that you can imagine!”

“Please can I take a closer look?” Vanessa asked now being curious.

“Sure, come on, there is nothing magic in here, it’s simply the finest technology available” Suzanne told her and turned her head to her, that Vanessa could have a look close inside her. There were dozens of blinking lights inside the head, some circuit boards and a mass of cabling in all kind of colours. Vanessa said still wondering, “My good, it looks so complicated…is this your brain there?”

“No, my main processor board and the memory drive are located inside here.” Suzanne pointed to her belly.” There isn’t enough space for the electronics in my head, it’s cramped with motors and electronics for the face movement! I will show you more”.

Then a gentle click was heard and a fine square seam inside the costumes fabric appeared. It was hard to be seen because the satin fabric covered it well. Suzanne removed the panel from her belly and showed the now very curious Vanessa the most delicate parts of her inner workings. There were dozens of cables, motors, blinking lights, all kind of circuit boards and typical computer components in there.

“See, there is my memory” Vanessa pointed to a computer hard disc. Vanessa took a close look. She read the label “IBM Corp.” on the drive.

“I can’t believe this, all your memory is in that simple hard disc drive?” She said unbelieving.

“The company uses mostly electronic standard components. So they can faster replace broken parts, besides this, so we are much cheaper. The hard drive is big enough, because I compress a lot of data, which I don’t need anytime. I can expand my knowledge, simply by connecting myself to another unit or another data storage, like the Internet.”

“This is so amazing…you’re a work of art ”, Vanessa said, as she looked to her partly disassembled friend. Vanessa became sexual aroused as she thought about that girl, which she felt in love was a doll filled with wires and computer components. Suzanne took her pretty face panel and placed it back to her head. With a small click it fit right and two seconds later the mimic of her face worked again well. Vanessa moved her lips to Suzanne’s artificial mouth. Suzanne also moved forward and they kissed very wild for about a minute. As Vanessa wrapped her arms around her friend, a glass of water went down the table and some drops of felt into Suzanne’s open belly panel. Suddenly some blue sparks came out of the belly and Suzanne began to shudder.

“Vanessa…honeeeeeeeeeeey…Iiiiiiiii….neeeeeeeeed”. She started to speak monotone:

“Fatal Error…………… exception….. short circuit……..at…… address 000934g556…..warniiiiiiiiiiiiiing……….major damage at circuit RG3546…… ……emeeeeeeeergency……shutdown is eminent,………I´mmmmm Unit HDX5943………. I’m a female replica robooooot……..shutdown……warning……….Suzanne said robotic, while blue grey smoke was coming out of her lovely mouth. Then a final big loud bang followed by a blue spark coming out of her belly panel. Then she became totally freezed and shut down. All the lights inside her stopped blinking. Vanessa noticed the sound of small motors whirling down. It sounded similar to a computer shutdown. Vanessa started crying and looked at her friend.

“Suzanne?…..Darling?…..please, what’s wrong,…..” she said, stroking over Suzanne’s face, that was motionless looking at her, with eyes wide open. , Vanessa, still crying was talking to her. “Please Suzanne, I’m sorry, I didn’t wont to happen that,…..please,……Darling, ….can you hear me!

She sat there with her about two minutes. Then suddenly a small beep came out of Suzanne’s body.

“Emergency power start-up…safe modus…loading minimal configuration” she said still monotone “checking components, searching system boot record... uploading system preferences...memory check passed 1360GB…loading flash ram…identifying host…series HDX 5000...model 5943...serial number 094534, Revision 5…connecting hardware…calibrating servo systems…resetting gyro unit…power up neural sensors”

Vanessa smiled, “Suzanne, Darling, are you O.K.? …I’m was so freighted… I’m so sorry!”

Suzanne returned to her normal expression, “You don’t have to be honey, it was my fault, I was not carefully enough.” Said Suzanne sweeping away some of Vanessa tears.

“We have to take you to the maintain area” said Vanessa.

“No problem” said Suzanne, it’s not so bad than it looked. The short circuit had drained my power block totally, I have to reload it immediately.”

“Uh, what a shock, said Vanessa, still shocked, “Did you ever malfunction that bad!”

“Sure, I had some broken components and a fatal error too, but nothing serious. One day I had a total power drain at the dining room, where I freezed totally. The other bunny girls had to take me to the maintain area and tried to hide my artificial appearance. You know, nobody of our customers have to know, that we’re machines.

One day a customer pulled accidentally a glass of water over a bunny robot girl. We had to take her fast to the backdoor, where she complete burned out. Unfortunately we couldn’t remove her memory drive fast enough, so she passed away! It was sad, but this was the only major accident within two years. Well, water is a certain danger to us, but accidents can also happen to your humans, right?”

“You mean, there are more like you here?” said Vanessa surprisingly.

“I will show you something, come with me, honey” said Suzanne, took her belly panel and stood up. Vanessa was fascinated and watches Suzanne closely. Nobody could recognize her now as a machine. She walked so beautiful and feminine. While she walked out the room to the bunny dressing room, Vanessa followed her. She smiled, as she looked on her bunny tail following the sexy movement of her hips. She was so happy, that her friend was not damaged seriously.

In the dressing room, she opened a panel at the wall, where Vanessa always wondered, what’s in there. There was a hidden Computer keypad in it. Suzanne typed in a code and a part of the wall sledded back. It revealed a dozen boxes where the most of the bunny girls that worked at the company stood motionless inside. They all had there belly panels removed and some cables from a side armature where connected to them. Their eyes stood wide open, motionless and missing every bit of life. A flat screen monitor on the side showed, that they are all in recharge mode.

“They are in standby mode honey, you know, we need a recharge every sixteen hours!” said Suzanne smiling. “I will join them soon, I had another power drain warning, a second ago.”

“My good”, said Vanessa”, there are almost all girls I know in there!”

“Vanessa, honey, please join us, it’s a wonderful life. I hope, this little accident hasn’t undeterred you my sweet. You never have to think about, where to get the money for your meals or your flat. You never will suffer pain again in your life... you will always stay young and beautiful.

“Didn’t it hurt, when you had the short circuit?”

“No honey, I’m not programmed to have any kind of pain, the technicians simply can dismantle me to the last screw while I’m online, and I wouldn’t feel a tweak.”

“It sounds like a dream,“ said a still critical Vanessa, “but I ´m an idiot when it comes to machines, I simply have difficulties to manage my own personal computer.”

Suzanne smiled, “Honey, you don’t have to worry. Everything, which you need, will be programmed in your memory. The most important thing is that you will get your recharge every night and the maintenance from our technicians. They will repair your components, if anything malfunctions and provide you with software upgrades when necessary. They are caring really good for us. I will also have a complete diagnostic tomorrow, after recharging”

Vanessa holds on for a second. Then she said,” O.K. I will do it. I will become a bunny robot”

“Great” said Suzanne still smiling pleasant. I will inform the technicians, that you will join them tomorrow for the conversion. Please come to level five, they will do some scans of you first. We will meet there. Please excuse me now, my power will last just a few seconds more!”

“Oh, sure” said Vanessa looking her friend walking into one of the small boxes. Then Vanessa connected a wire to the power terminal inside her belly and became totally freezed. Like a life-size bunny doll she was standing there, with lifeless eyes wide open. Vanessa stood there for some seconds still admiring her beauty.

“Nice dreams” said Vanessa to her friend while she was leaving the room, curious, what was awaiting her tomorrow.

The next morning Vanessa came to the company very excited about her conversion to a Bunny Robot. She thought the whole night about it and finally came to the decision it is the right move to become a Bunny robot too.

Suzanne was also on the way to the maintenance building too. She almost had removed her belly panel completely, because she had made some diagnostics by herself. She also had removed the latex covering of her right hand, because the power up diagnostic sensors told her, that there had been some problems with a servomotor, and it was obvious, that it had to be replaced.

She was programmed to maintain a lot by herself, but this was a serious problem, that only the technicians could fix. Now she walked through the beautiful garden of the companies building. There were just technicians and Bunny robots around here, so no problem to walk around partly disassembled. She walked upstairs into service lab.

“Good morning Unit HDX5943” said a female technician, “how can we help you?”

Bunny robot Suzanne became motionless. “Reading log file… EU 34 diagnostics program located short circuit caused by water damage,“ she said some kind of monotone,” Serious power cell failure at circuit RG3546…running hardware diagnostics….failure in CF45D servo at right hand…end of diagnostics.”

“Please come with me to the A.M.U.” said the technician.

Suzanne walked with her to a large machine, where she stood with her back at the wall. Then she latched with her neck, body, legs, and her arms in some kind of clamps. The female technician pressed a few buttons on a keyboard and the clamps snatched and lifted her up some inches. Then a long mechanic arm with some kind of connector device on the tip came up from the ground panel. The connector intruded at a small hole at her crotch, and advanced two feet deep inside her artificial body. Then a loud click. Suzanne spoke in a monotone voice,

”Connecting AMU to service device…”

Then she freezed instantly,

“Deactivating Unit HDX5943”, she said finally. A click came from the middle of her chest. Her arms legs and her head were removed from her torso and were held by the clamps nearby in position .The technician walked to her and took her main torso and placed it carefully on a table. Then she connected some cables from another device to Suzanne’s belly panel. Finaly she went back to her computer and analysed the data.

In the meantime Vanessa was sitting in the office of the company and signing her contract.

“Congratulations” said the Angela.“ Welcome to your new life”.

Vanessa smiled a bit uncertain. “I hope, that nothing will go wrong.”

“Don’t worry”, said Angela, “we did this a hundred times. You will be fine and don’t feel any pain. We will convert you to a new HDL unit. They are the latest in technology. There is just one question left, will you stay in your present look, or do you want to change something, maybe your face, your breasts, your legs?”

Vanessa thought of it I a few seconds, than she said, ”Well, I think I’m pleased with my body, but can I stay in may present face and change it at a later time?”

“No problem” said the Angela, “Our Bunnies can vary their appearances by simply exchange their facemasks. It’s a bit more complicated with the colour of your suit, as you know, it’s part of your body and if we have to change your colour, we have to change the whole body.”

“Well, no problem, I liked the colour that I had.” Said Vanessa.

“Fine”, said the Angela, “please follow me to the maintain area, we have to scan your body for the moulds”.

They stood up and walked to another room.

Vanessa took a serious look at Angela. She looked so beautiful in that black business suit with matching satin sheers, gloves and high heels. She wondered that she always wears the same outfit. Then she asked her, ”Can I please ask you a private question?”

“Of cause” answered Angela, while you are walking through the corridors.

“Are you also a robot…I mean, I can’t find any signs for it, but you look so…perfect?”

Angela smiled, moved one hand up and removed her faceplate with a gentle click. Angela once again looked fascinated at the wonders of mechanics and smiled back. The gorgeous white row of teeth began to speak.

“I ´m the prototype for the HDE series”, Angela said proudly “I was designed and programmed for administrative purposes. How did you find out?”

“Well, I wondered if your outfit is also part of your body, like the bunnies” answered Vanessa.

“You’re right,“ said Angela pulling her facemask back to her head, “it’s part of my body, I can’t change it. If I consider to become a bunny I must choose another body type.”

“But you were a human before?” asked Vanessa.

“Yes, sure, all robots here were once human. But I’m perfect now, a perfect female robotic being as you will become soon.”

You are really beautiful,“ said Vanessa.

“Thank, you”, you will become far more beautiful in some minutes my dear” answered Angela.

They walked to a room with a large apparatus similar to a computer tomography device. “Please undress and make yourself comfortable on the scanner” said Angela.

Vanessa did so and lied down naked on the table. Some technicians monitored her on a computer terminal. Then they told her not to move and a laser began to scan her from all sides. The whole procedure took about an hour. They told her that they need some time to finish her robot body. Vanessa spend some time in the café over her last cup of coffee. Than she waited some uneasy hours at a recreation room. Finally Angela came in and smiled.

“O.K. Vanessa, please come with me, we finished your new body!”

“How could you build such a complex piece of technique in such a short time?” she asked curious.

“Well,” answered Angela, “normally we use a lot of basic components, that we have on stock. As you maybe noticed, arms, legs and bodies are almost identical on many Bunny girls. We just have to make some special moulds of your face and breast. It will be added later, but we can make the conversion now”

Vanessa nodded. They walked in a large room filled with partly disassembled Bunny Girls, body parts and lots of mechanics of all kind. She took a glimpse look to the left side, where the body of a bunny girl was lying on a table, that looks similar to her but wearing no facemask. She walked by a male and a female technician, who were working on an open chest of a blonde bunny girl in a pink costume. She noticed that it was Lillian. She was a robot with the image of a pretty woman in the mid thirties.

“Hi Vanessa” said the partly disassembled Bunny girl. “Do you finally join us?”

Vanessa looked a bit terrified because she didn’t thought that Lillian still could be operative with so many parts removed from her body.

“Oh…yes…yes, I will be converted now!” she said, gazing inside the dozens of cables and electronic components inside Lillian’s body. Some blinking lights and whirling servos were visible. The male technician pulled some cables out of their sockets, finally he found the broken servomotor he was searching for.

“Fine”, said Lillian smiling, ”you won’t have to regret it. Will you have some tiiiiiiii”…… then suddenly a spark followed load bang. A small wisp of smoke came out of her stomach. Her voice suddenly turned to a monotone computer voice.

“Warning!……….short circuit at address 0054fg5560u…..” Then some sparks came out of different parts of her body. Her voice became unsteady,” Pleeeeeease………shuuuuuuuuut……doooooooown……”then her voice became monontone,”fatal errrrrroooooooor…….my naaaaaaaaaaaame is bunniiiiiiiiiii Lillian, unit HRD0462, I was programmmmmed to serve…seeeerve..…malfunnnnnnciiiiiion……my naaaaaaaame is bunniiiiiiiiii Lillian……unit HDR0462, I was…..”

“Yes, yes, yes, I know”, said the technician irritated and tried to stop the short circuit. Bunny Lillian shudders heavy.

“Malfunctiiiiiion…….at addresssssssss 0054za445899f……....” Then she finally powered down.

“Shit” said the male technician. The female technician looked angry, “I told you it’s a bad idea, to work on her main circuit while she’s online”, she said. “Yes, I know, I know, there is something amiss with this damn unit here, this is the third breakdown within a week!” sad the other one, still trying to cut one’s losses.

“Don’t worry” Angela said to a mostly concerned Vanessa,“ that happens sometimes,“ She will be fine after some repairs. “Well after all she’s an older model, we had some troubles with those DMX units lately, we will maybe phase them out before a customer get notice of their artificial appearance.”

Vanessa agreed, but had some kind of pity on the poor robot that now was switched of and stared with lifeless but still beautiful eyes to her. She hoped for Lillian, that she could be repaired soon. On the other side of the room Vanessa noticed Suzanne’s body disassembled to her main components. She took a serious look to Angela.

“She will be O.K. soon my dear!” said Angela calm.

Vanessa agreed. Then they passed by a gorgeous blonde Bunny robot girl, that was dressed like all those typically Bunny girls in her satin green costume, except for the missing small square part of fabric over her sexy looking bald pussy. She smiled at Vanessa, as she walked by.

“That’s the new AEX 6000 pleasure unit, build for sexual intercourse. We are double testing the unit’s new vagina device to prevent unexpected overload”

Vanessa became very aroused thinking about being a sexual pleasure toy. “What a beautiful love doll!” she said.

“The most expensive love doll, ever build!” Angela answered.

They walked to a large table with a helmet like device. Please make yourself comfortable, we will start the conversion now”.

Vanessa lied down on the table and tried to calm down. Angela bent forward to her and pet her cheek. “When you open your eyes next time, you are one of us”, she smiled.

Vanessa smiled back and closed her eyes. An anaesthesiologist came in and prepared her. She remembered only a small stitch in her arm and then everything went dark. Then she had the feeling drifting through a long corridor, she was complete uncoupled from her body. She had no feeling anymore about time and space, and she had no pain. Then she saw a corridor that was formed by numbers and pixels. Thousands of numbers were scrolling before her eyes, but everything made sense. Finally a command line in her vision said:

“Blank unit…ready for initial operation.”

The cameras in her vision system started operating and send the picture to her main processor. She was lying on a table partly assembled, missing her face, belly and breast panel. A technician inserted some kind of disk at the data input device inside her belly panel. Then she started to speak with a monotonic voice.

“Initial operation sequence started…checking components, searching system boot record... uploading system preferences...memory check passed 1360GB …loading flash ram…identifying host…series HDL 6000...model 0323...serial number 0074523S, Revision 2…connecting hardware…calibrating servo systems…resetting gyro unit…power up neural sensors”

Then she saw Angela in her vision. She smiled.

“The conversion worked fine. Everything is within normal parameters. Please stand up”.

Vanessa moved her new robotic body. With a stiff mechanical motion she came to an upright position. She looked down and saw the electronics and blinking lights inside her breast panel. It was like a dream, but it was true. She was a machine now! She moved her hands and heard the gentle sounds of the servomotors within her artificial body. Her robotic hands moved over her soft latex skin and she enjoyed the fine responding sensors. The technicians removed the last diagnostic cables from her belly and closed the panel. The first feelings were very unusual for Vanessa, because of some left human reflexes she tried to take a deep breath, but she couldn’t. Well, she will never need oxygen again, as long as she operates. It was silly, because before the makeover she felt a bit hungry, but there was nothing left of it. She worried about it before, but now she felt totally rid of all those senses. She was very contented.

“We will finish the face and breast panel tomorrow, now it’s time for some testing, please follow me”. Said Angela to her.

“Affirmative “said Vanessa with her new voice, which sounded almost like her old one…she was happy with it. Naturally she had said something more casual, but her new program overrides these verbalisations. Vanessa liked that very. They walked by the still disassembled Suzanne. Bunny robot Vanessa looked curious at all the cables, who came out of Suzanne’s head. A technician came in and took all her parts carefully to a nearby storage room.

“What’s wrong with her?” she asked Angela.

“Well, the damage is worse than we thought,” said Angela, “we have to replace a lot of parts. She’s an older model, so we haven’t everything on stock here. The parts will come on the next overseas delivery from Japan. I hope she will be fine next week, we keep her dismantled, so there is no risk to add more damage!”

Bunny robot Vanessa agreed. She followed her to a testing area where they connected her to the AMU. She was tested in a three hour diagnostic to get sure that everything works fine. Later in the evening she went to the Bunny dressing and reload area. She took a look in the mirror and watches fascinated at the mechanic movements of all those servos in her head.

“Intriguing, isn’t it”, said pretty Bunny April, standing behind in her gorgeous green satin bunny suit. Vanessa turned to her. “I will also never get used to this sight. It’s fascinating and weird the same time”, April said.

“Yes”, said Vanessa, “I still can’t believe it”.

“Come on bunny”, said April, “time for a reload”. Then she and the other Bunnies were walking to the recharging boxes.

To be continued…

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