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Hi there, I'm Angela. And yes, I am a lesbian. Ever since I was young, I've been sort of a tomboy. I was of average height, maybe a little overweight. Smaller boobs that I wanted, fair complexion. So not the prettiest girl at the ball. One of my first memories was attending a local pro football game. Sure the game was great, but I'd always marveled at the cheerleading squad. I'd grown up idolizing them. Their moves were always in sync, and they always looked like they were having a good time. The cheerleaders were some of the most strikingly beautiful women that I had ever seen. Sexual fantasies aside, I've always wished I could be a part of that. But my self-conscious nature always kept me from pursuing it. I'm no stranger to the desire to be pretty. I've tried dieting, near-starvation, anorexia, and bulimia. Nothing seemed to work. I just wanted to be pretty and join the cheer squad. My 23rd birthday I came to a revelation: plastic surgery. I looked in all the local papers for ads. I came across a peculiar one: The New You @ Capitol Labs, Transform Yourself. I gave it serious thought and later that week, I ventured down to the clinic.

When I arrived, I was curious and anxious. But I stepped inside the non-descript building, I realized that this was much more than I had thought. Capitol Labs was a robotics company that built extremely realistic android doubles to answer your every desire. While this wasn't a road I had planned on going down, I was fed up and ready for anything. I filled out the forms, signed the waivers, and paid my dues. I was really going to become a robot. A perfect, flawless, and sexy female android. Capitol Labs took care of everything else. My human body would be cryogenically stored, just in case I wanted it back...although I foresaw no chance of that. I was going to become a totally new image of myself. Once in the lab, I laid on the table with electrodes hooked to my head. My thoughts were about to be transferred into a mechanical brain. After about 30 seconds, I felt myself fading away into darkness.

When I woke up, it was a surreal experience. I looked down at my new artificial body and liked what I saw: two large breasts. But below it, my torso had split down the middle and opened side to side. A number of cables were plugged into ports in my new robotic body as lights within the panel flashed vigorously. Below my tummy lay a neatly-trimmed strip of hair and a flawless set of vaginal lips. Further still were my trim, tanned legs.

I was a totally changed woman. My body looked sexy for the first time that I can remember. I could already tell that I would be very happy as a beautiful and sexy female robot. My first stop after I left Capitol Labs was the stadium. Brimming with confidence, I was sure to get my lifelong wish. My newly issued tight-fitting clothes accentuated my feminine features. My tightly-pulled blonde pony tail swung in the breeze. My breasts bounced as I walked, my top clung to my flat tummy, and my booty shorts hugged my tight, plastic ass while giving a hint of camel toe in my crotch. My long legs walked perfectly in heels. I didn't even really have to think about it, I did everything automatically. I was a determined machine on a mission.

I walked my new, hot ass into the cheerleading office. I knew in my computerized mind that it was the day before game day, so there must be someone around. I walked into the door marked "CAPTAIN" so confidently that I didn't even knock. There I saw a woman sitting at a desk, who suddenly noticed me with a surprise. She has very short, black hair and wearing her team jacket. Kind of butch-looking, so I had a good feeling. "Hello there, can I help you?" the woman politely asked. Automatically, I bent at the waist and extended my arm to shake her hand. "Yes, I am Angela. I recently went through a major life-change and was looking to join your squad," I asked with a smile. "Oh?" she cooed inquisitively. Instinctively, I lifted my tight shirt at the belly and with a quick command from my internal computer, my abdominal panel opened side to side as I pulled it fully with my hands. "I was converted from my organic body into an android so that I could be beautiful enough to join the squad," I said. The woman looked at my open panel at my shimmering robotics and smiled, then looked up at my eyes. "Angela, I'm Lilly. And I think you'll fit right in here. You see, my squad is entirely made up of robot girls! Although, I am a human woman, all of my team is artificial," she said. "My god! I knew your team was too perfect to be true!" I exclaimed as I closed my skin and pulled down my shirt. Lilly instructed, "Now before I can hire you, you've got to pass my audition. It's no ordinary task...." She got up from her desk and pulled off her jacket, revealing her orange and silver uniform, skirt and all. "Strip!" she commanded as she reached into a drawer in her desk and pulled out a black strap-on dildo. I took off my shirt, and then unhooked my bra. She slid out of her top and pulled down her team-issued metallic silver panties and left her yellow skirt on. As I took off my shorts and panties, she stepped into her strap-on and pulled it up to her waist. "I need to test your full range of capabilities," she told me. Now as I was totally naked and she topless, she walked over to me and inspected my perfect body. I stared straight ahead with arms at my sides as she touched my arms, back, butt, and tummy. "Flawless. I like!" Lilly said. These were the compliments I'd always wanted. "I need you to do the splits," she commanded. Automatically, my legs split and I went to the ground as my pussy touched the floor. "Not bad form," she said from standing behind me, "but it could use some work. We'll take care of that. Now I need you to touch your toes, Angela." I stood up, bent 90 degrees at the waist and extended my hands to my feet. Just then, I felt my pretty, plastic pussy being penetrated. It was Lilly, as she had slipped her dildo in from behind me. She grabbed my hips and uttered, "There’s one more thing I have to test." My vagina moistened as I realized that it was my first sexual experience as an android. I was lost in digital pleasure as she pounded me with her vinyl dick. She thrust harder and harder as I moaned. Still bent over, my fake breasts jiggled back and forth as I struggled to grab them. Within half-a-minute, I could feel an orgasm building. This was more intense than anything I'd ever experienced before. It was bliss! Finally, as Lilly thrust my cunt, I felt myself cumming. My hips shook as I could feel liquid rhythmically gush from my slit with every contraction. When it was all over, I nearly collapsed as Lilly pulled her dildo out of me. She slipped it off and licked it clean, remarking "Mmm I love the taste of robot cum. You're as good as in, Angela." It was the best day of my life.

After my first sexual escapade as a robot, I cleaned my still-dripping vagina (there was so much fluid!) and Lilly led me into a back room. There were shelves with cheerleader uniforms, massive computers, and even spare female body parts: legs, arms, asses, torsos, and extra internal machinery. Lilly explained that she had always been sort-of a techno-sexual..."reeeeally into robots." And being a lesbian, she fancied female robots. So she combined her passion for cheerleading and fembot love into one and (literally) built the team. She grabbed a uniform from the shelf and gave it to me. Orange and silver top, skirt, and silver panties. I slipped them on and felt sexier than ever. I looked great! Once I was dolled up, Lilly sat me down next to a computer. She told me to open my back panel. I instantly carried out the command and a square part of my back slid out about 8 inches, exposing machinery and connection ports. Lilly plugged a data cable into my main input and typed away on the keyboard. As I sat up straight, she fed all sorts of things into my main data banks. I could see cheerleading moves, hundreds of them, pass through my sight as I "learned" them all. After the basic moves were imported, Lilly gave me all of the routines that were specifically choreographed so that every cheerleader would match up perfectly with one another. The last piece of data I received was titled "fem_erotic.exe". Once executed, it supplied my computerized libido with a huge boost toward female robots. Suddenly, I thought about being a female android and it made me horny. I could feel myself getting excited as I was a machine made to look like a beautiful woman who was hooked up to a computer. My pussy moistened and I started to play with my clit. Noticing this, Lilly knew what to do next. "Your upgrade is just about complete, Angela," she said. She went into the back of the room and pulled out a realistic-looking skin-toned strap-on dildo without balls, but with computer hook-ups on the back. Lilly brought it over to me and told me to stand. Still hooked up to the main computer, she instructed me to strap on the dildo. With a command from the computer, she opened my paplexus panel just over my perfect vagina. It slid up into my pelvis. The panel had lights, wires, and a strange-looking hole. This, Lilly told me, was my auxiliary fluid duct. The ports on the back of the dildo matched up to my panel and created a tight seal of synth-skin where my paplexus was. Only now, I had an 8-inch long plastic penis. I got a message that informed me that my new hardware was installed. Lilly got on her knees and grabbed my new equipment and began to suck it. She sucked my thick, plastic cock and jerked it with a free hand. I looked down in amazement and felt a completely new sensation. I could feel the pleasure building and building. I had both hands on my hips when I had the uncontrollable urge to open my abdominal panel. It came open on my command and I touched my own electronics with my right hand. The lights blinked different colors and my metal frame shone in the low light of the storage room. My right hand instinctively grabbed my supple right breast. My new software was really getting me off. When I could no longer tolerate it, I could feel cum squirt out the end of the plastic cock into her mouth as she sucked it all down and swallowed it.

After my second orgasm of the afternoon, a warning flashed in my vision: "FLUID LEVEL LOW." Lilly, pleased that her upgrades had worked, noticed the same warning on her computer monitor. She manually ejected my dildo and unhooked it. She then walked over to a hose in the wall and extended it, bringing it over to me. Lilly plugged the end into my fluid duct and a thick, clear liquid began to pump into me. A few seconds later, the low fluid warning went away. After a minute or so of standing still with a hose attached to me, my fluid tank was full of artificial ejaculate. Lilly unhooked the hose and closed out the computer program. My back panel slid into my torso, and I closed both of my ab panel doors. "It's time for you to meet the rest of the team," Lilly said, and she led me into the locker room, which read "Cheerleaders ONLY!"

I, needless to say, was thrilled to meet the squad of artificial women. Each girl had their own stall, complete with comfy-looking reclining seats. Each cheerleader's uniform was hung up neatly, and shelves in the stalls held accessories. Each stall also came with the same robotic dildo that I had been introduced to moments earlier. Ariel had the front stall. She was a spunky lady, very upbeat. She greeted me with open arms, literally. Already dressed in her uniform, she hugged me close and welcomed me to the team. Body to body we stood, my face in her straight, black hair. She appeared fairly muscular for a cheerleader. She was "built" right from her big, blue eyes, shining red lips, through her SOLID torso, slim waist, and tight legs. Her bubble butt pushed out the back of her skirt just enough to be sexy. Jenny was next to her. She had a tightly pulled pony tail of blonde hair and a smile on her face. She had great body: tan skin, and a valley-girl look. Clare followed. She was a gorgeous robot. Her striking face made up for her smaller tits. She had medium, brown hair, a fair complexion and was ultra-skinny but with rock-solid abs. Her pubic area was completely shaven. After Clare was Rebecca, who looked like a model. She had dark features: eyes, hair, and complexion. And HUGE tits. Must have been DD's. I saw her just as she was unhooking her front-close bra and hanging it up. Her large tits looked beautiful to me. Next to her was another big-breasted machine named Kendra. She had platinum blonde hair and eyelashes that could kill. Rebecca and Kendra had been friends, and lovers, for a long time. Kendra began to play with Rebecca's mounds just as I met Neela. She was an exotic princess of a fembot. She appeared to be Indian, with brown skin and black hair, her eyes just as dark. She had dark nipples and a fair amount of pubic hair above her luscious-looking vagina. My stall was next to Neela's and I set my things down. I then met Lauren and Abi, both brunettes who looked like fun. "2 minutes 'til practice!" yelled Lilly. The androids instinctively stopped what they were doing we sat in our seats. Lilly commanded us to open our back panels. Instantly, mechanical whirring filled the room as everyone's back panels slid on their tracks to the open position. We then reached back to connect the data cables to our ports, linking us with the main computer and each other. We closed our eyes and shared the data on the routines we'd be executing at tomorrow's game. Through all this, I opened my eyes to peak at the other girls. All topless and hooked into their stalls, it was so robotic. My pussy started to drip fluid at the thought of the female robots in the room. Some of the other girls were also becoming moist, the liquid slightly staining the crotch of their panties. As soon as all of tomorrow's moves were finalized, practice was over. I could not wait to unhook and play with someone.

When everyone was unplugged, we all got up and instantly picked partners. It's like we were all thinking about the same thing: hot, lesbian, robot sex. I strut my naked body over to Jenny, put one arm around her tanned body, and one around her head at her tight, blonde pony tail. I started to kiss her and fondle her artificial boobs. She kissed me back, deeply, and then stuck her fingers up my moist pussy. Oh, it felt great. But I wanted more. I led her down to her seat and reclined her. I then laid on top of her in the 69 position and grabbed her perfectly-crafted ass. She immediately inserted her tongue into my plastic vag and lapped me up. I put my head between her legs and nipped at her outer lips. I prodded her clit as she extended her dexterous tongue into my lovehole. Now both dripping, we were lost in ecstasy, buried in each others' crotches. Jenny and I were two perfectly engineered machines engaging in naughty lesbo sex. As we ate each other out, we would twitch and shake with each pleasure spike. The digital pleasure grew and grew and we could feel each other on the brink of climax. I automatically spun my tongue around her clitoris faster and faster. She whirled her tongue inside of me, her face pressed up against my lovely ass. Her face was as deep in me as she could get. Lying on my stomach, I let out a huge orgasm and squirted into her face. As soon as my juice made contact with her, she squirted cum out of her vagina. I lifted my head out between her legs and feverishly rubber her clit as she squirted me more. My orgasm was about over and I was still having spasms. Jenny must have emptied 3/4 of her fluid tank onto the floor in front of her stall as she screamed with delight. As we both came down, I looked up from the puddle of liquid on the floor to the rest of the team having lesbian sex with each other. Ariel was being fucked by Lilly (who definitely prefers giving over receiving). Clare and Rebecca both had their dildos strapped on. Clare was pounding Rebecca from behind while Rebecca was jacking herself off. Rebecca was squeezing her dick as it squirted cum 3 feet outward. Neela and Kendra were playing with each others' enormous tits as Abi and Lauren were scissoring until they climaxed. It was such an erotic sight. When each robot finished with their girl-partners, they marched over to the fluid-filling hose and plugged in. Once "practice" was over, we all cleaned up, got dressed in our street clothes and went our separate ways to recharge for tomorrow's game. I could not wait!

Sunday was the big day. I was fully charged and ready to cheer. I arrived at my stall in the locker room and began to dress into my orange and silver Tigers uniform. I watched others as I dressed, becoming a bit turned on. First we slipped on our silver metallic panties, then orange skirts. We then put our tops on, strapped on our boots and pulled up our striped socks. After we were all dressed, and mega-cute, we grabbed pom-poms from out stalls and headed to the tunnel. It was all such a rush. The football game started almost without me knowing. All of the cheerleaders lined up and we executed our first cheer of the day. "Go Tigers Go! Go Tigers Go!" we yelled, shaking our pom-poms at the crowd. All of us had great, big smiles on our faces as we perfectly executed our routines. Every one of us moved so precisely, you'd think we'd been rehearsing for months. But in reality, the program had been uploaded to our processors only hours before. It was a peculiarly erotic feeling for me. I was a self-aware android inside a perfect female figure wearing a sexy cheerleading outfit. My face was plastered with an almost permanent smile and my hair flew in the light breeze. Every so often, my short skirt would pop up and expose my shiny, silver panties. It was hot. As I automatically made my synchronized moves and cheers, I thought about how sexy I and my robotic teammates were. We all had perfect bodies: blemish-less faces, perky breasts, smooth armpits, flat tummies, toned legs, and cute butts. We all looked so hot. Who wouldn't want to fuck us? Ariel seemed ultra-enthusiastic during today's game. At the front of the line, it seemed that her leg kicks were higher and her voice was louder. She was really into it. In fact, by the 4th quarter it had sounded like Ariel's voice was coming through a busted walkie-talkie. The game was finally over and none of the girls had a drop of sweat on them. We looked as clean and trim as we had been all along. We ran into the tunnel towards our locker room to get undressed.

Lilly had keenly recognized that the strange sound of Ariel's voice was the result of a blown-out speaker that would have to be replaced. Ariel sat down in front of her stall and awaited Lilly's aid. All of the girls returned to their respective stalls concerned for Ariel. We began to undress: taking down our hair, undoing our tops, and slipping off our shoes. I stripped down to only my silver panties but some of the girls kept their skirts on. Ariel sat fully dressed a ready position looking straight forward and her arms at her side. Lilly returned from the equipment room with a spare speaker and a set of small screwdrivers. I watched curiously from my seat. "Ok Ariel, let's open up." Ariel put her hand up to her face and opened it, her faceplate hinging outward from the right side of her head. Underneath were her facial robotics. There were two camera lenses, a speaker, a mouth hole with her tongue enclosed, and wires hooked up to countless tiny motors. I couldn't resist seeing what I looked like inside, so I opened my abdominal panel with my hands. I felt a rush and reached down to my pussy. I looked over at Ariel, whose old speaker was being taken out by Lilly. Ariel stayed online for the maintenance and was becoming noticeably wet, dripping from between her legs on the seat. I lay back and explored my slit with my fingers, watching the blinking lights inside my body cavity. I craved penetration, so I reached up to my robotic dildo. I shoved it in my mouth and sucked on it to get it wet while still fingering myself. I then stuck the big dick into my vagina. The wires on the back of the dildo flapped around as I plunged myself. I stuck it in far; the inner sensors in my vagina waking up to extreme pleasure. Lilly screwed the new speaker into Ariel's head as the cheerleaders watched at masturbated. Neela had noticed me and come over to my stall. "Would you like any help, Angie??" she coyly asked. "Mmm, sure," I replied and handed her my dildo. She kneeled in front of my spread legs and used both hands to insert the cock into me. She freed up one hand and squatted and began to play with herself too. We heard Ariel executing her new speaker test in a nasally robotic monotone: "New voice modulator installed and ready....TESTING 1...2...3...4...5...4...3...2...1....testing completed." Lilly closed Ariel's face and she was good as new. I rocked my head back in ecstasy and Neela kept at my pussy. I lay back, looking down my body, over my perky breasts, exposed robotics, and glistening pussy being fucked with the help of exotic Neela. Her striking features reminded me of a porn star I used to finger myself to. In no time my simulated orgasm started building and building. Neela penetrated me harder, thrusting the dildo into me with both of her hands. With my robotics exposed, Neela knew I was about to cum. She took my dildo and placed it under her squatting body. She startled the fake cock and inserted it into her pussy. She stimulated my clit as she fucked herself. Just as I climaxed, she put her mouth over my vagina to contain all of the fluid gushing from my insides. It felt great! The talented fembot swallowed all of my squirting lubricant as I finished. I fell back in pleasure and moaned. Neela, turned on by swallowing my pussy juice rode the plastic cock that was up her pussy. Her dark eyes were transfixed on my dripping pussy and glinting robotics. Grabbing a tit with one hand, she came shortly after I did, letting out a shriek as she emptied her fluid onto the floor that formed a puddle of slippery lube. After all of the 'bots had climaxed, we put on our street clothes, kissed each other goodbye, and I went back to my flat until the next weekend.

The next game brought more of the same fun. But this week we were also in for something unexpected. We all dressed in our skimpy orange and silver outfits and cute pom-poms and headed out onto the field to cheer for a sell-out crowd. It was a warm and clear day. The sun beat down on the field and it was a perfect game setting. The first half went on without a hitch. My fellow droids and I executed our routines perfectly in sync and we cheered loudly. Once again, I felt so automatic. It was almost and out-of-body experience. I could completely zone out and fantasize about my sexy squad-mates as my robotic body went through the necessary movements. I kicked my legs, executed splits, and held my poms high in the air to cheer on the Tigers. The second half, however, brought a strange and horrifying sight. We were all lined up side by side doing a kick-line for the crowd. We were facing away from the field when out of nowhere, an errant pass was thrown near us. Milliseconds after the ball landed, two monstrous football players slammed into Clare, who was on one end of the line. The whole squad looked over to see a shower of sparks fly as the crown gasped and fell silent. Remember, the audience was as naive as I once was. They were not aware that the cheerleading squad consisted of highly-advanced female robots. Clare lay in a few pieces on the grass. The whole squad gathered around her with grave concern. Clare's upper torso had come apart from her lower torso just above her navel. Her lower torso and legs fell a few feet away, while Clare's left arm flew nearly 15 feet. Clare was malfunctioning and sparking and needed to be shut down. Lilly knew just what to do as the football game continued. A stretcher team came over as Lilly pressed Clare's manual override shutdown. Her parts were wheeled down the tunnel into the locker room. The whole squad followed. We were clearly concerned, but also a bit turned on by the sight of a malfunctioning fembot. My vagina had grown moist, as were the other ladies. It was almost impossible to control the urge to play with ourselves until we got back into the private locker room.

Lilly placed the parts of Clare onto the examination table. Some of the more-experienced girls assisted with the repair. Clare would need a total torso replacement. Lilly went to fetch a spare torso out of the supply room and Ariel and Jenny disassembled the remaining parts of Clare. They undressed her by sliding off her panties and peeling off her top. They separated her pelvis and intact legs from the damaged lower torso. They also took off Clare's right arm and set it aside. Lastly, they disconnected Clare's head from the broken upper torso, with wires and circuits merely hanging from the bottom. The girls that were not involved had occupied themselves by watching and fingering themselves. Clare's head was placed on a stand and hooked up to the main computer. Since our head units did not have batteries, Clare's head had to also be powered by the cables from the computer. Her head came to life as she watched her own body being repaired. The busted torso parts were hauled into storage. They could possibly be used for spare parts, but for the most part it had sustained heavy damage. Lilly had returned with a fully-intact torso unit. It was from an older model with tanner complexion. But aside from not matching Clare's fair skin, it would be compatible with her existing hardware. The torso looked like a bust from a mannequin. It had larger breasts than Clare, and did not come with arms but instead two holes to plug them into. Lilly placed the torso on the table and hooked in Clare's two pale arms into the tan-skinned unit. Ariel and Jenny took her legs and pelvis and snapped in to the bottom. Now, Clare consisted of a mismatched body and a detached head unit. It would need to do for now. Her head watched as her body was being re-made. The other girlbots had gotten out their dildos and strapped them on. I left mine on the shelf so that I could finger myself. I stood up and walked over the exam table to get a closer look at Clare's insides. Lilly detached the connections from the computer to Clare's head and took it over to her body. Ariel and Jenny sat the headless android up and held it in place. Lilly snapped the head into place and opened the main access port on her new torso to hook into the main computer. Lilly manually booted up Clare and monitored her closely. Clare came online and stared blankly forward. The new torso was about to administer a self-test. First, each arm was moved through its full range of motion one by one, and then returned to the standard L-position. Clare's new torso then rotated side to side, which tested the connectivity and range of motion to the pelvis. All seemed to be in working order for the vintage piece of machinery. Lastly, the torso's pan/tilt unit that controlled the head was tested. It rotated Clare's head all the way up so that her face was towards the ceiling. Then it cycled downward towards the floor and returned to the home position. It then rotated Clare's head slowly left, then back to center, then to the right. The head unit had not quite rotated all the way right when a problem arose. There was a slight grinding sound accompanied by a strained whir as her head repeatedly tried to more right without success. Lilly noticed this and immediately shut her down. She detached Clare's head once again and set it aside. Lilly then took a small screwdriver to the pan/tilt unit just below the open neck of Clare's new torso. A slipping gear would need to be tightened.

As I watched Lilly tighten the screw on the gear, Kendra slipped behind me. Still clad in my outfit, she lightly toughed my hips as I felt her hard cock brush against my ass. Her dildo was poking out from beneath her mini-skirt and her panties were pushed aside to accommodate the large unit. She was topless, so her platinum blonde hair fell down to her huge DD-cup breasts. She grabbed my hips and began to penetrate me from behind. I felt the plastic dildo enter my wet pussy and it slid in as Kendra slowly pumped me. I bent over slightly so that she could get all the way into me as I watched the robot maintenance. It was comforting to know that if anything went wrong with us, we would be taken care of. As I was being fucked by a hot blonde android woman, Lilly replaced Clare's head once again and executed the pan/tilt reset. This time, it went flawlessly. Lilly unplugged Clare from the computer as Ariel and Jenny began to tag-team Clare. They took turns eating her pussy while making out with her and playing with her now-bigger tits. I was still bent over by Kendra when a fully-naked Rebecca stood in front of me with her dildo strapped on and plugged into her pelvis. She grabbed my head and commanded my to suck on it. It felt unbelievable having two cocks inside of me. I was a little robot-whore and I loved it. Rebecca stood with her hands on her own hips as her raven-hair danced with every thrust. Kendra was about to finish as she gushed her juices deep inside of my vagina. Simultaneously as she came, I began to orgasm. It felt so good. My lubricant squirted out the back of me and all over Kendra, which she cleaned off with her hands and licked her fingers clean. She then pulled out of me as I was still sucking on Rebecca's robo-cock. Kendra unstrapped her dildo and licked that clean as well. Clare's pelvic unit was obviously still intact because I could hear her let out an orgasmic moan as she gushed all over Ariel, Jenny, Lilly, and the exam table. By this time, every android was engaging in a sexual act. I sucked off Rebecca as she jizzed into my mouth and I swallowed her fluid. Still dripping, I cleaned my pussy and waited in line for the fluid hose. My god, this was the happiest I as a love-lorne lesbian-turned android cheerleader has ever been. I was so pleased with my new life as a sexy robot girl. I could not wait for the rest of the season.


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