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Phone sex is one of the ways that a technosexual can engage in an ASFR role-play scenario. Phone sex operators (PSOs) can role-play as fembots for extended fantasy scenarios over the phone, and some will do it over a webcam as well.

Phone sex services

One popular service is NiteFlirt. It is based in the U.S. and features hundreds of women, some of which are willing to act out very specific fantasies. Other sites are listed below.


All PSOs appear here with permission


Anna, also goes by Sarah. A stunningly gorgeous woman with a curvy body (big in all the right places) and a lovely voice. She appeared as the main character in Robotman's comic "Sexdroids in Space". Phone and cam service are available. Contact Anna via NiteFlirt mail to set up an appointment.


Roxy is a young and beautiful transsexual lady with a versatile and sexy feminine voice that can sound anywhere from sultry and seductive to monotone and robotic. She has an amazing Barbie-doll body that she can show off on camera as well. Intelligent and adventurous, Roxy can follow along with even the most complex and intricate fembot fantasies. She can even get rough with the fembots and take control over them too. Phone and camera listings are available.

BBW Babygrrrrl

Debbie is a big and intelligent woman who does well with ASFR role-play. She is available for phone and cam sessions and has some recordings available too.

BBW Hippy Chick

Hippy is a big sexy blonde sci-fi fan with a great imagination and a thorough understanding of robots and androids. She does a fantastic emotionless voice. Phone sessions and recorded listings are available. Use this link to call Hippy if you're calling NiteFlirt for the first time.

File:Alyssa pinup.jpg


Alyssa is a lively and creative girl who specializes in fantasy role-play of the comic book superheroine variety. She is a natural at role-playing as a female android, and understands just what a technosexual wants. She can use her cute feminine voice to sound exactly like a machine. New callers will receive an extra minute or two for free if they mention they saw Alyssa's listings on FembotWiki. Phone service available.


A plump, voluptuous and very pretty woman, Kylie has a soft feminine voice that sounds fantastic as an emotionless monotone. She can keep up with even the most intricate and detailed fantasies and is super fun to play with. Phone service available.


Eve is a raven-haired, green-eyed seductress who loves to get into detailed ASFR rope play scenarios. She can make her voice sound just as emotionless and robotic as you wish, and she will leave you gasping for air and begging for more. Phone and cam service are available.


Delight in the perfect oral, anal, and vaginal skills of this Fembot made in Germany.This Fembot is the most perfect submissive robot on this planet.Fräulein Diva was created to serve all men's needs and desires now matter what. She is made to pleasure all kinds of tastes and will never say no.Phone sessions and fembot goodie bags are available. This fembot also has her own direct-dial line and texting packages for those interested in more taboo fembot roleplays.

Enchanting Eden

A fiery "ginger" who will do whatever she is asked of, Eden is ready to submit to any robot fetish fantasy. She has a lovely voice and likes to please her callers. Phone service available.

Listen to a sample of Eden's monotone android voice

Frankie and her Johnny

Frankie is a T-Girl with red and sometimes blonde hair, green eyes, perky C-cup breasts and an 8-inch accessory in her panties. She has a very feminine voice, and likes to be on the dominant side of things. She's new to the world of technosexual roleplay, but over the phone can be a very convincing emotionless android. Phone service available.

Geek Love

Wildfire, also known as "Geekster Goddess" is an unabashed nerd who loves to have fun on the phone with other nerds. This makes her just perfect for fembot roleplay phone sex. Her voice is very feminine and her ability to sound like a machine is superb. This fantasy nerd girl offers phone service for some hot and dorky fembot play.


Very creative and willing to use her intelligence to please. Gypseee is avaiable for phone calls and has some recorded listings too.

Haylie Dupre

Haylie is a T-Girl who absolutely loves to be ordered around and dressed up like a doll. She loves roleplay and being objectified, and particularly enjoys skintight lycra or spandex outfits. She is new to technosexual roleplay, but very good at it, and loves the idea of being a controlled robotic bimbo toy - programmed to make all cocks hard. Phone service available.

Japanese Honey

Also known as Keiko. She is fluent in Japanese and English, and knows just what to say. Phone service and recorded listings available.

Kim Coquette

Kim is a gifted actress who fully understands what technosexuality is all about. She has a lovely voice and can speak in a perfect monotone for those who appreciate that. She can incorporate whatever elements of ASFR roleplay you desire into the call, and even some sound effects too. Phone service and recordings available.

Listen to a sample of Kim's voice in various modes including semi-monotone and monotone

Kiwi Candy

Originally from New Zealand, Candace is a beautiful and playful young lady with a sweet voice and a desire to be submissive. Her New Zealand accent is real and irresistibly sexy. She loves to get involved in detailed and imaginative fantasies, and can be as slutty as she's required to be. Phone service and recordings are available.

Listen to a sample of Candace's sexy New Zealand accent
"CyberFem Park Commercial" - 2-minute recording of Candace's voice talent with robotic voice effect and sound effects


A transsexual lady with a talent for sounding exactly like a machine, Jessica has a lovely feminine voice and a wonderfully dirty mind. She has a beautiful accent too, which makes her monotone fembot voice sound even sexier. Phone service is available.


Shelly is a slender and sexy young lady with a fembot/doll fetish of her own. Her voice is very feminine. She intrinsically understands what being a fembot is all about and delivers a fantastic experience over the phone for any kind of fembot role-play. Phone service is available.


Rosie has a beautiful feminine voice and can talk in a perfect monotone. She loves to role-play as a female robot and can switch from "robot mode" to "orgasm mode" on command. She also made an appearance in Robotman's comic "Sexdroids in Space". Phone service available.


Jessica is a young and playful hottie with a stunning curvy body. Her sweet feminine voice sounds very seductive when she talks in her emotionless robot monotone. In her own words, she has "a kink for being submissive", which makes giving her orders to follow as a robot simply delightful. Phone service available.


With an extremely feminine and sexy voice that is as lovely as she appears, June will talk as dirty or mechanically to you as you prefer. She is a petite woman with curves in all the right places, and she loves to play and have fun. Phone listings available.

Nerdy Girl

A lovely young lady with a hot voice, Barb does a fantastic job at fembot role-play. She is a self-described nerd, and can maintain her fembot character very well. Phone listings available.


Alena is a sexy and seductive lady with an accent to make you drool and an imagination to drive you mad with lust. She has the ability to talk in a perfectly rhythmic monotone voice, and understands exactly how a female robot would act. Phone listings available.


Isobel is a young and very attractive lady with a petite voluptuous body and an extremely sexy feminine voice. She has the uncanny ability to sound exactly like a robot when she talks, and she can follow along with the most intricate and detailed role-play scenarios. She caters to many different fetish interests and is naturally submissive. Phone service is available.

Pretty BBW Princess

Also known as Sara. Has a lovely voice and can talk in a perfect sexy fembot monotone. She is available for phone sessions, phone with cam sessions, and has some recordings available too. She also appeared in Robotman's "The Robots of Love" comic. Use this link to call Sara if you're calling NiteFlirt for the first time.

Princess Belladonna

Bella is a gorgeous and successful model who loves sexual role-play on the phone. She is a self described total computer geek and techie fanatic, and knows all of the robot and android related lingo that can make a technosexual fantasy become real. Phone sessions and recordings available.


Kalie is a beautiful young chubby lady with a keen interest in exploring new things. Her excitement for different and challenging roleplays makes her perfect for technosexual phone sex, and her voice is feminine and seductive. Phone sessions available.


A beautiful transsexual with a very feminine voice, Amanda is one of the best fembots available on NiteFlirt. She understands exactly what a technosexual is looking for and knows exactly how to role-play as an android. She appeared as the star of Robotman's comic "Shemale Android Sex Sirens". Phone sessions and recordings available.

Sarah Does Phone Sex

Sarah is a nerdtastic BBW GFE who loves to roleplay. She is a huge fan of Joss Whedon and Aaron Sorkin. Smart, witty banter filled dialog gets this girl off. Phone sessions and recordings available.

Listen to Sarah introduce herself

Sensual Suzannah

A "Trek fan" and a vibrant, mature lady, Suzannah does a wonderfully convincing job of being a fembot on the phone. She has phone sessions and cam sessions available, and recorded listings are available too. Suzannah's phone extension is 1-800-TO-FLIRT 02619539. Use this link to call Suzannah now.


Liz is a beautiful and very smart flirt with lots of experience in phone sex and a diverse repertoire to match. She does an awesome and sexy emotionless female robot voice and can use her knowledge of science and technology to great effect. Phone sessions and recordings available.

Sexy Witch

A practicing witch who loves to talk dirty, Monica loves to role-play. She does a great job as a female android, and can talk in a sexy emotionless voice for a spellbinding effect. Monica has phone sessions available.


Melody is a young and slender beauty who loves Science Fiction and role playing. She can sound like an emotionless machine when she is talking, and her voice is very sweet and ladylike. She is capable of following along with even the most complex ASFR fantasies. Phone sessions are available.

Smart Fun Galiana

Galiana is very smart and creative, and able to fully understand and get into ASFR and fembot role play. She has a delightfully feminine voice and does everything she can to make sure a caller is satisfied. Phone service is available.

Listen to a sample of Galiana's voice
Listen to Galliana talking like a robot in several different styles

Sweet Delilah

An energetic and enthusiastic flirt with a real knack for sounding like a machine, Delilah offers roleplay service catered to technosexuals looking for an experience tailored to their desires. Phone sessions and recordings available.

Listen to a sample of Delilah's voice
Listen to a sample of Delilah's malfunction talent
Another sample of Delilah's fembot voice as she malfunctions


Haven is experienced with roleplaying as a fembot, and can lead in technosexual fantasies as well as follow along. She has a sexy voice, and can talk in a computer-like emotionless style. She can also add sound effects to the mix.

Sweetheart Kate

An adventurous and intelligent bisexual, Kate is a geeky gamer girl and science fiction writer with a special talent for roleplay. She's well-versed in all things geeky and nerdy, and is especially fond of fembot roleplay. Her "emotionless voice" is outstanding. Phone sessions are available.


Liza is a beautiful Puerto Rican transsexual with a lovely accent and the ability to truly sound like an emotionless machine. Phone sessions are available.

Your Sex Doll

Slim and sexy Amber is a hot and pretty lady from The South who loves to get nasty with her callers and does whatever it takes to please them. She is a self described "sex doll" and "fuck machine". Her voice is sweet and feminine, and it's a real treat to hear her talking like a robot. Phone sessions are available.

your willing slave girl

An intelligent blonde bombshell, Brandi specializes in role-play phone sex. She is excellent as a fembot, and really gets into character to make the experience memorable. Brandi's voice is very sexy, especially when she's saying things only a machine would say. Phone sessions are available.