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Fictional fembot
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Name Kay-em 14
Serial number unknown
Model number unknown
Other names unknown
Date of Manufacture unknown
Manufactured by unknown
Sentience unknown
Functional status unknown

Kay-em 14 was a fictional character in the horror film Jason X. She was an advanced gynoid portrayed by Lisa Ryder.


Kay was built by a genius student named Tsunaron and functioned as his girlfriend during their journey aboard the starship Grendel, on a secret mission to recover the frozen remains of the undead killer Jason Vorhees from the post-apocalyptic Earth. During the course of the mission, Jason thawed out and began murdering the ship's crew. Kay-em was reprogrammed with a combat subroutine and handily defeated him with a combination of gunfire and martial arts; a notable feat considering the incredible strength demonstrated by Jason over the course of the film series.

Her victory was short lived, as Jason returned shortly thereafter with new biomechanical components. His supernatural strength further augmented, he decapitated her with a mighty blow. The loss of her body did not impact her function; she continued to do her part to help save the lives of the crew, including taking control of the ship's computer systems and creating holograms to distract Jason. In the end, her disembodied but functional head escaped the ship along with a woman from Jason's time named Rowan and Tsunaron. Tsunaron promises to construct a new body for her, she tells him to hurry because she is horny.

Images of Kay-em 14

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