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Fictional fembot
Name unknown
Serial number unknown
Model number T-X (possibly T-1200)
Other names Terminatrix
Date of Manufacture unknown
Manufactured by SkyNet
Sentience none
Functional status destroyed

The T-X, colloquially referred to as the "Terminatrix", is a fictional gynoid assassin. She is portrayed in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines by Kristanna Loken. She is composed of shapeshifting polymimetic alloy covering a coltan endoskeleton.



The T-X possesses physical strength far in excess of any other Terminator. She is capable of decapitating a T-850 series unit with a single blow. In addition to her incredible hand-to-hand capabilities, she is equipped with internal weaponry in her forearms including a plasma rifle, a flamethrower, and a circular saw.


The T-X approached true invulnerability more closely than any Terminator before her. Gunfire had absolutely no effect on her, neither slowing her or causing her frame to move. A direct blow from an RPG, which would cause critical damage to any other Terminator, was barely sufficient to knock her down. In the end, she was destroyed only by a small nuclear fusion explosion with an epicenter directly between her jaws. Even her attractive external appearance could not be damaged, her polymimetic alloy shell quickly sealed any minor scratches she sustained.


The T-X could easily identify individual humans, being equipped with both DNA and retinal scanners in addition to the standard biometric and voice scanners. She could communicate directly with computers by using her own voice as a dial-up modem. She could inject nanites into mechanical devices, taking control of them. These nanites were advanced enough to take control of the motor functions of a T-850 unit, but not powerful enough to subjugate the unit's sophisticated CPU.


The T-X appeared to be locked in write only mode. She made absolutely no attempt to develop any emotions or personal relationships. She spoke rarely, and when she did it was usually in short, direct sentences. However, she had some knowledge of human thought processes, as she repeatedly used her shapeshifting abilities to disguise herself as individuals her victims would find trustworthy.


T-X is an unusual designation for a Terminator, probably due to prototype status. Given that other units have been named as the T-600, T-800, and T-1000, with smaller increments for more minor modifications, if her model ever went into full production it would presumably be the T-1200.

T-X images and artwork

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