Dr. Juliana Tainer

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Fictional fembot
Name Dr. Julianna Tainer
Other names Juliana O'Donnell

Juliana Soong

Date of Manufacture Unknown
Manufactured by Dr. Noonien Soong
Sentience Sleeper
Functional status Active
Appearances Season 7 "Inheritance"

Dr. Juliana Tainer was a fictional Soong-type android from the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was portrayed by Fionnulla Flannagan.


Dr. Juliana Tainer was born Juliana O'Donnell, a Human. She ran off and married Noonien Soong against her parents wishes, and they both moved to the planet Omicron Theta, where they both worked on creating androids.

She was injured when the crystalline entity attacked the colony, and she later died at the emergency outpost her husband escaped to. Before she died, he managed to create an exact duplicate of her body and he perfected his brain scanning equipment to imprint the real Juliana's memories in the android duplicate. When she was activated, she thought she was the real Juliana waking up from a coma, and Noonien Soong did nothing to make her aware of her true nature, even implanting a holographic chip in her brain before she left him...just in case anyone discovered her nature.

After leaving him, she eventually married Dr. Prat Tainer and settled with him on the planet Atrea IV. Years later, when the planets core began to solidify, the Enterprise-D was called to assist them in re-solidifying the core. It is this event which reunites Juliana with her son, Data. After an brief period of disbelief on Data's part, they finally begin bonding. She even tells him of the time when he was first activated, and how they had to install modesty sub-routines to get him to put clothes on.

It is during their chats that Data becomes suspicious of her. He notices that her blinking is in the pattern of the Fourier system of mathematics, a system Dr. Noonien Soong used to make the androids blinking appear random. He also noticed that she handled complex mathematics without the assistance of a computer, and that she was able to precisely duplicate a Viola performance that they had recited earlier; every pitch and tone was the same.

It is finally discovered what she is when she and Data jump down a cliff to reach a transport location. In the fall, her right arm comes off and she is unconscious. When they bring her back to the ship, they have a panel on her forehead opened and they marvel at the level of realism in her. She has veins and capilleries, and tears ducts and sweat glands. She even has a device which emits a false bio-reading to sensors. She also is programmed to age and even self-terminate at an undetermined time in the future.

After viewing the holographic recording of his father, Data decides not to tell her what she is, and they both go their separate ways.

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